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7 Facts About Why Failure Is False

1. As the True Fabric of life is a cosmic weave of ceaseless beginnings, your power for starting over is backed up by Reality itself. Put the power of this ever-newing Now to work for you by volunteering to view any unwanted or unhappy moment not as some unavoidable ending, but as the temporary and passing condition that it really is.

2. All feelings of failure include the unconscious assumption that you know all there is to know about what has you bottled up. Pull the plug on this kind of self-limitation by meeting every moment of seeming defeat with the realization that since there is no end to your ability to learn about your life, there is also no such thing as failing in your life.

3. The painful identity of thinking of yourself as a failure can only exist for as long as you cling to some self-created, self-sinking label. The only reason you won’t abandon this sinking ship of yourself is because in its cargo hold is stored all your cherished ideas about what it means to be a success. This discovery reveals that the only weight dragging you under is your best ideas about how to float through life.

4. Just as the physical eye that sees cannot see itself other than through a reflection, you cannot see your psychological self other than by gazing upon those mental images of your own creation. So, when “seeing” a failure in your mind’s eye, just remember in that very moment who it is that put it there. Now, instead of feeling defeated by how you picture yourself, see through this defeated feeling itself by daring to see how this painful image came is part of an unconscious internal conspiracy created by this feeling in the first place.

5. It is impossible to feel yourself a failure without having first condemned yourself for some shortcoming. This fact tells of a secret self-duality which is the seed of defeat. Study the following reasoning closely: In order to see yourself as “small”, you must be standing over yourself at the same time. Now see that neither of these selves within yourself can exist in your mind’s eye without the other, and that being self-divided like this you must feel as though you’re failing. But seeing that you are neither of these inter-dependent selves unites you in a Higher Understanding that is fail safe.

6. Even the most superficial glance at the world in which we live reveals that there is nothing living that isn’t a work-in-progress. Which means even when it feels like life will break us, these trying moments are only part of life’s broader plan to make us.

7. The same heavy hand once felt to be holding us back becomes the one which lightly lifts us… If we’ll but agree to see that the only thing that stands between us and the success we long for is what we don’t yet understand about ourselves. This means that self-discovery is self-success, and that for the self-studying man or woman, failure simply ceases to exist!

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Guy Finley is the best-selling author of “The Essential Laws of Fearless Living”, and more than 40 other books and audio albums on self-realization. He is the founder and director of Life of Learning Foundation, a nonprofit center for self-study located in southern Oregon where he gives talks four times each week. Guy is a faculty member at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York and is a regular expert contributor to Beliefnet and the Huffington Post.

8 Responses to 7 Facts About Why Failure Is False

  1. Hi Guy,

    All great points. We fail because we forget that all is a work in progress. Nothing is complete because we live in a state of flux, a Universe of flux. You can reach goals, then more goals pop up in your mind. New job. New intent.

    Failure is just an opportunity to learn from. See the lesson. Seize the lesson. Succeed. Succeed, succeed, succeed, knowing that everything is a work in progress, and you will lose the idea of failure completely.



  2. ifweeb says:

    “Nothing living that isn’t a work-in-progress.” I could not agree more :)

  3. I dunno, Ryan Gosling is pretty perfect

  4. Good points. I find that the difficulty comes every few months when I forget this view of ‘failure as an event’, but recognising it means I can simply top up the knowledge every time it happens.

  5. Anders Hasselstrøm says:

    Thanks for sharing,

    My take on failure is that whether we want it or not failure will always be a better teacher than success. Embrace failure as the teacher it is. Failure is not failure if you learn from it.

    Anders Hasselstrøm

  6. John says:

    An alternative viewpoint is that at each and every individual moment, everything is complete in and of itself, completely independent of its past ‘selves’, and whatever it may become at any future moment.

    The viewpoint is, sadly, essentially arbitrary.

    Failure is a thing that does exist. If you set a goal, within a certain time frame, and do not succeed in attaining that goal within the aforementioned time frame, you have failed to do so.

    You can annihilate failure by refusing to set goals, but if you do not set goals, then you have nothing in your mind to achieve. If this is your ideal, you will drift through life, never making any kind of impact upon anyone, or anything, because you have zero intent. Anything you DO will merely be an accident.

    Better by far, I think, to come to terms with the fact that failure is a very real thing, and that failing is entirely possible. By doing so, by becoming acquainted with it, may you lose the fear of it.

    If you dismiss failure as illusory, you rid yourself of any responsibility, be it social, legal, or moral. While that may be desirable for many, it is not conducive to good character, and is logically contradictory in someone who would, presumably, seek to maintain these elements of being human.

    Get cosy with failure. Recognise that it’s there. Otherwise, you’ll never realise when you do fail. Rid yourself of the FEAR of the thing. Fear is, afterall, the only thing about failure that is harmful. Failure itself is merely something to learn from. In that way, you should treat it as a close friend, rather than a feared nemesis.

  7. SJ says:


    Great points. I have always felt that failure is just opportunity in disguise. It sucks to not have success in ALL your endeavors, but when things don’t work out-you know something that doesn’t work and are just that much closer to achieving success.

  8. It depends on what you failed at and why on that one surely. In the case of an exam for example it may not be that it doesn’t work, but that you’re just not at that level yet. I completely agree that every failure is an opportunity, but then surely by extension there’s no such thing as failure!

    I believe that in the strict definition it does exist, i.e the Republicans so far have failed to repeal the affordable care act, but from a broad perspective they now have toe oppertunity to focus on other things I guess.

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