11 Sure-Fire Steps to Turn Your Dreams to Reality Starting Today

What is the point of having all these dreams if you can’t turn them into reality?

You hanging in there wasting away, hoping secretly that that somebody somewhere comes to our rescue and changes things for you

But what if they never come?

Maybe your game plan is to win the lottery or find gold  but let’s face it; we all know that the chances of any these happening are extremely slim.

If you can’t be motivated to do something about your dreams, why should anybody help you out?

You can’t continue to do nothing and watch the years go by.

At the end of your life one of the biggest regrets you would have is not going for the dream life you saw for yourself. Not making real the life you truly desire and deserve.

Well, the good news is that making your dreams happen is much easier than you think.

The biggest resistance you mostly would face is taking that initial first step

Once you have done that, things become much easier. It can be done

You can do it
If you want to quit your job

You can do it
If you want to travel the world

You can do it
If you want to spend more time with your children

You can do it
If you want to speaker, author,

whatever your desire, it can be done and there people are already living it

Here are 11 steps transformational steps you can use to bring your dreams into life

1.      Refuse To See Things As They Are

No matter how circumstances look like, you got to be able to see yourself as the way you should be .

Refuse to see things the way they are

It is incredibly important that you break away from your current reality and see how things really could be.

No matter how miserable things, you see yourself happy, fulfilled and living your dream.

Nobody is immune to difficult times. We all going to face it .

You are going to face adversity .

Things may not work out like you planned but if you keep holding on to the vision of your ideal reality in your mind you would find the courage to turn things around

Refuse to see things as they are right now.

Don’t talk about how rubbish things are.

Talk about how great things have already started taking place because you have started doing something about it.

Don’t talk about the problem and continue to complain to anybody that cares to listen.

Don’t dwell on your problems.

The more you talk about your problem, the bigger it will become to you

Talk about the solutions rather than your problems .

Work on the solution and talk about where the solutions are taking you.

Ancient wisdom says “Let the weak say, ” I am strong” , Let the poor say “ I am rich” , Let the oppressed say,” I am free”

In order words, if you are weak say you are strong and act accordingly.

If you are poor say you are rich because that is the solution.

If you are oppressed, say you are free because is the answer to the problem of oppression

If you keep saying you are weak, you are poor and you are oppressed, you are really intensifying your problems.

Refuse to see things the way are

If you don’t, things would be become worse than they are.

There is more to you than you are expressing in this moment

There is more to you right now than what is showing up in bank account

You are capable of doing so much more but if you keep looking at things as they are, you would never find out what you are really capable of

A wise man once said “Look at a man the way he is, he only become worse. Look at a man like he could be, then he is what he should be”

2. Expose Yourself to Positive Messages

One of the most important things you can do to resurrect your dreams is to expose yourself with positive motivational stories.

To break into your level of greatness, you have to make a conscious thought to expose your mind to positive messages

Listen to motivational tapes from master like Les Brown, Jim Rohm, Tony Robbins or anybody that is a master at what you want to learn.

Search for success stories of men and women who just like you turned things around in their finances, health, relationships and other aspect.

Invest 30 minutes a day to hear motivational message or listen to success stories.

It will change your expectation

You will feel a lot better and you will be able to take more action because you now believe

3. Read Motivational Books

People long before you , have achieved exactly what you want to do and written it down the steps they took in books but would you believe that no one wants to read them

It is just smart to cut down wasting trial and error on your part and know the exact formula you need to get to where you want to be.

It is wise to draw on the experience of others before you.

Most successful people read at least 2 books a week.

In 10 years, they would have read 1000 books.

If you managed to read 1000 Great books, what difference that could make in your level of thinking?

I am not saying you should read to 2 books a week to begin with.

It is a big stretch for someone not already in the habit.

All I am saying that it is wise to expose yourself and embrace the thoughts of people who have succeed before you.

To start off, I recommend investing 3 paragraphs a day reading uplifting books to that would help you reach your goal.

Reading 3 paragraphs is easy to do.

Anybody can do at least 3 paragraphs in any book.

It takes less than 4 minutes to complete .
You will feel much better about yourself for doing so because you expanding your mental ability and exposing your mind to great thinking

4. Get a Coach

Apart from holding you accountable to your goals, a coach can help you see the bigger picture you can’t see yourself because you are stuck in the frame.

Don’t be too proud to get help from coach or professional trainer.

It would do you a lot of good.

They can open doors that would other be shut

You probably already know about Tiger Woods.

You know he can be easily considered as the one of the greatest golfers of all time.

Yet he still has a coach.

Why is that?

If Tiger Woods and Usain Bolt as  which incredibly talented sport men have coaches to help them in their game, shouldn’t you have one too?

5. Work on Your Insides

Sometimes you are your worst enemy.

It said that if there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm

When i say working on your insides, i mean working on innermost thoughts and feelings.

Challenge your destructive beliefs.

Examine where each thought is taking you.

Looking at all the thoughts you have accepted as true at the moment and ask “Is thought bringing you closer to where you want or taking you further away “

No thought is sitting on your head rent-free.

Every thought in your head is creating something into existence in your life.

An ancient scriptures says  “Guard your heart with all due diligence because out of it flows the issues of life ”

That means it is not the things around you that produces what happens in your life but your innermost thoughts and feelings (your heart ) that creates your life .

The ancient wisdom is warning you to guard your thoughts because it creates your life.

You cannot allow any thoughts to live in your mind rent-free because each thought is creating something

You got to work on your insides. Work on your thoughts

It is your thinking that defines who you are .

That is why James Allen, said “As a man thinks in his heart so is he and as he continues to think so shall he remain”

Things would remain the same if you do not work on your inner thoughts

Take charge of your thoughts.


Judge a thought by what it produces in your life.

A wise man once said that “Good thoughts and actions can never produce bad results and bad thoughts and actions can never produce good results”

No matter how much it makes sense right now, no matter how many other people think so, no matter how good it feels when you practice it;

if your current thinking has not landed you where you want to be, it is NOT a good thought

Don’t continue to tolerate thoughts that don’t produce results for you.

Don’t entertain thoughts that are taking you everywhere but where you want to go.

Replace any limiting thoughts with opposite empowering ones

Plant positive ideas and uproot negative ones.

Any thought that is not producing positive result in your life is negative .

Examine your thoughts carefully and determine where each thought has taken you so far

Take charge of your thinking.

Guard your thoughts from negativity.

Most people think they possess their thoughts but the truth is that  their thoughts possess them

It is vital to take the time to work from within and uproot any inner resistance you have within you so that victory is assured in your mind

Wars are won first in heart before others see it in the world

Work on your insides

6. Surround Yourself with Successful People

I cannot overemphasize the importance of surrounding yourself with successful people.

While books and tapes are better than nothing, there is a limit to what you can learn in a book, or hear in a motivation tape.

Having successful people are around does incredible things to your belief system and consequently the results in your life.

Watching successful people live their lives shows you first-hand how to do so yourself.

There is a saying that iron sharpens iron.

In same the same way when you come in contact with people more successful that you, you only become better.

Where are these successful people anyway?

To answer the question, ask yourself who is currently winning in the area I want to develop myself in.

Who is the world champion in (insert whatever it is you looking to work on in your life).

These days, finding a champion is as simple as doing a Google search.

Once you find them, ask to do an interview with them whilst showing that you are a committed hungry person like they are.

Most of them are busy and may say no to you the first time.

But don’t let that get to you, there are many world champions.

All you need is one world champion to say yes and you can interview them, pick their brain and find out why they are successful.

If the person is a world class speaker for instance, fly to next event and see him person.

he doesn’t respond the first time, keep coming. Y

ou are a serious person and you are not going to go away.

If you hang around this people long enough, you would have the winning mentality they have and it would wonderful results in your life.
It is worth all the effort many times over

Don’t give up on your search for successful people.

Most of them, where just like you a long time ago, just want to know that you are a serious committed individual before they invest their time in you.

Don’t give up on your search for successful people.

7. Get an Accountability Partner

It is always great to get a great support system to make sure that you do everything to make yourself follow through on the necessary actions you need to take to get to your desired destination.

Getting an accountability partner is great because they would keep you on your toes and make sure you are taking action towards your goals.

Give your accountability partner the right to talk to you anyhow if you have not done what you said you would. Give them access to personal cell phone and check up on you

If you know in the back of your mind that someone you respect is going to check up on you to see if you done work , you would make more effort to get it done .

You don’t want to look like a failure to other people .

The embarrassment would be too much.

If however  nobody is watching, it is easy to let the promises you made to yourself slide because there is no negative consequence if you refuse to act

Action is the difference between wishers and winners

Make sure it is near impossible for you not to act on your dreams

Invest in an accountability partner today.

8. Evaluate Your Relationships

Your Mind acts like an sponge.

Whoever you spend most of your time with is exactly who you become.

You share the thoughts, you have the same feeling, you like the same things; you do the same stuff with the people you hang out with.

That is why you are become exactly like them.

A 30 year study was done on obese people and guess what they discovered.

The found out that the number one reason why most people are obese is because of their exposure to a friend who is either obese or borderline obese.

If you have a friend who is fat or obese, you have a 41{54c12dad2cc2b53ae830e39915b1a3e70288dbcbbeb8bbf8395437c5dc3c512c} and up to 116{54c12dad2cc2b53ae830e39915b1a3e70288dbcbbeb8bbf8395437c5dc3c512c} of becoming obese yourself even if they live in another state. Incredible!!

The mind to mind communication is so powerful that if you listen or spend time with someone who is obese you end up obese yourself whether you intended to or not

This is why you must be mindful about the people you spend your time with.

The relationship you choose can seriously affect you.

Master Motivator, Les Brown said “If you run around 9 broke people, I guarantee you that you would become number 10.”

The opposite is true. If you hang around 9 rich  men, you are well on your way to becoming number 10.

Who are the top 5 people you spend most of your time with?

If you are having difficulty answering this question, pick up your phone and go through your contacts.

Anybody is does not have goals or is not going anywhere with their life, is not going to good much good either.

Anyone who is negative, always complaining and always puts you down is really your enemy no matter how much they claim to know you

Don’t spend your time with these people.

They will lead you astray.

They will make you waste away your life

I am not saying completely ignore them like a jerk but refuse to give them more than 10 minutes of your time .

Don’t spend all your free time with them as you used to anymore.

Don’t ring them up every 5 seconds to they find out what they are doing.

They are not going anywhere and if you continue to latch on to them, you would end up nowhere too

Evaluate your relationships.

Your relationships should be an asset to you and not a liability.

Make sure that people you hang around are not unknowingly adding to your problems but are helping you become a better you, happier you

Look at each contact on your phone and ask this question “What is this relationship doing to me. Is this relationship bringing me closer to my goals or taking me father away from my goals”

If they are either hurting or helping your success, spend no more than 10 minutes with them.

If they are having a negative impact on you, let them go.

Do yourself a favor and cut yourself off these toxic people

If they helping you towards your goal, find out how you can help them towards their goals as well.

Spend your free time with them.

Ask for their advice.

Give them more than 10 minutes of your time.

There is incredible power in association.

Who would you rather associate with?

Someone who is winning or someone who is complaining and moaning about how things are.

9. Expose Yourself Daily To Visual Picture of Your Goals

Get your subconscious involved in your goals by taking pictures of goals.

If you want a dream home, take a picture of the dream house you want to live in and paste it somewhere you can see it every day

Your subconscious mind responds to images and feelings.

Images creates a feeling

You want to fill your mind with positive images of where you want to be and just let your subconscious go to work on it.

Every night before you sleep, take a look at pictures of your goals seeing these dreams already being achieved in your mind .

Doing this will give you subconscious mind something to work on when you sleep.

10. Fail Your Way to Success

It is not uncommon for most successful people to fail the first time they try.

Like any game, you play for the first time.

Don’t expect to win the first time.

Sure, there is beginners luck but you cannot count on that.

Because You are new to the game and you don’t know the rules yet and more likely to fail in your early attempts

Once you know the rules, you can almost guaranteed to win because you understand how it works

Similarly, in any area of your life, be willing to risk getting it wrong the first few times you try so you can enjoy lasting success

Every master once a disaster.

This leads to the next point.

11. Apply Courage

Finding the courage to apply what you have taught so far.

Don’t allow the fear of failure to rob you of becoming successful.

Have the courage to practice playing the game, learn the rules fast so you can create lasting success in that area of your life.

Action produces results.

Doing nothing new creates nothing .

Refuse to go to bed with taking at least 3 steps towards your goal.

Have the courage to apply this information today.

If you don’t, nothing changes.

Everything remains the same

Do you want your life to remain like this forever?

Refuse to go to bed with taking at least 3 steps towards your goal.

Femi Lawani is a marketing consultant and editor of gettingincome.com

If you like to make more sales , generate more leads and take your business to the next level, hire Femi

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