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10 Causes of Brain Fog and Ways to Gain Clarity

Brain fog can be described as lack of mental clarity.

It’s as though you’re looking at the world through a stained glass. You know the stain is there, but you don’t know how to remove it.

This post will help to clear mental stains to see life and world as they are.

1. Limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs cloud reality and produce suffering. They cause narrow-mindedness and the feeling of being stuck.

Read this post to learn how to eliminate them.

2. Ignoring conscience

Conscience by definition is a person’s moral sense of right and wrong (thanks, Google Definitions). It’s the little voice, the uncomfortable feeling that you get when you’re doing something you shouldn’t.

When you do something that goes against your morals, mental fog comes as a response, and it stays for as long as you ignore the voice within.

Start listening to your inner guidance as it knows exactly what nourishes and harms you. Clarity will certainly come if you do.

3. Telling falsities or exaggerating

When you deviate from pure truth, you pull the stability carpet off your feet. Fantasy starts coloring reality, and nothing seems absolutely certain anymore.

Only telling pure truth can keep you firmly grounded in things as they are.

4. Treating others badly

We all belong to the human family; we are all connected. When you hurt others, you must get hurt too.

This blow usually reaches you in the form of low moods, being irritable or not satisfied. It clouds the mind, and you can’t see life the way it really is.

Treat others the way you want to be treated. A useful question to ask before doing anything, which will prevent mistreatment, is this:

“Is the action I’m about to take or words I’m about to utter would feel good if they were directed at me?”

5. Always dwelling in mind

If you use your mind non-stop, it will eventually capture you into one of its labyrinths causing you to think in circles. If this happens, you won’t be able to find a way out of any mental problem and you will end up feeling confused, doubtful and frustrated.

Mind, like body, must have rest. It can’t run 24/7 without breaking down. The time to give the mind rest is night. If you do, in the morning you will feel refreshed and your mind will be clear.

An easy way to give mind rest is to slowly ease into sleeping. If you just finish work and try to sleep, it will be tough. The mind needs time to cool off.

Dim the lights before finishing your day and put some slow music on; drink some calming herbal tea; lie down in bed with a book, and after some time put the book away to sleep. If you do these things, your mind will much easier give into sleep.

6. Fearing solitude

Always being with people saturates your mind with their beliefs and opinions. Brain is really like a sponge – it soaks up everything you expose it to. There can’t be mental clarity when brain keeps soaking up random images, idle talk and beliefs that are in contradiction with your own.

Give your mind a fast and it will start clearing itself out. You can do so by staying in plain surroundings on your own for a few days without doing anything much. Meditation especially heals mind, if you meditate regularly.

7. Lack of reflection

Lack of reflection can easily make you fail in work, relationships and other life’s aspects. If you don’t think over how you spend days and what’s in your mind, undiscovered habits and beliefs will stain the way you look at things.

When new information tries to enter your mind in the form of opinions, suggestions or experiences, don’t be so fast to widely open your mental doors to all. Be careful whom you put on the list; make sure only most worthy ones enter your inner temple.

If habits are already firmly rooted and beliefs stuck in mind, do some mental cleansing in the form of self-reflection. Spend some time thinking over how you spend your days and what’s in your mind. Promise to yourself to erase all beliefs and habits that hinder your progress and clarity.

8. Food

Ayurveda, an ancient Indian healing system, teaches that different foods produce different effects on mind. Tamasic foods, which are foods having dark qualities, tend to cloud the mind. Such foods, for example, are fertilized eggs, garlic, onion, meat, fish, and here’s some more.

Water and food additives as well as inorganic minerals also cause mental confusion, irritation and low energy. Excessive mucus in gut causes cushioning of clarity too. When the gut is healthy and candida-free, you feel like mental blinds have been completely lifted up. To read more about how proper digestion increases mental clarity, here’s a good article.

Eating healthy, pure and fresh food will clear some of the brain fog. Eat in small portions and only when you’re hungry. Chew your food well as stomach has no teeth.

There are many rules of eating which will cause proper food assimilation and generate plenty of energy for you to use. For those interested to master the art of eating (it is an art!), this is a good book to start.

9. Using mind-altering substances

Be it coffee, sugary drinks, cigarettes, cannabis or allopathic medicines, these strong substances forcefully affect the brain and pull the mind off balance.

If used sparingly, some could be useful, like to kick-start a sluggish blood circulation. It’s the continuous use that interferes with normal brain functioning and causes brain fog.

If the brain is dependent on some powerful additive, this additive will prevent you from accessing inner clarity. Stimulants, therefore, should be used very occasionally as jump-starters of body systems, and not as regular aids.

10. Leading an imbalanced life

Unhealthy habits destroy life’s balance and cause brain fog. Such habits are actions which lean to some extreme, like:

  • Always working and not resting enough
  • Sleeping too much and not moving about enough
  • Talking non-stop and not listening enough
  • Always being with people and not enough time on your own
  • Constantly being in mind and not enough time in the present moment

Only when you lead a balanced life can mental clarity permanently settle in your being. Because then body and mind are not stressed out, but work in harmony and in an optimal way.


Whether your mental fog is heavy or just a light cloud covering your perception, try to be as aware of your traits, actions and thoughts as you can. Uproot all extremes, diseased thoughts and habits that go against your morals.

Eat healthy food and don’t be scared of being alone once in a while. These and other post’s tips will help you wipe the vapor off your mental screen so that a crystal-clear mental landscape would open up to you.

Simona Rich is a self improvement blogger. When she’s not blogging, she runs spiritual workshops and events in London. When not in London, she’s likely to be found in South India. Connect with her on FacebookTwitter and Google+.


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