5 Reasons the Internet has Become the Ideal Creative Medium

And its Only Getting Better

1. Collaboration – Because of the internet collaboration is possible between individuals in opposite corners of the globe. The increased sharing of ideas and information speeds up the creative process and results in better, faster, more innovative ideas. The collective human intelligence is overclocked like never before.

2. Low Barriers to Entry – Anyone can get a free blog or web page to express their ideas and opinions. If you want to run your own site the costs are still relatively small. Compare this with publishing a book or recording a CD. To reach the same audience the costs of production and distribution would be astronomical. Because of the internet voices are heard that never had a venue before.

3. No Censorship – Excuse me, I meant no fucking censorship. The internet gives the individual the ability to publish without the restraints of mainstream media. It ensures unhindered freedom of speech and the sharing of controversial opinions. No longer does having an unpopular idea stop you from being heard.

4. No Corporate Control – If you want to reach a wide audience using conventional media, chances are you will have to go through a large corporation. Once the corporation is involved the focus is no longer the creative work, but making money off it. Your work will be rejected if it doesn’t fit into a clear marketable category. The internet cuts the middle man out of the system and creates a direct link between author and audience.

5. Multimedia – No matter what type of media you use, the internet is a way to showcase your creativity. Be you a writer, artist, musician, filmmaker, or engineer, you can reach your audience. Or even better, combine all your talents into a diverse multimedia experience. Creators are no longer constrained by the limits of a page or recording. The internet has created a new type of artist whose specialty is the synthesis of various media.

We live in a special time in history. The internet has destroyed barriers to thought and creativity that were previously insurmountable. And this is only the beginning. We have emerged from the stone ages of internet infancy and can see the light of day. If the great minds of the past were alive today, they would be publishing online. It is our duty to get the most out of our intelligence using this awesome tool.


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