Raise Your GPA

How to Raise Your GPA

Getting straight A’s won’t guarantee success, but it sure doesn’t hurt. A high GPA will help you make more money, pursue further education, or change career paths. If you’re going to spend many thousands of dollars on a college education, you might as well make the most of it. Right?

Being smart will help you get good grades, but it isn’t required. Neither is studying nonstop. The key to academic success is being disciplined and efficient in your study habits. These 7 strategies will help you raise your GPA while minimizing stress and overall study time.

1. Go to class – I know this one is mind-numbingly obvious but it’s important. Many professors lecture directly from PowerPoint and post the slides to the internet. This makes it tempting to skip class, download the lecture notes, and learn the material on your own. Although you can probably get away with this in easy courses, you’ll face problems in challenging ones. By skipping class, you miss out on a few important things:

  • Detailed verbal explanations that are key to understanding the material
  • The chance to ask questions and listen to the Q&A of other students
  • Special announcements
  • Opportunities for extra credit

It’s also important to consider how skipping class affects your reputation. In most classes, grades are somewhat subjective. This means that the grader’s perception of you can make or break your grade. If you frequently miss class, you’ll be perceived as someone who lacks respect for the professor and the subject matter. Why should they give you the benefit of the doubt or round that B+ up to an A-?

2. Sit in the front row – Not only will sitting in the front row build self confidence, it will automatically engage you in the lecture. You’ll appear to be an eager student and highly visible to the teacher. This will help your academic reputation and make it more likely you’ll develop a relationship with the professor. You’ll have a much easier time maintaining focus and will feel more like a participant than a passive observer.

3. Take notes by hand
– Another unfortunate side effect of the PowerPoint revolution is that it discourages students from taking notes. Taking notes by hand will improve your grades because a) it forces you to pay attention, and b) the physical act of writing aids memorization. If you take notes, you’ll find it much easier to stay engaged. Your notes also provide a point of reference that will help you build a mental link between a written concept and the professor’s verbal explanation. This is key for efficient studying.

4. Do a weekly review
– A common problem students encounter is trying to learn an enormous amount of material right before the midterm or final exam. This is practically impossible. You’ll find it much easier if you take a gradual approach to studying. At least once a week, review your notes starting from the beginning of the course. This only needs to take 15 or 20 minutes, just enough time to build familiarity with the material.

By doing a weekly review you’ll gradually memorize everything and will better understand how one concept builds on the next. Putting in small amounts of effort on a consistent basis will drastically reduce the amount of studying you need to do right before the test.

5. Go to office hours – Professors and TA’s usually make themselves available at regular times during the week for students to ask questions about assignments. Do yourself a favor by taking advantage of this opportunity. First, attending office hours will motivate you to get ahead on your work and prepare questions to ask. This will give you a huge edge in understanding problems that aren’t clearly explained in the lectures. Second, it will build your reputation as a high-effort student who deserves high grades.

6. Find smart people to work with
– In courses that involve group work, this is essential. No one wants to get stuck with a bunch slackers, have to do all the work themselves, and end up with a poor grade to show for it. The quality of the your learning experience is directly related to the attitudes of the people you work with. Working with smart people will facilitate discussion. The best way to understand an idea is talking about it with other intelligent people.

Who you work with also affects your academic reputation. If you associate with students that aren’t interested in learning, teachers and graders will assume you feel the same way. It’s also a great way to connect with people who have similar interests and ambitions.

7. Avoid all-nighters
– Generally, having to pull an all-nighter means that you slacked off all semester and need to fit 3 months of learning into one day. If you use a gradual study strategy this will never be necessary. All-nighters don’t work! Yes, it might be possible to get a good grade if the course is easy, but it’s much more likely that your grade will be significantly lower. All-nighters harm performance because they make you tired and stressed. You’ll also forget most of what you learn right after the test, decreasing the practical value of your education.

141 Responses to How to Raise Your GPA

  1. T. says:

    Rather than reviewing once a week, I try to glance over my notes the day it’s taken – that’s extremely important, because scientific studies show that the mind retains only 50% of what it takes in after 48 hours (without revision, that is). Now imagine what happens in a week. Ouch.

    Besides, review is such an intimidating, formal word. Say glance. Glance over your notes every night, folks! Even if you just scan it with your eyes for a minute, it helps!

  2. ab says:

    Another “7 ways…”,”8 move…”,”7 tips…”,”24 easy…”,”5 steps…” ….

  3. Alex says:

    Here is another tip. Wear glasses. It seems to have worked for me. In college, I always hovered around the B+ A- range until I bought a pair of cheap glasses and wore them during classes. My theory is that the glasses made me look smarter (perhaps made me feel smarter too) and so the professors gave me the benefit of the doubt more often and so I pretty much got all straight A’s my junior and senior year. Glasses won’t bring a person from a C to an A, but they could provide the extra edge to go from A- to A+.

    Participation in class discussion is also very useful. Not all classes are interactive, but the ones that are you should participate. And the easiest way to have the confidence to participate is to do all the reading assignments.

  4. J. Doesn't says:

    “Second, it will build your reputation as a high-effort student who deserves high grades.”

    You should not be graded on effort. You do not *deserve* better grades because you are “high-effort”. You deserve the grade you earned based on the syllabus you are introduced to on (likely) the first day of class. If an instructor grades on effort, bully for you. But it’s not common.

    Just because you work hard does not mean you are learning or absorbing the material. This notion is becoming more pervasive all the time and contributing to the “Age of Entitlement”, and it’s causing a lot of college students a lot of grief.

  5. A few more to add to the list…

    8) Do the homework
    9) Do the reading assignments
    10) Study for the tests
    11) Don’t stay out until 3 AM drinking the night before class

    Sure, these are as mind-numbingly obvious as “go to class,” but hey, if you’ve ever been a college student you know most people don’t do these things.

    – Paul

  6. JL says:

    Participate in class and never forget to do homework. It’s a big part of your grade and doesn’t take much effort. One thing I learned last year is never try to have a general binder for all classes, it will get filled up very fast.

  7. Sam Smith says:

    Thanks for the tips! While “going to class” seems like an obvious thing, i’m astounded by how many people walk in the door, drop off their homework, and leave.

    I too have been taking a look at my notes in the evenings, the same day that I took them in class, but I never considered doing a weekly review. That’s a great idea, and starting from the beginning every time will keep the old stuff fresh.

    I’m a CS student and therefore an advocate of the advancement of technology in this world, but I draw the line when it comes to note taking. I think that those kids who sit in lectures and simply retype what they see in the presentation aren’t getting anything out of it aside from the muscle memory of being able to type without looking.
    I have a CS lecture that’s exactly like this, and instead of taking notes on my laptop or even on paper (which makes for a horrible wrist cramp), I print off the professor’s slides at the beginning of each week. Then, during the lecture, I use a highlighter to mark the most important parts, and write other comments in the margins in pencil. This allows me to have a full set of notes, but still pay complete attention to the professor at the same time!

  8. John Wesley says:

    You make some good points, Sam. Highlighting is actually a great substitute for hand written notes. It’s what I use in my CFA studying.

  9. Ian Smith says:

    Try taking notes with the online app http://notesake.com you can tag your notes for easier searching and studying later on. Also NoteSake accepts both LaTeX and Textile markup languages. If you do miss a class another NoteSake user can save you by passing you their note, or as a group you can collaborate on the same note.

  10. Brian Perry says:

    A great tip is to eat a case of mints before class. Mints stimulate the blood flow, which stimulates the mind flow, which stimulates the grade flow.

  11. joe says:

    get a classmates phone number, so if you do miss class-you can call them up and copy their notes down

  12. John Wesley says:

    Interesting. I never knew that about mints. Maybe I’ll try eating some when I get tired at work…

  13. David says:

    Another tip, not reading articles like this one while in lecture… :p

  14. Kelly Sutton says:

    I would say these are pretty standard tactics for keeping your grades up…

  15. Dan says:

    For just about anything you want to learn, there is a certain amount of stuff you just have to memorize. For that, look into spaced repetition. Software makes it easy, but you can also do it by hand.



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  17. Engineer says:

    This applies more to people in Scientific and Engineering courses of study. Never try to finish an entire problem set in one sitting. If you adopt this, you are forced to space out your work and start on the problem set earlier. This in turn allows you to benefit from a professor’s office hours because you can go to them with any questions you have about the problems. The earlier you start on a problem set, the more time you give yourself when you run into a road block. Personally, I also found that it’s better to work on multiple problem sets in parallel as opposed to serially. Meaning, if you have 4 problems sets, work on 1/4 of each one for four days as opposed to working on 1 entire set each day.

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  19. jln says:

    personally i like to study with dumb people – the ones who fall behind not because they choose to, but because they just can’t keep up with the material. these people are likely to be very receptive to a fellow student who wants to help them out – as we all know, you retain much more information by teaching. furthermore, by forcing yourself to reword descriptions in simpler terms can really help you understand concepts at their very core, which makes it much easier to form connections to other material taught in the course.

    find a study group of people who are way below your level, and by effectively teaching them, you’ll have raised your own level significantly.

  20. Jim D says:


    When reading material for a class follow this:
    Survey – Quickly scan the material, look for the main points
    Question – Ask yourself questions about what you surveyed
    Read – Now read the material
    Review – Review what you have read. Can you answer the questions that you asked above?

    The last ‘R” is Re-read. Do this a day before an exam on the material

    Once last tip. Read the material before the class covering the material. Then in class you can concentrate on the areas you did not understand when you read it and can ask questions.

  21. tom says:

    I agree with Jin.

    Helping others below your level forces you to re-learn from their point of view, going back to the basics. It is a form of review, where you simplify what you learned so that others can understand. As a side-effect, you make new friends and build relationships.

    The attitude of “we know we’re not the brightest, but can get through this together” provides support and confidence, boosting morale for big exam.

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  25. Kieron says:

    Thank you very much for the tips.

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  27. Pirate says:

    Here’s another GPA-raising tip:

    Look around you, if you see too many smart/pedantic/overachieving people in the class — drop the class and take it another time. You are not graded on an absolute scale, you’re graded relative to your classmates.

    And I also agree with some of the others above: obsessively taking notes keeps your attention from the subject matter. Unless you’re in graduate school, anything the professor puts up on the board can be found in the book. You can make note of the topics the professor is presenting but, simply copying them down like a Xerox does not do much for me, and probably many others who haven’t yet tried to simply listen to the lecture. And, if you’re so inclined, purchase a $60 digital recorder and let it do the copying for you.

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  29. M Varghese says:

    One tip which has helped me a lot is taking notes on whatever the professor says and writes on the board, just keywords, diagrams and stuff like that .

    I throw it away after the class, but in some strange way the act of taking notes on a paper has helped me a lot.

  30. Another tip:

    If you can help it, don’t work while you are a full time student. When employers expect 20 hours a week out of you in addition to your academics, things get very stressful and both subjects suffer.

    The problem is, of course, amplified around midterms and finals week. If you do have to work, make sure your employer is flexible with hours around these times. Academics come first!

  31. david says:

    Reading the notes weekly is a very good idea – but take it a step further. For many classes the reading assignments augment the lectures or vice versa. As a History/Poli Sci dual major I’d underline passages and write margin notes as I read. Every Saturday I reviewed my lecture notes, margin notes, and underlined passages and then created a new set of notes.

    Interestingly, I discovered in the middle of my sophomore year that having creating these merged notes I actually never had to study for exams! Merging notes helped me to synthesize the material and absorb it well enough to stay on the Dean’s List throughout my college career.

    On another note: I agree that one shouldn’t be graded on effort or on merely showing up to class. Still, when a professor reads a marginal paper/exam by a student he knows and another from a student he cannot put a face to, the student he knows is much more likely to get get benefit of the doubt.

  32. Patrick says:

    “6. Find smart people to work with – In courses that involve group work, this is essential. No one wants to get stuck with a bunch slackers, have to do all the work themselves, and end up with a poor grade to show for it.”

    Especially not the smart people themselves.

  33. Tim Deters says:

    The biggest stoner I know completed a masters degree and is working on a doctorate, in education naturally. For god’s sake, he gets stoned before going to lift weights. His strategy for success closely tracks yours; go to every class, sit in the front, always contribute, tell the instructor what they want to hear. That’s it.

  34. I do not agree. This strikes me as a passive, brown nosing approach to learning. I think a University student should be more independent.

    BTW I got my university degree in political science in Paris, and a long time ago.

    1) I only attended lectures when I felt like it.
    2) I never sat in the front row, irrelevant.
    3) I took some notes, but more important, I read a lot on the subject, and tried to enjoy the lecture.
    4) I never had the discipline to do a weekly review.
    5) Never went to see a prof unless I had a real issue or question.
    6) Who you work with is usually random. It is better to get used to different kinds of people.
    7) All nighters? Not a good idea but you do what you have to do.

    My advice. Become an independent learner. It is your knowledge, your head, your degree. Read on your own. Read and re-read.

    Think about what you are learning. And today, use the Internet. Especially find podcasts, or recorded lectures and listen to them more than once while jogging and doing other things.

    When you have an assignment, do the research. That is when you can really review what you have been learning.

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  41. otter says:

    good list. looking back on my undergrad years, i personally believe that tips 5&6 should be rated more importantly than tips 3&4

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  43. pweeplaya says:

    these hints are only helpful in reminding us what to me should be obvious if in fact a student actually wants to progress in school. I think there should be more help in the activities out of school to have these helpful hints stay constant through out the course.

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  50. C says:

    How to raise your GPA: get better grades.

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  57. megan says:

    is there any proof that a higher gpa will help you earn more money?

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  64. It is important for a student to show that he or she takes courses seriously enough to do whatever it takes to achieve the highest grade possible. This shows the ability to work consistently and persistently to achieve excellent results. An employer also needs to look for well-rounded candidates who can demonstrate what they are doing beyond school that shows some kind of leadership. It’s not just about GPA or the courses taken. It’s about what you are bringing to the table.

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  66. mals says:

    Eating mints? That’s new, but i’ll give it a shot. Probably would try anything to stay at the top of my molecular biotechnology diploma course.

  67. Brian Lee says:

    This skills would be good if you a have a dedicated teacher that actually tries hard to get your grades up. Unlike me, I have a sloppy teacher that doesn’t even collect homework. He, Mr.Ezersky, is always lazy so he does not make tests. He justs gets the problem from the book and he does not eve correct it. We have to. He says this is the first step of us becoming more responsible… -_-. I wish I have a devoted teacher who actually cares about your grades and offer extra credit or and other ways of getting your GPA up. The “B” in my science grade is killing me.

  68. cherish says:

    i just woke up and i’m just got serious about my grade.
    unfourtunatly i’ve only got one year left. i’ve got a 1.75 gpa.i’m freaking out! i don’t know what to do! does any one
    know of any thing that could save me? i want to be something
    i can be proud of i just don’t know how to do it.

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  70. Darcoyez says:

    All this r all great..what about when u read and forget…and remember later after the exams..what are the causes?

  71. Kevin Wright says:

    True, but they’re extremely effective

  72. trasa says:

    for me there is not tips do that or do that..just STUDY STUDY IN THE WAY HOW U FEEL IT many peopel have differetn ways of learning it doesn’t matter if i study by reviewing it gonna work for u too nonono forget it..stydy in the way u feel good..

  73. Terry says:

    I really like this post alot it helps me think and visualize you see im trying too raise my gpa and im in 8th grade and i really dont have a real good past with my grade but i really want too go into this university that will take only a gpa of 3.7 and obove, soo this will help me alot thx so much.!!!

  74. Honey says:

    Utilize all your senses when studying…pop popcorn and crunch away while studying. Use essential oils. Rosemary and orange oil are known for stimulating & aiding your education process. Playdough or stress ball is good to help with stress during testing…and if you diy & add orange oil…better test grade!

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  76. Alexis Avila says:

    And learn to love to do your homework. Give yourself incentives for completing your homework-snack after finished your math, or go to the movies on Friday if you get everything finished on Thursday. I elaborate on this a bit on my blog: http://preppedandpolished.com/three-ways-to-get-an-a/

    Alexis Avila, Founder of Prepped & Polished

  77. Lucia says:

    Hi, actually I believe that first of all we have to recognize what’s causing the low GPA. Once you did that then you can think of strategies that will work for each individual. Also some classes require different studying methods. For me in particular, History classes require reading the material before hand, then taking notes, then reviewing the notes taken and making little flashcards of whatever was put on quizzes. For Psychology, however, I need to read, understand, teach someone and then reorganize my notes before an exam. For Statistics for the Social Sciences I have to do my homework and before the exam redo all my homework assignments and and the examples used in class. Every case is a different case. Sometimes the student have poor time management, sometimes he has no motivation because he doesn’t know what he wants yet, sometimes he’s not getting enough sleep, sometimes he doesn’t know how to prepare for a certain class or simply have been taking notes in a ineffective way. I’d say find out which one is your case and then solve this specific problem. You’d be amazed to find out how simple things can be. I had a low GPA because I was in the wrong career path. Now that I found out what I want to do I went from mediocre B’s to A’s after A’s.

  78. zara says:

    well to tackle your low grades,first and foremost you must stop worrying and freaking out.I personally did that once and needless to say I couldn’t focus for the entire semester and failed the subject.I was an average student at that time but was very hard working(it got me nowhere). Once I learned to relax and stop freaking myself out i did so much better. well my tips will be to
    1)be organised(know what you gotta study)
    2)it really helps to read ahead of lectures.( you won’t feel lost in the class and trust me you won’t be bored coz you will actually be engaged in the lesson)
    3)It pays to start your revision early.plan your revision and mark all the relevant parts of your syllabus.That way you will know what you need to get done in that period of time.(pulling an all nighter might get you a pass with a grade of c or at most B+ but for those of you who want your A grade,you gotta be prepared)
    i guess these are the simple things i tried that has worked for me.of course different subjects should have different approaches as well..And its really important to be positive.if you can’t even imagine you will do well, how can others???believe in urself. nothing is impossible.

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  80. Sylvia Wyer says:

    An interesting discussion is price comment. I think that you need to write extra on this matter, it won’t be a taboo subject however usually individuals are not enough to talk on such topics. To the next. Cheers

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  82. nazia says:

    but i found sum of my fellows that they slacked off throughut semster but still get good gpa..
    .why is yhat??

  83. nazia says:

    but i found sum of my fellows that they slacked off throughut semster but still get good gpa..
    .why is yhat??

  84. these is pure awesome 

  85. yo its Lorenzo Mack says:

    lorenzo mack takes all AP classes and has a gpa of 6.0

  86. Bebe says:

    amazing <3 i wrote it on my notebook and I ll follow it from today

  87. Andreimatca says:

    Want to become a A++ Student? Follow the tips and watch your grades skyrocket


  88. jade says:

    just like the book i read 

  89. Alexus23_ says:

    Not Working!!!

  90. QWERTY says:

    what i do is do the fun stuff first, and then after dinner, i do my homework, and then i go to sleep, when i started to do this process, i got better grades,use this, it will help!!

  91. Vanmondelo says:

    Is this possible, a GPA of 6.0

  92. c.john says:

    i found  it one of the hardest time to concentrate for school is between the ending of midterms and the starting of finals, I would do well in the beginning of the semester then see my grades from midterm then slack-off when I do well on one class midterm but get furious when i fail another class midterm. think I could have done hundred percent better.

  93. Salma says:

    good info…i know that my gpa isn’t good at all ,but i really want to raise it to 3 or even to 2.7 so that i can graduate with grade B istead of C which is my grade riht now

  94. Kirayagami says:

    sitting in the front row is definitely something im going to do, but sometimes in math class, its best to sit in the back, good to see the trees from the forest

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  96. Rain says:

    This is really good info. I have only 12 more classes to finish my bachelor’s degree and I need those classes to raise my GPA to a 3.0. This article definitely helped me to put things in perspective. Thanks!

  97. Lulu says:

    Hi, I have been working for 5 years and no employer has ever asked my GPA. Most good employers give their employees a chance to advance based on proven performance not a number which was inked in a transcript many years ago. Good luck!

  98. Taylorweird says:

    I’m 15 and regaurding the study with smart people, I get assigned groups, and get assigned seats in class so I can’t really sit in the front row, I really want to bring my grade up but I take the bus home and it leaves right after school and the only time my teachers can meet is after school … HELP!!!!

  99. Zarak Ali says:

    I think some people have GOD gifted minds too  …

  100. QueenBee13 says:

    @Taylorweird try study sessions at your library closest to your home, or even have a study date with smart peer. 

  101. Salma says:

    hey my favorite site :)…this semester i got an F in one subject although, i studied it…i just keep thinking why this happen to me..so sad..now i feel that i can’t achieve any thing…don’t know what to do,,,could you please help me…thanks alot :)

  102. wyattb23 says:

    i as well got an f in one subject this semester and i dont know what to do i feel like i cant accomplish anything now..   but ill also take these steps into consideration because theres probably no better feeling than an a. but school in general fucking sucks. i wish we could just earn a living by just living and enjoying it but no fuck the system everyone has to do one specific thing and you have to hope to god you love it. i think thats my hardest thing to deal with, i have no idea what the fuck i wanna do with my life. i just wanna live in this world. thats it…

  103. Kyliexnichole says:

    i have a 2.8 gpa and need a 3.5 by 2013 is it possible?

  104. Wow Junkie says:

    i need to do weekly review

  105. Tiger says:

    yes it is possible but u have to take more AP classes

  106. Camryn says:

    Thank you! I am a very educated 8th grader that does need to meet the standards to get into Harvard. I really want to be a Surgeon, so I can support myself, my kids, and my wife. This will help me a lot!

  107. anonymous says:

     my gpa is already above 4.0!

  108. Snes72 says:

    So helpful

  109. Ecolibarrera says:

    ive been stuck at a 1.7 all 2nd semester i have now As Bs Cs its till doesnt change imma start freaky out

  110. Alilli says:

    Pretty good tips. I know I need to raise my grade in history class. I get all a’s and b’s in every other subject, but for some reason history is very challenging for me; I got a f history yesterday. But I’m gonna try those tips…I hope it works.

  111. NdunaCia says:

    hey my gpa is only 2.0 and i failed lot of subjects already and took alot of creadits already (its my 6th year in college) is it possible to make it to 3.0 in only 3 years?

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  113. Bzhky5 says:

    This is a great guide to raise your GPA, If you ever need to calculate your GPA to see how much it has changed after using these tips, Check out my site at Calcmygpa.com

  114. gk says:

    This is a very good article…only if i do one thing from this I can increase my gpa

  115. Vlad says:

    To be fair, I routinely pull all-nighters and I maintain a 3.97 gpa, soo…..

  116. Gkgkkgg13 says:

    this is stupid

  117. Gkgkkgg13 says:

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  120. ghufinds says:

    The ‘taking notes by hand’ point is wrong, actually. There have been studies that have shown that if you’re writing your notes while your professor is lecturing, you’re not really retaining any of the information that is being said. I would instead recommend printing off the powerpoint notes if they are available for you to do so and then take extra notes on the side from the professor’s lectures. That seems to be more helpful for me.

  121. leslie says:

    if i have a 2.3 and need a 3.5gpa by 2105 is it possible

  122. saywhat says:

    only an idiot says he has a gpa of 6.0

  123. saywhat says:

    good luck living that long!

  124. saywhat says:

    i like that you put yourself first 8th grader. ”.. i can support myself..” HAHAHA

  125. Evon Niranjan says:

    I did poorly my first year in university…gpa of 2.18…is to possible to get atleast a 3.6 if I use your advice?

  126. pimpdaddy g JOVA MC says:

    This method of raising your grade point average is just plain preposterous. Or in another’s words plain homosexual.

  127. nimrod says:

    my first and second semester is less than 2.5 and i am currently at third sem can i increase my gpa to 3.5 in average at my last semester?

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  130. badmus o says:

    my gp is 1.63 and two semsters left.. can i get a 3.5 nd at least wat gp would i need to maintain

  131. ajcoog says:

    Actually Einstein, taking notes by hand forces you to engage more with the subject matter. Also, take your hand-written notes, then transcribe them on a word-processor, which not only causes you to re-engage with the topic, and aides retention but you can then consolidate those transcribed notes and create a mid-term / Finals study guide. Spare me the stats and learn to study like you mean it.

  132. ajcoog says:

    I would add one word of caution with regard to folks finding the “smart people.” I’m one of those people who the slackers gravitate toward thinking they will pick up my study / classroom habits by osmosis. BIG Mistake. The smart ones know who the slackers are and do not appreciate being treated like an intellectual ATM. Its better to approach them honestly and ask for help. Most will offer it, because many, like me, enjoy helping others (but not being exploited out of desperation.) Then follow-though. One of the biggest ways to mark yourself as a looser is to ask for tutoring and then not show up or use some pitiful excuse.

  133. John Vazquez says:

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    It’s okay my GPA is 2.4, Im a junior, If you ever want to talk, Im here :)

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  139. alicia wallace says:

    okay mines is a 2.4 unweighted and I’m a junior i need atleast a 3.0 before the end of the year colleges look at tis now!!!!!!

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