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How To Make Every Day a Fresh Start

“Intentions compressed into words enfold magical power. “

–  Deepak Chopra

It does not have to be January 1st to give yourself a chance to make the most out of your day – and your life.  Every day is a new day and a fresh start to learn, grow, develop your strengths, heal yourself from past regrets or hurts, and move forward older and wiser.  Every day gives you a chance to reinvent yourself, to fine-tune who you are, and build on lessons of what you have learned.   It is never too late to change things that are not working in your life and switch gears, instead of thinking in the same old ways, hoping for a different outcome.

Be nimble, be flexible, and keep and open mind to start each day anew!  Flexibility is the key!

Ask yourself: How do you wake up each day?  Do you start your day going already feeling pressured and rushed?  Do you go through the morning routine without much thought at all,  doing what you “have to do” to start your day?

How about starting each new day with a moment to stop, breathe and think of a positive intention for the day.

Think not just what you want to DO, but how you want to BE today?

Each day is a new beginning and a blank slate.  How would you like to create your day?  Think of it as a blank canvas – what would you like to paint on it.   What can you create?  If you wake up in a negative mindset, you are more likely to paint a dark picture throughout the day, and your canvas will not reflect hope, happiness and joy.

If you take each day to think positively, and have a positive intention for how you would like to create your day, how would your life be different?   What positive outcome can reflect your positive intention?

What can daily positive intentions do for you?

  • Every day you will give yourself the gift of an “attitude of gratitude.”
  • Visualizing how you would like your day will help release positive energy from within you and you will attract more positive energy from those around you.
  • Instead of spinning your wheels in an old way of thinking, each day is a chance to reframe and re-look at things in a different way.
  • You can experience each day an awe in the beauty and creation of the world – and the beauty of you who is in it!
  • You find yourself shifting from an “”I can’t mindset” to an “I can” mindset.”
  • With a focus on positive intentions, you feel more empowered and more like a “victor” than a “victim.”
  • You are more mindful of the present, and will be more likely to live fully in the present each moment of each day. After all, the past is a great place to visit, but you don’t want to live there!

So how about starting each day taking a moment to think of a positive intention for the day?  Each morning, write it down and reflect each evening on how you did!

Here are examples of Positive Intentions:

“Today I would like to replace my feelings of annoyance towards my co-worker to feelings of acceptance.”

“I am looking forward today to focusing on what I am grateful for in my life, rather than what is missing, and express gratefulness to others.”

“Today I want to slow my life down and take time to savor the moment, especially with my children”

Using each day to recommit yourself to positive thinking and intention will help you create the life you want and that you deserve!


Judy Belmont, MS., LPC is a media mental health expert, a wellness speaker and corporate trainer, and the co-author of “The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life:  How To Get Through Life’s Holes Without Getting Stuck In Them!” Her web site is

27 Responses to How To Make Every Day a Fresh Start

  1. jack foley says:

    Yea great post Judith..,

    Often people have this law backwards “Be-Do-Have”

    We must “be” first before we can have or do…

    Great post..

  2. Hafiz says:

    Lovely post. I’ve taken this break to step back a little and reflect on my life…and have begun to make subtle changes for the better. All of those steps that you’ve mention have definitely played a big role in the change. 

  3. Clint Cora says:

    I like to ‘start’ my new day actually the night before as I take a quick glance at my calendar to review what key things I’ll be doing the next day.  That kind of puts me in the right frame of mind that I’m going into the next day with some organization involved.  Then when the morning actually does come (after my dogs help me get up each day), I look forward to the actual things I’ll be doing that day.  I revisit the calendar again and it gives my mind some type of “oh yeah, that’s what I’m going today” reminder.

  4. jack foley says:

    Also as you say Judith a good way to see how you are doing is to act the following question the day after a typical work day

    “Would I of hired myself yesterday?”

    This will sow if you are being productive or not..

  5. Anonymous says:

    Inspirational, positive physiology is amazing to me, reading think and grow rich really opened my eyes to the subject. Thanks for the great post. On a side note i have a new website i could really use some critiques on @ more about self improvement from nutrition,well-bring, and more subjects to come, advice would be great

  6. Judy Belmont says:

    Thank you Jack – I alike your comment and appreciate you taking the time to comment!  

  7. Judy Belmont says:

    THank you Hafiz – Sounds like you are making the best of each day!  Best regards.  Judy

  8. Judy Belmont says:

    Great question – questions like that sure keep us in line!   Judy

  9. Judy Belmont says:

    Thanks Clint – Sounds like a good routine to get into to keep you on track!  Thanks, Judy

  10. Ken Wert says:

    Hi Judith!

    Thanks for the great tips for taking each day for what it offers: an untapped potential for creating something amazing and joyful.

    I love the idea of each day being a blank slate, an opportuntity to write the script for that day.

    And focusing on who we’re going to be rather than what we’re going to do, makes so much sense. I mean, who cares what we do if who we are is not much fun to be with as we do the things we do!

    Thanks for the great post, Judith!

  11. Great article as someone with depression and really bad anxiety I wake up with anxiety at times. This article helps.

  12. Judy Belmont says:

    Thanks Ken – Thanks for the support!  Yes- I like to think of writing a new mental script of the day – As I tell my therapy clients – there are no do overs, but there are second chances!  
    Just think of a sunflower – the image of my new web site – I love the symbolism of the sunflower growing big and tall toward the sun, attracted toward the light – made up of a thousand or so flowers bound together, creating an amazing site!  

  13. Judy Belmont says:

    Cognitive behavior psychology is a great orientation for anxiety and depression – so important to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy ways of thinking.  Hope you are moving forward!  Thanks, Judy

  14. Serey says:

     thank for ur great idea!

  15. hypnodude says:

    This is pretty interesting, I’ve written a similar article on my blog, probably we’ve been both inspired by the New Year’s coming. Very good article and an even better list of intentions.

  16. Such a great read! You words do inspire us to make the most of every day that is given to us. I wish more people can have the chance to read this and be inspired to be more each day.

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  19. Russ says:

    This was extremely inspirational.  It makes me feel like I can actually get out there again.

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  23. brightsea says:

    What a wonderful pep talk!

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  25. I reallly liked this word “Flexibility is the key!” Wow such a great inspirational article. I’m glad to came across on this post. It really made me insipired 😉


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  27. Pratham says:

    Really rejuvanating ang revitalising!=fresh

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