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Free Audio Books

A couple months ago when I wrote about investing time wisely and the concept of multiple positives many readers commented, saying that an excellent way to educate yourself and spice up an otherwise boring workout is listening to audio books and podcasts while you hit the gym. It also works great for beating the boredom while you’re stuck in traffic during your daily commute.

To help you find the best audio content the web has to offer, I’ve compiled a list of resources for free audio books and podcasts on a wide range of interesting topics. Enjoy, and you if know of any good sites I’ve overlooked, please leave a link in the comments.

Free Audio Books

LibriVox, if you don’t know it already, is the king of free audio books. You can use the catalog to search through their library of nearly 1000 works, all part of the public domain. If you’re feeling generous, you can even contribute wiki-style by recording audio of your own.

AudioBooksForFree also has a big catalog to sort through, with an emphasis on classic works, but a decent amount of mystery, sci-fi, and thriller as well. The only catch here is that you’ll have to pay for quality: the lowest quality downloads are free but anything better than 8 Kbps costs $5-8.

If you’re looking specifically for classics, FreeClassicAudioBooks is a nice little resource. Although the library isn’t huge, there are a lot of big names. They also offer the convenience of downloading in an iPod-ready format.

Who knew that on top of all that print content, ProjectGutenberg also has a huge audio section? They’ve got everything from Aesop to Zola, including a decent number of works in French, German, and other languages.

LearnOutLoud has over 500 educational titles and offers a lot of video as well.

The bright side here is that you can probably get almost any older work in the public domain for free. If what you’re looking for is a bit more modern you’ll either have to shell out a few dollars or try to find a relevant podcast.

Free Podcasts

For iTunes users, the fastest and simplest way to find podcasts and load them directly to your iPod is through iTunes Store. Just click on the podcasts button in the store and you’ll be taken to a huge podcast directory. The trick is finding what you actually want.

If you’re looking for a particular subject, The Educational Podcast Network has a big list of subject specific podcasts that cover most academic topics.

If you could use a few personal recommendations, this thread on AskMetafilter points out a number of educational and entertaining podcasts. NPR has a nice collection of informative podcasts too.

Other good sources include the PodcastDirectory and Yahoo! Podcasts, which allows you to browse by popularity and user ratings.

For the tech savvy reader looking to catch up on the latest buzz, I’d also recommend checking out Digg’s podcast section.

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169 Responses to Free Audio Books

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  2. Peter says:

    Nice collection of resources John. Most of these are actually new to me. I normally use for my audiobooks – they are not free though.

  3. John Wesley says:

    Yes, the only downside is that there isn’t much available for recently published books. Audible could be a good alternative if you can afford it.

  4. Mike from Miami says:

    Agreed with the previous comments, those sites dont have recent material. However, I can recommend for that. It publishes mostly fiction, and is all original, recent material. Most of the books there are published as RSS podcasts, one chapter at a time, and you can always go back and download older chapters.

  5. John Wesley says:

    Thanks for the recommendation, Mike. I’ll add that to the main post when I get a minute.

  6. jeremy says:

    also, many libraries (like mine at least) will allow you to download audio books and listen to them, there are restrictions and the license will exprie after a week or so, but that is where i get some quality audio books. some you dont even have to be a card holder, just create an account on their affiliated site.

  7. bryan says: has a bunch listed by popularity so you can avoid the duds

  8. jj2me says:

    To find out if your local library supports free audiobook downloads, search here under “Search Libraries”:

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  10. Duane says:

    I live by my podcasts – 3 hours a day, minimum, during my commute. Count me as another vote for, they’ve really brought back the idea of serialized books. Everything that’s so old it’s in the public domain is nice, but it also comes with the feeling that you can wait 6 months, it’ll still be there. With most of the stuff, you can subscribe to it *as its being written* and get pleasant surprises in your playlist when you least expect them.

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  12. nick says:

    THanks for sharing this nice list.


  13. jj2me says:

    Correction to making the above OverDrive library link sound like the end-all, because while some local libraries use OverDrive, I believe others use NetLibrary (about which I don’t know much). So if you don’t find your library in the above OverDrive URL ( ), you should then ask your local librarian.

  14. Ravi Vora says:

    It’s great to listen to audiobooks in your car, on your ipod, at work, or on any trip. Thanks for this great article.

  15. subcorpus says:

    this is a great list …
    i’ve been meaning to get some podcasts to listen on my almost daily ferry ride …
    am gonna check out some you have recommended …
    thanks for sharing … appreciated …

  16. Abdul Rahman says:

    I don’t think I’ll use this when I do my workout because I prefer silence but thanks for the link especially the Meta Filter and the educational podcast. I’ll probably will use it a lot.

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  23. D. Colman says:

    Open Culture ( hosts a lot of useful podcasts collections that you may want to know about. The collections include:


    Foreign Language Lessons:

    Complete University Courses:

    All of the rest:

  24. Krunal Dave says:

    Thanks for good links. Here is the podcastlink from my favorite author Robin Sharma for self-help.

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  29. Jeton says:

    John, i would definitely recommend adding Radiolab to the list.
    It’s a great podcast by WNYC Public Radio.

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  37. Chris says:

    I thought you might like this custom Google Search engine I’ve put together to make it easier to find free audio books

  38. skibum_not says:

    You should also check out YAKiToMe! ( It’s a free website that turns any text into an audio-book podcast. It works in multiple languages (English, Spanish, French, etc.), has multiple readers, and you can control the pronunciation and speed of the readers as well. They have a public library with lots of Project Gutenberg texts converted to audio-books and other content that users have submitted. It’s a cool website. I use it all the time and highly recommend it.

  39. Robert Scott says:

    Free Audio Books can also be acquired via

    We also provide Technical Assistance for Audio recorders

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  41. Thanks very much for all the audio book info! There are so many new places to get audiobooks that pop up all the time. I keep a list of sites that offer free audio books at and I have to update it all the time :)

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  44. hemu says:

    nice blog. try to google video search for searching more videos

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  46. Dave says:

    Another good source for free drama podcasts is Dramapod which has user reviews and updates a drama podcast chart every day.

  47. weheh says:

    YAKiToMe! is a wonderful free resource for listening to educational materials. It turns any electronic text into a podcast automatically using high-quality text to speech (TTS) synthesis. You can find it at I’m wondering why you didn’t mention it in this, otherwise, good post?

  48. weheh says:

    You should definitely add YAKiToMe! to your list —

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  50. John Rocha says:


    I found your blog by looking for free books to see what connected with the theme of my blog,
    There are loads of ways of getting legal free books including audio books over the radio and I’ll be looking at them regularly. I also offer advice on the best free ways to process the book whether print or audio and I’d love to have comments to help me see what readers value most. Let’s all contribute to more legal free books

  51. Duncan says:

    Keep up the fine blogging!
    Another good resource is
    A reasonable amount of audio books (classic literature mostly) but the ebook is right there with the audio book so you can read along or look in more detail at a particular passage – handy if like me you’re studying.

  52. BUBU says:

    teach me

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  55. Audiobookss says:

    This is the third of Burrough’s Tarzan novels. Originally serialized in All-Story Cavalier magazine in 1914, the novel was first published in book form by A. C. McClurg in 1916.

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  57. Rebecca King says:

    I don’t see mentioned above. They have only a few books but they are all high quality — mostly bio’s. The one about Theodore Roosevelt was very interesting and I also enjoyed the bio on Lincoln and the autobiography of Franklin.

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  60. Nice collection of resources John. Most of these are actually new to me. I normally use for my audiobooks – they are not free though.

  61. Thomas says:

    You have discussed cool audio books websites. If you want to listen to Audio Drama, the only web 2.0 Audio Drama and iSoaps site is:

  62. Ben says:

    Check out the library and audiobook technology ued by Audio Pod ( Really cool ideas and without a doubt – ‘WOW, SUPER EASY!!!’

  63. Zo says:

    This sucks! You can even download whole books. I’m going back to

  64. AJ Kumar says:

    The download wasn’t working right…I agree with Zo, I’ll go to audible.

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  66. I love to listen to a good bunch of audio books extremely more than read actual books. There is something about driving in a car and listening. I just finished the 7th harry potter the other day. It was pretty good

  67. When it comes to dealing with audio books and finding good ones to listen to for a smaller price, I usually just think to myself that maybe just reading a book would be less expensive. However, I can’t really read a book and drive at the same time when I am going to work.

  68. Alexis says:

    Good site, admin.

  69. Panzer says:

    Good site, admin.

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  71. John says:

    I’ve found the service at The Audio Book Store to be very good. Huge selection of titles too.

  72. Ron says:

    Check your local library. Ours has a great e-library catalog. Great way to listen to books and they even have movies.

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  75. Great post here John. Always good self-improvement content here on PickTheBrain. For those of you looking for free original fiction audiobooks check out the link in my name.


  76. Kuzgun says:

    Thank you for your post and for its additional comments, also. This is the exact thing that I need nowadays.

    Peaceful greetings…

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  80. Tanya says:

    There is another alternative for more modern books and its also free. Several library’s around the country have begun to offer audio books and some of them are even available online the rules are the same as when you check out a book at the library (you only get to keep the title for a limited time and you may have to renew it and in most cases you will need a library card) but that is a small price to pay for having access to audio books for free if that is what you need. It would be wonderful to see a list of these sites somewhere that is easy to access perhaps that can be the next project you tackle. Thank you for the list you have provided here there are many books that I will be able to access that are not available through the use of the library based books.

  81. Thomas Oldland says:

    It’s only small, but interestingly he puts all his stories to music. Try

    I think his short stories are awesome.

  82. Tom Lopy says:

    I would recommend the free audio books from
    they are fun and entertaining.

  83. Tom Lopy says:

    You can download the mp3s of the free audio books from

  84. Nikki says:

    First, LOVE your site. Thanks for the list.

  85. tonna11 says:

    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR THIS SITE AND THE WORK YOU’VE PUT INTO IT!!! I have only just discovered the addictive joy of audiobooks as I got an ipaq for christmas, and this site has listed TONS of places I havent found yet! I also want to thank the great people who have posted links and sites as well, I really appreciate it. The only thing I would add is this link–

    It will take you days to go through!!!LOL!!! Also, if you want a whole series of current bestsellers like Charlaine Harris (sookie stackhouse), John Sanford, Robert Jordan, Patricia Cornwell, or even Steven King, heres a very inexpensive site where the merchant is willing to send you single layer cds (for those who have older pcs) or take special requests as well! He’s very quick to get your orders out, and returning emails, too.

    Today I got the whole Trueblood series, as well as a book from one of her other series(10 audiobooks), and the Kellerman collection (30 audiobooks) for $30 (including delivery in that figure)!!!
    I hope these links are as helpful to you as your links were for me, and many thanks again!

  86. nibs007 says:

    Came across this website that has free audio books available to download you may find useful

  87. Thanks for listing all these audio book sites. I usually use iTunes but these are great! Always helps to have a little motivation in your ears as you walk :)

  88. Passer-by says:

    It is rather interesting for me to read that blog. Thanks for it. I like such topics and anything connected to them. I would like to read more on that blog soon.

    Truly yours

  89. It is too unfortunate that newer books do not have the free audio! I am assuming there are copyright issues to create audiobooks!

    The issue with audio books is that you really need a great narrator – otherwise you lost interest!

    I recently listened to audio version of the novel “The White Tiger” by Arvind Adiga! It is a fascinating story, and depicts the life of the indians you do not meet outside india!

    Maybe I will do I review of the book on my blog soon!

  90. One site i haven’t seen mentioned yet that is really good for audio books is emusic. I use them all of the time they are amazing.

  91. The list of all these audio book sites is really helpful for everyone. You can also find audio books on self help. Confidence and self esteem are no doubt the keys to success in a person’s life.

  92. Philip says: provides an excellent interface for finding free audio books.

    Just scroll through the latest bookshelves or search.


  93. wow nice information thanks for sharing.

  94. free trial says:

    After reading you site, Your site is very useful for me .I bookmarked your site!

  95. Nina Riley says:

    This is a very comprehensive list. I listen to a lot of audio but was not aware of ‘The Educational Podcast Network’ thanks for that. There is also a free site for children called storynory – my children love listening to them.

  96. Rolland says:

    Thanks for this post

  97. Good idea, thanks for posting

  98. Jeff Lane says:

    My novel This Paper World is available as a free audiobook download from my website or iTunes. It is a supernatural thriller of a young man, coming to age, unwilling to accept his heroic destiny. Please check it out.

  99. am interested in audio books please tell me about audio book’s detail.

  100. DingoDogg says:

    ЎUf, me gustу! Tan clara y positiva.
    Gracias – DingoDogg

  101. edu books says:

    Educational books improve your view to see this world.

  102. kingharrs says:

    buen post un saludo

  103. Jignesh says:

    Amazing Stuff!!

  104. Mike says:

    You can make audio books yourself on your Windows computer, just install and run the text to speech software Panopreter Plus (, it can read txt files, rtf files, word documents, pdf files and web pages, and convert the text to audio books in mp3 and wav file formats.

  105. Kumar says:

    Superb! Thanks for such a wonderful post. It helped me lot to making my presentation related to music.

  106. Kumar says:

    Nice work. Thanks. Keep posting.

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  108. JigneshAudio says:

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    A+ grade from my side.

  109. ibrad says:

    Nice one! I made the switch from music to books while i work out, when i think of all the time i wasted

  110. Free Ebooks says:

    Is there a mac Version of this!

  111. This sort of information should be valued by everybody – it’s some thing which i think we can all draw upon. I really similar to the theme you’re using here which I think is wordpress isn’t it? I have been looking around for something simular but have yet to find some thing appropriate for my site. I looked in the link in your footer and can try and download a copy of it for myself – thanks.

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  116. Alan Twigg says:

    There is a collection of children’s audio books availalbe for downloading free here:

    You have to scroll down to the bottom of the page for the link

  117. Dan says:

    If you would like to download free audio books check out The offer from Audible used to be 2 free, but now it’s only one book. It does work, you can cancel anytime and keep the free book. I think audio is the way to go when listening to books. The retention of information is much greater at least for me.

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  122. Humayun Basha says:

    A couple months ago when I wrote about investing time wisely and the concept of multiple positives many readers commented, saying that an excellent way to educate yourself and spice up an otherwise boring workout is listening to audio books and podcasts while you hit the gym


  123. Jim says:

    Simply Audiobooks is a pretty good place to get audiobooks from.

  124. Amico says:

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  125. Jesse says:

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    AND they have a cool player that works on iPhones and android cell phones.
    I think they’ve got one for desktop computers as well.

    Nice resource!

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    If you get too many free audio books, will it affect the quality?

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  154. is a great resource.  there are hundreds, if not thousands of great free titles from new-media authors.  I recommend Scott Sigler, S Lawrence Parrish, Jake Bible and Phil Rossi if you are into scifi and/or horror!

  155. is a great resource.  there are hundreds, if not thousands of great free titles from new-media authors.  I recommend Scott Sigler, S Lawrence Parrish, Jake Bible and Phil Rossi if you are into scifi and/or horror!

  156. is a great resource.  there are hundreds, if not thousands of great free titles from new-media authors.  I recommend Scott Sigler, S Lawrence Parrish, Jake Bible and Phil Rossi if you are into scifi and/or horror!

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