7 Ways Accepting Change Can Improve Your Success

Changes are an integral part of life. We can always find changes happening around us and inside of us. Some of these changes are acceptable to us while others are not.

But why is it so tough to accept a change? How can you stop resisting the changes in your life and just accept them and move on? Can unwanted changes ever be used to make life better instead of being a frustration and an obstacle to your dreams?

I’ll describe some ways in which an unwanted change can help you instead of hindering you. I’ll tell you about how you can accept the changes in your life, use them constructively and prevent the frustration or the problems that they create on your path to achieve.

1) Staying internally calm and positive: Imagine what will happen if you stop resisting that change and accept it instead.

You’ll become much more calm, relaxed and content with the way your life is going. You’ll stop letting the outside changes affect your inner state of mind. You’ll start taking things more positively and coolly.

2) Letting go: When you start accepting the changes, you’ll essentially be removing negative energy. You’d no longer be fussing over things which you can’t control in life. Nor will you be feeling helpless or disappointed.

This, combined with a calm and positive state of mind, would enable you to live in the moment, let go and be content just where you are, the way you are.

3) Self discovery: What’s more irritating than the change itself?! The fact that someone you know has faced a similar change yet they are not affected by it, maybe they are even happy with it!

While this can make you feel negative about yourself or about the other person, it can also make you think more seriously about why you feel like this and not that.

You can go on speculating about why it was fine with them and not with you – doing this might gain you some surprising knowledge and insights about yourself!

4) An opportunity to grow and improve: Instead of getting frustrated with the changes, you can just view them as a chance to expand your experience.

There is always something to be gained by any new experience, and a sudden or unwanted change is no exception. You can think of how this change may be useful for your progress instead of retarding it.

So, while the change may not be highly or directly helpful for your goal, it can definitely have some use for you, you just need to find it!

5) A chance to learn something new: You can use a change as not just a different experience, but also as something which directly makes you learn something new!

When you are faced by some change which you do not like, you keep adjusting so as to make it comfortable. While these adjustments may irritate you, they also help you learn some small-big things along the way.

And all this happens when you are not paying much attention to it; then just think, how many new things can you learn if you willingly accept the change?!

6) Finding new ways to solve problems: When you don’t accept a change or the adjustments that come associated with it, you start finding round about ways in order to make it work for you. You may try out ways to remove the change from your life altogether, or at least reduce it’s frustrating effects.

When you are doing all this, you are actually finding new ways to solve problems! Thus, you can use a change as a creative exercise to find new solutions to your problems.

7) Flexibility: Flexibility can be one example of how a change may help you increase your abilities.
This goes without saying that if you learn to adjust to random changes in life, you’ll become more flexible. This flexibility will then show in the other areas of your life too and help you achieve more and be productive.

You’ll learn to handle multiple tasks in life and won’t get overwhelmed with random tasks or sudden demands. You’ll be able to manage all your work in a more efficient and stress free manner.

Lastly, I’d like to clarify that I don’t mean you shouldn’t resist a change or anything else that seems to be arresting your progress and goals. Rather, what I mean is that viewing it form a negative point of view usually gains nothing else than frustration and disappointments.

So what you need to do is to keep a clear, cool and positive mind and see not only the disadvantages but also the possible uses of such disturbing changes. You can then use the knowledge and experience you’ve gained to reach your destination as well as enhance your existing achievements.

Your turn: Did you experience a change that greatly irritated you but which eventually helped you in some unexpected manner? Or is there a change in your life which you find hard to accept? Just tell me about it – I’d love to know your experience and help you in any way I can.

Atiba Shaikh is a medical student and blogger from India. You can visit her site for more tips on happiness, inspiration and success at A Curious Happy Blogger . Apart from her blog, She’s also a curator of more positive sites at Today’s Visions


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