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5 Tips to Make Your Dreams Come True

How badly do you want your dreams to come true? Dive deep into these 5 tips and let me know what you think, I’m here to help you.

Tip #1: Write It Out

How serious are you to making your dreams come true? If you’re really serious, and actually committed, then take 5 minutes now — just 5 minutes! — and write down exactly what you want to come true. It’ll be very hard for your dreams to come true if you’re not 100% clear on exactly what your dreams are. Do you want an amazing career? Happiness? A significant other? You have got to write it down, so that you’ll be clear on what you want. After doing this very simple exercise, a subtle shift will happen. You’ll feel more certainty about what you want. It won’t be just another thought popping up sporadically in your head. It will be written in stone, on a piece of paper that you can look at from time to time, ideally every day.

Tip #2: Imagine It

Visualize what it will feel like when you’re living your dreams. What emotions, sensations, and thoughts will you have when you’re living your dream life? What will it be like? Picture it! Create a vivid image in your mind of what your life will be like. Consider all the details, like how you will feel about yourself, how you’ll treat other people, what you’ll be doing at 10:23am. It might sound silly, but imagining yourself in your ideal life makes it much more likely that it will happen. It will give your subconscious mind a picture of what your life will be like. It will give you a direction to go in. And most importantly, you’ll start to feel the emotions that you want in the future, right now. After all, what you want is to feel good and fulfilled, and you can start having that feeling right now.

Tip #3: Believe It

Do you believe in it yet? Do you believe that you can get there and actually be living your dreams? This is the most important step — believing in yourself and in your dreams. Say it to yourself, “I believe that…” After you say it several times, notice what doubts, fears, and resistance comes up. This is vitally important to be aware of, because if you’re not 100% aware of what your doubts and fears are, you won’t be able to overcome them! Challenge yourself to believe it. Write down all of your doubts and see if they are rational and something that you want to keep holding onto.

Tip #4: It’s Already True

Thank the universe for having already given it to you. You may be thinking, “That doesn’t make sense because I’m not living my ideal life yet.” But by thanking the universe (or God, Existence, Reality, or whatever you choose to call it) for having already given you your dream life one year from now, you will invoke a very strong power to make it real. What am I talking about? In short, it’s called The Law of Attraction, something you’ll want to learn more about as you begin your journey.

Tip #5: Ask Yourself

Ask yourself focused and directed questions, such as “What do I need to do to achieve my dreams?” and “What has held me back from having achieved it already?” By asking yourself the right questions, you will be able to come up with the most important answers that you need to make it come true. Be honest with yourself, and ask yourself, “What inside of me is resisting it?” You might find fear, doubt, limiting beliefs, or other mental phenomena that are keeping you stuck. Spend the time discovering what your resistance is, and write it down in your journal. Some say, “Nothing worth having comes easily,” so you’ll have to do the work to find out what’s blocking you. And I’d be more than happy to help you get there, so get in touch with me now.

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33 Responses to 5 Tips to Make Your Dreams Come True

  1. Dan Erickson says:

    I’m already living my dream. I just spent four days in the mountains and wrote another 4000 words of my the third book of my Cult Trilogy. I also took some great photos of nature. What more could I want? I’m just waiting for the world to catch up and discover what I’m doing so that I might have some financial success from all my creative endeavors.

  2. That’s awesome Dan, so great to hear!

    I agree.. it sometimes does take some time for “the world to catch up” and find us… All we can do is keep sharing what we’re doing, and eventually people will notice :)

    What’s your Cult Trilogy about? Do you publish your photos?

  3. Dan Erickson says:

    I was a child victim of a cult. The first book, “A Train Called Forgiveness” is a slightly fictionalized version of that experience and how it effected me later, in my early twenties. The second book, “At the Crossing of Justice and Mercy” is a fiction about the same child and cult leader meeting 30 years later. The third is “The Track to Redemption.” There is an underlying Christian theme, but the series questions traditional models and considers other possibilities. I just post some of my photos on FB. The photos are just for a fun side hobby. Here are some links for those interested. http://www.danerickson.net and http://www.facebook.com/danerickson.14. The photos are mostly in the mobile uploads album.

  4. Beautiful shots Dan! I love the nature pics, looks pretty amazing.

    Keep up the writing and all the good work that you’re doing. The more that you share your art, the more you will give people the chance to appreciate it!

  5. Mike Kawula says:

    Really great post Tom. Huge believer in visualizing what you want, haven’t been a big #1 writing it down, though definitely will try that.

    I can definitely visualize everything down to the finest detail.

  6. Oh that’s awesome Mike! Thanks for sharing!!

    Well that helps to explain your success… You visualize it down to the finest detail? How? When do you do it? Regularly at a certain time and place, or just when you have a minute to kill waiting on line or sitting in traffic?

    Yes, writing it out forces you to get really clear on what you want. When you get more clear, then you can create more specifically what you truly want.

    Would love to know about how you visualize :)

  7. It’s a lovely post. Straight advises and I’ve been practicing all of these.
    After all, I got a great dream to achieve.
    Your posts are always lovable, Tom. :)

  8. Thanks Sandeep!! I appreciate your kind words. :) I’m glad you’re practicing them…

    Which one do you think is the most effective for you?

  9. Writing it down is so important. I keep going away from it, thinking that I’ve “graduated” from having to write things down…but nope, I don’t make the same progress when I don’t write it down.

  10. Thanks for sharing Stephen! I always love hearing your input. :) Isn’t it crazy how powerful something as simple as writing it down can be? Why do you think that is?!

  11. I think it’s because when you write something down…

    1. You distinguish it from all other thoughts and ideas. It’s no longer in the same boat as thoughts like, “I wonder why Gangnam style is popular?”

    2. It makes it easier to remember and reference.

    3. It’s a demonstration of intent.

    4. It’s an open loop that you’ll naturally want to close.

  12. Haha, yes, I totally I agree with all four of your points. I especially like numbers 3 and 4.

    A fifth one is that it gets us hyper-focused on what we want to go after. This is similar to the first point, but a different way of saying it.

    How regularly do you write it down?

  13. Lea says:

    Believing it is so important. It’s amazing how many people don’t believe in themselves or their dreams then wonder why they struggle. If you don’t believe it you’ve created the biggest obstacle and you can’t make it real!


  14. MOSAMUSE says:

    Writing it down is so important! A great service to help is http://www.DreamGuider.com check it out!

  15. Xiomara Rosa-Tedla says:

    Thank you so much for the reminder! So often we forget to visualize, feel and believe in our dreams. We attract what we think so, if we can’t imagine ourselves living the life we want to live, how will we ever attract it?!


  16. Oh cool, looks like a great service. Where’d you find it, or is it yours?

  17. Thanks for sharing Lea!! Yes, I totally agree.

    How do you increase your belief in your self and in your dreams?!

  18. You’re welcome Xiomara! :)

    Absolutely! We have to remind ourselves or get into a practice of visualizing, feeling, and believing… and those things will come into our life, it’s so amazing to witness!

    Do you use the Law of Attraction?

  19. The Second One. Most of the times, it helps me get more motivated to my dreams! :)

  20. Lea says:

    I typically reflect on my pass achievements, trying to find a link or similarity. Acknowledging that I did something like that before so I can surely do it again. Then break my dreams into smaller goals, making them more actionable. After that I know I can do it and I’ve made the process easier.

  21. Well, thanks. It certanly is motivating

  22. Yes, exactly Lea! I couldn’t agree more, that sounds like a great way to build up your confidence and start creating your dreams.

    I love what you said, thanks for sharing :)

  23. Josh - reachyourpower.com says:

    Great Article

    Love the idea of “already having it” – we’ve got to have it in our minds before we can have it in our physical world!

  24. Yes, EXACTLY Josh! Thanks for sharing! :)

  25. shayjordan says:

    I love this! I have started practicing this and meditation and I already feel shifts happening to me. It feels good to know that I am getting to where I need to be.

  26. Oh awesome Shay! I’m soo glad it’s starting to have an impact on your life. :)

    Which parts have you started to practice?

  27. shayjordan says:

    I visualize and believe that its already true. Each morning I take about 5 minutes thinking about myself where I want to be (in a new house, working from home) and how it feels. It helps me to remember that it is possible.

  28. Yes!! That is perfect, and just what I would suggest any way. Great to hear Shay, very happy you’re doing it! :)

  29. Great tips! I recently watched Darren’s speech (http://goo.gl/UdRSbt) and he also gave the advice of telling someone about the dream, similar to your advice about writing it out.

    Even though I’ve made my first big dream come true, moved to China, I had some problems on making the next dream come true. I only recently found the braveness in me to share my dream with others. Which is to combine my passions for blogging, helping others, living in China, learning Chinese and studying methods. I’m actually trying to follow the path of my major and start teaching Chinese to other foreigners and help other teachers to become better in their profession.

    On the step 2 you asked to imagine how it feels like, well, I have already tasted the dream a small sip. When I found out I will be lecturing this week for the very first time, I was so happy, couldn’t stop smiling. Of course I’m nervous at the same time, but that just shows how much it means to me.

    I’m still in the progress of making it really true and trying out how to put my passions together in order to make a living from it. But I’m starting to believe in it.

  30. That’s so great to hear Sara! Your blog looks awesome, I’m so happy for you making your dreams come true! :)

    Keep it up! :)

  31. MADELINE says:


  32. guest says:

    All dreams come true, if you very want it!!!!! Desire it and everything happened! Can thousands of times to repeat his desire, but if you do nothing, the result will not be…

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