How To Train Your Mind For Success

I’ve been thinking a lot about the subconscious mind and how it manifests itself in our life. Nearly all goals that are successfully achieved start as an idea, and with positive vibes, eventually turn into reality. As personal development seekers, it’s up to us to train our minds for success. I looked around for a long time before I finally found something that does just that.

It’s called autosuggestion, and I learned about it in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. Autosuggestion is just a way of influencing your own subconscious. We unconsciously program our selves in this way, day in and day out. You can actually learn to take control of this process and get some pretty powerful results.

Emotions Affect Your Subconscious

Think of any time you’ve experienced really strong emotions. It could be anything. For example, I set up my newsletter service to send me e-mails when people subscribe and unsubscribe. It may sound silly but I get really excited when I get an e-mail telling me I have a new subscriber. It’s like a little spurt of energy shoots through me. As you can imagine, I have a pretty positive vibe towards my newsletter. The opposite would be true if people I kept getting notices that people were unsubscribing. If I continually had negative emotions towards it, then my subconscious would associate the two together. That would create a pretty crummy vibe.

Strong emotions have a profound effect on the subconscious. Whether or not you achieve your goals depends largely on how you feel about them. A great tip is to try feeling like your goal is already done. This is because imagining a goal being achieved creates strong, favorable emotions around it. It teaches your subconscious to associate your goals with positivity. And as you probably know, positivity will attract success whereas negativity will repel it.

Use Autosuggestion For Success

You’re probably thinking at this point, “That’s cool, but how do I train my subconscious to be positive?” This is where autosuggestion comes into play. For example, perhaps you want to learn to have an abundant mindset towards money. Maybe right now you have lots of bills, and anytime you even hear the word “money” you instantly get upset.

It isn’t too hard to change a mindset if you’re consistent. Setting aside just 10 minutes a day is all it takes. In that 10 minute period, visualize a situation that involves money. For example, I might imagine checking my bank account at an ATM and having tons of money. The visualization is only one half of the equation, though. You need to create positive emotions around your visualization.

I would imagine how great it would feel to have all that money. How amazing would it be to not have to worry about finances anymore? Think of all the things you could buy! The more detail, the better. Think of emotions as the medium between your conscious thoughts and your hidden subconscious. The stronger the emotions are, the faster you’ll be able to train yourself. Believe that you’ll have what you’re visualizing. This is intention manifestation and psychological manipulation all in one go, and it can be pretty powerful.

If you repeat this exercise daily you’ll find that your “gut reaction” to money completely changes. You’ve changed your subconscious through autosuggestion. You can do this as much as you want, with whatever you want. Even if it sounds a little silly, give it a chance. It’s life changing.

My Experiences With Autosuggestion

I wouldn’t recommend something unless I’ve actually gotten results from it in my own life. Coming from a background in psychology, the basics of autosuggestion made a lot of sense, but I wasn’t sure. After practicing it, I can say I’m a believer. I also realize that I used to unconsciously practice autosuggestion without even knowing it, except I trained myself to be negative!

For example, a year ago I created a guitar website. While I was excited at first, I found that my heart really wasn’t in it. I love playing guitar, not teaching it. I soon became discouraged about the site. I had all sorts of thoughts like “this will fail” and “this is no good.” I honestly could’ve made something out of it, but I didn’t know about autosuggestion back then. I was a victim of my own negativity.

On the other hand, running my personal development website is completely different. Anytime I think about my site, I become instantly inspired. I’ve trained my subconscious to feel almost exclusively positive towards it. This means that my best vibes, and thus my best writing, goes into each post. The difference is incredible.

Try it in your life and you’ll see what I’m talking about!

Fred Tracy runs a personal development website where he blogs about his life and various insights he has to his readers. He also does a lot of experiments and isn’t above being a lab rat for his audience.


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