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5 Powerful Steps To Achieving Anything You Want

Can you believe that anything is possible once you put your mind to it?

Most people don’t… and that’s why they don’t bother trying and they don’t set (or achieve) ‘big’ and inspiring goals.

But today we ask that you let yourself be different. Give yourself a chance.

Today, if there’s anything you want to do in life that you feel really passionate about, any goal that you want to achieve, simply use the following steps to begin your path with clarity and conviction. These steps have worked for Olympic athletes, CEO’s, billionaires, millionaires, and every day people who have passion….And best of all, they can work for you too!

Here are 5 steps to achieving your goals:

1 – Set your goals. Figure out what you really want to do in life (where you ideally see yourself in the next 2-5 years) and write it down with absolute clarity…Because before you can begin working toward something you need to know what it is!

2 – Act on it. Now that you know what you want, you need to take the necessary actions to move closer and closer toward it, until you arrive. What are some of the first steps you need to take? Take them now.  Be sure to move towards your goals each and every day by taking consistent action…Every. Single. Day.

3 – Adjust your action. Once you begin taking action you’ll find that unexpected challenges arise. This often requires that you honestly think, learn, understand, and assess which actions are working and which aren’t. Once you figure out what’s working and what’s not, you’ll need to adjust your actions and efforts to better suit the actual landscape you’re facing and the new knowledge you’ve acquired …This way, you can surpass these challenges and move ahead.

4 – Embrace the three P’s. Patience, Positivity, Perseverance.

Patience: As you’re working toward achieving your goals you’ll find that sometimes things don’t happen as quickly as you’d like. Stay patient…but keep your eyes open in case something really isn’t working (in that case you wouldn’t want to be too patient) J.

Positivity: When challenges arise (and they will), stay positive. By the time you arrive at your desired goal you’ll either have forgotten about these challenges or you’ll remember them as being much easier than they initially seemed at the time.

Plus, when you’re rationally optimistic (not delusional and optimistic), you actually come up with better solutions to your challenges. Optimism is key because studies show that negativity makes us humans cognitively ‘slower’ for some reason…it actually interferes with our creative, problem-solving abilities.

Perseverance: Whatever you do, when challenges arise, when things seem hopeless or bad….Do not give up! The reason that many people don’t achieve their goals is because they give up. That’s the only reason. Don’t do it.

5 – Enjoy the journey. You know the saying, “life is a journey, not a destination.” So be sure to enjoy the journey of setting and working toward your goals. In fact, studies show that we humans are actually happiest in the moments right before we achieve our goals (as they’re coming into fruition), NOT right after.  So enjoy each and every step toward your goals because you never know when your ‘arrival’ is just around the corner.

Here’s another tip for the road:

As you set out to achieve your goals remember that all challenges you’ll face on the way actually serve to guide you in the right direction. More often than not, we all think we know exactly what to do as we head out toward realizing our dreams…but we soon learn that we don’t know everything. 

That’s why the challenges we encounter (also known as ‘obstacles’) actually tell us which way to go! Think of challenges as ‘veer right’ signs that show up just when you’re about to make a left in life. Challenges guide you like that…

This means that all your challenges actually save you from going the wrong way! So as you set out to achieve your goals, welcome the challenges you face because they actually help you arrive at your desired destination.

What are you waiting for? (Don’t answer that). Go ahead and get started!


About the authors: Cece Suwal and Mark Brener are coauthors of the national bestseller, A Guide To Your Supreme Power and cofounders of The One World Initiative, where you can discover your path to money, love, power, success, life purpose, and meaning. 

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30 Responses to 5 Powerful Steps To Achieving Anything You Want

  1. Great Advice. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Guest says:

    Thanks, what do I do now?

  3. Excellent article! Don´t forget to write your goal in a present tense and as if it has already happened. (I earn…, I weigh…).  This will help you to program your subconcious mind for achieving your goal. Add visualization and positive self-talk(I can do it, I can achieve it) and your success is guaranteed! 

  4. WayAhead says:

    Hmmm… who vets this stuff? What qualifications are required to author a post on this site?  And what “‘big’ and inspiring goals” were Suwal and Brener aiming for when they created the Emperor’s Club VIP? (

  5. omoikudashite says:

    so… sir, or ma’am, whomever wrote this, i ask you. are you a billionaire, now? 

  6. Limpata says:


  7. Cindy says:

    From what I understand the couple has positively turned their lives around in a way that most people never would. They’re bestselling authors now (no easy feat) with an incredibly empowering message thats endorsed by the freakin president of the United States! I can understand giving flack to purely negative people but don’t knock people who do right man…give credit where credit is due.

  8. Thanks for your positivity Petra! Excellent advice. Best of luck to you! XO Cece

  9. You are welcome! Wishing you success!

  10. Whatever it is you want in your life – Just Go for it!

  11. C.G. Skylerton says:

    Actually yeah…I’ve used some of their products. The authors of this article have extensively worked with and coached millionaires & billionaires…so yeah, they’re qualified. I think they also do quite well themselves. Their tools on rational optimism have helped me a lot. I’d recommend their stuff for sure.

  12. I think perhaps the wisest (and for me, the hardest) part of this post is ‘Enjoy The Journey’.

    It’s so easy to be down on yourself or see your current situation as the way things will be forever, but the truth is that if you enjoy the journey you’re on, you’ll get more out of it.

    One thing I would say people need to be careful of is ‘goal setting’ in the traditional sense of having a goal and then putting a date on it. Often your ego (which likes to keep you safe) will work against you, so that you don’t reach that goal.

    It’s far better to set the goal and then just work for its completion. If it’s a worthwhile goal, the amount of time it takes to get there becomes mostly irrelevant. Just a thought…

    Thanks for the thought-provoking post Cece and Mark.

  13. Absolutely James (btw…I took a look at your site & love

    As far as being “down on current situations” I think it’s
    always helpful to remember that where we are right now at this very moment is
    an indispensible part of our journey toward actually achieving our goals. In
    fact, more often than not, we wouldn’t even be able to achieve our goals
    without going through (and potentially learning from) our current situation…

    That makes the present situation absolutely perfect in and
    of itself…especially since it’s such an indispensible part of our growth and
    development (and goal achievement…whatever our goals may be).  Have a beautiful day!!

  14. Thank you very much! This blog gives me motivation and ideas to implement in my life :)

  15. We welcome your comments.  It looks like you raised a very important
    question. Though we see that you didn’t address the essence of the post…by the
    way, what, according to you, qualifies someone to write such a post?

  16. Thanks Cindy. It looks like you’ve already read our book! Have a beautiful day! 

  17. Thanks CG! You might also like our millionaire interview series here:

  18. This is a very accurate post, speaking from experience. I  love the line ‘remember that all challenges you’ll face on the way actually serve to guide you in the right direction.’ I have learned that over the years and as much as people try to control situations, they will never get what is truly meant for them. Nice job!

  19. Giuliano says:

    I especially agree that we need to act on our goals. From my experience interacting with others on this topic, most set goals for themselves, even on paper, but do not take the initial steps to set the wheels in motion.

    Even baby steps in the beginning is progress and will bring you closer inch by inch to accomplishing what you set out to do.

  20. Absolutely Giuliano. There’s a clarity and commitment that comes with actually writing our goals down. That is often the first step toward making them a reality!

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  22. Mutzii says:

    I wonder if I can post it in my personal blog. I love the author’s positivism here! :)

  23. Pete Ambriz says:

    Great tips and advise! Thanks for sharing your insight :–)

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  25. Aman Pspatwal says:

    Sir, my height is  5’6 ” and i wanna increse it but my age is 21 and as they say that above 21 height doesn’t grow. . . still can i with regular exercise.
    Please do reply

  26. Lu says:

    Fantastic tips! x

  27. saurabhaj says:

     Just Go for it,thanks.

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  29. sahil says:


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