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Brilliant Brain: How to Energize Your Brain Fast

I love to light up my brain.

A simple breathing exercise and a mantra let me do it anywhere, anytime.

What’s really great is that I get relaxed at the same time.

Sound like opposites? Energized but relaxed?

Here’s how this ancient technique from India works.

Main Practice

1. Breathe in through your nose slowly while silently chanting Sooo… in your mind.

2. Breathe out slowly while silently chanting Hummm… in your mind.

Try it right now for 9 slow breaths and experience what happens to you.

How So Hum Works

Prana, or Chi, is pure energy filling the air around us. Your complex nasal passages have the wondrous ability to extract prana from the air as you breathe in. The extracted prana goes straight up into your brain.

By slowing your breathing, and chanting So Hum, you can enhance the process and become consciously aware of it.

The slow out breath releases accumulated negative energies like stress and tension.

You get energized on the in breath and relaxed on the out breath.

So Hum Add Ons

There are several easily learned additional techniques that will amplify your So Hum practice. Each of them will add another powerful dimension to your experience.

1.     Proper Breathing

    1. Use abdominal breathing. Breathe with your belly, not your chest. As you breathe in, your belly goes out. As you breathe out, your belly goes in. Your emotions will calm automatically. Singers breathe like this. They call it diaphragmatic breathing.
    2. Allow your breath to become smooth without jerking or roughness. If your breath flows smoothly, so will your mind.
    3. No pauses between breaths. Just allow each breath to flow smoothly into the next.
    4. Let your breath become very quiet so that the only sound is the silent mantra “Sooo… Hummm…” playing in your mind. Sound like a conundrum? Try it.

2.     Visualization

  1. On the in breath, see brilliant white light flowing into your nostrils and up into your brain as you silently chant Sooo… The brilliant light transforms your brain into radiant blue/white light.
  2. On the out breath, see dark dirty energy going out of you as you silently chant Hummm… You free up more space to breathe in more light on the next in breath.

As you become accomplished with this visualization, you can take it to a higher level.

  1.  Sweep the light up through your brain then down through your body on the in breath.
  2. On the out breath, the light settles into your body.

With each breath you become lighter and lighter –more and more energized.

3.     Counting

Count your breaths from 1 to 9. Then start over again at 1.

Counting your breaths gives your mind something to do. Your mind will be happy instead of creating complaints and negative thoughts about your meditation practice. And your mind may begin letting go of its all consuming thoughts and worries.

4.     Mudras

Mudras are hand positions. There are hundreds of different ones. Each mudra allows energy to flow through you in a different way.

  1. Gyan mudra has become very popular in the West. It inspires expanded wisdom. Hold your hands palms up with the backs of your hands resting on your knees. Touch the tips of your first finger and thumb together, forming a circle. Your other three fingers should be extended, but relaxed.
  2. Relaxing mudra. This mudra allows tension and stress to drain away. Hold your hands palms down on your knees. All your digits should be extended but relaxed and pointing towards the ground.

The ancient practice of silently chanting So Hum can be done anytime without anyone knowing you’re doing it. This makes it ideal for quickly energizing yourself while relaxing. And, with daily practice, your consciousness grows and grows, expanding towards realization.


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13 Responses to Brilliant Brain: How to Energize Your Brain Fast

  1. Great article. I have been practicing the So Hum form of meditation since I got a meditation CD as a give last year, and it has helped me relax my body at the end of each stressful day since then. This article was very interesting to me, as it helped me learn more about how it works and why you feel those certain sensations. I also look forward to trying out the different mudras and counting techniques in the near future!

  2. Jason says:

    These are exactly the types of meditative practices I enjoy reading about and implementing. I think visualization is the real key–in fact I would go so far as to say that one of the main benefits of our imagination is to make use of it during meditation.

  3. I love simple and effective methods the best as they are more likely to stick, this is wonderful. Thanks. I will have to add this to my daily routine.

  4. Richard Crown says:

    So Hum is so simple and effective that you may find yourself doing it often throughout your day. I’m happy you like it.

  5. Richard says:

     Your exactly right Jason. Visualization is a very important key. After using your imagination to visualize for some time, it will start to open your Third Eye. At this point you may realize that imagination has become reality.

  6. Richard says:

     I’m glad you’ve enjoyed a good experience with So Hum. Thanks for your comment. It will inspire other readers to try So Hum.

  7. Jason says:

    Yeah exactly! When I have talked with people about these things before I used the example of a movie. Especially when a movie is spooky or suspenseful a person will find themselves physically reacting even though the entire situation is in their imagination–it follows that we can get many positive results if we direct our imagination toward positive things.

  8. Ejaz Karim says:

    Wow. Really awesome. Really works thanks for posting.

  9. Richard says:

     Yes, it’s been working for thousands of years. That’s why So Hum continues to be used by so many.

  10. I tried it earlier, but because I’m right besides a loud TV, it didn’t really work. Should it be done in silence, with all the noise down?

  11. I will definitely have to try these

  12. ankur says:

    My brain is always short of energy small activity of any kind can create a headache will So hmmm will help

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