7 Effective Questions That Will Kick You Into Taking Action Right Away

6 Effective Questions That Will Kick You Into Taking Action Right Away

The difference between extraordinary people and ordinary people is the little “extra” that extraordinary people do more than normal people. And you are no different than the great people out there.

It is just that successful people take more action and put in much more hours into doing than thinking about the things that they want to accomplish. And it is their discipline that gives them the reward that they deserve. Therefore, if you want to achieve the same outstanding success, you must start from disciplining yourself.

And in order to be discipline to take action, you have to begin with your mind and your thoughts. You need to learn to ask better and more effective questions. Great people ask great questions, thus they get great answers and solutions. They ask motivating questions, thus they get inspired and driven into taking action.

And this is exactly what you need to do to so that you will feel motivated and kick start your engine into taking massive action. Below are the 7 effective questions that can boost your motivation and help you overcome procrastination right away…

1. What action can I take for just 5 minutes now?

This is a very powerful question that you should ask yourself from time to time. First, it gives you a sense of clarity of what you can do and second, it actually break down the actions into smaller piece that you can do it within 5 minutes. The most important key is to get you started. It is alright if your goal is to write a book and you get it started by writing only a paragraph.

In fact, there is no such thing as one shot for big success. All the great achievements you have seen are accumulated from small successes done over a long period of time. Rome was not built in a day and so with Microsoft’s business empire. So focus in doing the small action that you can do immediately right now, even if it is just writing a paragraph or making just one phone call. The key is to get you started.

2. What dreams do I want to achieve and what goals I want to accomplish?

Always remind yourself about what you want to accomplish in the future. Your dreams and your goals are what will inspire and motivate you. If what you want is not motivating you into taking action, you might want to reconsider setting it as target because it is not what you truly want.

Your goals and the dreams you pursue must be exciting enough to get you into action. Most people procrastinate because they don’t feel pleasurable to take action.

3. Why am I doing this?

The reasons behind you do things are your source of motivation. If you want to quit smoking but fail to do so, it is because you don’t have a strong and emotional reason to support you. Until one day you are diagnosed with severe health problem, and then you will stop smoking once and for all. It is when you are left with no other options that you will do whatever it takes to achieve it.

This is because when you have no other choices, the reasons behind become stronger and if you did not take action to make it happen, you will have to face serious consequences. Therefore, find out your strong emotional reasons to why you want to achieve what you desire.

4. If I don’t do this now, what will happen in the long run?

By using the “push” method, you can overcome procrastination and drive yourself into taking action with this question. When you ask yourself what will happen if you don’t do it, you will usually come up with thoughts that will scare you. Just like if you don’t learn to manage your money right now, you will face serious financial issue in the future. You will be the same and have the problem of not enough money all the time. You will live in poverty and fail to bring your family for vacations and etc.

If you don’t take action right now, you will end up being the same. You are not going to change; you will still be in the same situation and being the same you. So are you going to take action and make some changes to improve your life right now?

5. If I do this now, what will happen in the long run?

Contrary to the question above, this is the “pull” method where you use rewards as motivation to kick you into taking action. Imagine if you take action right now and you reach your goals and your dreams, what would happen? If you make the phone call and manage to close the sale, you will be richer and you can afford to buy the things you want. If you manage to write the book and get it published, you might become a famous author. Well, the possibility is endless.

Ask yourself these 2 questions; imagine both scenarios and the consequences that will happen to you.

6. What have I accomplished today?

Ask yourself this question right now. If you haven’t taken much action today, you will feel the guilt and you may end up taking action right away. If you have took action, you will feel satisfy for what you have done today. Great people will always ask this question from time to time during the day. They want to make sure they have done what truly matter and what will improve the quality of their life.

So what have you accomplished today? Did you do something that will move you closer toward your dreams? Or you are not being productive at all today?


These are the 6 effective questions that will kick you into action right away. As long as you ask and answer seriously, you will tap into your inner drive that will motivate you to take action. Remember, the discipline to act is a habit and you need motivation every day, hence, ask these questions whenever you feel adequate.

Shawn Lim is a professional blogger and has been in the personal development industry for more than 7 years. He is the founder of TheMillionaireSecrets.net and through his blog, he has encouraged thousands of people to achieve their dreams and move to the higher level in life.


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