8 Ways To Stop Being Afraid of Making Wrong Decisions

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Every morning we wake up and face a new day with new challenges. It’s  human nature and this is the course of life. Even if I was not always prepared for whatever fate has given me to carry on my shoulders I struggled and I managed to get all things to an end.

One of the greatest challenges I faced was fear: fear of change, fear of making wrong decisions and fear of holding my point of view. This instinct of fear can mess up our lives distorting the way we look at ourselves and at the people around us. From definitions, fear is a pre-programmed emotion that acts as an instinctual response to potential danger. And this instinctual response causes different physical reactions, because when we are afraid, the adrenaline and the stress hormone cortisol are released into the blood stream.

We can say there are two types of fear: healthy and unhealthy fear. For example if we are afraid of spiders or if we are afraid of not succeeding something, then we have an unhealthy fear. This fear is unproductive, it’s stressing us and it’s repressing our actions, blocking the normal course of things. On the other side, if we are smoking a lot and we are afraid of putting our health in danger, then this is a healthy fear. This healthy fear could motivate us to take better decisions and to better organize our life.

Unfortunately, what we face most are unhealthy fears. “The most destructive element in the human mind is fear. Fear creates aggressiveness” says Dorothy Thompson.


As I mentioned at the beginning, fear is the instinctual response to potential danger, therefore we must analyze and manage the “potential danger” in order to stop being afraid.

  1. See beyond the danger. When we face a potential danger we panic and this makes us take wrong decisions or run away from responsibilities. What we should do instead is take a deep breath and think of all possible consequences and implications. Many times, things are not as bad as we think they are.
  2. Take a positive attitude. We are strong enough to manage all the problems and nothing can stop us.
  3. Expand our comfort zone. There are three important zones where we can be situated: the comfort zone, the learning zone and the panic zone. Let’s think of it as three circles one inside another. The unexpected gets us out of the comfort zone and into the learning zone which leads to the panic zone. It was proved by scientists that operating on the edge of our comfort zone is the best place to learn and grow.  As long as we are “inside” it’s ok, but if we face a new and different situation we get out of these zones and move into the panic zone. We have to learn how to behave and how to manage the new situations without being afraid of taking wrong decisions. After all, is practice and learning that make these transitions less scary, resulting in an expansion of the comfort zone.
  4. When you want to give up, do one more step. This step is about pushing our limits and becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable. We never know we will succeed unless we actually try.
  5. Do not avoid or postpone tasks and activities. I often find myself postponing and delaying certain activities just because I am afraid of the result. In the end, we still have to do that thing and with time passing it might become even harder and we won’t get rid of it. More that that the pressure and the stress will become more intense. So let’s do things at the right time and feel a great release indifferent the result.
  6. Don’t be afraid of competition. We are just competitors – like all the others. We don’t have to give up fighting just because we are scared. Just because we can’t read fear on our competitors’ face this doesn’t mean they are not scared. The first rule in winning is to participate! 
  7. Strengthen your will with religious beliefs. If you are a religious person, then you should know that fear is not a God’s will. God wants us to be strong and to carry our problems with strength. Take some time to say a prayer and “have a talk with God”.
  8. Get enough sleep. Usually when we get into these situations, we neglect one of the most important things: sleep. If our body does not rest enough, there will appear another variable, fatigue, which will aggravate our situation even more. Sleep enough because it’s vital to be fresh when you take important decisions.

We might all have some fear about the future and about the unknown but we must always keep in mind that “The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure.” (Sven Goran).

Elisabeta Ghidiu is an advocate blogger, writing about productivity and technology on Cyclope-Series – Let’s talk about productivity – a manager-oriented blog..

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25 Responses to 8 Ways To Stop Being Afraid of Making Wrong Decisions

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  2. Great topic!

    I want to add: Learn about what you fear.

    A lot of times we fear the unknown. If we take time to really learn about what we fear, chances are the feeling will subside. Like GI Joe says, “knowing is half the battle”. Know about what you fear.

    – Ali

  3. Tina says:

    This is a great blog article and so applicable in everyday life.

  4. Fantastic tips! I’d like to add and to underscore the advice above…keep in mind, there is no failure….only feedback. So when a person takes applies the tips above AND keeps in mind that there is only feedback….all excuses disappear!

  5. Elisabeta says:

    Yes Gregg you are right. We must learn that there is no failure only feedback. It is sad that many people gave up on their dreams and ideas just because they failed once or twice.

  6. HowToPlaza says:

    Mistakes are great learning opportunities. Only those stumble and fall who walk. Failure and its various shadows are inevitable.

    ~~ Sarah ~~

  7. Nice article. In a nut shell I’d like to say that a right decision is usually the result of the lessons learned by making many wrong decisions. :)

  8. Unless we make a decision, we unconsciously make the decision to stay put and halt our growth. In religious terms, this is called being lukewarm 😉

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  10. Jake says:

    Great article, fear is a topic not covered enough for the damage it causes in peoples life. Could you give the source for “It was proved by scientists that operating on the edge of our comfort zone is the best place to learn and grow”? I read a few blogs and it surprise’s me how often the authors could strengthen their opinion’s if sources were provided. If you ever read some of the greatest motivational authors/speakers, they use sources constantly.

    Keep up the great work, I really appreciate your insight.

  11. Cyi Taiga says:

    Empowering. Very clear and I totally agree- move beyond your fears! Taking a little step each time you would rather stay in your comfort zone allows you to take full leaps forward. Thank you for the post! ^_^

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  13. Heidi says:

    A great way to alleviate fear? Imagine the worst possible outcome of the situation, and accept that it might happen. I find often the worry and anticipation of a negative outcome is often worse than the actual outcome itself!

  14. vivien says:

    i totally agree !

  15. Aery says:

    Hehe. Get enough sleep. Absolutely internet addicted geek.

  16. Craig Thomas says:

    Nice post! Especially point two, being positive helps in every situation in my opinion, as well as getting enough sleep since we all know how good that is… :)

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  18. Robertscottg says:

    I came to this site by reading how to train your dog. The sentance was writen this way;  Training in such away that he is not afraid to be wrong.

  19. CarolD. says:

    I would like to know if you had this fear in childhood….about simple decisions like Coke or Sprite?   Do you recall being overwhelmed when asked to make simple (inconsequential) decisions at an early age? And if so, what age would was that?   I’m looking into this temperament in young people and wondering if it is a personality trait in certain people, though I understand it can grow into a full blown phobia.

  20. You are correct. Sleep enough is
    vital to be fresh when we take important decisions. Thanks for sharing these
    ideas with us.

  21. Corey Brown says:

    Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real, is what I remember it being

    That barrier we all put in front of ourselves that limits us to achieve our goals

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  24. NicoleJ says:

    Hi Carol- I recall annoying my friends aunt when she asked me what flavor of ice cream I wanted. I was about 12 years old. I couldn’t decide for the longest time and I think I eventually asked her to pick for me. Now adays I generally find something I like and get the same thing over and over again till I get sick of it. … I still feel a bit of anxiety when I have a lot of options. As an adult I often let my circumstances determine my path rather than consciously choosing my direction… Sometimes it works out, but often I regret not thinking things through and making the best choice for myself.

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