11 Things to Remember When You’re Feeling Down and Hopeless

A friend of mine recently went through a breakup.

And he seems depressed now.

It just reminded me of the times I was feeling down, for whatever reason and felt things were hopeless and would never improve.

It’s easy to go out of control and walk down that spiral of sadness. That’s why we need to constantly remind ourselves of these things.

Here are 11 things to remember when you’re feeling down and hopeless:

1) Approach one day at a time and stop trying to tell the future

When you’re feeling sad, it’s easy to worry so much you’re practically trying to predict the future, be it weeks, months or even years ahead. It’s easy to do that as you base your outlook on life on your current emotions.

Forget that. Take it one day at a time. Wake up and simply ask yourself what you can do TODAY to get by and slowly get better.

Then go back to sleep. Rest. Tomorrow is another day which you can definitely handle.

2) You’re not alone

Whatever it is you’re going through, even if it’s considered really horrific and traumatic, someone out there in this world is going through the same.

You aren’t alone. Take solace in that. Don’t try to shoulder the entire world’s problems on yourself.

3) Hence, people are there and want to be there for you

Your friends and your family. They want to be there for you.

They may not be able to perfectly understand what it is you’re going through, but they still are there for you.

See how help and support are always available?

4) Your thoughts are your reality

If you think of sadness and everything that’s going wrong with your life, then your entire day will be just that.

If you think of angry things all the time, then be prepared to feel angry non-stop.

That’s how it works. It all boils back down to your thoughts.

Start here. It’s only in your head. It’s not easy, but just remember that your thoughts alone make or break your day. And you’re ultimately in control.

5) If you want different results, then do something different already

If you feel like things are not improving, then you have to start making a change around you.

That’s your obvious answers. You can’t expect things to change if you don’t change at all.

So stop doing the same old things, and do something different already.

6) Do it even if you don’t feel like it

Now, the thing is, it’s easy to feel unmotivated to want to do anything when you’re feel down and depressed.

But this is where you have to step up and make a change. You have to do something even if doesn’t make you feel good.

Besides, a person is truly tested when he or she is in the face of adversity. It is after all, a challenge. Only weak people expect everything to be perfectly catered to them on a silver platter.

So, are you weak or strong?

7) You don’t have to wait around

As much as it is true that “time heals all”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be sitting around on your butt doing nothing as you wait for time to go by.

Speed up the process!

Do everything it takes to get better. You’re in control of your thoughts, body, senses and own life. Take charge!

8) Someone out there has it worse than you

And they’re willing to give everything just to be you.

Feeling broke? At least you’re not in debt.

Just broke up? At least you had the chance to love someone and feel loved.

Work sucks? At least you’ve got a job.

That is why you need to start looking at the bright and see that you’ve many things to be thankful for.

9) You’ll come out stronger from this

If there was one silver lining, it’s that you will come out a better person from it all.

That is why you should be thankful for the struggle. 

You may not see it or feel it yet, but there will come a time in life where you actually be grateful for what it is you’re going through today.

Hence, there’s no such thing as that you’re a truly a weak person.

10) You’re not going to die from this

You’re not. Don’t be so dramatic already.

11) It gets better

It will.

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