learn a foreign language

How to Learn a Foreign Language

Note: These guidelines should be rigorously followed, even if you are taking a language course.

Learn a Foreign Language

1) Spend the time!

By far the most important factor is how much time you are immersed in the language. The more time you spend with the language, the faster you will learn. This means listening, reading, writing, speaking, and studying words and phrases. This does not mean sitting in class looking out the window, nor listening to other students who do not speak well, nor getting explanations in your own language about how the language works. This means spending time enjoyably connected to the language you are learning.

2) Listen and read every day!

Listen wherever you are on your MP3 player. Read what you are listening to. Listen to and read things that you like, things that you can mostly understand, or even partly understand. If you keep listening and reading you will get used to the language. One hour of listening or reading is more effective than many hours of class time.

3) Focus on words and phrases!

Build up your vocabulary, you’ll need lots. Start to notice words and how they come together as phrases. Learn these words and phrases through your listening and reading. Read online, using online dictionaries, and make your own vocabulary lists for review. Soon you will run into your new words and phrases elsewhere. Gradually you will be able to use them. Do not worry about how accurately you speak until you have accumulated a plenty of words through listening and reading.

4) Take responsibility for your own learning!

If you do not want to learn the language, you won’t. If you do want to learn the language, take control. Choose content of interest, that you want to listen to and read. Seek out the words and phrases that you need to understand your listening and reading. Do not wait for someone else to show you the language, nor to tell you what to do. Discover the language by yourself, like a child growing up. Talk when you feel like it. Write when you feel like it. A teacher cannot teach you to become fluent, but you can learn to become fluent if you want to.

5) Relax and enjoy yourself!

Do not worry about what you cannot remember, or cannot yet understand, or cannot yet say. It does not matter. You are learning and improving. The language will gradually become clearer in your brain, but this will happen on a schedule that you cannot control. So sit back and enjoy. Just make sure you spend enough time with the language. That is the greatest guarantee of success.

Steve Kaufmann is a former Canadian diplomat, who has had his own company in the international trade of forest products for over 20 years. Steve founded The Linguist Institute Ltd. in 2002 to develop a new approach to language learning using the web. The new LingQ system for learning multiple languages is now available in Beta. Steve speaks nine languages fluently and is currently learning Russian using LingQ. Steve maintains a blog on language learning.

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  1. Christopher Edwards says:

    I’ve started watching some of my favorite movies in foreign languages (which is made simple due to DVDs being multilingual), and this has a double effect of:
    1) Introducing me to thousands of words I already know the meaning of
    2) Doing it in conversations, yielding an authentic presentation of spoken word

  2. DweezelJazz says:

    Thanks for this article. I went and signed up and have started using the LingQ software. It’s great! Thanks

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  6. Oscar Csota says:

    Excellent article, I’m studying English, and I’ll use it to speed up my learning. I translated the text for Portuguese and I published in http://oskarcosta.blogspot.com/.


  7. Dawn says:

    Thanks! I’m homeschooling a 9 year who wants to learn Greek and this is something I think I need to print out and stick on our fridge as a guide!

  8. John Wesley says:

    Wow, a 9-year-old interested in Greek. That’s remarkable!

  9. Vinay says:

    There seem to be no shortage of sites offering online language courses, and the stiff competition has given students great new options in taking on the challenge of learning a new language.
    I have found learning Mandarin to be quite convenient with the excellent podcasts available these days ( like http://www.chineselearnonline.com)
    If you have an MP3 player, I would recommend giving it a try.

  10. Dawn says:

    Not so remarkable. :) She, like a lot of kids, loves Greek myths so when I suggested she try another language it was Greek that caught her imagination.

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  15. Phil says:

    Y’know, I’ve followed advice like this in the past and it hasn’t worked. Dedication is one thing. Dedication + ability = success in language learning. There’s no escaping that. Let’s be honest here: knowing a few phrases and speaking a language fluently (or better) are very different things. Most people can do the former; not everyone can do the latter.

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  18. DennisVJ says:

    Great Post !!!
    Learning english here :)

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  21. Fredrik says:

    Hi everyone!

    I love the new way of learning a new language that the site http://www.lingofriends.com has to offer. -You find a guy/girl that you like and then you chat until you drop.

    It’s pretty revolutionary.

    Best, Fredrik

  22. Steve,

    Great post! I very much agree with all your points. I’ve been teaching Spanish for twenty years and whenever my students follow this type of advice, they really progress a lot faster. I’ve now got a free podcast called Spanish Podcasts for Beginners (http://www.spanish-bookworld.com/spanish-podcasts.html) where I’ve developed a method that resembles what you talk about here. Thanks for the article.

  23. I like the part 4 when you say “take responsibility for your own learning!” … Some people tend to rely on a teacher/a guide/a method … all that are tools but success depends on oneself. They want to be fluent in a language but they don’t want to pay the price. We are responsible of our success and our failure and we can’t blame a method or a teacher. A language learner has do go beyond his classroom and seek a way to improve his fluency in his target language … he has to be able to use all the new technologies to reach his goal.

    To improve his fluency in his target language, a language learner has to listen to it, read it, write it, and talk with natives … be completely immersed in the language.

    I talk from experience … I blog my insights on: http://www.languageslovers.blogspot.com. English is my third language. Actually, I speak 7 languages.

  24. David Green says:

    Found this really cool article about how to learn a foreign language.
    The best way to learn language is where it is spoken. Only by interacting with native speakers in their home country will you be able to adapt to and discover an entirely new culture. It’s also the best way to practice the language at the same time that you are learning it.
    Studying abroad strengthens your self-confidence and sharpens your intellectual skills.

  25. tracy ho says:

    Great ideals , for my 2008 new start,

    Never to late to learn If there is a will,

    Thank you

    Tracy ho

  26. ada says:

    ye,i think you are totally right

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  28. Neo says:

    My favorite language learning software is valodas at http://www.valodas.com because it’s free an easy to use. There are many dictionaries, now I’m learning French.

  29. janderson013 says:

    Great tips. I would like to add one more.

    6) Use It!

    Language learning programs work great at the beginning, but they can only prepare you so well for the real thing. It is absolutely vital to put what you are learning into practice in real life situations, ideally with a native speaker.

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  31. Milad Mehrabani says:

    i am iranian .im 16 years old and im so happy that i find the best way to learn foreign language . thanks for this topics .

  32. Robert says:

    Well, first of all, thank you for the blog, because you have very much said the opposite of what the major money players in the foreign language market would have one believe…that they can learn from a book, of a $600 cd set that actually only has 500 words (i.e not even close to being enough)…and then when you are done, they claim you are now intermediate, but in truth you cannot even conduct a simple conversation.

    But, now some criticism, you don’t really help a beginning student understand how to go from beginner to someone who can make any sense at all of an MP3 recording, or a book written (for example) in Russian.

    And to the person who said you really have to have skill in it…not true. Sorry, but not true. Everyone learned their first language, and nearly everyone would learn a 2nd as well…if they had no choice.

    But I digress. I spent several years watching Russian TV, and picked up nothing from it. Now I watch Russian TV and I can understand most of it. The breakthrough came when I realized that simple immersion, when its too far above your head, and when its tied to no references…doesn’t work.

    Immersion, like drop me off in the middle of Russia, would work…but for a surprising reason…the people around me, would have no choice but to speak to me simple…in single word sentences at first, until my knowledge built up. TV doesn’t have to do that, neither does an MP3 recording…it has no knowledge or care if the listener understands anything.

    I’m long winded…sorry, but I’ll make my point, you have to start simply…and TV probalby isn’t simple enough, and a regular book, not simple enough.

    Start with the simplest of stories…before you watch a movie, rip the subtitles and translate all the words.
    To get the first hooks into the language, you have to memorize at least 3 or 4 thousand words by brute force.

    Then when you watch tv and understand about half of it, it can start to be a learning experience…especially if your ear is trained, and you can pick out new words and look them up in the dictionary.

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  34. ming says:


  35. ariel says:

    Pick the Breain is great. And right on target, need practice practice practice, and much immersion.. learning a language need not be so tough.

  36. Yianni says:

    Great info.
    What everyone should get out of this is to most of all just relax and let it come natural.
    Dont always get nervous like i did when i first moved abroad! hehe

  37. Riaz Haq says:

    I owe my own career to learning a foreign language.
    Like it or not, the globalization tend is here to stay. It doesn’t make sense to fight it. Everyone interested in reaping the benefits of global markets needs to find a way to learn a foreign language the fast and easy way to get ready for international opportunities for employment, trade and business.

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  39. KK says:

    Comida = food
    Com = come
    i = eat
    da = the
    Tienda = store
    ti = tie
    en = in
    da = the

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  41. In my blog http://kliktrans.com i try to follow your tips.

  42. Kalyespeak says:

    I agree with your post, it’s like a gem! I’m learning Chinese and Spanish now, while teaching Filipino.

  43. EuroTalk says:

    Cheap language learning software – over 115 languages available!
    go to eurotalk.com today!

  44. EuroTalk says:

    Cheap language learning software – over 115 languages available!
    go tp http://eurotalk.com today!

  45. Thankyou for the good simple tips!
    It will help me lots on my website, I’m trying to teach Arabic to adults without lots of frills, just simple and straight to the point. Its a new website so this advise will come to be very handy.
    Many thanks.

  46. ... says:

    good good good!!! i think this will be very handy, i havent actually tried it out yet. i am learning Norwegian on my own and i am only 13, so thank you very much

  47. Great ideas! Thanks so much! I have been a language enthusiast all my life and a language tutor for almost 10 years now, these are very good tips! Way to go and thanks for posting them!

  48. Ananda says:

    Back to the basics… as you put it, the things you mentioned help you learn well independent of the specific methodology you are using… may forward to some of my students.

  49. Alex says:

    I have recently used what I believe to be the VERY BEST language software. I have tried using Rosetta Stone before but I did not like it… I used the software and learned German in only 8 weeks which was awesome. They offer 7 languages total and I am debating on learning another one. I bought it after getting a referral from a friend, and then I found this website to be very helpful. http://www.certifiedlanguagesoftware.info so I hope it can be useful for you too.

  50. Learning a foreign language can be easy for some people but not for all. The best way to learn a foreign language is to tailor a custom program for the individual. Visit my website


    for details on how to custom your own language learning program based on the Proto-Indo-European Language Family Tree.

  51. Побольше бы таких тем!

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  53. Kozer says:


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  56. I read Steve’s blog regularly and enjoy his insights. One thing I definitely agree with him on is that language learning takes time. Too many people have that instant gratification attitude when it comes to learning a foreign language.

    Depending on a lot of different factors it can take 6 months to 5 years to learn a foreign language. However, you’ll be able to use and enjoy the skills you learn as you achieve your ultimate goal of full fluency.

  57. Ben says:

    great tips, only thing i would add is:

    6) Go visit the country and start speaking the language

  58. Ben says:

    and its easy to study abroad too:

  59. VB says:

    Very helpful advice. I have studied Russian for a while and find many courses are very dry and forget about the ‘enjoy’ part. Some online sites bury you with grammar rules. Would recommend http://www.dotty-dingo.com

  60. I agree totally that learning words and building vocabulary is important! Myself, I use a method that allows me to memorize 100 words in just 40 to 60 minutes every day, with pretty much a 100% recall rate.

    The system is mnemonics, but I have refined it, and if you like you can have a look at how I do this at my website.

  61. Katherine says:

    I love your last tip the most: relax and enjoy yourself. Too often we make ourselves miserable. But when having fun, that’s when you learn almost without effort.

  62. Olivier says:

    well I am a spanish speaker I learned english by myself but I don’t find easy to learn a foreing language in a country like mexico, I am learning maybe I don’t have the best grammar or pronunciation but I am trying, it is hard to have a good grammar and good punctuation, neither in my first language I have good punctuation and to speak with native speakers is hard because there are nobody in this area of my country mexico, of course I agree with the topics that you like.. yes I know.. but I would like to find good websites and to hear good pronunciation.. in my case I can’t avoid thinking in my first language despite I have 3 or 4 years learning english.. anyway I hope to see answers from another experiences and native speakers.. I speak spanish btw.. bye for now.. I like this website..

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  66. Right on target, need practice practice practice, and much immersion. Learning a language need not be so tough.

  67. Youssif Zaghwani says:

    I strongly agree with what you have written. These pieces of advice are worthy if taken into consideration while learning a foreign language. Learning a foreign language is not a matter to know about the language, but most importantly to know how to use the language in a real situation. It is language use not language recognition.

  68. jonathan says:

    mwe-bale kuyinga kusoma lulimi. waliwo amanyi enimi zo’mu southern africa nadal e’za khoisan people. ba khoi khoi and the san people of south africa. hhahahaahha

  69. “Take control” Good advice. I’m studying Japanese and I made a neat Google gadget for random flash cards that I use. You can find it in the flash card section of my website if you’re interested.

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  73. rob says:

    no, youre wrong. everyone CAN learn a language fluently. we ALL do it. even developmentally disabled people. the question is HOW to learn a NEW language. we do all have the ability. its innate.

  74. Lina says:

    I started to learn english when I was 10 years old and now I am 18 and I still go to that english private school. I am very interested in the language and I do some tests for examinations like FCE, CAE…etc. to practice my language skills and I listen to music, watch movies and sometimes chat with my friends in english. In one month I’m going to have CAE exam and I must do my best.

  75. marian says:

    Thanks for the great advise! I’m more determined! I want to learn how to speak spanish before i leave my teen years which is a few years from now! but i try so hard to improve my accent though. my spanish doesn’t sound so good. I started with simple phrases and I’m examining the phrases word by word…. hihihihi.. no soy bueno en espanol, but i’m learning!

    spanish is the easiest language to learn if you are fluent in english! Promise!

    read this:


    see? so many similarities!
    ang the rules in learning spanish is very similar in english!!!

    buena suerte!
    ser bueno en espanol.. adios..

  76. marian says:

    wow,really? but what is your nationality? and what is your original language?

  77. Lina says:

    I’m Serbian and my original language is Serbian :)

  78. Lina says:

    When I was younger I used to watch soap operas and the actors were speaking Spanish and I watched it so often that now I understand them without subtitle. :) At school I learn Italian and it is easier to me as I understand spanish.

  79. Bob says:

    Good advice. I like it, especially the “relax and enjoy yourself” part.

    I totally agree with that. I went through it and I know.

    Just learn. You will be surprised by your progress some day.

  80. Mark says:

    My favorite way to learn a new language is by listening to (pop) music in my target language. Because you’re enjoying music, your brain is relaxing and subconsciously acclimating to the language. Then later, when you’re learning some new verb construction or whatever, you’ll realize “hey, I remember hearing that in such-and-such song!”

  81. maria says:

    Excellent article. Its really great

    If possible view my site for learning italian and spanish

  82. Alexis says:

    Good site, admin.

  83. Locker says:

    Good site, admin.

  84. 6. And don’t forget to go abroad to speak the language!

  85. Hi, thanks for useful advices! Below are the basic ways of how you may accelerate your language studying that worked personally for me:


  86. Great post! Especially for me #2, do it every single day. Keep in the learning zone!

  87. The biggest problem most people face in learning a new language is their own fear. They worry that they won’t say things correctly or that they will look stupid so they don’t talk at all. Don’t do this. The fastest way to learn anything is to do it – again and again until you get it right. Like anything, learning English requires practice. Don’t let a little fear stop you from getting what you want.


  88. sonia says:

    Thank you for your clear and effective tips for learning foreign language. Recently I just start to learn Janpanese. As time goes on I eager to learn more foreign languages. With learning foreign language I feel so good about myself. I am an ordinary housewife with two lovely children..WHO CARES !

  89. Ahmad says:

    Great Article
    i’m learning English and german and i hope this article would help me learn better and better

  90. Parrish says:

    This post captured a few important concepts. The most important aspect in language learning is consistency. It is about being in the language daily that will pull results. Sure, ones will, motivation, methods and practice will all play a part, but even the unmotivated person with a poor method will learn if he has a date everyday to learn the language. Of course a motivated person with a good method will learn better and faster.

  91. Ethan Aiken says:

    Here’s a great way to learn a language. no matter the language. http://urlm.in/cthq

  92. Adam Wessler says:

    I personally think that the new range of lexical courses that are being developed are amongst the most useful. I particularly like the one offered by these guys – http://www.paulnoblelanguages.com – though I’m sure there must be others.

  93. Hello,

    If you want I will send you some good websites for learning languages…

  94. 4LMDMI says:

    this is very useful site to save new words easly http://www.wordchamp.com

  95. Parrish says:

    There are thousands upon thousands of words in the English language. I have heard it said that the average person who grows up under the English language must learn an average of 20-30 words per day beginning with his or her first day in this world and continuing until the age of 18! Wow, how much we have learned and the majority of this learning was probably not in a formal teacher-student environment.
    There is a lot to learn in a short amount of time. But one thing we can do to improve our growth in any language is to focus on those vocabulary words which are most commonly used. I found many sources online for free that feature lists of the most commonly spoken words in English. For example, the 250 most spoken words or the 1000 most spoken words.

    If you have been studying a language for a while and would like to test your skill I would encourage you to take a look at one of these lists and see how many words you can translate into the language you are learning. This will provide you with a chance to not only test your skills but improve it as well.

  96. Alice says:

    I have recently discovered that the best way to learn a foreign language (in my case it was Portuguese) was to combine fun with learning, entertainment with focus. After becoming a member of http://www.fluentfuture.com, I am happy to say that this is possible. Not only that now I feel confident about my Portuguese speaking skills, but I also made a lot of friends on this website. I encourage you to try it, even for a short time. It is free of charge and very easy to use.

  97. Chris says:

    I think it’s true. The most important factor while doing all of this is to enjoy yourself. As this gives you the strength and motivation to continue. But the right combination of recources is necessary to enjoy yourself while learning that language. So I suggest finding the right offer of such a fun tool.

  98. Kitty says:

    Good tips and suggestions! Learning a language is worthwhile, but it really does take a lot of work!

  99. Jhosep says:

    Great article, and yes in fact all you wrotte lines above clearly shows to learn any language you must be constant, practice and practice.

  100. cathy says:

    To do all the above, you need a platform which is available 24/7, adaptable to most learning styles and also can be done with enjoyment (games and fun quizzes with feedbacks!). Have a look at http://www.e-kata.com.my. This website is solely for learning Bahasa Malaysia. It is reasonably priced and meet most learners’ requirement.

  101. Tom says:

    Communication in a given language is just as important. I have worked with people whohad great listening skills, and when they went to another country they were almost lost because they were not prepared to use the language.

  102. Francis J says:

    If it’s affordable, the best way to learn a foreign language is to actually leaving in that country. It is by far the most effective and the fastest way to learn a new language. That’s how I learned English. Well, I’m still learning I guess.

  103. nagham says:

    i think u r right maybe it takes time to learn a language but its lovely to learn a language that u dont know.im in the faculty of education english departmen nd i will be gappy if u put excersis for listening plz nd thank u

  104. Try this software


    Listen and read every day! – It really does it.

  105. Neil says:

    I think number 4 is the most important. Taking responsibility for your own learning and choosing the content that is right for you is a vital step in learning any languages. You have to really want it.

  106. Neil says:

    Joining a language social network is a great way to help you learn language as well. Sites such as LiveMocha for example allow you to learn a language and practice it with native speakers all at the same place. You might even get to make friends as well :-)

  107. franzwa says:

    I’ve also find out that watching TV shows (if available) in the language you are studying helps. Sure you will not understand every single thing they say but you are learning. And it’s probably one of the fun ways to learn in my opinion.

  108. Language Learning Programs and Ebooks


    Rosetta Stone, Tell Me More, Michel Thomas, Pimsleur, EuroTalk, Face2face, EFU, Berlitz, Oxford, Cambridge, Barrons, Colloquial, ESL, EFL, TOEFL, IELTS, LANGMaster, Rocket Languages, Teach Yourself, Touchstone and more…

  109. Wan says:

    I especially like points 2 and 3, which I have applied vigorously in learning my fourth language, I must say what Mr Kaufmann’s suggestions are very easy and effective!

  110. Eric says:

    I’d suggest saving up a little bit of money from each pay check, and getting Rosetta Stone, I have it for my iMac and I am learning Mandarin Chinese. It’s really easy to learn from this program! :)

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  112. Matt says:

    These are good tips. I’m studying French and reading every day definitely helps. 😀 Here’s another video for tips for learning a foreign language as well . . .

  113. Angličtina says:

    read and translate books
    watch movies
    hear music

  114. Daphne says:

    Great post. I’ve been teaching ESL and I encourage my students to listen to http://www.eslpod.com. I think it’s a great site to learn English by listening to common day conversations.

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  116. unkind says:


  117. John Reed says:

    To really learn a language you have to practice with a native speaker. Check out http://www.exchangealanguage.com

  118. lingodesigns says:

    Hi All
    We have a mutual interest with PickTheBrain.
    Our site http://www.lingodesigns.com is created from the languages from around the world!

  119. vocabfish says:

    Rule #1: Be fearless of making mistakes.

    Rule #2: Practice speaking in the target language.

    Rule #3: Use flashcards to build your vocabulary. Try using http://www.vocabfish.com. You can learn and practice over 2000 words in any pairing of English, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Arabic, Chinese an Vietnamese.

  120. Nice Posting , it true about what you said , and I think patient to learn step by step is the key for break “the code”

  121. francis says:

    Step one is by far the most important in my opinion. I can say that because I’m bilingual. English is one of the hardest language I’ve encounter but it was easy to learn because i was immerse in it for more than eight hours a day. I tried to learn Spanish in school with 50 minutes of interaction but that didn’t worked as as well. So one is really critical. When you want to learn a language, you have to be immerse.

  122. Mohammad Hossein says:

    Please Help Me!
    I want to learn another language, because I already know:

    1)Persian (I’m Iranian)

    But now I don’t know what to learn.


  123. shraddha says:

    You can learn Hindi if you’re interested……there’s Chinese left in your list…you know a lot of european languages so you may try turning your attention to Eastern languages.

  124. The information you have provided here is really great i love it….there is lots of stuff to read….how can u maintained the site…its really cool site dude….great job..and thanks for the article.

  125. Marcello says:

    Hi Steve!
    I read your blog a while ago and took your advices with me to Austria where I went to a German course at DeutschAkademie. The teachers there were very helpfull and the motto there is to not speak a single English word during their lessons!

    But what helped me the most was to stick with German the whole trip. I actually even started to think german and avoid English completely. Well it wasn’t possible 100% of the time but the exposure to German in 4 weeks was immense!

    Also repeating grammar lessons over and over helped a lot. Especially with such a grammar intense language as German.

    So for anyone who wants to study german – go to vienna.
    http://www.deutschakademie.com is my best advice to you!

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  127. katherine says:

    all this advices are great!!
    I’ve been practicing almost all of them during 1 year and i can do it good now… I just have to keep studying and practicing and i will get it.
    Speak without any fear!!!

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  129. Felipe Perez says:

    Lo mas importante para aprender el lenguaje, es poner el empeño necesario en el idioma.
    Si disfruta lo que esta haciendo, sera mas facil perseverar en el aprendizaje.

  130. Felipe Perez says:

    The most important thing to learn the language, is to make the commitment required in the language.
    If you enjoy what you are doing, it will be easier to persevere in learning.

  131. well I have always been difficult English, but from today I will apply these five steps and informs them if I served. I hope so, because my greatest achievement is to learn English.

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    Thanks for blog.

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    En estos momentos es imporante aprender sobre el idioma inglès, no solo por requerimiento de algunas entidades y/o por cumplir con un requisito en el campo laboral, todo esto cuenta y es valido en cualquier momento. Si miramos nuestro entorno no solo vemos personas bien fundamentadas, tambien nos damos cuenta que a nuestro al rededor existe cantidades de avisos publicitarios, medios de comunicacion, noticieros etc, que nos muestran como el inglès forma parte de nuetra cotidianidad.

    Luis Ferney Martìnez

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  229. James says:

    Well, this is helpful. I’m able to express myself pretty well in writing Portuguese and I can read most of it too. Now with the listening, it’s very hard. I catch words but still cannot understand what is going on without lyrics or subtitles (in Portuguese or English) and I have been at it for a while. I listen everyday for a couple hours. It’s strange, I seem to get more out of listening to Spanish than Portuguese.

  230. Javier says:

    Esta bien ahora mismo se hablar español, ingles y un poco alemán.
    It’s ok right now i can speak spanish, english and a little German.
    Ich sprechen nur englisch, spanisch.

  231. all very helpful tips and should be practiced religiously

  232. ismet tamer colakoglu says:

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    Thank you

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    Thank you for this post.
    I currently learn English and learn from myself, everyday. My goal is wanting to become an English writer.

    But, I don’t know how to reach this goal. It seems there is a frost I can’t clear. What kind of learning I should take? Reading or writing? and how I keep to remembering the phrase? Will it take me 12 months or more?

    I will be very thankful If you reply me.

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  236. I would stress Listen and read every day! It needs a lot of practice and constant interest!

  237. Thanks for sharing these insights. Actually, I am learning other language these days and I am hoping that sooner or later I may able to learn and practice it :)

  238. Killaser says:

    9 languages fluently?… and learning 10th?… good.. o.0as for me, i know 4 languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic and English… in Russian and Arabic i’m Fluent (Russian is my mother language.. :)),at English i’m near fluent but the problem is my accent.. it is mixed.. 😛 Ukrainian: i can understand a movie in Ukrainian perfectly, but can’t talk it.. xD
    now learning German..
    Ich liebe Deutsch Sprache.. :) Die beste Sprache der Welt. 😀
    and helpful tips too.. :)

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  240. Learning a foreign language is a bitter sweet ride. The least i think we should have to enjoy the journey and succeed – interest and consistency!

  241. hey mate , true said , learning a new language needs lot of hard work and easy way to learn , and i found a way to learn foreign language from gtalk only :) you can learn by your own

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    March 16, 2011 at 3:53 pm
    i want to learn any language i can most arabic German and French. i am native to english any 1 wanting to learn it that knows one of these i would love to teach you if you help me email me”

    Are you sure you’re native to English??

  244. Cara says:

    Learning a foreign language is challenging. I recently visited an online teachers supply store and found great flash cards to use with my three year old. I am excited to start learning.

  245. Todo eso es cierto, pero tambén hay que conseguir un buen diccionario, una buena gramática, ver películas en el idioma que quieres aprender, escribir y leer mucho en ese idioma,y si se puede, hablar con gente que hable dicha lengua, bien sean nativos o no. Pero lo más importante de todo es visitar un buen blog de idiomas, con más de 360 enlaces a webs y blogs de toda clase de idiomas, con diccionarios, cursos, gramáticas, vocabulario, periódicos, foros de idiomas… idiomasdelplaneta.blogspot.com/

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    I speak English fluently (it’s my mother language) But I am currently trying to learn Swedish (getting back to my roots) and Greek (I have 2 friends in Greece) I love learnign about other cultures but I stuggle with languages.. I work at it for days and days but I can not seem to memorize much… If you would please give me more Tips! That would be great! Please E-mail me!

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  254. Pingback: “The Language Instinct” by Stephen Pinker | 21tiger [新代老虎] books. biz. asia.

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    Im trying to learn mandarin at the moment. This post really inspired me to keep on trying and stay at it when things are tough. Thank you!

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  264. Study Abroad says:

    The five steps described in the article are really great and can help anyone to learn language. thanx

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    My native language is English. I had a good working knowledge of Italian as my father’s family is from there, but I am trying to become more fluent. I lived in Israel for two years, tried taking Hebrew courses and got so frustrated I quit!!! I would still like to learn it, but I found that language incredibly hard…Anyone have any good ideas? And how about Sicilian dialect…Anything out there specifically for that?


  268. Jenie says:

    Hi, I’m from Myanmar. I’m 20 years old and I really want to speak, read, write and even think in English like a native. I can read/listen to English and understand much of it, but have a problem writing scholarly essays and speaking fluently. Translating between Burmese and English and then rearranging words and…. it takes a long time for an interactive response. I WANT to be articulate.

    Here’s the question. How many words should I learn everyday to build my English vocabulary?

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  276. i have been homeschooling my kids for two years now. and my middle daughter motivated herself to speak french fluently. she poured it over for half a year and now she can speak french eloquently. well, i am not saying that parents should hoemschool their kids but it helps surely cause you can focuse adn the matter that you really want to pursue.

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    Exactly what i thought :)

  278. Braeden says:

    This blogger is correct, it takes work to learn a foreign language. I think it’s a lot of fun when you get over the hump and you have developed your vocabulary and you start speaking and adding more and more knowledge of your new language to your brain. I teach languages online for free and help everyone I possibly can. It’s just inside of me to do so… Learning should be free so that nobody gets excluded.

  279. Kathy says:

    Hi! I too am from Myanmar. I think you’re pretty good in writing English. Looking at your comment- you have a an extensive vocab and a nice grammar. You write, and suppose speak, fluently too without much mistakes unlike some Burmese people. Let me tell you though I am not an expert yet I think your English is very good. You have what most Burmese people and English learners lack. Sorry though I don’t have much tips on learning English. BUT you’re still great at it.

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  281. adiboy says:

    interesting article!!! Although i must say…therez more to learning a language than listening to it on ure MP3 player…….its also good to learn the culture related to the language aswell. Im Canadian….but i live in kuwait……ive been learning arabic for the past 2 years……interacting with the people in my community..(eg.grocery storekeeper) has given me that extra confidence to meet head on with the challengez…!!! Give it a try guyz & galz…! Might just work for ya!!

  282. Michael Stewart says:

    I am a Political Science Major and I seem to pick languages up easily. I got an A in French last semester and I never spoke French in my life. I have language cds at home and I notice I do not learn as effectively from them as I do with language exchanges. I am studying Arabic, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian,Tagalog, Farsi, Italian ,Hindi, and Spanish by cd. I find that Farsi, Russian, Mandarin, and Turkish are easiest for me. I have more desire to live in Russia then France. Oddly I pick up languages when i hear it spoken around me. I have been picking up portuguese,Thai, Korean and Polish. I love walking down the streets of San Antonio TX and singing Tarkan’s song Simarik.

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  284. Michael Kelvin Bennett says:

    No offense. Are you sure you’re a native English speaker?? You don’t blog like a English speaker my dear friend.

  285. Point 6 – relax and enjoy yourself – I would also add that you shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes. Making a mistake is all part of learning a new language as long as you recognise them and try to learn from them.

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  288. I would add to the list: immerse yourself in the language. If you can’t do that in the country where the language is spoken then try to watch TV, listen to the radio, get films out, anything, just so you are exposed as much as possible to the language you are trying to learn. It worked for me :)

  289. another question,????
    Dear Mr. Steve kaufman (and anyone)
    i am an Indonesian, but my Grandma is Chinese, i am interested to learn mandarin, Nihonggo, Arabic, Spanish, Philipino, and French,

    is it oke if i learn those language in the same time????? or is it better if i choose only 1 language to learn?????

    which one is the best????? learn it in the same time???? or i have to choose????? (i am 28 years old).

    it very ashamed, if your family roots is Chinese but you cannot speak in Chinese.

    Thanks to internet, u can learn many thing from it, such as learning language, i use google translator to learn the language. Please pray of me that soon i will be able to speak on those language :)

  290. michael says:

    hey my friend, i’m a native arabic speaker,i can help you with it, i can write and read english well but my problem is in pronunciation and when talking to somebody. i’d appreciate it if you can help…

  291. Great advice in general, though I’m a bit surprised these 5 concepts made your list of most important items for language learning. For example, I’ve studied 7 languages (fluent in 3, including English), and researched language learning as a process, and I would rank vocabulary study toward the bottom of my list in the early stages of study. The reason for this is simply that vocabulary will come whether you like it or not. Your time will be much better spent focusing on verb conjugations, for example, because of how difficult they are to master for most languages (they are the primary dynamic component of the language, after all). The other items really could be applied to anything from football to calligraphy, so in that sense they’re important – but at the same time, much more could be said to provide direction for those learning a new language.

    Also, principles of motivation (true motivation, not just enthusiasm) are necessary to see you through to fluency.

  292. Karl says:

    If anyone who wanna learn language very quickly, you can use Michel Thomas Method. And this may surprise you, YOU DON’T NEED ANY WRITING or READING. You read that right. Just by listening and thinking, you can learn the language quickly. You can google Michel Thomas to know about his method, he’s considered as THE best language teacher ever!

    He taught many celebrities and royalties and quickly taught the language in the matter or weeks (It may sound ridiculous, but you can watch a documentary on youtube about his work there, where they have new students to learn the language and was amazed and even the teachers were amazed admitting that you need a proper method to learn a new language and this method is it.)

    I’m learning French and Spanish, and everything is going very well for me 😀

  293. Gabby says:

    Hey thank you for this post these are simple and effective tips!
    and i’m interested in further continuing learning chinese.
    even though ive spent 6 years in Singapore where people are fluent in chinese i havent used it for 6 years, so i was wondering if anyone can recommend books or websites or radios that might help. thank u and i wish everyone the best learning! its fun!

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    I have been cramming norweigion into my head for the past couple of weeks but I still don’t know how to speak it. Any ideas? I have been having trouble finding someone who speaks it…

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  299. This is a way better alternative to rosetta stone, thats for sure!

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  303. Good advice.  If you want suggestions that can actually improve the way you go about language learning check out:

    For eg…with vocabulary you will more readily remember what you learn if you put the words you learn into sentences ( in the target language) that clarify the meaning of the word AND the sentence is personal and full of meaning for you! For eg. 
    “This blue PEN is the one my mum gave me for my 14th birthday and now I only use it in my exams.”

  304. Miolya says:

    Listen to music with the text of words, watch films and travel a lot to those countries where this language is spoken.

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  307. Anonymous says:

    I completely agree.  I started learning French via Fluenz several months ago and just spending the time to sit down and do the lessons within a schedule (and not just whenever I feel like it) makes all the difference in the world.  I’ve also found the best way to listen and read the language more often is to find a live streaming radio station, then follow a couple DJs on their Twitter.  You get real world conversational style reading and writing.

  308. OK says:

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  309. OK says:

    For goodness sake stop replying to them. They are just trolls. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troll_(Internet)

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    Hi, Gabby, perhaps this website is right for you:


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    learning system that tracks your progress, picks suitable articles, and
    more, allowing you to fully focus on learning Chinese
    -Vocabulary Express to increase and check you vocab

  311. Carrie Kwan says:

    A really cool way to learn a foreign language is forcing yourself to chat with people! I don’t know if you’ve heard of Ortsbo… but it’s basically a real-time chat translation tool. You go to Ortsbo, and sign in to your favorite chat service (like Facebook Chat, MSN, Google Talk etc) and then you can send emails in one language, but your friend receives it in another, all in real-time! It’s a really great language learning tool, and they have more in their product line!! GREAT for traveling! 

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  313. rara vez says:

    I am trying to learn spanish and at times i find it very hard to memorize lot of words and also at times i feel it’s pretty hard.
    English is my second language and the medium which i am using to learn spanish is english only…hope not because of this i am finding it hard to learn.
    I am self learning it and it has been almost 2months now.
    Biggest problem is i forget lot of words.
    Hope someday i will master this language.

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    Great tips – one of my favorite things to do is search for foreign language films at the video store or Netflix and watch a movie in the new language – not only are you training your ears, you hear real conversational speech.

  320. Anonymous says:

    Having fun is certainly a great suggestion! There are too many people that take learning a new language too seriously and see it as a stressful undertaking rather than exciting new opportunity.

  321. Wjharding says:

    Vague advice. “Relax…have fun.” Same advice for learning how to canoe.

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  323. Nimby2002 says:

    You are disgusting, used needlessly biased language, display an immaturity one can only hope you will outgrow the sooner the better before you advance to the hatred stage.

  324. Kate says:

    I think the fourth point is the most important to consider!

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    Learning langauges is definetely a good thing! Nowadays it’s important to speak several languages if you want to have a goo djob and travel arounf the world.
    Look how you can learn chinese http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQ-Rskq9iZ4

  327. Suzan says:

    The best thing about learning French at 60 is there are no quizzes, exams, or grades to interfere with the enjoyment of learning my new language. I studied German for 5 years or so both high school and university and it was so stressful! Sure, I can get along in German but I will never like it the way I do French. I have been studying French for a year and a half and have just started a blog at french60andmore@blogspot.com

  328. Jane Norris says:

    I think any sort of exposure is helpful. I really like lexia books, but I am an avid reading so they fit in with my lifestyle really well. They incorporate whatever language you are learning into classic english books so you can read but also get exposure to new vocabulary. Anyway if your interested check them out http://www.lexiabooks.com

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    It’s just a troll. He just posted that to get under people’s skin..

  330. Javier Martínez Vidal says:

    I couldn´t
    agree with you more. In my opinion, your own motivation is the most important
    part. To stay in contact with the language that you want to learn, as time as you
    can, is essential. Luckily, nowadays with The Net, we can always be speaking
    with people of a lot of countries and improve ours skills from our own house!


    If you ask
    me, I will encourage you to write more post like this and keep studying,
    congratulations again for your advice!

  331. J.S. FERRANDIZ says:

    I think the most important when you are studying a foreign lenguage is to believe that all people can learn if they spend time all days, reading, writing, listening and of course, speaking with other people. I think is possible to reach a reasonable level, but you have to see it, not as a compulsory thing. You have to see it like an amazing challenger and you must to think yourself and say very loudly: ” Yes, I can”

  332. Learn French says:

    I feel delighted to read such a good post. This post is good with regards of both knowledge and information. We appreciate that learning another language can be difficult, and maintaining motivation or even getting started is never an easy task.

    Different methods were intended to get you started, aiding you in your desire to learn french, spanish, or any languages.

  333. Henry says:

    Good post mate. When I was learning German I found the hardest things was actually taking ownership and sticking to it. I found some cool exercises and vocab lists here http://www.rocketlanguages.com/free-language-resources which really helped me.

  334. Jonathan S says:

     This is an excellent article. I wish I had paid attention to number five before my last examination.

  335. Sravin says:

    can u send me ?

  336. Petrasonnet says:

    I agree Chris.  I’ve found that whole movies (90 minutes or so) in a foreign languages sometimes overwhelm me.  I prefer shorts like they have at some of the language learning websites (like at ouruniversallangauge.com).  As you said it is important to have some fun!

  337. Sattar says:

    really it is the best idea that i got from this site, thanks

  338. Foreign Language says:

    This is a great article about learning a foreign language. It’s really true that you must enjoy yourself while learning.  Doing so makes it more enjoyable much like a person who loves food and loves to cook. Thanks for a great article!

  339. Great article! These points are extremely important for beginners to learn a foreign language. 

  340. Pavoreal says:

    I totally agree with Steve, learning a language should be fun. If you are learning spanish and you are looking for fun spanish worksheets please visist http://espanolactual.com.

  341. Skarockater says:

    Everyone learns at a different rate and using different techniques. My native language is Spanish and I learned English through tv and eventually became fluent by joining the U.S. Army. Now I’m beginning to study Russian and I already know that the technique that works for me is thinking and practicing 24/7 about that language. I know it’s kind of obvious but if I want to be fluent someday, hopefully, it needs to be done like that. But then again, to do this you have to love the language you are studying, otherwise you’ll begin to find excuses and pretty soon you’ll quit. I agree with Steve, practice, practice, practice!

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  343. I think the important one is to relax and enjoy yourself, and don’t worry about making a mistake or looking foolish!  That’s why kids can pick it up so easily, is that they do not have the fear.

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  345. Emma says:

    Great advice, I am twelve and I just stared teaching myself  korean out of  interest. This was a big help.

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  347. Willeeoz says:

    I’m wondering, what is the best way to learn academic English for studying at the Masters or PhD level?

  348. I have been learning German for about 8 months ON MY OWN!

    It really isn’t that hard… All that you need is some determination… Now I can speak very well German.Whenever you don’t know a meaning of a word, look it up in the dictionary, even if it gets annoying sometimes, keep doing it!Watch movies in the language with subtitles in English or whatever your first language is.Listen to songs in the foreign language, have the lyrics in front of you, and have the translation of the lyrics if possible as well, and read both of them when you listen to the song.

  349. Alex Moen says:

    Overall, a good post.  However, I’d have to disagree with your sentence saying that one hour of listening or reading is better than many hours of classroom learning.  If you get a small class and personalized attention, I’ve found an hour a day in the classroom to be tremendously helpful.  Not only that, but you can ask questions and have more tailored info for what suits you best.

    Are all classes great?  Not necessarily.  And, perhaps it depends on your learning style, but I personally gain more from actively using the language (speaking and writing) than passively absorbing it (reading and listening).  Not to diminish reading and listening though, because that helps expand and fine-tune my speaking and writing.

    So, keep that in mind, and try a well-rounded approach, and don’t necessarily write-off classes as useless.

  350. Lingibli says:

    50% of all conversation is based on 100 words. Learn them applied in sentences. It takes 5 minutes to start learning a language: http://www.lingibli.com

  351. Czyrie Tause says:

    Cool blog! Your blog is very helpful and informative! 

  352. Czyrie Tause says:

    Cool blog! Your blog is very helpful and informative! 

  353. I love this site and how put the responsibility in the hands of the learner. When I learned French in college it just wasn’t like this and I felt helpless in my learning. I’m doing research on how to teach yourself another language and then how to share the language with your child. Check out some quick videos on http://www.youtube.com/getbilingual and I’d love to hear what other topics would help you learn a language.

  354. I love this site and how put the responsibility in the hands of the learner. When I learned French in college it just wasn’t like this and I felt helpless in my learning. I’m doing research on how to teach yourself another language and then how to share the language with your child. Check out some quick videos on http://www.youtube.com/getbilingual and I’d love to hear what other topics would help you learn a language.

  355. Amol Tormad says:

    i want to know german
    whats the correct option

  356. Hb_hadi1367 says:

    thank you.it is true

  357. Richard says:

    I like your tips.  Thanks!

  358. Miolya says:

    Relax and enjoy yourself – this part I liked most of all? because Focuson words and phrases is quite difficult and boring. It’s better just to enjoy the process of learning anything! As for me, learning a language is a great virtual or  real trip! So how can someone not to enjoy it&!

  359. RoXana says:

    I’ve been studying english for about 4 years . that was so boring but it was a rewarding experience  . I learned how To learn a foreign language instead ;i learned how to encode the vocab and phrases in my mind. the secret actually is to learn some basic concept and pattern of that language ; i mean first you should know how their language is spoken ( you can get that from watching movies and listening the musics of that language) and the second step is to learn some basic word and phrases of that language , then if u found it enjoyable you’re completely ready to go forward and learn it. (the worst thing that may  make you disappointed is to study Grammer)
    but by this way you can learn it automatically . by this way i easily could learn ,russian (whch was absolutely great coz i learned it in russia and i was interacting with native people ) , Arabic ( which is near to my native language persian) and also a little german. i hope it can help you . after learning the second language your mind will be working with more complexity and you’ll find it easier to encode things in your brain . and you’ll find it easier to learn a third language.

  360. Thanks for your language learning tips. I had a look at another site http://www.languagesoftware.net/ where they compare software to learn a language. Any idea where to get software the cheapest?

  361. Igcsaballa says:

    hello. Correct! Spanish and the Filipino language also have similarities. 

  362. Adrega1 says:

    Hey I’m sorry but what does being poor have to do with making those comments your just as ignorant As him

  363. Kate Thomas says:

    Great article.  I just posted about this topic myself.  Having learned 3 languages, I had to get pretty creative to reach my goals.  http://bit.ly/zg4Iqk

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  366. Christinejernigan says:

    Love this article, especially the part about relaxing and having fun… I”m writing a guidebook for parents interesting in learning a second language and teaching it to their kids. I’m making free videos that go along with chapters as I write: http://www.youtube.com/getbilingual             Let me know in the comments section of the youtube channel if you have topics you’d like to see covered.

  367. Christinejernigan says:

    Great idea!  I use youtube alot too if there’s a topic I want to learn the vocabulary too…tennis for example.  Also, I watch interviews in particular b/c they show people up close and you can see their mouths moving. Sometimes you can even put subtitles in English to help. I also watch things in English like TED lectures, but put the foreign languages subtitles on underneath. I listen and read and learn.

  368. I agree with this type of how to learn foriegn languages.

  369. Read books for more learning about the language you want to know.

  370. Just relax and enjoy in learning languages.

  371. Just relax and enjoy in learning languages.

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    The best text I have ever read. Thanks a lot

  373. Patrick P says:

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    I would also come to like to be able to understand a foreign language.

  375. happy says:

    Thank you for the good information.
    I would also come to like to be able to understand a foreign language.

  376. happy says:

    Thank you for the good information.
    I would also come to like to be able to understand a foreign language.

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  380. Kam says:

    yeah that is rieght  eveyday wanna i get up  iam learn chinese langugae and english …but i am so do it that 5 step .you now any langugae u learn u mosly have  you freinds that help you but  if u not have some one help u you never be learn .language is the bet easly  study major  …. i am apretiate  hall motivation u gave me .or us……..thank you a lot .

  381. Slemieux says:

    hello! I’m new on this blog,my name Serge , I’m french from Quebec province in canada I would like to get better in english but more to understand it.  

  382. Slemieux says:

    hello! I’m new on this blog,my name Serge , I’m french from Quebec province in canada I would like to get better in english but more to understand it. 

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  385. Gestoriadeproyecto says:

    gracias, buenos consejos!! saludos desde mexico

  386. Gabe Wyner says:

    I needed to learn to speak 3-4 languages over the past few years for my job, and in the process have landed on a pretty damn good method.  It got me to C1 fluency in French in about 5 months, and I’m currently using it with Russian (and plan on reaching C1 equivalent fluency by September).  At this point, I go in 4 stages:

    Stage 1: Learn the correct pronunciation of the language.  Doing this does a few things –  because I’m first and foremost learning how to hear that language’s sounds, my listening comprehension gets an immediate boost before I even start traditional language age learning.  Once I start vocabulary training, I retain it better because I’m familiar with how words should sound and how they should be spelled.  (Correct spellings in French, for example, are much easier to remember when there’s a connection between the spelling and the sound), and once I finally start speaking to native speakers, they don’t switch to English for me or dumb down their language, which is awesome sauce.


    Stage 2: Vocab and grammar acquisition (itself in a few stages), no English allowed

    I start with a frequency list and mark off any words I can portray with pictures alone (basic nouns and verbs).  I put those in an [URL=http://ankisrs.net/]Anki[/URL] deck and learn them.  Once I have some words to play with, I start putting them together.  I use Google translate and a grammar book to start making sentences, then get everything doublechecked at lang-8.com.  Turning them into fill-in-the-blank flashcards builds the initial grammar and connecting words.  As vocab and grammar grow, I eventually move to monolingual dictionaries and writing my own definitions for more abstract words (again doublechecked at lang-8.com).  This builds on itself; the more vocab and grammar you get, the more vocab and grammar concepts you can describe in the target language.  Eventually you can cover all the words in a 2000 word frequency list and any specific vocab you need for your specific interests.

    Stage 3: Listening, writing and reading work

    Once I have a decent vocabulary and familiarity with grammar, I start writing essays, watching TV shows and reading books.  Every writing correction gets added to the Anki deck, which continues to build my vocab and grammar.

    Stage 4: Speech

    At the point where I can write ‘fluently’, I find some place to immerse in the language and speak all the time (literally.  No English allowed or else you won’t learn the skill you’re trying to learn, which is adapting to holes in your grammar or vocabulary by going around them rapidly and automatically without having to think about it).  I prefer Middlebury college, but a few weeks in the target country will work as well if you’re very vigorous with sticking to the target language and not switching to English.  If you’re extremely strict with yourself, your brain adapts pretty quickly and learns how to put all the info you learned in stages 1-3 together quickly enough to turn into fluent speech.


    I’ve written a (not yet available) book on the topic and a (now available) website, at http://www.towerofbabelfish.com

  387. Keziah Murray says:

    how you doing it.Are you living in Norway by any chance.Im trying to learn it.Ithink imay be moving to sweden soon would you advise me to learn swedish and live norwegian.Im in love with anorgwegian guy and he enjoys using trying out norwegian phrases with me.Please advise.Iwill be vey thankful.Keziah.murray@gmail.com is my email

  388. Sam says:

    Hi everyone! Join our friendly group about languages on facebook please. http://www.facebook.com/groups/234500386629896/

  389. Marielinlochard says:

    I think it is entertaining and cool. I already know my three native languages: Russain, French, English. but i want to know more and was about to buy the Pimsleur, “Learn a language in 10 days thing”, so thanks.  

  390. Suestreet8 says:

    How true, exactly right!

  391. Yes, it’s important to enjoy the process, but also not be afraid to make mistakes, everyone starts at zero, but if you continually practice, you’ll get to where you want to go.

  392. Destiney says:

    well maybe no one reallyys needs to learn greek, come one peoplei n american. do they really NEEED to learn greek?

  393. Destiney says:

    well maybe no one reallyys needs to learn greek, come one peoplei n american. do they really NEEED to learn greek?

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  395. Destiney says:

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  398. Guest says:

    Norwegian is an incredibly easy language to learn if you already speak english. You can get started at http://www.norwegianlanguagecourse.com for free. 

  399. Brian says:

    I think the main problem is just doing it. We have a site at http://www.worldwordexchange.com and many people sign up to learn but very few actually come back and try it. Most methods will work to some degree but unless you do it you wont learn.

  400. Opakahaka says:

    Is it innate though? Nature or nurture?

  401. lolafrary says:

    if course it is innate, everybody across the world had learned a language no matter what family or curcumstances they were brought up into. It is human nature to want to communicate our thoughts and feelings.
    I have been trying to learn new languages for a long time. i learned spanish through formal classes and japanese by just imersing myself in the language, watching movies, listening to people, reading, and TONS of practice writing. (not to mention that there is ALWAYS an app for that)
     both ways arguably work, but i prefer teaching myself because i hate homework and i get to do it my own way :)

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  404. Anysoto85 says:

    Good advice for our life and great to learn language.

  405. Pam Cardoso says:

    This has been a great resource, animated stories with Same Language Subtitles. The video, audio e text are synchronized, very helpful to practice read and listening.

  406. Suzuki says:

    Nice to see your method to learn foreign language.
    Recently, I have made a concern anout language learning because a person told me that people need to get meaning in passages in a language they are laerning after that thay need to read it in their own language, when they read document in the foreign language to learn.
    Her idea is just agaist for my way which to get a second language in the language itself but my native on so that one could come to know how people use the language in their sense.
     Then I have seen your word ‘Discover the language by your self without waiting for others to show you the langauge.’
    It’s rarely seen that proffesionals to tell how to learn language tells learners to find their own way because people knowing a method might be afraid of tendency of some mistakes for leaners in bigin.

    I am also telling my own way of that especially to Japanese rearching by myself currently.
    I would like to chat you to be aware for that even on Skipe.

  407. KianAnn says:

    I am on week 3 of learning French. I love modern music in French, so that makes it easy to listen to it all day long. I want to learn French so I can understand the music better. I feel like a child that yearns to understand what my favorite artists are saying. This is my driving factor. Yes I fell in love with French on my own. I even have my favorite French singers to learn from, so I watch interviews and stuff besides listening to their music. Thanks for the advice, most of it I have been doing, but it’s nice to see your positive encouragement. Sometimes I get frustrated at the learning curves, but like you say, it is becoming clearer all the time. 

  408. Brad says:

    Great place to start is http://www.livemocha.com  Its completely free unless you want tutor assistance but otherwise you meet people from the country you are learning the language of. The lessons are easy to pick up. Just be aware of all the spam messages within the site. All languages available. ( I don’t work for them lol)

  409. Pablo says:

    learning random words and not applying them to a normal conversation while learning will not be easy when conducting real conversations and trying to remember the words you need.

  410. Elizabeth Mahlou says:

    I have read your book, Steve, and there is some good advice in it. I think, though, that even you would have benefitted from the seven tools to rapid language improvement taught to US foreign service officers by Boris Shekhtman. His little book, How to Learn a Foreign Language Immediately, delivers what the title promises and is a remarkable assist to language learners. Would love to hear your opinion of it.

  411. Tahera says:

    I’ve like this method what  suggestion is given. It is true that you’ve to enjoy what you are doing. Vocabulary is the most impotent to be fluent .  And don’t give up.

  412. Rabi_grg144 says:

    Many people who learn a second language mistakenly believe that they can’t learn anymore languages beyond this. In fact the opposite is true – learning languages becomes easier.The first language you learn – your mother tongue, or native language – is the hardest. You learn by trial and error for the first years of your life, and you learn out of necessity – a pretty good motivator. Some people are born into multiple language environments, but most learn additional languages ( [URL=”http://www.rocketl.net/rocket-spanish/”]Rocket spanish[/URL] )by attending school or self-study later in life.We assume that because of the time and effort required to learn a second language, we won’t really have the ability to learn more languages later. We learn languages differently( [URL=”http://www.rocketl.net/rocket-chinese/”]Rocket chinese[/URL] )later in life than we did as a child, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. As we begin to study our second language, we begin to learn and sharpen a set of skills that we don’t use ( [URL=”http://www.rocketl.net/rocket-japanese/”]Rocket japanese[/URL] ) completely in the other aspects of our life. As we get better at our second language, those learning skills improve. The phrase I like is – “we can learn to learn languages.”

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  414. Alenasuna says:

    Yes, I agree with Steve, again. But it is also very important to understand where to start and how to start learning a language. Starting the learning process can be overwhelming and it puts a lot of people off from progressing beyond lesson two, or three….
    There are some good suggestions how to start the learninng process and what to focus on first on http://www.londonlanguagestudio.co.uk/learning-tips

    These tips are based on the language learning experience of a professional linguist, who speaks ten languages and has dedicated her career to language teaching.

  415. You are spot on. It takes a lot of time and a lot of effort, but learning a language is well worth the trouble!

  416. Francis says:

    ok thanks for this post

  417. Prizrachok says:

    I hate to learn English, but it need to me for my future studies…

  418. jibajaba21 says:

    I googled a couple of things finding out the best way for me to learn a language. I came across a website called http://learn-the-world.weebly.com/ and it contains a little quiz that will then tell you the best way for you to learn the website. I liked it because it took my budget into account and how long a day I can learn the new language.  It gave me a list of websites and software that I could look into. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn a new language.

  419. thanks a lot for your tips

  420. I’m English student but I don’t know why too difficult for me to learn in English, but thanks a lot for your tips  

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  422. Loveonedirection163 says:

    These steps for learning a new language is actually correct. I really agree that when you’re learning a new language you have to focus on it and give time so you can actually learn it  or learn some words from that language. You take control of it. Some people are really interested and willing to do it like me. I’ve been trying to learn how to read and write Korean and I have known some basic words from the language but what’s difficult for me while learning this language is that nobody is teaching me this language so I have to be responsible in learning this by myself. If you’re really interested and willing to learn a language, you have to do it and there are a lot of ways to learn without anyone teaching you. You can use books, internet, dictionaries, or anything that can help you. I know when nobody is teaching or tutoring you to this language it’s very difficult but for me even if there’s no teacher who can teach me learning this language, i’m willing to learn it by myself so I could actually be proud of myself. I’m willing to learn something new everytime. Learning different kind of language is very fun. You get to discover l0ts of different kinds of words. I really wanna learn several languages even if I have to do it myself. I’m really hoping I could learn like maybe 5 languages. That’s kind of a lot. So hopefully, when I finished learning Korean I could learn another language. Learning is pretty fun and i’m always interested in learning different things. I’m full of confidence when I’m learning something that I’m interested to and this is a START! Good Luck to me and to everybody else who’s learning a language like I am. Just take time and just have fun while learning.

  423. dandy says:

    Learning spoken foreign language? Try this: http://avk3301.narod2.ru 

  424. KC Bird says:

    Hello Steve, Great article.  I have been learning Dutch and could not agree more with your 5 suggestions.  I would love to share with your readers an awesome site you can learn a language for free.  It is http://www.lingohut.com, I hope your readers find it as awesome as I do.

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    Tome the best tools to learn a new language are onelook and frazeit.

    Onelook for their reverse directory and frazeit for their search by context and source.


  431. f33ling00d says:

    What do you guys think about http://www.languee.com?

  432. Orchidfur says:

    Its true, I am learning Korean and listening to the music really helps, I find myself noticing words I hear over and over. :)

  433. Artur Barroca da Cunha says:

    I do not speak english well and I would like to! I have learn alone start reading and translate a lot of technical books! I do not ear well and so it´s very hard to understand the movies or a talk between two or more people! To understand well I need to watch the mouth and lips movies! So I think my best way to learn more is to get shorts CDs with shorts story to read and listening at the same time! By the way I’m 77 years old! So what do you recommend I must do or I must follow?

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    Great Article! These are like rule of thumbs for learning a new language! Take learning Chinese for example, many thought it is difficult to learn Mandarin Chinese. In my opinion, Chinese is one of the most interesting languages in the world! Chinese is a picture language, which means ancient Chinese people draw different pictures as Chinese characters out of everything they saw in the environment! Therefore, the best way to learn well the language, in my opinion, is to learn the radical of the characters first, which by itself usually has a hint from the writing (or drawing) and then forms the character.

    For those who want to explore more this mysterious ancient language and culture, http://chinesehulu.com/ has a bunch of video lessons. Just check it out! : )


    Every Students should properly know Foreign Language Requirements.


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