7 Ways To Make Your Own Good Luck

7 Ways to Make Your Own Good Luck

When I look back at the last 45 years, I feel the greatest factor in any success I have had, as a university student, diplomat or businessman, has come mainly from being lucky.

When Napoleon was asked if he preferred courageous generals or brilliant generals, he replied neither. He preferred lucky generals.

So, how do you get lucky?

These are seven habits that brought me luck.

1) Be adventurous but do not bet the farm.

Every thing that I achieved came from taking risks. I left the comfort of my hometown university to study abroad. I confronted my boss on something that really mattered to me. I quit the company and started out on my own. I lent money to a supplier against very little security, and on and on. These were the moves that brought me the greatest rewards. But in all cases, I could afford to lose. I was not going to be exiled to Elba if I lost. I did not always develop a business plan, or do a detailed ROI analysis. I followed my gut feel, but I knew that I could cope with failure.

2) Start by trusting people.

You cannot do it alone. You will only achieve your goals with the help of others: friends and family, colleagues, employers and employees, suppliers and customers. If you are suspicious by nature, or if you like to do everything yourself, your chances of getting lucky are diminished. Because it’s usually others that bring you luck.

3) Play your strong cards.

Know your strengths and try to use them. Know your weakness and try to avoid having to use them. Don’t pretend to have strengths that you don’t have. You can develop strengths and overcome weaknesses. But make sure you identify your specific skills, aptitudes, knowledge, and contacts and use them wherever you can. This will increase you chances of getting lucky.

4) Give more than you take.

If you want to attract lucky people to your campaign, be prepared to give. You need to go the extra mile for others without worrying too much about keeping score. In my experience the old saying “what goes around comes around” is definitely true in business and in life, and “it” comes around when you least expect it, believe me.

5) Get and stay fit.

I am not referring to only to physical fitness. I mean your overall mental, physical and psychological well being. Eat right and stay active. Keep learning and improving yourself. Look on the bright side. Not everything is going to go your way. Believe in your chances of success, even in the face of difficulties. Never deal with tough problems at night when you are tired. Health and energy will bring you luck, and the strength to rebound from reverses.

6) Be a good communicator.

You have to communicate who you are and what you want. Work on your language skills. I mean your use of words, your ability to speak and write clearly and simply but forcefully. If you have the time, learn another language. Knowing many languages has greatly increased my luck and business opportunities. In our global village, the importance of languages will only increase. Japanese is now the biggest blogging language on the web!

7) Be true to your craft and trade.

An accountant can write a good business plan and do the ROI analysis, but is unlikely to make a good shoemaker. Every start-up, every enterprise, every venture, is based on a craft or specialized field of knowledge. Be true to the Hippocratic Oath of your chosen field of activity. People will know if you are for real and then you will start to get lucky.

Give luck a chance to happen! Practice these seven habits. You can start as a student or any time you want, but there are no guarantees.

Steve Kaufmann is a former Canadian diplomat, who has had his own company in the international trade of forest products for over 20 years. Steve founded The Linguist Institute Ltd. in 2002 to develop a new approach to language learning using the web. The new LingQ system for learning multiple languages is now available in Beta. Steve speaks nine languages fluently and is currently learning Russian using LingQ. Steve maintains a blog on language learning.

72 Responses to 7 Ways to Make Your Own Good Luck

  1. In brief, you’re confident, willing to go that little bit further, you play to your strengths, and you’re generous.

    No wonder you’re a winner!

    Okay, maybe there are no guarantees, but it’s clearly an easier route to luck than wishing lots and rubbing a ‘lucky’ penny. If you master these tips from an early age, I bet the rewards can be huge.

  2. Derrick Kwa says:

    Really agree. Maybe this should be the new “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. Haha. Sorry, that book just keeps coming up today, so yeah, just wanted to take a dig at it.

    But on a more serious note, I think your post is great advice. And society should try to train individuals and youngsters to do this from young. Too many schools, for example, try to emphasize “all-roundedness” instead of focusing on the students’ strengths. Similar examples can probably be found for the other habits, but I think you get my point.

    Hopefully posts like this can be the start of something bigger.

  3. Truthteller says:

    “everything is possible, if you can have fun doing it” that’s my get lucky motto. Think about this….people just naturally want to help you succeed if they enjoy your company!

    Also, if you are in the constant habit of feeling and giving gratitude, the world wants to give you more.

    Smile, it looks really good on you!


  4. Always remember the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence……and chances are if you have rich neighbours its also weed free !!

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  8. IPTV Spy says:

    Great tips, especially communicating effectively.

  9. Ognjen says:

    Great article. Remainds me on my own life. I am sure that in order to really succedd, no matter if it means financial independence or simple happines, we need to work arround it and not just wait for it to happen, like most people do.

  10. pk says:

    Excellent tips – worth printing out and putting on my desk.

    I would add, stay cool when things heat up. Whether it’s a hallway conversation, a meeting, a small problem, or a crisis, those that avoid reacting emotionally, have better luck in the long run.

  11. Holli Jo says:

    I love these tips – definitely worth printing. I especially like the tip about giving. Lately I’ve seen that the more you give to others, the more they give back to you. Not that being generous isn’t its own reward, because it is. But the world becomes a much more generous place when you’re generous yourself.

  12. Joe says:

    Thanks for the article, great tips. ‘Make your own luck’ as they say.

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  14. Some people think luck is something we are born with. Those who take responsibility for their own lives and actions know that luck can be created.

    Nice article, thanks!

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  20. Holly says:

    I really liked this :) your obviously true to your word, and know who you are and what you are which is a good thing to have in life i always thought i could do it by myself but recently my changing my mind slowly. i really liked this Also, being good to others does bring good karma my life revolves around karma :) your an inspriration

  21. Opsyde says:

    Good points. I liked the fact that the author talked about concrete physical actions which ‘bring’ luck instead of beliefs or vague psychological changes (e.g. the think-positive-and-attract-luck routine).

  22. Mark says:

    You actually Must do all of the above and go different ways to improve your life. Nothing will fall on you by it self. But you may also influence Luck while working on your Life Project by getting your self Naturally Energized Good Luck Charm or Talisman, and it may help you turn Right or Left unintentionally. Check this site and pick your Own Individual Charm http://www.BestAmulets.com.
    You are the Boss of your Life, have Self Motivation to change it and bring some little extra help the Natural way.

  23. usham says:

    I have never been lucky in my life.i do not have money to take a risk as you have.I have worked hard whole mylife and now I am unemployed searching for that next job .I live paycheck to paycheck .Learning languages and helping others you need money AND TIME I do not have this ..you had money and you gave your money to a person whom you trusted that he will return your money with interest ..what if you have lost then what ?? I have tried everything in the book of tricks to succeed but have not ..its not just by luck your are lucky ..or the things you have done or your 7 ways ..but if luck has to happen it will happenluck is not a chance luck is bound to happen and that is what has happepned in your life

  24. Shaun says:

    I found you through problogger. I’m not entirely new to the web world, so my newest blog has some experience behind it. Now… for each one of these points, i have a life story for, believe me. Feel free to mail me some time. Shaun

  25. Anupam says:

    Good one Steve. I have agree you have been pretty lucky. But i think luck has a lot to do with having courage and faith, and taking the leap, when you can’t see ahead.

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  27. celly65 says:

    when a butterfly stops in your hand from no where does that mean your going to have good luck that day?

  28. A realist says:

    What a load of horseshit.

  29. scraps says:

    luck is predefined by God and i think its not true you can change it.

  30. martin says:

    I tried some great work with visualisation ,, in deep relaxed states you can visualise the things that you want to happen and imagine how you will feel when they do!! this sets up your subconcious mind for the successes that you want!!!!

    it works try it!! helped me with my exams!! and i got a 1st

    Aspiring Minds

  31. Gina Aanima says:

    Such a very valuable resource of useful information. Great tips

  32. morocha says:

    I agree, but its not luck, its called HARD WORK, HARD WORK, AND AGAIN HARD WORK,

  33. Scraps says:

    You have to communicate who you are and what you want. Work on your language skills. I mean your use of words, your ability to speak and write clearly and simply but forcefully. If you have the time, learn another language. Knowing many languages has greatly increased my luck and business opportunities. In our global village, the importance of languages will only increase. Japanese is now the biggest blogging language on the web!

  34. Gadget says:

    I am so pleased that so pleasant writers give their creations in our world. In case I were the monarch of the monarchy, Glitter Graphics I would grant the creator of this essay with medal

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  36. Taomatthew says:

    your right thanks for the advice

  37. hasret22 says:

    i am in middle school and i dont have good luck
    any advice

  38. Rana Mehroz says:

    Yes Sir, You are right and Thanks for this advice i Really like ur this advice Start by trusting people,,,,,
    actually i have very sensitive nature,,, n mostly peoples always broke my trust,, but i got more good ways from you…
    Rana Mehroz from Malaysia.

  39. Mikesreed says:

    WE can fix this by pounding on “Martin Hughes” comment.  Don’t worry about being confident, it doesn’t matter.  Don’t go “a little bit further”, GO BEYOND.  Don’t play to your “strengths”, make everything your strength.  Your goal is to be the best at EVERYTHING.  If you are lucky, you have 68 years to live.  What are you going to do with your 68 years?  It’s not about money.  It is about making yourself better.  Set your own mark (or pick any measure to beat) and LIVE!


  40. Mikesreed says:

    Wow.  The last comment on this post was 4 YEARS AGO.  That is some lame shit…

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  42. HORSE! says:

    its the horseshit in ur dumb brain! hahahahha

  43. Psuneel says:

    Very Good article……

  44. haoxinren says:

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  45. Youngmoney8101 says:

    thnx i had baD luck since

  46. Angbuzz says:

    That is not lucky. That is working to achieve a goal. The harder u work the more u put yourself out there u run the risk of being discovered by the right people. Luck is when u walk down the street and find a $100 dollar bill. Luck is having 1.00 to ur name and playing the lotto and hitting the jackpot. That is the luck people want.

  47. Angbuzz says:

    If ur parents r rich u r born with it.

  48. Angbuzz says:

    Stay in school!

  49. Lala says:

    hehe doesnt work sorry

  50. Lala says:

    NVM i love all ur advice hehe sorry i didn mean to put a negative comment bad mood :(     bye/

  51. cher says:

    im srry i don’t belive you i feel tht luck is not created by god butt it is created by us like in this article it said we created it to experience what we were scared to do

  52. Cage_082000 says:

     yeah guys you are rigth!!!!

  53. Cage_082000 says:

     hahaha nice one

  54. Tiffany45 says:

    are these even real 

  55. Funkeisght says:

    How can i be lucky at cards or how do i get luck 

  56. Yu Li Shein says:

    i have no doubt that you are a winner.

  57. ley says:

    my birthday is feb 13 is it bad?

  58. komali says:

    the things what you told are related to thinking in all possible ways and knowing which one is good(wise).I dont think so its of luck………..

    getting wise thoughts is LUCK


    i passed 12th with SCIENCE STREAM……….. n i always help oders but me in return i dont get love….. satisfaction …. even i cant concentrate in my studies…… m very unlucky from dis 2 years ……… plz help

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  62. mehul says:

    First learn english..lol

  63. Rahul says:

    i dint need your bloody comments……………….. you bitch

  64. Shoopdewoop says:

    Yah me too… I hope I don’t blow my stack over this homework…

  65. imp123 says:

    this is SPARTA!

  66. Moe says:

    My best regards to those who have a good luck. And sorry for me and for those who have a bad luck.
    This is life it give and we take. But there’s no choice :) of what will it gives

  67. Cutie pie says:

    Ya so am I my crush ask out my cuz

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