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The One & Only Law Of Success

‘That shall be: – this is the only law of success.’ –Mirabeau

There are so many laws bandied around about what it takes to live a successful life.

But at the end of the day it is so important to at times simplify, simplify, simplify.

By decluttering one’s mind we are better able to create a laser focus on what ‘that shall be’ for both you and for me.

We live in a world of distraction, where people are flying from one venture to another, from one app to the next, from one website to another, from one television channel to the next, from one blog article to another, from one expert over to listen to another expert – a podcast here and a video there.

Always flicking. Always flitting. Never still. Never completing.

The result?

Absolute and total confusion, lack of direction and may I say it – you will wake up in twenty years wondering what the heck you have done with your life, and why on earth you haven’t yet built the lasting legacy you thought you would have built in the past two decades.


Allow me to draw you aside, just for a short moment, to consider this powerful statement that was written many years ago: ‘That shall be: – this is the only law of success.’

What Property Development Has Taught Me About ‘That Shall Be’

Currently I’m pursuing property development, and at present I am focusing in on residential subdivisions.

Property has always interested me, and I decided that becoming a property developer, apart from everything else I do, was my personal ‘that shall be’ that I must pursue at this time of my life.

My mentor, at the outset, said that once we identify the sector that we wish to pursue, whether residential, aged care, industrial, professional office space or retail/commercial it was important to stay within that one sector, and successfully complete a number of deals within that sector, before moving on and exploring others.


Because we must first become experts in one area – for that shall be our focus – and in that we will be a success.

Then and only then do we move on to another sector to explore our next ‘that shall be’.

It is so easy to prematurely step out of one area and into another – especially when it comes to real estate.

However, discipline and instruction from my mentor (for he learnt from his own personal mistakes of doing just that a number of years ago), who has nearly a billion dollars worth of property deals under his belt, tells me that I should listen and obey his directives without questioning.

So what should you do in your personal pursuit for success?

Here are four ideas to stimulate your thinking.

1. Uncover Your ‘That Shall Be’

‘That shall be’ is in fact a statement of faith.

We see it. We say it. We do it.

I remember the day that I decided to start a web design company. I was neither a web designer nor did I have a technical bone in my body. That was irrelevant. A web design company, with me at the helm, was my ‘that shall be’.

I did the same many years before, when I was retrenched and declared to my family that I would never again work in a full-time capacity for another man, and started a cleaning company.

I repeated the process when I purchased a hair salon, which in the past 18 months has grown by 75%.

Nothing stopped me when I self published my first book – one of three that I successfully sold internationally.

I did this when I wrote a stage musical.

None of these ventures at the time were built upon the foundation of knowing all the ins and outs of these industries. They were built upon the fact that I knew that I was born to be an entrepreneur, and that I would find the finances, the teams, the resources, and the clients to build successful and thriving businesses.

I did this when I started writing a motivational and inspirational blog that now reaches people from 191 nations around the globe.

I am doing the same with my property development ventures.

What is your ‘that shall be’?

When I embarked on this entrepreneurial journey, many decades ago, I started out doing one thing and doing it well.

With added skill and experience I have been able to add multiple ventures to my portfolio. You will do the same in time.

2. Study Your ‘That Shall Be’

Every step of the way there has been a mentor in my life. They have helped me to study my  ‘that shall be’ and have guided me. I have chosen time and time again to sit at the feet of the experts, and to dine at the table of those far more successful than myself.

At times I have purchased a coffee for my mentor as I sat down in a café and asked them questions while taking copious notes. Other times I have spent thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars to draw upon their expertise from all parts of the globe.

I have studied to become an entrepreneur, and with each industry change I have once again put on the hat of the student and gone back to school as it were.

I am a student in the ‘University Of Success’ and Professor Failure has been one of my greatest teachers. But the older I get the more I realize that if I pay heed to what my mentors teach me, there are many failures that I can avoid and many pitfalls that I can sidestep.

One of the greatest skills though that I have acquired is the ability to ask better questions. The better the questions, the better the answers.

At times you may struggle, like I have, to find these questions, but with persistence you will discover that the questions can be found and that the answers are freely available to those who are voraciously hungry for success.

3. Do ‘That Shall Be’

So many people want the easy road. If you’re not willing to work hard then forget ever experiencing any form of lasting success.

The more successful I become the harder I work.


Work for me has become fun. It’s not about the money. It’s about the game.

I love the challenge to stretch myself, to learn new things, to overcome impossible odds, to achieve unreachable dreams, to take the detours, to climb mountains, to delve into the valleys and wake up with a fresh and growing dream that will carry me from one day to the next with renewed excitement and energy.

But this does not come by sitting around waiting for things to happen. We must be proactive. We must take the initiative. We must lead and not simply follow.

Do more. Expect more. Reach for more. And in your reaching take out some time to find someone who may be trailing behind, and lend them a helping hand.

4. Live ‘That Shall Be’

There is nothing more wonderful than to start living your dream.

All the faith, and all the blood sweat and tears that you have invested throughout the years are finally coming to pass in your life.

The dreams. The hopes. The plans. The goals.

All coming together to form the ‘that shall be’ that was pronounced, sometimes years or even decades ago, when you looked as though you didn’t have a chance of making it.

This is success.

‘That shall be’ – from the very inception of the thought to the final performance.

So do you stay there and soak up the victory? Not for long.

Now is the time to move forward to your next ‘that shall be’.

Your future success awaits you. This is the only law of success.


Peter G. James Sinclair is in the ‘heart to heart’ resuscitation business and inspires, motivates and equips others to be all that they’ve been created to become. Receive your free inhalation of ‘motivational’ life by subscribing to his ultra-positive and super-inspirational Motivational Memo Blog .



13 Responses to The One & Only Law Of Success

  1. Dan Erickson says:

    “That shall be” shall be my new mantra.

  2. Lena Ameri says:

    Thanks for writing this post! In an age of information overload, this post was a great reminder of the power of simplicity. It can be so easy to get caught up on needing to “know more” or “do more” when it is not always necessary. Often times we know in our hearts what is best for us to do. In order to hear our own voice, we need to take some time to listen. As I go about my day today I will remember this post.

  3. sam says:

    This is one serious,no nonsense post which hits the nail right on the head.Focus and hard work are the two words to go by if success needs to be achieved.Thanks Peter for the reminder..

  4. Great to hear Dan – more success to you in the days ahead.

  5. Yes Lena – simplicity. Let’s unclutter our lives and do that which is best for moving our lives forward.

  6. Glad you caught the seriousness and the no nonsense-ness(if there is such a word) of this post. This is not tickle your ears stuff – this is about life – and it’s about living the very best life that we have been offered to live. We only get one chance…so let’s all make a good job of it! Our lives – and the lives we influence on a daily basis – depend upon it.

  7. Karen says:

    This is a very powerful article. Follow through is essential to any life long endeavor.  Thanks for your article!

    Lets not forget that sometimes quitting is just as important… Its a part of discovering your “that shall be”. In order to fully live the “that shall be life” , you have to quit everything that doesn’t in to that picture. Don’t be afraid to quit because that could be just as harmful to your success. 

  8. Good point Karen. To quit that which is good in order to do that which is best is vital for success!

  9. D2willis says:

    Wow such a great post filled with lots of great information… i am constantly seeking motivating stories and information especially on success…  this ranks up there with some of the best ones..  i also liked this video i saw this  morning take a look and see what you think

  10. Peter says:

    ‘That shall be’ is a great way to visualise your future success and prepare your mind to accept it as its soon-to-be reality.
    Thanks for the great tips!!

  11. Thank you D2 – I trust that you take all this motivation and transform it into inspired action. you can do it!

  12. Great point….success with a prepared mind – so important. Build yourself internally and when external success arrives you will be able to sustain it.

  13. Aanayalisha says:

    thnks buddy……i think now i can focus in one direction at a time nd avoid distractions

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