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4 Ways to Turn Failure into Success

The word failure is so often misinterpreted. Failing doesn’t mean that you have failed. It is an opportunity to learn on your path to success.

No one ever succeeds on their first attempt, they always face situations they didn’t expect and often end up somewhere completely different then they initially thought.

Your job is to work hard and smart, adapting to change and situations, learning from your mistakes to turn the inevitable failures you will face into a grand success.

1000 failures

The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people isn’t how often they fail; it is how many times they try. Successful people fail just as often, if not more, then everyone else. The difference is that they keep picking themselves up again and again, try new things and at last find something that works.
Just look at one of the best inventors of all time, Thomas A. Edison. While he was trying to invent the light bulb he failed over 1000 times. Most of us would have quit at about 100 (or maybe after just 1 failure) but he kept going and going, learning every time until he at last got his breakthrough.
This was Edison’s whole philosophy, he believed the human mind was capable of anything, if you put your mind to it and worked long enough, hard enough and were determined enough, you would make it.

To look at another genius from the past, Einstein, Einstein failed in school. To most of us this failure would mean that all academic success is out of reach and we would move on to other realms of work. Not Einstein he kept working and learning and is now the founder of modern physics.

My background isn’t as incredible as those above, but I have had my fair share of failures and had a few successes. From these experiences I have learned a lot. I want to share with you the 4 steps I have found, and seen so many others take, to turn failure into success.

•    Learn from your mistakes
Don’t see failing as anything but a chance to improve and learn. Every time you fail in an attempt ask yourself the 2 questions “What did I do well?” and “What will I do differently?” and then move on with your new found knowledge.

•    Believe In Yourself
Edison’s belief in himself and the human race is an inspiration to us all. Know that you will succeed one way or another and you will. Never forget that your capacity is almost unlimited.

•    Reevaluate your situation

When you have met an obstacle you have a great chance ahead of you, you can learn, take a new path and move on into territory that was completely unknown to you before with lots of new possibilities.
Before you dive right in, evaluate your situation. Is this new line and endeavor in line with your goals? If not it is not worth to pursue.

•    Try Again
The most important lesson is not to give up. If you find that the opportunities match your goals. Go for it! Don’t ever give up, the most successful people in the world weren’t successful because they didn’t fail as often, they failed more, many, many times more. But they picked themselves up and tried again over and over until they found the right mix.

Your potential is limitless.
What you can do is only limited by your belief. Try, try and try again until you find your way and start moving on towards your dreams!

If you liked this post and want to read more like it visit LookingToBusiness. Daniel M. Wood writes about Sales Techniques, Motivation and Success .

31 Responses to 4 Ways to Turn Failure into Success

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  2. Great article Daniel. Thomas Edison is a great example of persistence despite resistance :)

    When working with coaching clients, I often use the metaphor of the brick and the rubber ball.

    When confronted with an obstacle are you going to crash to the ground and break into tiny pieces like a brick, or are you going to bounce back up like a rubber ball?

    This often helps shift their focus 😉

  3. Hey Adam,

    Thanks for leaving your comment.
    That was a great tip about the brick and rubber ball :)

    Thinking, the harder I bounce, the faster I get up again and the higher I can go is a great motivation.

    Good luck to you Adam!

  4. Hitesh says:

    Great article Daniel. When a person fails in doing something the impact is so high that some cannot cope with that and get lost. The important thing is how you rejuvenate yourself from that failure and improve on your previous failure.
    But many people are not capable doing this. Negative thinking captures there mind and they always fear to come out of their sheets. what is your suggestion for such people

  5. Thank you Daniel. Always a good topic.
    I agree that if we keep stepping forward, then we can “…often end up somewhere completely different than initially thought.”
    “…there are various kinds of success, and it is frequently necessary that a man should fail in one direction that he may reach up to a greater and more far-reaching success. If, for instance, a literary, artistic, or spiritual genius should begin by trying to make money, it may be, and often is, to his advantage and the betterment of his genius that he should fail therein, so that he may achieve that more sublime success wherein lies his real power.” [from by James Allen]
    Cheers, Thea

  6. Chris Clarke says:

    This is an absolutely wonderful post. A representation of a simple and empowering message which is hallmark upon any person requesting motivation and inspiration. May I add that I personally have felt many times mediocre and lost among the human race but without giving up on endeavors astonishing results arose.
    ” When it gets dark the stars come out.”-Anonymous

  7. Hi Hitesh,

    That is a very tough situation and there is no “one size fits all” answer.
    I think the most important thing is that they understand that making a mistake is nothing wrong. Failing isn’t necessarily a bad thing, in fact it is actually good.

    Another technique would be to step back completely from the problem and instead focus on your goals, dreams and hopes. Visualize them and feel the sense of happiness when they are completed.
    That way you can forget your failure and instead put all your focus on completing your goals.

    Hope this answers your question Hitesh.

  8. Eric Tan says:

    Nice article Daniel,and nice question Adam.obviously speaking,i don not like such a person as smooth manners,whatever in live of work.and i believe that honest、 trust and someelse would govern the communication in the world.;shorten the distance between people;make realy sense to success.

  9. This is inspirational. A successful person is a person who dares to fail, learn from the failure and stand up again..

  10. LED Lighting says:

    a great tip Good luck to you!

  11. Ben Tien says:

    Yes, the first we have to do if we do a mistake is learn from it. Well, since that we can’t learn from the success, right?

  12. Thanks for the simple and clear lesson Daniel. I agree that the more you fail, the closer to the goal you get. I’ve always looked at challenges with that attitude and each failure instead of becoming a frustration becomes inspiration for the next attempt.

    I’m stubbornly, doggedly determined to succeed and failure presents itself along that path regularly.

  13. Conquering the fear of failure involves understanding that:

    Failure is part of the learning and discovery process

    Being successful comes from being willing to gain knowledge.

    You always succeed when your give it your best shot
    avoiding failure means shutting yourself off to new possibilities, which prevents learning

    Success and failure is is really impossible to quantify: definitions change with time, experience, and circumstance.

    Life is unfinished business

    Accept that you’re human, and that you’re going to ‘fail’ from time to time.

    Don’t accept that one failure is an excuse to takes you further away from your goal.

  14. Tom Johnson says:

    Excellent article, Daniel. It’s similar to <a href=""a flagship post I wrote some time ago, but yours is more hands-on in its approach. Very well-done! :)…You might want to change that number, though, I believe Edison was quoted as failing over 10,000 times, not just 1,000.

    There’s also Michael Jordan, who was quoted as saying,
    “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

    I wish you many successes.
    -Tom Johnson,
    Playing to Lose

  15. Time and again, there’s always a good read about rising up from a fall, overcoming failures and learning from mistakes. Citing great people who didn’t become successful after wrong moves or decisions would sure help others that they, too, can still make things better.

    Mistakes are often too highlighted as a negative thing. Truth is, they are also doors for people to do better the next time and then gets closer to their success because of the improvements, right?

    Besides, being wrong once or twice does not define anyone’s totality. It all depends on how the person will treat setbacks, and what options or actions will be undertaken from thereon.

    I am confident many people can relate to this, and many more others can make this post a cause for realizations.

    Keep it up!

  16. MRWED says:

    If Thomas Edison didn’t try after he failed many times. We would not have our bulbs today. They is nothing wrong if we fail, what’s wrong is if we fail to try again.

  17. Craig Thomas says:

    Nice, short and to the point. Never giving up is the key imo. :)

  18. Prakash_upadhya says:

    thanks for motivating us ..

  19. Abum51 says:


  20. Rakesh1263 says:

    no words for the article excellent,,,,,,,,,,tears in my eyes

  21. Vq says:

    very inspiring. thank you Daniel Wood

  22. God says:

    lovely article…….

  23. Lovelypinky2011 says:

    i have no word to thank for this ………… i wake up again ,,,brilliant 

  24. Sansin says:

    no doubt article is great..just one question…if you know you are honest and nothing wrong in your doings still if you keep failing because people surrounding you are not honest and its they who are causing you fail then how to handle such situations. You can only control and improve your own self and not others so situation becomes tricky.

  25. inspired... says:

    i cried while reading it.. this is a huge help for me because im going through things im constantly failing in.. so thank you.

  26. vidyapraveen says:

    Very nice

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  29. Abrar says:

    Thank you and hats off to you Sir !

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