How To Motivate Yourself – Self Motivation

Staying motivated is a struggle — our drive is constantly assaulted by negative thoughts and anxiety about the future. Everyone faces doubt and depression. What separates the highly successful is the ability to keep moving forward.

There is no simple solution for a lack of motivation. Even after beating it, the problem reappears at the first sign of failure. The key is understanding your thoughts and how they drive your emotions. By learning how to nurture motivating thoughts, neutralize negative ones, and focus on the task at hand, you can pull yourself out of a slump before it gains momentum.

Reasons We Lose Motivation

There are 3 primary reasons we lose motivation.

  1. Lack of confidence – If you don’t believe you can succeed, what’s the point in trying?
  2. Lack of focus – If you don’t know what you want, do you really want anything?
  3. Lack of direction – If you don’t know what to do, how can you be motivated to do it?

How to Boost Confidence

The first motivation killer is a lack of confidence. When this happens to me, it’s usually because I’m focusing entirely on what I want and neglecting what I already have. When you only think about what you want, your mind creates explanations for why you aren’t getting it. This creates negative thoughts. Past failures, bad breaks, and personal weaknesses dominate your mind. You become jealous of your competitors and start making excuses for why you can’t succeed. In this state, you tend to make a bad impression, assume the worst about others, and lose self confidence.

The way to get out of this thought pattern is to focus on gratitude. Set aside time to focus on everything positive in your life. Make a mental list of your strengths, past successes, and current advantages. We tend to take our strengths for granted and dwell on our failures. By making an effort to feel grateful, you’ll realize how competent and successful you already are. This will rejuvenate your confidence and get you motivated to build on your current success.

It might sound strange that repeating things you already know can improve your mindset, but it’s amazingly effective. The mind distorts reality to confirm what it wants to believe. The more negatively you think, the more examples your mind will discover to confirm that belief. When you truly believe that you deserve success, your mind will generate ways to achieve it. The best way to bring success to yourself is to genuinely desire to create value for the rest of the world.

Developing Tangible Focus

The second motivation killer is a lack of focus. How often do you focus on what you don’t want, rather than on a concrete goal? We normally think in terms of fear. I’m afraid of being poor. I’m afraid no one will respect me. I’m afraid of being alone. The problem with this type of thinking is that fear alone isn’t actionable. Instead of doing something about our fear, it feeds on itself and drains our motivation.

If you’re caught up in fear based thinking, the first step is focusing that energy on a well defined goal. By defining a goal, you automatically define a set of actions. If you have a fear of poverty, create a plan to increase your income. It could be going back to school, obtaining a higher paying job, or developing a profitable website. The key is moving from an intangible desire to concrete, measurable steps.

By focusing your mind on a positive goal instead of an ambiguous fear, you put your brain to work. It instantly begins devising a plan for success. Instead of worrying about the future you start to do something about it. This is the first step in motivating yourself to take action. When know what you want, you become motivated to take action.

Developing Direction

The final piece in the motivational puzzle is direction. If focus means having an ultimate goal, direction is having a day-to-day strategy to achieve it. A lack of direction kills motivation because without an obvious next action we succumb to procrastination. An example of this is a person who wants to have a popular blog, but who spends more time reading posts about blogging than actually writing articles.

The key to finding direction is identifying the activities that lead to success. For every goal, there are activities that pay off and those that don’t. Make a list of all your activities and arrange them based on results. Then make a make an action plan that focuses on the activities that lead to big returns. To continue the example from above, a blogger’s list would look something like this:

  1. Write content
  2. Research relevant topics
  3. Network with other bloggers
  4. Optimize design and ad placements
  5. Answer comments and email
  6. Read other blogs

Keeping track of your most important tasks will direct your energy towards success. Without a constant reminder, it’s easy to waste entire days on filler activities like reading RSS feeds, email, and random web surfing.

When my motivation starts to wane, I regain direction by creating a plan that contains two positive actions. The first one should be a small task you’ve been meaning to do, while the second should be a long-term goal. I immediately do the smaller task. This creates positive momentum. After that I take the first step towards achieving the long-term goal. Doing this periodically is great for getting out of a slump, creating positive reinforcement, and getting long-term plans moving.

It’s inevitable that you’ll encounter periods of low energy, bad luck, and even the occasional failure. If you don’t discipline your mind, these minor speed bumps can turn into mental monsters. By being on guard against the top 3 motivation killers you can preserve your motivation and propel yourself to success.


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  • This is definitely a timely article John!
    I need a serious kick in the pants. You’re right about how easy it is to get distracted and the need for focus. Thanks.

  • Right on time. I am just crossing a low-motivation period and your article is really helpful!

    Congratulations, you did it again!

  • Thanks all! I’m glad you found the article useful.

    • juma

      i have just gone through your article and its timing is superb.i have been undergoings low moments this past few days and what you are saying is exactly what i was going through.
      i had literally forgotten how gifted and blessed i was in my bid to secure my future.since all ma friends had gotten jobs i was constantly doubting my self since things had not been smooth sailing om my part.
      otherwise thanks for the article it has really rejuvinated my spirits.

      • Xyx

        I am going through a very similar phase.

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      That was a really good article.
      Thanks for such reasonable and clear reflection on this topic. It should definitely help lots of people who need to boost up their self-confidence. And I am sure it will help me as well =)

  • Hi John,

    Great article. Thank you for analysing the problem and providing the solutions in such a systemetic manner. Clear and precise, as always.

    Wanna also thank you for this is timely for me – and found that all other commenters said that same thing – it’s really common to lose drive from time to time…

  • I recently wrote about this as well and found your post to be an enjoyable read today! There is no such thing as too much motivation :-)

  • HEy Johnny,

    Thanks for this superb post. It was presented powerfully. It is so easy to
    lose focus and motivation as well.

    I think fear has being killing a lot of people for so long and they are just
    incapacitated by it. I was able to destroy fear in my life when I discovered
    a maxim some years back. I hope it will be helpful to someone reading this:

    “Whosoever has conquered fear, has conquered failure.”

    When I discovered this, I decided to conquer my fear so that failure
    will have no place in my life. It is a perfect concept so many of us should

    God bless you John for bringing this up.


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  • Very inspiring article. I like your blog!

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  • I particularly found the “finding focus” and “developing direction” parts helpful. It’s really hard getting motivated, when you’re not sure what the goal is. Also, once the goal is clearly defined, developing clearly defining the steps necessary to get you there is crucial. Basically, it’s having a clear picture of what you want, and a step by step plan to get you there.

  • It’s true about confidence issues. We need to prepare our mind and bodies for real thing first before we make the changes. Lack of confidence is a problem that can truly stop us from being motivated.

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  • I am doing all 6 things under Developing Direction. Thanks, it is good to know that as a new blogger, I am doing things right.

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    • Wow, I’ve been going through a major slump… was suppose to have my
      site up months ago and have been lacking the drive to complete the
      project. Then today I find this article and am so grateful you wrote it.
      Thanks so much, very motivating. 😉

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    I am a very pesimestic kind of a person….i dont know know how to motivate myself….article is very good

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  • Wow, I’ve been going through a major slump… was suppose to have my site up months ago and have been lacking the drive to complete the project. Then today I find this article and am so grateful you wrote it. Thanks so much, very motivating. 😉


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  • You have some awesome articles, I like the signal-to-noise ratio here.

    I’ll be stopping back by when I get demotivated.

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    Hi John,

    now i’m in the low motivation period, feeling boring with job and life. I’m happy when i searched self motivation website, I found yours. That’s absolutely correct about Lack of Focus.

    I have many good idea on my mind, but it seems i have no power\strenght to complete them. One of the reasons is lack of focus.


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  • I think the critical factor is ACTION! Not delaying. Doing something right now that creates momentum. It’s like putting on your exercise shoes right now to do some exercise. Once the shoes are on, it’s easy to get going.

  • peter DeLaRosa

    I woke up this morning and was a little, no a lot, of discouragement was in my head.
    And God sent me to this and now I’m ready to focus on the act of doing something instead of reacting and not doing anything.
    Thank you again,
    Peter D

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    Thank you for this insight, John. I was thinking a lot on these demotivation factors, and from my experience there is one more: lack of energy. I don’t know if this resonates with you.

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  • Methe Shivaji

    Thanks for this superb post. It was presented powerfully. It is so easy to
    lose focus and motivation as well.

    I think fear has being killing a lot of people for so long and they are just
    incapacitated by it. I was able to destroy fear in my life when I discovered
    a maxim some years back. I hope it will be helpful to someone reading this:

    “Whosoever has conquered fear, has conquered failure.”

    When I discovered this, I decided to conquer my fear so that failure
    will have no place in my life. It is a perfect concept so many of us should

    so it is the of motivation in our life.

    • I agree with that maxim, thanks for sharing it. In many ways, failure only occurs through fear. Once we get past fear, failures become learning experiences.

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    thanks a good tip for my motivation , i have a fear about my confidence & other think

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    Great tips that I think need to be reminded to us more often.


    ps.,if anyone wants free hosting for a blog or something, I’m giving it away.
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  • Thanks, hope you don’t mind if I link this article to my site. I think it is well written. :)

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    That was a great article, and speek sence becasue i am from the uk

  • Hello – I’m from the UK too and I’ve just read through some of your “highlighted” best read posts.

    The concept of “self improvement” is a truly admirable aim, and I applaud all your effort here, but it can be agonizingly unhelpful for a person with low self-esteem and/or depressive tendencies.

    It’s a bit like someone with no legs hearing about another person with no legs “pulling themselves together” and climbing a mountain unaided. The first guy can actually feel even more incompetent, after hearing how “well” this similarly effected other guy has “conquered all” by sheer will power and well placed self-help strategies.

    Don’t misunderstand me,I like your blog – it’s packed full with positive ideas and extremely well thought out.

    I agree that we can all do some things to help ourselves but it is a myth that we can all be successful, rich and happy through self-effort and by definition: if we can’t all do this we deserve what’s coming to us.

    Hope you will take this in the spirit in which it was written.. I.e. just putting a slightly different angle on things.

    Thanks for giving me the space here to have my say :)

  • Hi John,
    This insight on motivation is wonderful. While reading through it I was able to apply these traits to achieving success in many aspects of life and business.

    There is another way to be motivated that is a favorite of mine: PASSION.

    The gut-wrenching, burning passion that drives you to succeed in whatever it is you have that passion for. The thoughts that you will do whatever it takes to be successful at your job, lose the weight, or make money online.

    Really gets you going huh?

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  • I find trying to stay focussed and motivated on what I’m trying to achieve can be a struggle at times, I waste too much time when I lose track of what I’m meant to be doing. This great article will help me with my motivation

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    hi john,
    thanks a lot. very helpful in my situation right now. in every failure, there is always a room for improvement and nothing can hinder us from what we truly wants. =p

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    hi john,
    thanks a lot. very helpful in my situation right now. in every failure, there is always a room for improvement and nothing can hinder us from what we truly wants.—ashok

  • ashok

    hi john,
    thanks a lot. very helpful in my situation right now. in every failure, there is always a room for improvement and nothing can hinder us from what we truly wants

  • Phoebe

    Excellent Article. Clearly written and straightforward! I enjoyed it and will apply it in my life! Thanks very much.

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  • I just googled ‘motivate yourself’ and this was the first hit. Rightly so, I would say. 😉

    My problem was knowing all these things and indeed having taken the knowledge for granted. It’s just great when someone else tells you what you stashed away deep in your brain. Thanks for giving a short and concrete guide to fall back on. You’ve got great teaching potential, so keep it up.


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    You got me off my lazy behind! Well, actually the work I procrastinate on involves sitting down anyways..

    I all of a sudden hit another slump while doing another one of my animation related goals-the thing about writing two positive tasks is genius, for the first time in a YEAR I actually did a full painting! Thank you!

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  • Wow!!!! You are gifted in putting your thoughts and emotions into words. And then, explaining how so many of us see and feel what is going on inside of ourselves. You are a great blessing of encouragement and light. What takes so many self help writers to explain in copious pages, you pinpointed in a very few paragraphs. I am starting a new business. I now see the face of my discouragement and I am back up and sluggin’.

    Thank you.
    Thank you.
    Thank you.

    •  Thank you Susan.Your response was very inspiring.It is so easy to become distracted and dispirated especially with exposure to some people whome want to keep you down…Derek Morgan London GB

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    Very good article indeed, I’ve been in a bit of a progression slump lately, and since reading it, I’ve decided to refine my goals into a more progressive, less overwhelming process.

    Thanks again.

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    Thank you John. You slapped me in the face with your three points and I will start implementing them right now.

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  • A person gets demotivated when he has lack of confidence.A person should never get demotivated by failures .

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    I found your article extremely helpful, i’m currently
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    my Boss should understand that i might take some time to know the processes and systems.
    I m very tensed now a days due to this as i dont want to lose this job,I have a family to take care of.
    Under pressure & no support,No body can perform

    Plz give some suggesions


  • I found this article very interesting and motivating. People should take a time everyday to motivate themselves, and that way enjoy life despite all the things that are constantly happening in this world. Read my extract of this article at

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  • I personally believe that there are two forces which motivate us or cause us to act. Inspiration or desperation. Always act out of inspiration and you will experience more joy in your day to day i found some interesting quotes on

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  • i liked the fact that repeating what i already know will convince my mind with it :)

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      what a timely piece 4 me,what could be better than reading a piece which concides with my motivational talk topic in my local church,’building ur confidence’

  • I’ve been in a bit of a progression slump lately, and since reading it, I’ve decided to refine my goals into a more progressive, less overwhelming process.

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    i lost my jod a few months back started lossing every thing i had accurred in my life the was a point were i even felt suicidal but i could bring my self to it now i am tryin to get out of this slump i am goin through bt redefinding my goals
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  • I would like to share a few of my motivational tips

    1. find real life inspiration — the things can be done by real life person

    2. find a good mentor or leader or create one yourself

    3. Reward – people respond to incentive

    4. Punishment – people respond to negative incentive

    5. competition

    6. Deadline — forces people to act

    7. momentum — like a hand to push u

    8. Success — brings more success

    9. positive revenge… yeah, this is strong!!

    enjoy! :)

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    I’m having some serious motivation isssues. I’ve recently married the most wonderful man, who is giving, outgoing, willing do what it take to better himself and our future. He’s positive about life and that it has to offer. He has the struggles I don’t have, he’s illegal in this country working as a janetor, paying for school to be one day become and Architect, and he does it with such devotion and love. His obstacles are much greater than mine.

    I on the other hand, am a US Citizen, 25, no college education, not motivated, I don’t know what I want, I hate my job. I’m afraid to go back to school. I’m a mess. I don’t know were to start. I feel like I’m the only one who feels this way. I graduated high school in 2001. What have I done since then? I’m so depressed.

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    • Haks

      Gr8 job man :) was very inspiring, looking forward to try your “advice” thank you

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      Goal of 325 Posts Completed. Congratulations!

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    • saira

      Yes I agree you with you.I have motivation issues as well and I am at a crossroads in my life. I have never had much confidence in myself so it is amazing that I have got as far as I have. But I now want to go back to school and there are a lot of other things that I wish to achieve.This article has definitely helped

    • ilakiya

       don’t worry just don’t lose hope. i m doing my third degree now.So be positive.Don’t think about the time which was gone.Think about future which will bring happiness for you friend be happy and feel just now you are entering into your life don’t compare yourself with your husband.Feel him as your part obviously he is your life-partner only right.Cheer up.God bless you.

    • Guest

      You’re definitely not alone. I constantly cycle back into a lack of motivation… usually when a job, school, or some responsibility ends.

      I was with someone in a similar situation to your husband and I too would compare myself to him seeing all of the advantages I had, but not doing anything worthwhile. We were in love, but I couldn’t figure out what I wanted (if I should marry him) so we floated around in limbo until he was deported. He’s with someone else now.

      I haven’t found a solution yet, but hopefully reading information like this article will help. I definitely believe it must be approached one battle at a time.

    • Lindsey

      I feel this way exactly. I graduated in 2010 and haven’t done anything with my life. I feel stupid for starting a job way late in life (18), having only 2 jobs ever, and for never paying attention in school. I failed out of college in the first semester right after high school. I met my boyfriend last year and have a child this year. I now stay at home with our baby girl while he works his ass off. I feel like i’m not doing anything and staying home all day doing basically nothing while i still don’t know what to do with my life (career-wise) or how i would go about finding out what i want to do with no experience. It really sucks. I feel so unmotivated. Doing the same things everyday and not working making me feel like i’m such a burden. I’ll never get anything accomplished.

      • Winona

        ….Oh My God!! First of all, STOP feeling so bad about yourself!! I chuckled when I read “I feel stupid for starting a job way late in life (18)”…good God, girl, you were only on this earth 18 years and believe it or not, that’s NOT very long; technically, you were still a teenager, being 8 TEEN…secondly, becoming a mother is one of the most important roles in your lifetime you will ever take on; God sent down a little angel for YOU to be in charge of (your daughter), so enjoy her, nurture her, teach her right from wrong, good manners, how to make mud pies, NEVER to touch a hot stove, etc.–it’s your job to shape what kind of adult this little girl will grow up to be. And that’s a very important job in itself. I know, because I never even went to college, at least you were motivated enough to START college, even if you failed out. I never even started. I was a stay-at-home mom, my husband worked his ass off to make ends meet, and believe me, I felt exactly the same as you. And it felt like things were never going to change. But I found out that things DO change, kids get older, routines change. The important thing is DON’T let yourself get into a RUT. I’m 50 years old now, married 30 years, have raised 2 wonderful, talented sons and NOW, looking back, I don’t regret one second of allll the dirty diapers, terrible two’s, and crap that you have to go through when they’re little. So please, don’t feel bad about yourself–having kids IS experience–you become a maid, chauffeur, nanny, teacher, cook

        • Dil

          wonderful advice. Thanks Winona for your enlightened viwe.

      • Desi

        I really feel like you just described my life. Im 21 now, graduated in 2010, went to college straight from high school for maybe a year, didnt feel too smart after not making the good grades, didnt go back. met my boyfriend in the end of 2011 and now we have a daughter that’ll be 1 Sept. 12. He makes his money, i make minimum wage working maybe 10-15 hours a week. I feel like a failure to everyone. i dont do anything but think about the things i would like to do but i have no motivation. How can i be the woman i want my daughter to look up too when i feel like a bum and a burden on everyone around me…. It does suck.

        • Olive

          Try to give yourself more credit for being a mother who is raising a child. That takes time and attention. Like the article says, try being grateful for what you have and what you are good at. Maybe you could try something like pet sitting or baby sitting for one other child in the meantime. I see a lot of ads on Maybe those jobs would allow you to bring your daughter and earn some money as well. Have you thought of making some crafts? You can do that from home and sell them on Well, they’re just my ideas, but be proud to be a mom. Not every parent is there for their child during those early years, and it really matters.

      • AlexM

        Hello; You have computer access. Why not look into some of the many free sites that help folks discover their abilities and interests with an eye to discovering what kind of work might make you happy. Even if you can’t go to school physically, there are lots of online courses available through local school boards, community colleges, universities, etc.. Try one to see if this kind of learning suits you. (Make sure the school is accredited.)

      • Sumati

        Dear Its better to be late then never try for anything.Dont feel that you have not done anything career wise. Looking after home n kids is also a big work but its importance is not realized since v are not paid for it. Try for teaching someone even if its one kid besides ur own. You will earn also n feel ur r doing something product .

    • Ms.Teagle

      Dear Bianca, In order to be motivated their must be a focus point. As women we sometimes have too much on our mind.What really tends to discourage us is to watch others around us be focused and succeed.Naturally we want the best out of ourselves and that will happen,baby steps and patience are required write a list of things you can do now,Even if it seems small,make a small list such as watching your weight, daily exercise,or reading a book.It is imperative that you realize that we must all crawl before we walk.Its nice that your husband is goal oriented and I realize that you two are now one,just bare in mind that your skills and career abilities will be different and thats okay because you have different ideas to bring to the table every now and then.I recommend that you continue working and add a trade under your belt around your work schedule, Well wishes

    • stan

      Dear Bianca,
      My message is coming 5 years later, but it’s really never to late. At 30, you are not too old to create a new life. It takes some work to evaluate yourself, your desires, your strengths and weaknesses, your talents and skills. we all have them. We just have to find them within ourselves by examining ourselves, our thoughts, wishes and dreams. Sit down with your husband . He has the right ideas. Have him help you find what is meaningful in your like; what you believe in, and pursue those interests and dreams that you love. It’s within you Bianca. Just enjoy the journey anf look for them. You will find your path if you just look for them. Make a list of what makes you happy. You will find it. You have a wonderful husband. Have him and others give you strength and courage to find your dreams. You will, if you only look for it.

    • jane de vries

      Gosh Bianca
      Looking at this post 6 years old, but my heart goes out. I would say from experience, to find a good therapist first, that knows family of origin issues. Lots of non profits have great interns. You may be bottled up with old tapes and past hurts turnwd traumas, weighing you down. Prayer to God is productive. No man is an island. Blessings for you!

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    I have been in the Employment/Staffing industry for more that 25 years and this is the hardest I have seen the employment field. We are seeing a little upturn but nothing to get excited about.

    Hopefully there won’t be too much family suffering before the economy turns around.

    I will be using some of your material at a group of challenged adults that are having a very bad time. So I am going to use my encouragement skills hopeing that will help. thanks

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  • Self motivation is the ability to motivate yourself. But, many of us find ourselves in motivational slumps that we have to work to get out of. A good way to be continuously self-motivated is to implement “Right Attitude”. There’s is nothing more powerful for self-motivation than the right attitude. You can’t choose or control your circumstance, but can choose your attitude towards your circumstances.- Max

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    People measure their success differently. If I can force myself to go downstairs under my own power and eat, its a good day.

    Thank you for the article, I will start to cherish what I can do, rather then dwell on what I am unable to do for a temporary period of time.

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  • Gregory

    You have no personality, we make ourselves up as we go along, the choices we make for our thinking either motivate us or they don’t. Your attention grows your thoughts, stop growing bad fruit.

    1. Create a Vision. Create a vision of who you want to be and then live into that picture as if it were already true.
    2. Tell a true lie. If it’s hard for you to imagine the potential in yourself, you might want to start by beginning to express it as a fantasy. Think up some stories of who you would like to be. Without a picture of a higher self you cannot live into that self.
    3. Leave your comfort zone. Every challenge we face creates a more skilful self, so its up to you to constantly look for challenges to motivate yourself and its also up to you to notice when you are buried alive in a comfort zone, then break free and fly away.
    4. Find your key. The great master key to riches is nothing more or less than the self discipline necessary to help you take full and complete possession of your own mind. Remember it is profoundly significant that the only thing that you have complete is your own mental attitude.
    5. Plan your work. There is 1 unbeatable rule for the mastery of sorrows and disappointment and that’s the transmutation of those emotional frustration through definitely planned work, it’s a rule that has no equal. Once you get the picture of who you want to be, definitely planned work is the path to self motivation. Definitely planned work contains the energy of purpose.
    6. Move your goal post. Most people are surprised to know that their goals are to small and to vague and therefore have no power. Your major goal will not be reached if it fails to excite your imagination. What really increase motivation is the setting of a large and specific power goal. A power goal is a dream that drives you. People that have created power goals are living on purpose. How can you tell if you have a big enough power goal, simple observe the effect that your goal has on you, its not what a goal is, its what a goal does.
    7. Dribble with your other hand. Its just the simple formation of a habit, thinking is like bouncing a ball, you can think pessimistically and build that side up of you, its just a matter of repeating the bouncers or you can think optimistically and build that side up , the overall pattern won’t change after a few positive bouncers but you do change one thought at a time.
    8. Play your Character. How you act is who you become. By doing the character we want to be, we can become, who we act like we are.
    9. Don’t just do something, sit there. For along time, be with yourself, observer insights start to appear. Observe your relationship with yourself is start to get better. Sitting in silence allows your true dream in life to take shape and clarity. You are either living your dream or someone else’s.
    10. Use the right Chemicals. Get into those energizing chemicals already in you system, that get activated when you laugh, or sing or dance or run. When you are having fun your body chemistry changes and you get new surges of motivation and energy, don’t keep try to go out search for something that is fun, its not out there anywhere it’s in yourself. If you can’t immediately see the fun in something, find a way to create it. Once you have made a job fun, yon have solved the problem of self motivation.
    11. Leave high school. Before high school we were creative dreamers, but in high school we began fear what others were think of us. Our mission in life became not to be embarrassed. We were afraid to look bad so we made it a point not to risks, most people end up design their life’s around what other people might be thinking of them, but we can leave that habit behind. Why should the way I feel depend on the thoughts in someone else’s head.
    12. Loose face. You can create a self that does not care that much what people think.
    13. Sing without feeling. Become a performer, act like you already feel like you want to feel.
    14. Kill you television. Witch side of the glass do you want to be on.
    15. Read your self a story. Because you can remember something you read out loud for longer.
    16. Get on your death bed. Many of us think our game has no end, we plan to do great things someday when we feel like it. Confronting our on death does not have to wait till we run out of life. Being able to vividly image our own death creates a paradoxical sensation, the feeling of being born again and that is the first step of self motivation.
    17. Be Lazy to begin with. There is no job that couldn’t be handled if you will to break it down into small pieces. Its not important about how fast you are doing it, what is important is that you are doing it. Thinking about starting slowly is easy, and doing it slowly allows you to start doing it and therefore it gets finished.
    18. Leave your friends. Cynic’s do not create, everyone knows that enthusiasm for life is contagious, and being in a conversion with a optimist opens us up to see more and more of life possibilities.
    19. Plan your game. Let the game respond to you and not the other way round.
    20. Find your inner Einstein. Next time you see a picture of Albert Einstein, realise that, that is actually you, every human has the capacity for genius. To experience Einstein’s level of thinking all you have to do is to commit to using your imagination. Grown up people utilise their imagination for one thing only, worrying, all their energy for visualisation is channelled into colourful pictures of what could go wrong. Worry is a misuse of the imagination. The human imagination was designed for better things.
    21. Feel good first. Most people think they will feel good once they reach some goal, they think happiness is out there some where, but the problem with putting off feeling good about yourself when you reach some goal is that it might never happen. By linking happiness to something you don’t have yet you are denying yourself the power to create it for yourself in the moment. Your Happiness is your birth right, it shouldn’t depend on you achieving something. Start by claiming it and using it to make your journey fun all the way.
    22. Run toward your fear. The world best kept secret is that on the other side of your fear is there is something safe beneficial waiting for you, if you work through even a small fear you will increase the confidence you have in your ability to create your life. Fear kill’s more people than death. The rush you get from running through the waterfall of fear, is the most energising feeling in the world. If you are ever in an unmotivated mood, find something you fear and do it, and watch what happens.
    23. Just be unexpected. Most people don’t see themselves as being creative but we all are. Creativity has everything to do with simply being unexpected. So if you will to except that you are creative you can begin to cultivate that side of your self, you can start coming up with all kinds of unexpected solutions to the challenges that life throws at you.
    24. Create your relationships. We are each of us Angles with only one wing so we can only fly embracing one and other. We can’t create our truest selves without creating relationships in the process.
    25. Be where you are. Most of us don’t focus, we are always trying to think of to many things at once. Focus on what you want and it will come into your life. Focus on being a happy and motivate person and that who you will be.
    26. Act Like a Hero. Without hero’s we are all plain people, Heroes show us what is possible for a human being to accomplish.
    27. Except your will power. Everyone has will power. The first step into developing your will power is to except its existence, the second step is to know that your will power is like a muscle in your arm is yours to develop, you are in charge of making it strong or letting it become weak. Make a promise to yourself to be clear and truthful about your own will power.
    28. Say no to yourself. When you are self disciplined, you have simple decided about matters of the will, to become your own disciple. Once you make that decision you start to see yourself as a stronger person, you gain self respect.
    29. Make new word connections. To weight lifters, failure is success, unless they lift a weight to a point of failure their muscles aren’t growing. So they have programmed themselves to use the word failure in a positive sense. Language Leads to Power so be conscious of the creative potential of all the language you use and the guide that language in the direction of more personal power.
    30. Deprogram yourself. Start by altering how you listen to the media, program/filter out all the negative, cynical and sceptical thoughts that you allowed to flow into your mind unchecked. Once you get good at factoring out all the negative aspects of the media, take a step further make it your own news, be your own breaking story.
    31. Open the present. Practise being awake in the present moment, make the most of your awareness in this moment, don’t live in the past unless you like guilt, don’t live in the future unless you like fear, just stay focused on today and watch what happens to your motivation.
    32. Serve and grow rich. You can motivate yourself by increasing the flow of money into your life. Our first duty in life is not to be poor and the road to not being poor always travels through you professional relationships. The more your serve those relationships, the more productive you become and the more money you will make.
    33. Imitate Colombo. In your professional life, what ever it is, always be curious. When you meet someone think of yourself as a bumbling but friendly type of detective like Colombo was. Ask questions in your relationships, by doing this your are already creating the relationship and you are already self motivated you don’t have to for the other person to make it happen.
    34. Give away some power. Motivate yourself by giving someone else the idea’s necessary for self motivation. You can have any experience in life simple by giving that experience to someone else, instant Karma, if you want to be motivated shift you inspiration to someone else, point out their strengths, offer encouragement and support, watch what it does for you.
    35. Talk to yourself. Thinking is the soul talking to itself, there is no one better to talk to then yourself. If you really want to get things worked out, no other person has as much information about your problems, skills and capabilities. Get your Creative thinking going each morning buy asking yourself two question every morning, what’s good in my life, and two, what is there still to be done. Because thought always proceeds action, talking to yourself is a proven way to get motivated.

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    In my current job it is impossible to learn all the necessary details and actions quickly and become an “expert”. Even though I know that is is going to take quite a lot of time for everyone, I can’t help thinking that I am some sort of a failure. I don’t know what is the problem with me. I’ve been trying to figure this out a long time by reading blogs and other articles about self confidence and motivation but without an answer.

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      You’re not alone on that boat. Many people tend to develop a negative view of themselves and lack confidence in their ability to accomplish something. What you should know is that your view of yourself can change dramatically towards the positive with the right help.

      If you feel that you’ve explored all options you know of, I would suggest talking to a counsellor or professional about it. The reason is that these professionals are trained to help you uncover the real reason that you tend to view yourself this way, and they can help you break free of that habit in all areas of your life.

      Like all things in life though, you have to make that choice to seek that help. The decision is yours.

      All the best to you!


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  • low self esteem is one factor why alot of us are so demotivated. self believe and self worth majority of us lack… i have learnt never to cooperate when someone tells me it cant be done.. to agree to accept someones opinion of you is to co-operate to one can give u hope if u can’t first give urself the hope

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    i have learnt never to cooperate when someone tells me it cant be done

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    Thanks for to this nice, marvelous article. Last seven months ago sumthing happend wrong with me and I had gone through dipression. I had lost my self confidence. I had thought I would never came out through this stage.But with support of my wife priyanka & my son devendra i had changed the situation.So I know the vaue of self confidence.
    Your article is realy energetic & giving power to those people who lost their confidence & self respect.
    thanks again ” keep it up sir”.

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    well done. thanks for thinking of us.

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  • Lack of confidence, focus, and direction are exactly what can throw into a downward spiral motivation-wise. I would also offer lack of perceived accomplishment. Along the same lines of lack of direction I suppose but if one isn’t achieving small signs that they are moving in a profitable direction than they may lose their inspiration altogether or become overwhelmed with achieving their main or larger goals. Having small, easily obtainable, goals is just as much important.

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    I felt depressed, worn out, and super unsuccessful. Feeling these ways just made me even more unmotivated. It’s a vicious cycle.
    I recently wrote a post about laziness and motivation, and ways to move forward.
    If you’re interested, check it out.

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    any suggestions please email me at

    God bless…

  • Thanks for that pick me up — just started my blog and I have been terribly unmotivated from doing regular, daily blogging. After reading your article… I think I was suffering from #3 (Lack of Direction).

    Great point on that one — stating that we should do 2 tasks (1 being a smaller) and using it as momentum in getting one step closer to that ultimate goal. -Daniel Wiafe

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    For Cameron: Don’t stop working. Dream BIG dreams. Read “Wishcraft” by Barbara Sher.

  • These lines were priceless “…because I’m focusing entirely on what I want and neglecting what I already have. When you only think about what you want, your mind creates explanations for why you aren’t getting it. This creates negative thoughts. Past failures, bad breaks, and personal weaknesses dominate your mind..this significant shift will make a significant impact on achieving my outcomes…thanks,Art

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    Iqbal, in order to overcome your fears and gain confidence, I would suggest that you go out and do exactly what scares you.
    Motivation is the drive that each individual has for doing/behaving in a certain way. If you would watch TV rather than doing groceries or cleaning the house, than your motivated in watching TV. If you need to prepare for an exam and yet you do everything like cleaning the car, washing clothes, than this is escapism and shows your lack of motivation.
    Everyone has a different way of getting motivated. You need to find yours and keep that in mind, write it down or do something so that you look at it everyday. That way you will motivate yourself everyday :) Now I hope someone can keep me motivated eveyday :)

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    You never answered the second problem. It was clearly defined; you answered another question instead. I am not fearful. I just don’t Know what I want. I have lost count of the people and books that start out with the premise they will help you find out what you want, then just tell you how to overcome obstacles to achieve what you want. I can figure out how to achieve a goal or a novel approximation for that goal. YOU JUST HAVE TO KNOW WHAT THAT IS FIRST!! Until you have a goal the rest is useless. I am frustrated with useless.

  • Its been good to read.. I’m finind very diffcult to focus on my long term goal with these tips i will try to acheive that. Thanks a lot……… Also directions i will find my own way that will help me….

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      So you have never gotten any decent grades? made cool friends? If you had a particularly bad experience trying to get something you want why not try again? change your approach. focus on what you want. to motivate you why not try having a good sleeping pattern for a week or eating 2 peices of fruit a day… maybe join a sporting club. you have to put yourself in a position where you can obtain a positive outcome.

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    This is like advice from an old wise philospher, its all truth but takes time to fully take control of ones entire mind, body, and sole, its almost like teaching yourself to be at complete peace. something that we all would have to work on for a while but can achieve. yoda status.

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      • Marie

        Hi sarah! How are you? I know how you fell I fell same way us you like you said your mother give you a negative words and she won’t believe you you cant do it. Same me I give I tell you a short story about me. I grow up in the Philipines and my mom work in aboard and I grow up with my grandma and my aunt. My aunt reaise me very well. But When I went here In Chicago at 2002 everything change till now my mom always telling me i cant do it right. But I prove her she wrong when I take a citizen ship she told i won’t past that big test but when i took the test the lady tell me I past it the test im really happy that day! But when I went home my mom tell me that lady had helpedpetty on me. It’s hurt to hear that to your own mother. But I think postive I change my self I won’t listine what they say about as long I know the right thing. Don’t lose hope and pray always. I think you should focus your dream what you want do’nt think other person tell you you cant do it. Ijust think and motivation your self tell your self every I will do it positively and motivetion your self. I know that how you fell cuz i fell the same way but I move on and start my new life. Dont let other people let you down.

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    “By defining a goal, you automatically define a set of actions. If you have a fear of poverty, create a plan to increase your income. It could be going back to school, obtaining a higher paying job, or developing a profitable website.” Just because you have a goal doesn’t mean you know how to act on it or have the confidence and courage to pursue it.

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      Haha no motivation? so what made you lift the finger that turned on the computer on which you read this artical? was it Salmon? was it cheese? Nope… you motivated yourself to do it because you felt you had no motivation. you then set yourself a goal… took a simple course of action and then BAM! you had the motivation to not only read it but to mock it =P Check mate!

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    i have the confidence, focus, and direction to do what i have to do. but the problem is is that they aren’t strong enough for me to do it. i know what i want, and i know what i have to do to get it, but i just don’t have the will to do it. so how do i change that?

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    • hai, learn and learn then only u become a succeed  person, learn how to  do your work new style?


    The article is very good, i liked it.

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    • This information is spot on. Here’s a couple of things that help me:
      1. Create mental pictures of yourself being successful / motivated
        -See yourself completing the goal
        -See yourself happy and relaxed
      2. Listen to music while you work on the task
        -Pick uplifting music and resolve never to quit until the task is 100% complete
      3. Add a tangible item to represent the “struggle”
        -Example – for me it’s a plastic pig. I get really angry at it and vow only to touch when I need to complete something.
      4. As above: Attach emotion and feeling to your present state (negative/positive).
        -For me, I visualize my mother crying and being extremely disappointed in my complacency. For positive, I see my peers congratulating me on my achievements.
      5. Lastly and most importantly- recognize the distraction and take drastic action.
         -For me its Nexflix. I’ll just watch this one episode of “this show” and then do it. My breakthrough was not allowing myself to use my laptop in bed (since thats where the Nextflix watching occurred)
      Hope this helps,

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  • Macky Peredo

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     2.  It is not about perfection of self, just the correction of perception of self.  

    3.  The greatest trick the world has ever pulled, is a man’s ultimate question, how
    do I make what happens in My Mind, happen in Reality; and when a
    man finds “the truth”, he discovers this power; was already of his own.

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  • Ashii

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  • Just_adjust_me

    Hello Mr. John i have a question. Are you still motivated or not by your own thought ? I have lose confidence. Ut i am not depressed at all. Only thing is i try to focus but i get distracted. I want to know about you more plese co-operate me. Can you give me your email? I want to conversate with you. If not then i will give mine, i.e. . Do mail me anyway thank you for the suggestion.

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  • Shankar P

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    i belive a very smart person has taken alot of time to come up with this studying about all the topics to which this refers and they obvioulsly spent alot of fucking time on this and should be proud for that and the feeling of seeling a book for127$ which is the real reason for writing this artical and you think we will love the person that wrote this that we will never know and we can improve our life if we read a book a (smart) person wrote but its all about choices and mind set all about how you yourself can think and put situations of life in order and keep moving to acheive more money! cause thats the biggest thing in the world to everyone and if it wasnt someone would have said all of this for free idk think im just saying shit idc but im just a normal ass kid didnt graduate and got lucky and got a good job at the moment but who knows how long idc i will find a way to be rich just like eveyone else in the world i have a car thats always broke and love to party and cant save money love a girl that feels the same but loves another more i guess but just obstical of life just do as you do and live for you and who you care most about anything is possibe if you belive that you cannot fail this i promise you, this is one of the first times i have ever written anything on the internet hope you enjoyed my writting of random thoughts

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    No-one can really motivate you but yourself, although others can encourage you. So you hit two birds with one stone with your crystal clear article.
    In a despondent mood after months of suffering perimenopausal stupors, I stumbled upon your article, managed to read it AND digest it (which alone is a feat these days).
    After all those years of being a ‘let’s get up and do it’ kind of person, I was floored by successive disasters and bad luck and was ready to throw in the towel.
    But I’ve listed things to be grateful for and past successes. What I really like is this line: The best way to bring success to yourself is to genuinely desire to create value for the rest of the world.
    Gonna work on that!

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    I have been lacking motivation to do absolutely anything productive with regards to my education or career for the last 3-4 years and tonight was no different. I have an exam tommorow that I’ve already failed once and this isn’t due to a lack of intelligence, it’s a lack of any drive or motivation etc. Having already failed various exams in the past and the resit exams and having no luck in finding a job over the years I just feel as though the negative energy in my life is just spiralling out of control and so I’m here after a quick web search.

    I’ve saved this article and will read it over and implement your suggestions until I get results.

    I already feel so much more positive and feel like the happy guy I was 2-3 years ago…

    Many thanks once again.


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    Please reply soon I don’t have alot of time! This exam called psychometry exam btw

    • I scored a 792!!!! Bitch!!!

      Psychometry is for bitches kill yourself

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    • Small penis

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    Cycles, whether positive or negative, are hypnosis. That’s right, you have a recording playing in your head that causes you to seek out the same set of circumstances and perform the same activities that will produce the same results. Since you are acting on a recording already, why not change it to a positive recording? Why not program yourself to make empowering changes in your life rather than repeating negative patterns?A millionaire is just as habit-driven as a person who is constantly broke. But, the millionaire has habits (actions resulting from mental recordings) that empower her, whereas the broke person has habits that consistently drain her resources. People in a successful marriage have communication habits that strengthen their bond, whereas people who find their “soul mate” year after year have habits that destroy the possibility of a long-term relationship. By the way, I think the concept of soul mates is wonderful, but when people meet their “soul mate” year after year or even month after month, that is NOT a soul mate, it’s evidence of a negative cycle.
     The whole life you live the whole life you learn new things,

    • Can I Haz A Cheezeburger?

      LoL dude, stop writing fucking novels.  8D


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  • What is motivation? I think it is right inside us. Just need to be kick started by some outer source! Follow successful bloggers to trigger you motivation inside you.

  • What is motivation? I think it is right inside us. Just need to be kick started by some outer source! Follow successful bloggers to trigger you motivation inside you.

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  • Beethoventz

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  • Beethoventz

    this is a really great article, it really works, it should someone to be motivated.

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  • Hi Thank you for your wonderful article. I’ve learned a lot on how I can empower my employees. Also, I’ve learned that money can give the most motivation to them.

  • I would add that, in addition to focusing on gratitude to build confidence, we may truly need to set the goal to increase our skills if we truly lack some of the skill sets needed to accomplish our goal.  Personal coaching, classes, webinars can all help us increase our skills and build confidence.  But in the end, belief plus educated action conquers all.

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  • Tremendous article!  This is just what I needed. Thank you.

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    i leave you with a quote for those lacking in soft skills. “Give more, expect less.”

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  • Michal

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  • Hi great post. The key is to realizing that there WILL be ups and downs. And when the down comes there is no need to despair because like a cycle there is an “up” just around the corner.

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  • Markangelo08

    Very Nice, I agree with your thoughts and Ideas. It really happens to me. CONFIDENCE WITH GOOD GOAL
    Thanks helps a lot

  • Markangelo08

    Very Nice, I agree with your thoughts and Ideas. It really happens to me. CONFIDENCE WITH GOOD GOAL
    Thanks helps a lot

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  • Vasilia Michael

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    I know that though at start could be difficult but later these 3 points can be practiced so it turns into a habit. To develop confidence, be focus and achieve the goals.

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    That’s really good, but I just find that sometimes, I have the confidence, the focus and the direction but  I really can’t be bothered to do something, now matter how hard I try to force myself. Hey, maybe we’ll just call that laziness and leave it at that though.

  • Guest

    That’s really good, but I just find that sometimes, I have the confidence, the focus and the direction but  I really can’t be bothered to do something, now matter how hard I try to force myself. Hey, maybe we’ll just call that laziness and leave it at that though.

  • Guest

    That’s really good, but I just find that sometimes, I have the confidence, the focus and the direction but  I really can’t be bothered to do something, now matter how hard I try to force myself. Hey, maybe we’ll just call that laziness and leave it at that though.

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    Helpful article. I’m a graphic designer and the “Lack of Confidence” is my biggest weakness. Even when I produce 9 designs that my clients rave about and thank me for, it’s always that 1 design that the client didn’t like that I obsess over. I understand that art is subjective, but I have a hard time getting over the rejection and keeping focus.

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    Okay, I’m taking your advice and networking.  I like your post.  It covers some key areas of truth in regards to motivation.  I also blog and write regularly, about writing as therapy and other topics.  My blog is  Also, I have written a dark, but inspirational story about being the child victim of a religious cult.  I think your readers might enjoy it.  “A Train Called Forgiveness” is available at Amazon.  Thanks for your good work.  I’ll be checking back in.

  • Dan Erickson

    Okay, I’m taking your advice and networking.  I like your post.  It covers some key areas of truth in regards to motivation.  I also blog and write regularly, about writing as therapy and other topics.  My blog is  Also, I have written a dark, but inspirational story about being the child victim of a religious cult.  I think your readers might enjoy it.  “A Train Called Forgiveness” is available at Amazon.  Thanks for your good work.  I’ll be checking back in.

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  • this helped me alot, now i´ve become a new persone! @6f31b0660eb1a2599d9d1ad887433290:disqus @e8e78437b91d904a84ccd4bbd98c093c:disqus @56e0963ad2779c0404f4b05f96e6c5e8:disqus @0cfa8495df6b133bfc635fc6562ffac6:disqus 

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  • Bridibabe

    I thought your atricle was totally unhelpful, you seem to be living in cloud cuckoo land, not reality

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  • Jenniferrubio

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    It is quite startling that you have described exactly my situation, and it is also very helpful to know that there are a lot of people who are also struggling with there self-doubt and lack of motivation. Thank you

  • mathew

    It is quite startling that you have described exactly my situation, and it is also very helpful to know that there are a lot of people who are also struggling with there self-doubt and lack of motivation. Thank you

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    I have to be totally honest and say, over the past year or so I’ve just felt my life is going absolutely nowhere. I’m only 21 years old and I should be excited about what prospects the future holds for me. Instead I feel it’s just the same routine day in, day out and it’s growing increasingly more difficult to break the cycle. Comfort isn’t always a good thing. As a result it has left me feeling incredibly sorry for myself and looking onto others around me asking myself “why me?”. I know that no one is going to come to me and offer me this amazing life changing oppertunity. I have to go and find it myself!  
    I’ve always felt deep down (and I mean DEEP down) that I’m capable of so much more than I am currently portaying. So whats stopping me??? My lack of confidence and focus has led me to the “brick wall” in the past. I now know that in order to make my goals succeed a map needs to be planned so I can break through that brick wall and follow/join the road to success . As human beings we need to face challenges in order to make us grow self confidence. When reading this article, I found myself repeatedly saying “Thats me, Ooh and yeah that bit’s me aswell”. Positive points such as “focus on gratitude” will definitly make me appreciate what I have rather than dwelling on what I don’t have. Therefore enabling me to aim for a more enhance lifestyle!
    Loved this article!
    Thank you.

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  • Xiomara

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  • Lu_angelina

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  • Lu_angelina

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  • dnomde

    actually this are all true base on my experiences…, thank you and i hope u will post more additional articles regarding this topic..

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    I also have to say that, I am quite an intelligent woman, and everything you have wrote is all in my head anyway.

    HOWEVER, and that is one huge however,  you have put everything I already know into a logical,  do-able and achievable order for me.

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    Many people don’t believe that being a stay at home mom can be hard, but honestly, it can. I’m caring for children, and a home. My overall goals are keeping the kids healthy, fed and clean, the house clean, and making dinner for 4 boys a husband and nursing my baby girl. There are many things that have to be done to achieve a goal of a clean house. Laundry, dishes, sweeping, mopping, picking up toys or trash, vacuuming, bathroom cleaning , ect… are the many things that have to be done at least 1 time each day. Even keeping picky eaters fed, bath haters, bathed, and cry babies, soothed can be a challenge. Add Obsessive Compulsive Disorder to this mix( yes, thats me) and its that much tougher. 
    I have personal goals too, like filling my Etsy store with handmade goods, listing Ebay items for extra cash, ect…

    So, to the author,thank you for this reminder on how to stay on track. 

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    I am currently reading “Focal Point” by Bryan Tracy and it is blowing my mind. Consequentially I have taken a step back and analyzed what are my “highest result activities”. I was shocked to discover I was spending the least amount of time on this! Crazy! So, now I have adjusted my day to day plan and actions. I am not spending the majority of my time on high value activities. I have been amazed by the results in just one week. Pretty cool stuff :). 

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  • Fantastic Article,  I was impressed by how you broke down how motivation is lost and what you can do about it.   Being productive and getting the most out of life is not an easy task, but it can be achieved, thanks to posts like this and other books out there that teach this kind of stuff.  

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    • Hi Daniel,

      You said that you are “always discouraged by what others think and say” what you have to realize is that those people are toxic and the chances are they would be jealous of your personal successes. This is such a common problem and in many cases it’s family members causing the most damage.

      If someone does not have something positive to say walk away because what ever comes out of their mouth is just noise and you don’t need noise in your life. It’s difficult to improve your self-confidence when the people around you are not encouraging or even worse yet discouraging.

      Once you begin to weed out all the negative minded people in your life it will become much easier to build your self-worth and to believe in yourself and your abilities because I am sure that there are many things that you can do better than others. We all have our strong points and our weaknesses and it’s up to us to build on our strengths and work on our weaknesses.

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