7 Ways to Get Motivated and Achieve Your Goals

If you’re going to achieve your deepest dreams and desires, you must understand how your mind works. When you learn how to tap into the deep reserves of your mind, you turn:

* probably into possibility
* “I can’t” into “I can” and…
* “can I?” into “how can I?”

Here are 7 ways to get motivated and achieve your goals:

1. Feel It Already Done.

This works great for a fitness or wellness goal (or any goal). Most people have a hard time going to the gym because they’re so focused on all the pain and inconvenience of a workout – and since we habitually move away from pain – we dread going to the gym.

Instead, try feeling what it would be like if you had already finished your workout. Get those good vibes going. Feel what it would be like if you had already worked out. Feel energetic and alive. As you get into this state, your desire and enthusiasm to workout will inspire you to act.

2. Give Yourself A Reward.

This is very similar to feeling as if it is already done, but with one small difference. If you have a hard time feeling the feelings of having it already done, then the next best thing you can do is give yourself a reward. But don’t just give yourself a reward just for the sake of it – you want to feel the reward.

Feel the reward. Associate strong positive feelings with the end result – your reward. When you feel the reward, you reinforce that goal and your desire with your subconscious. You reinforce that goal to your subconscious when you reinforce the feeling. The stronger and more positive the feelings are, the faster you leap into action.

3. Ask A Buddy.

Recently I had to undergo a major WordPress upgrade on my blog so I asked a buddy to help. I phoned him up and told him about my situation. I explained all the details and asked him if he had a goal or activity that he had been procrastinating with.

It turns out he did. So I offered to partner with him – to do a trade – where he would help me in exchange for my help. The result was beyond amazing. I helped my partner with his marketing needs and put more money in his pocket while he helped me upgrade my blog to the latest version of WordPress – a definite win-win.

4. Work With A Finish Line.

Be clear with your outcome from the very beginning. Set a finish line.

When I worked on my WordPress upgrade, I set a finish line – not a deadline. I always work with a finish line – not a deadline – because I don’t want to be dead when I’m finished. Subtle, but effective.

5. Create Reasons Why You Will Succeed.

The majority of people are so focused on the negative aspects of their goals that they can’t help but talk themselves out of them. The way to gain back control is by gently bringing your attention to the reasons why you can do something – as opposed to the very opposite.

The more often you focus on what you can do – the easier and more natural it becomes for you to go out and start doing it. You must realize that your mind is not in control – you are.

Start managing your mind by creating a list of reasons why you can’t help but achieve your goal. As you begin this process, your confidence and enthusiasm will soar.

6. Have A Bigger Vision.

This is my absolute favorite way of getting motivated. It takes less time commitment on a day-to-day basis, but requires your persistence. This type of sustaining motivation is for much bigger goals.

It’s better fit for the ambitious type who has a much bigger project or goal to accomplish; one that will take you more than a year to complete. If you want sustaining motivation that grows stronger and more compelling each and every day, create a bigger vision. The way to do that is by visualizing your outcome daily for a minimum of 5 minutes.

7. Use “Pain” as Leverage.

I used to work with the owner of a construction company. He had this habit of telling everyone he knew about his goals and then doing nothing about it. Eventually he got to the point where he was afraid of telling the people in his life about his goals because he felt like a liar.

His construction clients were another story. Every time he promised one of his clients he would build a new home he would follow through. His track record for follow through with his clients was 100%.


Because he had a lot of pain associated with a failure to deliver to his clients. His business and reputation were on the line so he always took massive action.

Use pain as a motivator. Think of an important goal you would like to accomplish in the next year. Now that you have it in mind, make an agreement with your wife/husband/brother/sister or anyone who knows you well. Put a contract in writing with them that says if you don’t achieve your goal in the next 3 months you will give them $500 in cash. Sign it.

For most people, loosing that kind of money is more painful than taking action towards their goals. They will instantly leap into action to avoid loosing that money – and guess what else happens?

You get motivated and do the impossible to achieve your goals.

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21 Responses to 7 Ways to Get Motivated and Achieve Your Goals

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  3. M. A. Tohami says:

    Follow your heart. Passion is the greatest motivator.

  4. James Hayton says:

    is pain really the motivator? It might just be having someone else relying on you.

  5. I really like the finish line comment. Having a finish line really motivates you because you have a clear idea of what an end looks like.

    Having to work on a goal or task that doesn’t have a clear finish line is like showing up to the job and relying on someone else to tell you when you are done. You can’t pace yourself, you lose control, and you have no desire to prioritize or get the job done efficiently.

  6. It is amazing to know that there are articles like this on web which actually shows the meaning of motivation to new aspect. Thanks for helping me out…

  7. Sasha Berson says:

    Very good post, Steve. I got a good laugh out of this line, “I always work with a finish line – not a deadline – because I don’t want to be dead when I’m finished.” It makes perfect sense and I will replace my “deadline” with “finish line” approach. Thanks for the idea, Steve.

    The first point is great and always works for me. The 3rd and 7th are really close to my heart. I have learned not to simply rely on myself when working on my goals, but

    1. enlist help of others who know more about the subject (it could be a person I know, blogger or a book) and

    2. have a goal buddy accountability system so any time I get off the path of reaching to my goal, I have someone tell me to get back on it.

    In fact I had built a website that does just that. I enlist Goal Buddies, people that are working on similar goals, and we help track progress and motivate each other when one gets off track (we get e-mail notifications when one’s Goal Buddy missed a due date).

    I would love to have your readers check it out but do not want to do shameless self-promotion that breaks your rules, so I sent a question to the Admin asking whether it’s OK to post topic-related links.

  8. Great Post. I especially liked point 7 and the story associated with it. Motivating post.

    I have released an E Book on similar topic and anyone can
    get a Free Copy on my blog
    Winning Ideas for a Wonderful Life

  9. I can’t believe I found just now your blog!

  10. Great post Steve.

    I think #5 is stellar! When you focus on the positive aspects of achieving any goal, such as reasons why you will, it will only help to enhance your ability to actually get there. That’s positive reinforcement at its best. If you think about it, you are actually utilizing persuasion techniques on yourself to achieve the end result.

    I would highly recommend sitting down and writing out a list of all the reasons why you will succeed and then review it every day. This will work wonders on the success rate of accomplishing your goals. You are also absolutely correct in that your confidence will soar.

    Thanks for the awesome post!

    Anthony Basich

  11. @ James: I completely agree that having someone else rely on you is a motivator. That being said, if you dig deep down to the cause of all human behavior, it’s either to move away from feeling bad or to move towards feeling good… so just another way of saying pain is a motivator.

    @ Bryce: Excellent point!!

    @ Poul: more than happy to share this on the blogosphere :)

    @ Sasha: I think what you’re teaching people to do is absolutely fantastic… people need this more than ever before.

    @ RinatisDinoro: :-)

    @ Anthony: great comment! Much appreciated…

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  15. Pain as leverage? Now this is kinda new, in fact, so new it feels weird. But getting deeper into that point, I do see where it’s going. I’m just having trouble disassociating “painful experience” as a fuel for people to drive toward their goal. Maybe it’s just that different points of views give us varying treatments of “pain”. But just the same, the idea that pain could motivate us should be discussed more often, don’t you think. Maybe cite more examples and situations, state the kinds of pains that are good driving forces, etc. Or maybe I should write about it, huh? I really am having trouble with putting a painful break-up to write more or produce more articles. Or in the midst of grief or bankruptcy, we could cook ways to increase sales. Something like that. I hope to get there soon. Surely, pain CAN be used as leverage. Let’s get to learning how to, shall we?

    Anyways, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

  16. You got a point but i think Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future, and for motivating yourself to turn this vision of the future into reality.

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  18. JimmySuccess says:

    “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude
    from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man
    with the wrong mental attitude.” -Thomas Jefferson

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  20. Jenny Cervantes29 says:

    always think +… And God is always be with you…. Thanks po and more power from God above…..:))

  21. Jenny Cervantes29 says:

    Advance Happy New Year to all!!!!!:)) more blessing to come and more power  on this blog…

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