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Build Brain Power with these 21 Resources

Multiple readers have written in requesting more articles on boosting brain power and concentration. This subject has been covered on PickTheBrain before but it doesn’t seem to get old. After all, who doesn’t want to be a little sharper?

In an effort to put all the brains in a row, I’ve compiled the web’s best articles on brain power. They come from a wide range of sources including some old favorites and several new sites.

From PickTheBrain

The Rest of the Web

43 Responses to Build Brain Power with these 21 Resources

  1. Sam Smith says:

    Great list! Lots of good resources, there. I like that picture of the brain scan too. I used it in an article about improving brain power, as well!

  2. John Wesley says:

    Haha, that’s funny you’ve used the image before. Gotta love free stock images. :-)

  3. Abdul Rahman says:

    I really love this list especially University of Texas article on How to Develop Better Concentration While Studying.

    Maybe you could point some research about brain to motivate me further. 😀

  4. T. says:

    That New Scientist article on “How to be a Genius” should be handed out to every person at the start of every school semester, whether he/she be a middle-schooler or college freshman. I love it – thanks for linking to it; it’s changed the way I think and perceive genius.


  5. Y.Graf says:

    I’ve checked my collection of “brain” links and can also suggest the following:

    How to memorize anything

    Memory Improvement Techniques

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  27. FOCUS Factor says:

    I am not surprised that this subject is popular here. Thanks for the links to all sites I will have to check out some of them soon.

  28. prom gowns says:

    really useful,very thankful!

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  30. Vic says:

    I can’t help myself bu pick these powers and put them in my brain. Those resources are really worth a read and understanding. But for now, I need to bookmark them so that I can return to them anytime. Thanks.

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  38. aryannatimothy says:

    I used to eat nuts during my exams and I find it very useful. Aside from that I also make sure that I sleep for at least 8 hours before going to school. I will try to do some of the tips given here, They are useful. Thanks!


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  40. Short Hair says:

    Good post about Build Brain Power with these 21 Resources

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