4 Powerful Reasons to Meditate and How To Get Started

Meditation is the art of silencing the mind. When the mind is silent, concentration is increased and we experience inner peace in the midst of worldly turmoil. This elusive inner peace is what attracts so many people to meditation and is a quality everyone can benefit from.

What are the Benefits of Meditation?

I’ve been meditating twice a day for the past 9 years because I enjoy it. It may seem strange, but I feel happiest when sitting in perfect silence. The experience is difficult to express in words. It is akin to the “peace that passeth understanding”. It is also true that every meditation is not the same. Sometimes meditation is a struggle to control the mind, while at other times it feels effortless.

These are some of the benefits of meditation:

  1. Improved concentration – A clear mind makes you more productive, especially in creative disciplines like writing.
  2. Less bothered by little things – Do you sometimes allow yourself to get upset by little things? It is the nature of the mind to magnify small things into serious problems. Meditation helps us detach. We learn to live in the here and now, rather than worrying about the past or future. We do not worry about meaningless things, but see the bigger picture.
  3. Better Health – There have been numerous studies pointing to the health benefits of meditation. The reason is that meditation reduces stress levels and alleviates anxiety. If we can reduce stress, many health benefits follow.
  4. Knowledge of Self – Meditation enables us to have a deeper understanding of our inner self. Through meditation we can gain a better understanding of our life’s purpose.

Is Meditation Religious?

The great thing about meditation is that our philosophy/religious belief is not importanct. Meditation is about consciousness. The beliefs of the mind become trivial. We dive deep into the heart of the matter to gain access to our soul – our inner reality. Therefore, mediation can (and is ) practiced by people of different religions or no religion.

But I don’t have time To Meditate

Many people like the idea of meditation, but feel they don’t have enough time. When you really want to do something you can find time. Get up earlier or watch 30 minutes less TV. Meditation requires an investment of time, but clearing the mind makes the the rest of the day more productive. Nothing is better than the feeling of inner peace. What is the point in being tremendously busy but unable to enjoy it? Meditation is not about retreating from the world; it gives us inspiration. Whatever you do, if you have peace of mind, your work will be more enjoyable and productive.

How To Meditate

Like anything worthwhile, meditation requires practice. To get the most from meditation you need to do it every day. This requires a place and time where you will not be disturbed. Check out this cool mindmap pdf for inspiration: meditation.pdf

  1. Sit with a straight back. Don’t try to meditate lying down because you are likely to fall asleep. Meditation brings relaxation and peace but at the same time this is a dynamic peace. Meditation is quite different than the relaxation of sleep. When we really meditate, we are fully alert and conscious. Our sense of awareness is heightened. Afterwards you’ll have a positive feeling for the world and a renewed sense of dynamism.
  2. Don’t eat before meditating. After a heavy meal your body will be lethargic with digestion.
  3. It is not necessary to mediate in the lotus posture. It is fine to meditate in a chair, as long as the back is straight.
  4. It is helpful to take a shower before meditating.
  5. Burning incense and having a candle are not necessary, but they can add a little extra inspiration.
  6. It is good to meditate early in the morning. It is said the best time is 3am, although, I feel it is more important to be awake and not sleepy, I meditate at 6.30am.

One Pointed Concentration

However you learn to meditate, you must learn to concentrate on one thing at a time. Usually, the mind tries to hold several different thoughts and ideas at once. When you sit down to meditate for the first time, you realize how cluttered the mind is. Mediation teachers have described the mind as a “mad monkey”. However, the mind can be tamed and forced to concentrate on a single thought.

One helpful technique is concentrating on a candle flame. Narrow your gaze to the small tip and block out all other thoughts. When you get distracted, go back to focusing on the candle flame. You can also use other objects like a small dot or flower. The important thing is that you concentrate only on one thing at a time.


Another way to learn concentration is through the use of mantra. A mantra is the repetition of a sacred word. For example, you might repeat the mantra AUM a certain number of times. Repeating a mantra forces the mind to focus on a single thought.

Silent Mind

After you’ve practiced concentration and learned to focus on one thing at a time, you can proceed to the next stage: no thought at all. Achieving a silent mind is difficult, but when to attain it the experience is powerful. A technique I advise is viewing your thoughts as separate from your self. When a thought appears, make a conscious decision to throw it out of your mind. Over time you realize that you are capable of allowing or rejecting thoughts. Your real “I” is not a collection of thoughts, but something far deeper. This is the most significant realization of meditation – that you do not have to be a slave to your thoughts.

Through meditation, you attain the power to control your thoughts, and on occasion stop them completely. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t attain a silent mind straightaway. It takes time and practice. There is nothing really else to it; meditation is a simple and spontaneous action. Unfortunately, our mind is used to complication and it takes time to unlearn bad habits.

Tejvan Pettinger is a member of the Sri Chinmoy Meditation Centre. He lives in Oxford where he works as a teacher. He also offers mediation classes as a community service and updates a blog at Sri Chinmoy Inspiration, a collection of articles on meditation and spirituality.

543 Responses to 4 Powerful Reasons to Meditate and How To Get Started

  1. Al says:

    Very interesting. I’ve always been curious about meditation, but never really understood what it was about or had any idea how to do it. I think I’m inspired now to give it a shot!

  2. Daniel says:

    Meditation is also known to have brain benefits…example: Meditation builds up the brain “They found that meditating actually increases the thickness of the cortex in areas involved in attention and sensory processing, such as the prefrontal cortex and the right anterior insula.” I’ve read a few other articles about it recently and I’ve tried it a few times…I hope to keep improving and seeing changes in my life as a result.

  3. Sean says:

    Thanks, this is perfect. Was actually just toying with the idea of taking up meditation last nigh. Not sure I would have ever come up with the image of a ‘mad monkey’ to describe my mind but it certainly does seem to be willful, going one direction when I tell it to go the other. I can’t say that I was really able to absorb all you were talking about on the first read through but I will definitely be back for a reread after I have had some time to digest it.
    Thanks again.

    One Pointed Concentration

  4. Armand says:

    Very useful post.

    I’ve also written an article about the importance of achieving inner peace on my blog.

  5. Rick Cockrum says:

    Nice article, Tejvan.

    My answer to people who say they don’t have the time to meditate is that they don’t have the time not to meditate. As you say, it increases productivity and effectiveness – to the point that the time saved more than allows time for meditation.

  6. John Wesley says:

    I agree completely, Rick. Certain activities like meditation (exercise is another one) create more energy and productive time than they expend. The time we think we’re saving by skipping them usually gets drained away into TV or some other time leak.

  7. Simon says:

    Thanks for your article, Tejvan. Although meditation, as you say, need not be religious, it can serve as a stepping-stone for the most intimate and immediate religious experience (“religious” taken in its root sense, not of the dogmatic kind); I mean contemplation.
    I just wrote an 8-step “How-to” from meditation to contemplation, on my own website, fwiw, that complements your article pretty well.
    And yeah, ditching TV is the best thing I’ve done in years!

  8. Abdullah says:

    Nice article. I am a Muslim so I meditate five times a day. I think it’s funny when people think of Muslim prayer as something completely different than meditation. That is all it is. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) taught us to focus on the place of prostration. Besides the obligatory 5 daily prayers, the Prophet used to offer extra prayers in the last portion of the night. I found it interesting that you mentioned both of those points in your article.

    I think it is unfortunate that society treats silence as a waste of time. People jump from the car radio, to their iPod, then to their daily tasks leaving no room to reflect. If people would spend 5 minutes to sit back and reflect each day it would change their lives for the better.

  9. darlene says:

    i have been meditating for years now, and it definitely kick starts my day, i can tell the days when i “think” i don’t have time and the ones where i take the time…..i recommend meditating 100%……and this was a very clear concise instruction….good job

  10. John says:

    Just a question in relation to the advice given, it says that medidation should be done with a straight back. So if you’re sitting on the floor in the lotus position or otherwise, is it ok to prop your back against a wall to keep it straight?

    Great article, cheers!

  11. Cappy says:

    There is a good book on meditation I have called “The Tao of Meditation” Way to Enlightenment. Jou, Tsung Hwa. I found the theory in the book (about half the book) to be pretty much worthless but there is a lot of good meditation information in it.

  12. Jan says:

    I never knew Muslim prayer was about meditation ~ how interesting. And I’m willing to bet not many other people know it either. It’s these things that should become better known so there would be more peace in the world

  13. Tom Brusky says:

    I think most westerners don’t really understand what meditation is, from a scientific perspective.

    Muslim prayers and christian prayers, might be similar to actual meditation in many ways. It might quiet the mind, and allow the worshipper to focus more deeply on theological issues.

    But it is highly different from the meditation found in Buddhism and Hinduism. This type of meditation has profound neuropsychological effects. It temporarily causes both neuro-electric and neurochemical changes in the brain. During a period of alertness, what we experience every day, the brain is dominated by beta waves. During deep meditation, the brain begins to generate alpha, theta, and even delta waves as the language centers of the brain calm down. This is the electric profile of the brain when it is asleep, but in this case the person is still highly alert and focused on the stimuli in his surroundings.

    Furthermore, in this state the chemical status of the brain is changed as well. Stress hormone production is drastically lowered, and there is a tendency for seratonin and endorphins (the body’s endogenous opiates) to increase as well, making the experience [sometimes] highly pleasurable. Furthermore, a whole set of strange experiences occur, which resemble those enduced by LSD or other psychodelic drugs. This is neither good nor bad, simply the neurophysiological correlates of meditation.

    Read more articles from Dr. Persinger for a better scientific understanding of meditation.

  14. says:

    i don’t think meditation is same as Muslim prayer. Try meditate and try pray. Praying five time a day is much harder than sitting down and been silent. Islam is way harder than meditating.

    support my website

  15. Kevin says:

    You spelled “Meditation” as “Mediation” no less than 3 times. Sorry to be a nit-pic, but I think just because something isn’t printed on paper, it doesn’t mean you should butcher it.

  16. Terry says:

    Meditation is thinking about spiritual stuff.

  17. nosscaj says:

    It’s possible that deep meditation may result in the release of DMT (one of the most powerful hallucinogens known) from the pineal gland found within the brain. The better at meditation you are, the more DMT may be released and a more “transcendental” experience may be achieved.

  18. Zeonix says:

    @ Terry: Meditation isn’t about spiritual stuff, although you can turn it into some kind of spiritual journey. That is your prerogative. It doesn’t have to be though. If you’re not the religious or spiritual type, just think of it as a tool. The more you use this particular tool, the more skilled you’ll become with it, and the greater the effects will be.

    I just wanted to point out that you don’t need to meditate at a certain time, because we don’t all have the same schedules. You can meditate after you wake up, before you go to bed (you’ll probably have strange dreams as a result of this), or whenever you get some free time. It isn’t something you have to spend hours doing. Meditation is something one can do while riding a bus, a train, walking, listening to music, etc.

    There really isn’t a right way to meditate and it isn’t something that can be taught, although a few tips don’t hurt (unless the person has no idea what they’re talking about). It’s something you’ll have to experience for yourself, and learn to understand and use for your benefit.

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  20. Ian says:

    Be sure to check out I’ve tried countless school of meditation, from buddhist to taoist and this is by far the best method I’ve come across.

    Best of luck with your mediation!

  21. wyatt says:

    You should look into something called holosync. It’s an amazing meditation technology that makes meditation effortless. I use it daily and the benefits ive experienced are undescribable.

  22. Jai says:

    It seems like you have no solid medical backing to support your claim of the “benefit”. It might actually be the case, but you support no solid backing behind it. Typical liberal spew.

  23. Dipan says:

    This is an awesome post! Thank you so much for a concise, interesting, clarifying, and inspiring article. I hope more people read this to understand that meditation is NOT an activity that requisites belief in nonsensical propositions.

  24. Mario says:

    I been meditating for 23 years now, and fully agree with all the comments.
    Meditation is not a religion, is not spiritual per se and it really change the approach to life.
    I meditating with the Transcendental Meditation technique, i think is one of the most powerful one, and even more if you take an additional course that is called siddhis, yu go from 20 minutes per day twice a day to around 1 hour twice a day.
    But is really a powerful technique.
    The trick with meditation is that it helps you spontaneulsy align your actions with the natural law. Since we all live under tha natural law it is essential that we align otherwise the natural law compensate with pain and suffering, if you align it compensate with fulfillment and joy and fluidity in life.
    Well it is a long story i just wanted to reinforce what it has been said here
    Best to all


  25. Devang says:

    If anyone is interested in knowing about what meditation can do to your life…..plz go ahead and read “An autobiography of an yogi” by Paramhansa Yogananda …

  26. Jai says:

    Again, what are the chances that this autobiography contains any medically supported facts?

  27. Daniel says:

    Jai: The chances are precisely 100%. Example: Meditation ‘good for brain’ (BBC), found by a quick Web search. It is very easy to make skeptical comments; it is slightly less easy to type “medical benefits of meditation” into a search engine and find what you want to know. A lack of direct references in an article isn’t necessary for statements that are easily proven, such as 2 + 2 = 4, except possibly on Wikipedia. I think it would be much more difficult to back up your claim that an article about a health practice and its benefits is “typical liberal spew.”

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  29. Jai says:

    Again, all BBC, which is highly liberal, does is report on a study. Is the study even credible? Possibly, possibly not. A few similar studies don’t prove anything, and what’s worse, is citing and article that cites a study. Yeah, that’s real proof.

  30. Pingback:

  31. Daniel says:

    What is “real proof”?

    Medical Research on the Benefits of Meditation This link directly quotes numerous studies confirming physiological and psychological benefits of meditation. To disavow every source would be to deny the credibility of the Ivy League and modern medical understanding in general…I provided the BBC link as an example of a general trend, in that there are many similar reports from other sources. If you can find one study that confirms that meditation has no physiological or psychological benefits, please let me know…I’m just getting started with it, and I’d like to save myself the trouble.

  32. S.o.G. says:


    WTH does making unsubstantiated claims have to do with being liberal?

    Conservatives are far more likely to make unsubstantiated claims. Conservatives are more likely to be religious. Religious conservatives are more likely to be fundamentalists.

    What could possibly be more unsubstantiated than the fundamentalist pseudo-christian crap spewed by american conservatives? Earth was created 6000 years ago and fossils laid down by a giant flood? Riiiiiigght.

    Top scientists are more likely to: a) be atheists b) have above average intelligence and b) be politically liberal

    Morons are more likely to be conservative and make ridiculous — and unsubstantiated — complaints about liberals.

    (I can’t substantiate that last claim, but I can substantiate all the rest)

  33. Jai says:

    I’m not christian at all, but you can’t substantiate the rest at all. I guarantee that alot of scientists have strong religious values.
    Conservatives are just as likely as liberals to make unsupported claims (you spend too much time on Digg, you don’t read enough unbiased news, you only see one side of the coin).

    There is also lots of evidence that proves different aspects of religion; one was a top Digg story the other day.

  34. reallytiredandabitsleepy says:

    why meditate when you could sleep in bed? sleep provides the same benefits, if not more, than medication. when you not awake try to take deep breathes, its hard at first but with lots of practice and long trained hours of unbothered focus you can do it. sleep/ nap time makes me refresh thus happy. so i can take crap from people. oh so the happy ending of eternal sleep awaites the tired and lonesome stranger, an object of the divine creation, that is my own ego. sleep will purge the memories of embarassment. haha.

  35. Peter says:

    I was brought up doing Transcendental Meditation, and I would say it had some good effects and more bad. It tends to detach you from reality and you turn to meditation as an escape from problems. You think “What my senses are telling me is not true reality. I don’t need to deal with this world in front of me.” Also, the T.M. mantras are shortened names of mini-deities, so in that case its not honest to say it is not religious.

  36. Justin says:

    What a great article! Meditation can really help with stressful times. I never thought about taking a shower before meditating I will have to try that!

  37. Rubab says:

    Meditation has good effects in improving spiritual health, further it is good and effective practice to control oneself by all means… positive thiniking comes through Meditation…

  38. Ed says:

    “When a thought appears, make a conscious decision to throw it out of your mind. ”

    Using thoughts to get rid of thoughts? Why not just watch the thoughts arise and pass without any involvement? And after a while when you notice you’re getting better at that, try to see who it is, that is aware of the arising and passing of thoughts.

  39. John says:

    “You” aren’t a thought, and neither is will power. I don’t see a contradiction necessarily. But yes, watching thoughts pass, like water flowing under a bridge, is a valid technique also.

  40. Simon says:

    Ed & John,
    In fact, I consider that there is a time for watching thoughts pass, and another for actively suppressing them. It all depends what you’re doing. However, I agree with Ed that for a purely relaxing meditative purpose, watching thoughts bubble without interfering up is probably the best. Positive thought on the other hand does require more assertiveness (laid out better over here:

  41. cool guide says:

    Definetly inspiring! I always wanted to learn meditation but never had the time; i thought i had to read books or attend some yoga classes etc. Now it sounds easier, at least to start. Still i think some classes would be helpful. One question: I have been hearing various types of meditation, active,dynamic etc.. which is the best practice to start with?

  42. Frances says:

    I never thought of religious prayer as meditating. It never occurred to me. Now I see people do that and I wonder: what does one ask a non-existing entity? [don’t bother to answer that. You know that nobody changes their mind about things like religion, save yourself some frustration and frantic typing]

    I can see the benefit of some time spent in quiet introspection. Meditation seems like a wonderful way to spend real quality time with yourself. Unfortunately I’m way too stressed to do that in any meaningful way, although that’s probably a great reason to start meditating in the first place. Something I need to look into.

  43. Irvan says:

    huh, i have not try. maybe later. 😀


  44. Dzogchenpa says:

    I’ve been a Buddhist meditator for nearly 30 years, this is a good little document for anyone to start with.

    Although it’s not something I’d personally use on a regular basis, I became interested in combining meditation and cannabis a couple of years ago, which has been very helpful in many ways. I recently found a book ‘Cannabis & Meditation – An Explorer’s Guide’ ( which has been excellent reading. Down to earth and jargon-free, it covers all of the basics and shows a number of useful and powerful techniques from a variety of traditions, including a couple from my own. Despite my background I’m happy for anyone to explore meditation through any means they wish as long as it does the job, this isn’t an area where anyone can afford to think that they know everything; a case in point being that this book had a couple of things within it that I hadn’t even considered.

    Part of my work in the Sangha is to evaluate new books for students on various forms of meditation, and although there are tens of titles on the subject there are only a handful that really show the key basics and how they HAVE to link together for meditation to be effective and allow you a chance of reaching realisation. Thus far in the last 11 years, only this book and ‘Meditation for Dummies’ have got it right and I’d highly recommend both.


  45. Thanks for kind comments re: article.

    There are many different approaches to meditation. It is hard to say which is best, because what is right for one person may not be right for someone else. It is also quite difficult to learn to meditate by reading articles on the internet. It is advisable to try find a suitable meditation group.

    However, I would not advise meditating under the influence of drugs, because it is a totally different experience to that of pure meditation.

    > You could meditate with back against wall, but it might be more comfortable to sit on cushions or chair.

    sorry about a couple of “mediations” slipping in – it shows you can’t just rely on a spell checker.



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  47. TV Online says:

    For a mantra, you can use the ancient verse of “Om”. It’s allegedly the sound the Universe makes – I’m guessing it’s supposed to be the sound of things at rest (e.g. womb, ocean, wind, etc). It’s pronounced oamm (emphasis on the m).

  48. ryan says:

    what’s this about non-religious? do you know what a mantra is?

  49. Dzogchenpa says:

    Hi Tejvan. I can see that we could have a long discussion on the topic of drugs and meditation:) I wouldn’t recommend anyone just go out and buy drugs and sit vegging out and thinking they can meditate, it isn’t as simple as that and a lot of care has to be taken to make sure you’re accessing the right states without drugs before you do it with them.

    I would just like to comment on your statement above though that, “However, I would not advise meditating under the influence of drugs, because it is a totally different experience to that of pure meditation.” This implies that cannabis can’t add anything to our access states, and that it prevents users from reaching the right meditative conditions, which really isn’t true – though I do understand your reasons for saying this and that it may well be true for some.

    I practised within the Tibetan traditions for 27 years without even trying drugs, let alone trying to meditate whilst high, it was just the antithesis of everything I believed in, and felt very strongly that the two could not combine. However, along the way I also discovered that many of the people I studied under, and even some of my own lineage holders were users and even promoted its benefits privately – it has after all been a key aspect of many forms of practice for both Hindus and Buddhists of certain traditions, even though it isn’t openly talked about in this way.

    Anyway, despite my reticence about use, I decided to try it a few years ago as an experiment, and expected the worst. Once I got used to the sensation of being high (I don’t drink or use caffiene, etc, so this was new to me) I began to look closely at what I could do with it and what it was trying to do to me. I quickly found that Relaxation, mindfulness and the generation of metta were far, far easier. Also, though it’s not really a part of my tradition’s daily work, I also found that moving through the dhyanas was also much easier and that in general my mind was much more pliable and easier to explore. Contemplative meditation in the Dzogchen style was, I’d say, about 50% more effective stoned.

    On the downside, shamatha was slightly impaired as my brain wanted to keep free-forming creatively, but a little firm practice for a few minutes brought that under control.

    The main point is that the ‘states’ I reach are no different stoned or straight, and that cannabis enhances sensitivity to further work within these states. Cannabis adds an edge to vipassana and shamatha, it doesn’t detract. If it truly did detract then I wouldn’t even consider using it, my meditation is far too important for me to risk impairing it in any way.

    I really do not want people to think that by taking drugs it will give them an easy ‘in’ to higher states, but for those with the control and the experience I would recommend it whole-heartedly, at least as a one-off now and again.

    Thanks again for an excellent OP.


  50. Zeonix says:

    @Ryan: While the term mantra is of hindi origin, simply repeating a phrase to help one concentrate is also considered a mantra. If you’re concentrating on that one phrase and only that phrase, your mind isn’t wandering elsewhere.

    Again, it’s just a tool.

  51. 10668844 says:

    Dzogchenpa, I am impressed with your open and candid response. Keep up the good work.

  52. ryan says:

    I know, however I recommend meditating on this instead:

    Give ear to my words, O Lord, consider my meditation.
    Hearken unto the voice of my cry, my King, and my God: for unto thee will I pray.
    My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O Lord; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee…

    I concentrated on all of those, and my mind wasn’t wandering….wow, more than one word?!? BIG UPS!

    Life’s NOT about the SELF. It’s about the COMMUNITY.

  53. Pensador says:

    Interesting article. I usually meditate in the metro, on my way to work.

  54. Michael Langford says:

    A lot of people have a problem with the flame exercise you’re talking about above as they’re not “doing enough”.

    Another one is to count to 10 (or 4) repeatedly in time with your breaths.

    Another one is to imagine yourself floating immersed underwater (or in space, or in air) and actively watch distractions float up past you in bubbles. (You’re meditating on the distractions floating by!)

    Another caveat: Don’t “force” your mind to go back to concentrating when you are distracted by something. Note the distraction, brush it off, then go back gently to your meditation.

    e.g. “One…two…three….four….one…two…Oh my the carpet feels fuzzy. So fuzzy under my legs….oh my, the carpet just distracted me…oh well, happens sometime… back to meditation…. one….two…. three… four… one… two… three… four… one”

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  58. Danny says:

    Great overview and practical intro! One little thing I find important: Set an alarm! I use the v. quiet alarm on my PDA. Before I started doing this, the hardest thought to banish during meditation was “Has it been thirty minutes?” Then I’d want to look at the clock, then my whole day’s schedule would rush in . . .

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  62. Ron says:

    Here is an excellent site regarding research on meditation, in this case Transcendental Meditation.

    And check this out about ADHD research:

    Finally, it ends up that film director David Lynch has been meditating for 30 years. Who’d a thunk it!

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  65. Dave says:

    Thanks for sharing this great information about meditation.
    I think the use of candles and burning of incense came from movies that featured people who uses incense and candles while they are meditating.

  66. Shine says:

    Thanks so much for the nice post which reminds me to get back to the habit.

    Quieting the mind to get recharged!

  67. Luke says:

    I’ll be waking up early tomorrow to try it out.

  68. Travis says:

    Good article, and very good intro to meditating. I listed a translation from an old Vedic text on my website that lists 112 methods of meditation, for those who want a little variety-

    I would like to quote Gandhi in response to some of the above comments –
    “Meditation is Prayer with form, Prayer is Meditation without form.”

  69. Pamela says:

    This is a wonderful and concise introduction to meditation. I think it’s enough for people planning to try meditation.
    More benefits will probably be acquired through deeper meditation.

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  74. Helen says:

    This is just great. Guidelines and basic principles are what we all need to learn to start meditation. Deeper understanding of meditation should require more knowledge about it.

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  77. Ilchi Lee has a fantastic reputation due to what he teaches and how he uses his mind. Ilchi Lee was driven at youth to ask deep inner questions about his existence, which is a question that we all bring up sometimes. Ilchi Lee is also a master of Teak Kwon Do and spent 21 days alone meditating. Meditate is to reflect deeply on a subject. Meditate to think to intently and at length as for spiritual purposes. This is similar to what many of us do. How many times have you been sitting around bored, just staring into nothing. You are meditating. Ilchi Lee also traveled across the USA and stumbled across a city to start teaching his ideas. This wonderful and beautiful city was Sedona, Arizona. Finally, Ilchi Lee

    Book of Joshua: Isaac went out to meditate in the field.
    Hebrew word; talk to himself. To devise, imagine.
    Greek word; what people do to make sure they can teach


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  79. Another great post. Meditation is key!

  80. Tony says:

    Meditation = Relaxation (oh, and I save d$1000.00 and hours of wasted time)


  81. One of the most inspiring books I have ever read was Ricard’s “Happiness.” In it, over and over again, he teaches the importance of meditating and its relationship to happiness. I am convinced that meditation is the source of mind control, and mind control is the fuel of increased happiness.
    Great post!!

  82. doni says:

    meditation gave me a woman’s love

  83. steph says:

    I’m glad to know about this page. I have been struggeling with too many thoughts and the sresses of life. I couldn’t deem to focus on one thing or nothing at all. I was lying in bed one day and it hit me like a slap in the face, to read up on meditation as i read about it, it became so muck clearer and helpful to try this out so i can find peace of mind and do some soul-searching. So i say thanks.

  84. My experience: Meditation didn’t help nearly as much as a system to organize my thoughts, desires, and commitments. I think of the methodology I practice (GTD) as a kind of enforced meditation, if that makes any sense. The analogy I give: No one’s able to meditate away a bill, problem, or situation that needs attention. You can get a different perspective on it, sure, but it will still be there when you’re “back in the real world.”

    And before anyone flames, I do get (at the basic level) the crucial importance of mindfulness, and I have a ton of work to do in that area. I guess my main point is that, for clearing my head, having a system worked better for me than a meditation practice…

    Thanks for the discussion!

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  86. Eklavya says:

    A very good article indeed. Though the article is very short, it has covered almost all the things related to meditation. While concentration and effort are necessary in the beginning, we must know that Meditation is not concentration itself. It is (if I used the words of great J Krishnamurthy) a state of choiceless awareness. A state of stillness which makes us calm.

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  89. Here’s a useful guide to meditation for those interested. :)

  90. Ashish says:

    A well documented Article.. Meditation is infact a process of liberization of yourself from the thoughts. And if observed carefully its only thoughts which decide how a person is going to live his/her life. for example if you are happy at present.. a thought will be responsible for this and similarly if sad/Charged up, always a thought works behind it. so Thoughts are infact life and by doing meditation we can control our life…Also “A monk who sold his Ferrary” by Robin Sharma is a Good one ..

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  93. Cody says:

    Ive been wanting to try meditationl for a while now to help with depression and so on. Thanks for the info.

  94. juggalotus says:

    thanks but what about noise and un clear thoughts i cant seem to concerntrate on certen thoughts but dont thing of them they are just there

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  98. vivek says:

    i liked it very much & will try those fine points while doing yoga

  99. Michelle says:

    i always meditate and i find it really good, especially wen am musterbading or having sex with my neighbor, wawwww meditating is so good. i musterbade while meditating, try it it’s excellent

  100. Michelle says:

    i always meditate and i find it really good, especially wen am musterbading or having sex with my neighbor, wawwww meditating is so good. i musterbade while meditating, try it it’s excellent

  101. Tapu Tuailemafua says:

    Meditation is “thinking about not thinking”
    its like thinking about “naught” thus clearing the mind !

    I have yet to undertsnad this concept. Right now I can clear my mind of everything… but when Im at this stage i find out that i have already sleeping. I guess this is it…after all when you wake up you feel highly rejuvenated

    However according to the Taoist when your at that stage the mind is cleared of everything, or when calmnewss is there, anythought that is derived from your inner being is the topic of your meditation. Do not be biased here! that is when you are thinking about something that you are worie about etc

    The point is when you listen to your infinity, the answer to your mrditation is there …it may be quite different from the going ons that you are familiar with everyday Cheers and may you all have wonderful meditating christmas and new year festivities ..aummmm, auuuuummmmmm, aummmmmmm

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  106. Tesu says:

    Meditation sounds very calming to the mind.But shall younger people do it too?It would be good perhaps for a teenager but they don’t really have the right mind to do it.Or perhaps in other words are being difficult and dont want to do it.Do you make noise when you meditate?

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  108. april says:

    i love the sight and i think it might really help me acomplish my dream

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  113. kee says:

    i do both visualization and meditation.
    i need to create a image in my mind and focus as much detail as i can on it while visualization.
    will this affect my meditation skill which silent mind are needed.

  114. Felicia says:

    im only 17 but i meditate everyday. and by reading this i can almost explain why i enjoy it so much and how i can “just sit there”. And now i will take my meditation to a step further. Thank you

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  118. God says:>>>>>>>Read this like your life depends on it…..cause it does!!! meditation expands consciousness/awareness……heaven and hell both exist on earth but in your MIND…meditate to get to heaven

    Peace GOD

  119. God says: …Read this like your life depends on it…..cause it does!!! meditation expands consciousness/awareness……heaven and hell both exist on earth but in your MIND…meditate to get to heaven

    Peace GOD

  120. lochie says:

    Great artical, it really works

    Thanks =)

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  124. Jillian says:

    i like the idea of meditating but how long do peopel usually meditate and for how long????????

  125. johnny says:

    It matters if your a beginner or advanced. Just starting to learn meditation and your sessions probably won’t be long like 10 mins to 20 max.(FOR ME AT LEAST) But after a couple months/year youll be able to have a completely thoughless mind even during normal activities like masterbation and even while looking at the neighbors daughter Cindy through that little slit in her red curtains right next to joeys room, actually I think its Toms room now cause Joey moved to LA…lol Anyways after a couple months/year your meditation sessions wil be longer like 30 mins….But this is just my subjective
    outlook on it. I am just another human taking a ride in this infinite world we all live in.

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  127. Srikant says:

    I think this is very useful.I have been having a lot of problems controlling my mind.Was unable to concentrate..Will try starting today..Will definitely post with my results.I know it will take time to control the monkey.

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  130. tom says:

    Replying to Jai: I appreciate your wish for empirical evidence to support claims for meditation. Usually when people say there is evidence for the benefits of meditation, they are referring to the scientific research done on the Transcendental Meditation technique. Over 600 studies have been done on the effects of TM on mind, body, behavior and environment, conducted at Harvard Medical School, Stanford, UCLA, Yale, etc, and hundreds of the studies were published in the leading peer-reviewed scientific journals. EEG research shows that TM produces brainwave coherence and more efficient brain functioning. The NIH has funded over $24 million to study TM’s effects on blood pressure, hypertension, and stroke, and the results are quite impressive. But most important is the experience of TM: unbounded awareness, the Atma. TM is a wonderful systematic technique for transcending thought, and it’s established a foundation for science to accept meditation as a powerful and invaluable tool for facilitating inner and outer growth. peace out

  131. Steve Mills says:

    Nice article and introduction to meditation. It is one of the most beneficial things that anyone can do, and whats more it’s free!

  132. tom says:

    Reply to Peter’s remarks that TM produces some bad effects, and that there is dishonesty in the way TM is presented: Scientific studies have been done on TM researching its effects on virtually every aspect of human life that can be empirically measured, using control groups from every reasonable segment of society — students, business people, prisoners, new meditators, advanced meditators, mentally ill, athletes, elderly, youth, patients with high blood pressure, etc. — and no peer-reviewed, well-controlled research study has ever found negative effects to result from the TM technique. Only positive results. And as mentioned above, these were studies NOT conducted by “TM” scientists, but at leading medical schools and universities and many were funded by the NIH. I’ve been practicing TM for 35 years, and it is unimaginable how settling the mind and effortlessly, naturally transcending to experience one’s true inner nature can lead to bad results. As far as dishonesty, it is your interpretation that the mantras are “names of mini-gods.” But TM teachers are straightforward about the mantras: the mantras are sounds whose effects are known to be life-supportive and harmonizing, and are used in a way that has absolutely no association with meaning. The mantra is a vehicle for transcending, a sound that lends itself to the process of the mind going beyond thinking. There is no association with “gods” and there’s no point in even trying to determine what the TM mantras might mean in any particular language. It is not meaning that is relevant to the process, it is the effect of the mantra. Millions of people and 600 research studies say that the experience is way cool.

  133. laughing crow says:

    Hey Peter, You say that TM “tends to detach you from reality and you turn to meditation as an escape from problems.” I’ve been doing TM for over 25 years, and that is not my experience at all, nor is that the common experience. Some people who have practiced TM may not understand the process—perhaps you are among them. TM is a technique for expanding awareness. When awareness expands, one’s perception of reality expands. One becomes more engaged with “reality.” All the research shows greater comprehension and ability to focus, and increased self-actualization.

    Meditation allows you to better deal with the world that is in front of you. TM is not a practice for escaping reality, it is a preparation for dealing with reality more effectively. You seem to have missed the point and grown bitter, my friend. That is most unfortunate, because TM is a really good and innocent practice. I recommend it for everyone.

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  137. jeeshnu says:

    thank you so much for all these useful points that you have added in here. all the ideas are relevant and , it is just too good and helpful to seekers like us, thank you ,,,,,,, lol

  138. Nice blogs to enlight people. I must appreciate your efforts.

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  142. Arabella says:

    meditation can increase your intuition level and other psychic energies like claivoyance and clairaudient.

  143. Thankyou! I find it fascinating how people look at things.

  144. Cody says:

    Meditation is actually a very wonderful thing.. i suggest you give it a try

    im only 16 and i just started meditating about a week ago. its terrific.

    A reason i do it is because i am wiccen. meaning i in the wicca religion. it focuses energy, thoughts, and health.

    if it doenst work the first time dont get upset and quit.

    it takes practice and focus.

  145. meditation says:

    Realization should be the basic objective of a meditater. Your blog explains the same.

  146. olukayode says:

    while you’ve done your best to explain meditation,form the way you see it,well i’d want it to be known that meditation is a spiritual exercise,that has outstanding effects on the physical body and physical realm.almost anything can be achieved through meditation,when accompanied with prayers. meditation from the biblical point of view,requires you taking out time to meditate on the words of God written in the bible thereby producing effects beyond the physical experience that you may have been has a wholelife and eternal effect.i pick two scrirtures to explain-“this book of the law shall not depart from your mouth,but you shall meditate in it day and night ,that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it.for then you will make your way prosperous,and then you will have good success”- “but his delight is in the law of the Lord and in His law he meditates day and night.he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water,that brings forth its fruit in its season,whose leaf also shall not wither,and whatever he does shall prosper” quotes from joshua 1:8 and Psalm1:2-3.
    certain risks are attached to quietening your mind and leaving it i said,its a spiritual exercise that has to do with the spiritual realm.Risks such as picking up communication from foul and evil supernatural bodies that may be hanging around just next to you.thats why the bible recommends that you focus on the laws of the lord which also are the words of promises and declarations stated in the provides much safety and security for our souls,which is basically the centre of meditation(the soul consists of the mind,will and emotions).it connects you to the realm of GodthrouhHisHoly spirit.meditating on the Words of God is very pleasant .personally i’ve had so much benefits from doing this as it launches you into a realm in God higher than the physical experience of this world,which is stuffed with plenty are also led by the spirit of God,who fills you as you believe in Jesus as Saviour.while not trying to sound so religious,i have had countless experiences and have seen and witnessed strange experiences in others who have discovered this type of meditation.i once picked a scripture”God shall make perfect,everything that concerns me” to meditate and pray on ,when my partner was rushed to a hospital on emergency note,i was sore afraid and fearful of what the outcome might be,but moments after i started the meditation and prayers,the fears lifted and moments after,i saw the Lord..telling me that i would have to trust him to do a perfect work on my partner.i agreed,and that was it.i left the hospital for home and no sooner had i reached my house that my partner gave me a call,sounding so great..,and when i got back to the hospital,there was my partner,full of life and smiles as if nothing ever happened and was dicharged from the hospital in no time.different experiences with different scriptures meditated upon.its just like living in anotherworld full of Glory,power and can turn a wretched life into a beautiful one.bye for now!

  147. PEACE says:

    hello I don’t know if my last post was put here or not but I would like to learn something easy.. sorry I don’t speak english very well.. I speak spanish and I am learning english.. I am 21 years old.. and I have anxiety and depression.. I want to feel better and I have taking medication that’s venlafaxine and now at the same time victan but I feel a little bit better but I think this causes me to feel asleep..I can’t meditate in the morning.. I am busy and I have free time on nights but I am not sure it would be a good idea to do it at bed or before going to bed please

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  151. farouk says:

    very nice post, sometimes i feel that i am thinking of 1000 things at the same time, i am sure meditation can help me

  152. John Brimm says:

    Nice article covering the basics of meditation. It is one of the most rewarding exercises we know of and it don’t cost a penny!

    John B.

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  154. Oyuncu says:

    Well, this very nice and wonderful.

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  156. Meditation can really help with stressful times. I never thought about taking a shower before meditating, definitely should try that.

  157. vishal says:

    Beautiful article indeed. Actually meditation is an activity which just happens. You just be in the moment. thats it..Thanks a lot – also try this blog an initiative for starters in meditation.

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  159. Frenchi says:

    I want to learn how to meditate.

    How do you meditate?????

  160. Pingback: Adding Meditation to Your Life

  161. Anti Christ says:

    I’ma shoot fire balls at everybody using chi, cuz i’m god. Your all going to die. :]

  162. esperanza says:

    I love your comment. God knows all things and he is the only that can help you. He is very very powerfulmore than anyone.

  163. esperanza says:

    How do you meditate. Thanks

  164. esperanza says:

    I would like to know how you fo TM it looks like it helped you a lot and I would like to learn how to do TM. Is it difficult. I live in an area were no one do any meditation at all. Could you help me. Thanks

  165. Paul Foreman says:

    Thanks for using my Meditation Mind Map & Document – there are many more Mind Maps to view and download at my Blog & Website where I share my personal Hand-drawn Mind Maps on a wide range of Motivational & Inspirational subjects, plus tips and ideas for creativity and innovation.

    Kind regards

    Paul Foreman

  166. John Connor says:

    Abdullah, then I wonder why those jehadis across globe who are staunch supporters of your prophet & pray hardcore (meditate) 5+1 times a day, STILL are like “mad monkeys” eager to shoot down anything that walks. Where’s all the love and peace gone?

    They surely need to change their so called meditation techniques.

  167. Chris says:

    i’m guessing you practice islam. and from the stupid statement you just made proved it why you guys are like this.

  168. Chris says:

    like they say “what good is faith if you dont use it”
    non believers like you perish and rot in materialist misery.

  169. watsone says:

    michelle r u a moslem?? cuz they do this like all the time. the reason why they have deadless dicks and pea sized brains. lol.

  170. Fi says:

    I was Muslim. Prayer, for me, did become a time to medidate because my mind used this time to settle down, even though I was reciting prayers. I understand both of your points, however; Namaz is much more than simply meditating, but it can also incorporate meditation within it. I don’t understand the rest of the reply, however. I don’t see how bigfilez comment was stupid, nor do I see how Chris could conclude that Bigfilez was Muslim.
    I also want to know what Chris means when he says “Why you guys are like this”?

  171. Наум says:

    Ну конечно, как говорят, занимательное рядом! :)

  172. Genewize says:

    Thanks so much for this post. I am a religious personand have always been interested in this concept. You have answered some of my questions, and I thank you! :-)

  173. games says:

    I never meditate before or if I did I didn’t do it right, so Iam trying to learn the right way now because iam on my 40’s and meditation is helpfull at this age, I think :-)

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  175. i have not been into meditation until recently but i am deffinately interested in it now..

    Thanks for the great information

  176. simly says:

    Meditation is great for relaxation. Everyone can benefits from nice and peaceful meditation.

  177. Maria says:

    But I don’t have time To Meditate, is what I’m saying to my self. Never the less I will try it, after this nice article.

  178. John says:

    Yea, Maria you should definitely try it.

  179. dewarental says:

    I use Yoga technique for yoga meditation
    and this article is greats

  180. Darrin says:

    Liberal and Conservative politics both have nothing to do with the practice of meditation.

  181. Shamash says:

    That’s an interesting post on the benefits of meditation, thank you. Recent research has found that meditation changes the shape of the brain and activates the more positive parts of it too. I practice every morning and it soon stops being a chore, especially if you are regular in the discipline. I like mindfulness meditation, which does not use a mantra but is simply about being aware of whatever arises, ultimately. Check out my free videos on it, on

  182. Brain Adams says:

    Wow very great information. By Meditating we gain calmness also. WE would take things easily. We will have fresh mind. WE can do meditation before we go to sleep also. Morning as soon as we get up we should meditate and before we go to sleep. It gives you a good result.
    Brainhealthandpuzzles – brain meditation

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  184. Meditating is the secret to a long, happy, healthy life. You can meditate in any moment. Just be fully engaged in each moment of the present.

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  186. Wayne Scherr says:

    I use meditation and breathing excersises to calm the mind, become centered and then as a fine art nature photographer let images find me as I am more open to the creative process.

    Meditation has opened my senses to the hear and now allowing calm observation and participation in the natural world around me.

  187. Dan o says:

    Hey is this cody miller. Its dan humphreys man!!! woohoo

  188. Danielle says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. 100% useful.

  189. SANJAY says:

    Jai Gurudev,
    Good after noon

    Respected companion,

    Sometimes after meditation I experience a feeling of angerness annoyedness. Kindly advise

  190. Sneha says:

    Nice Article. Hope it will help me as i am keen to learn about meditation.

  191. Randomb says:

    I was just wondering what the full relaxation feals like. i think i have done it before but i wanted a clearer understanding. Once on a trip, i was travelling on a bus and i was listining to music with my earphones. i had my eyes closed and i got to a stage where i only heared the music. after what seemed like a small while, the person beside me got my attention, and i started to smell something bad. turns out the person behind me had thrown up… My point is, while i dont think i fell asleep, because i was listening to the music the whole time, before i had been disturbed, i didnt even smell or notice the person who had thrown up (Which is interesting for me since they were sitting directly behind me.) is this what the calm of meditation is?

  192. Mike says:

    Hey, I’d like to read your article on hw to meditate — where can I find it?

  193. Rahmat says:

    hmm, is meditation give the same way as self-hypnosis?
    well, from what I know, when we in hypnotic state, we are fully aware of our surrounding. Is this same?
    Umm, and I found some words like higher consciousness,
    is there any relation between meditation and those words?
    (though I don’t really understand what higher consciousness means :p )

    and, ah, when I meditate, I often see the image of myself in center of room but with very different angle, it’s just like I see myself from another person,
    is this just my imagination? or maybe some stray thought?

    sorry, I am really beginner about meditation, what I know about this just, meditation is a synchronization between mind, body and thought. and I intended to feel the astral plane, but I have no idea how to do it, don’t know what the plane is, and what will I feel if I have already reach that plane.

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  196. lozzie says:

    i’m 13 and i’m going to start meditating now thanks for the help!

  197. Brian says:

    Dude, that’s just the extremists. Actual Muslims aren’t like that… And they don’t consider the extremists to be Muslim anyway.

  198. Radu says:

    i have accomplished the silent mind in 4 days…i did this after deciding to block all my negative thoughts from my life..i want to learn more about meditation and astral plane..I feel more energized,happier and more healthy all the time ..i usually do it after i came home from high school and sometimes i do it before i go to bed…i know it will sound funny but i have problems achiving the one thought concentration,it much more harder form me to meditate on a single thought then making my ming go silent

  199. Radu says:

    sorry for my spelling mistakes :)

  200. Kim McGinnis says:

    I also believe meditation is important. But I feel the need to add that contemplation is also extremely worthwhile. The point is to go inside to access the higher part of ourselves.

    I recently read a wonderful book by Andy Feld called ‘Wake Up, Your Life is Calling.’ In it he goes into detail about how and why to integrate the practice.

    What I like about contemplation is the practice is fed by our loving intention combined with our imagination. Imagination is a powerful tool in manifesting.

    Of course a combination of these techniques would be even better!
    Thank you-Kim

  201. Andy Feld says:

    Like most, I used to believe that daily meditation was optional. As I have become more and more aware about the powers of our personal thoughts and emotions I now believe it is a mandatory practice for anyone wishing to truly be the creator of there own life. Our life is a clean white canvas that we get to paint through the powers of our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions. Learning to first quiet and then direct our thoughts can only be learned through a practice of regular meditations. Thanks to all. Andy

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  203. kayjay says:

    You can NEVER learn how to meditate without somebody FIRST teaching you, and meditation is very22222 easy , but it is unknown to the normal person

  204. I’m intrigued as to how this article is still getting comments two years later?

    It is the coolest thing when you realize that as thoughts cycle through, you can say to yourself “I choose to rewrite that belief,” or “I choose to keep this belief and enhance it,” over time recreating your entire reality …

  205. tara says:

    to me, mediation is natural. stop making it so confusing. just sit, think, and you’re done. that’s it. it’s that simple. stop making it so complicated!

    <3 tara

  206. dp says:

    the link to the .pdf document is broken. i recall having liked that article a lot. could you please fix it? thanks

  207. Arvind says:

    Meditation is like cycling IMO, once you learn it, you cannot forget it and you will wonder how at some point you could never do it. My tip would be : Just listen to the quite of your mind. Remember that your conscience(or the thing that perceives) is seperate from your thoughts which are generated from your brain.
    I realized this after having a few psychedelic journeys but this is not necessary IMO. Trying to focus very gently on some point (the middle of your chest near the heart works for me), will help you understand this as well. Just my 2 cents.

  208. Decal says:

    A wonderful article on how to meditate and the benefits of it.

  209. Neil says:

    Hi my name is Neil
    being a Hindu i follow the Bhagwat Gita…which provide the same information as you,thanks a lot.

    taming the
    ” mad monkey “is a tough ask but i am getting better with time.

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  211. Thank you for this informative and interesting article. The amazing complexities of Meditation can really be simplified and incorporated into everyones life.

    The health benefits, and what can be achieved from meditation in itself are glorious. Thanks for providing a glimpse into this incredible tool.

  212. Awesome man! This is cool guide for a complete newbie. Thanks fot this post.

    You really put in effort in educating us,

  213. lalo says:

    ive been medatating for about 4 years now its very useful for stress and other things on your mind.Well i tell people how old i am and thats 14 so do the math,people say its a good thing u start early? and i ask why well they tell me meditate is because when ur young u just wanna have fun and dont worry about the little things in life then u get caugh in getting in troble and etc but when u medatate at a young stage u dont allow alot of bad things into your life or briges that lead to no were for this response e-mail me back at

  214. Just added new guide on How to Meditate on my site. Hope that helps tpp

  215. Prashant says:

    The meditation and relaxation music reaches to unearth the bountiful beauty present in our beings. The panorama of the highest order brings the opportunity to allow love to embrace ourselves.Check out some free Meditation Music Samples at

  216. Great Article! Meditation helped me to shape my destiny. I now have an absolute mission in my life, a target that I am committed to hit and what helped me generate it was simply stilling my mind. It is my belief that meditation is a great way to communicate directly with the subconscious mind, leaving suggestions for improvement to stick. I have used it to re pattern habits that weren’t supporting me. Great Article!

  217. namyer says:

    thanks that i have found this site.. i just want to get rid of my morning anxiety. hope this will help. i really need some peace of mind.. I would really be a great help if theirs someone here who could also give me additional tips on achieving a peace of mind.

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  219. Claud Leland says:

    Buying prescriptions is easier now. Forget about standing in those long queues’ to get your medicines.

  220. kaka says:

    how long did it take you to succeed? I’ve tried two times but i live in a small apartment so its hard to find a place where its completly quiet and the fact that i have tinitus doesnt help either.

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  222. In life’s busy and hectic schedule there is a way to find a little peace with guided meditation techniques. It can help restore balance to your life.

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  224. alannah says:

    i have been wondering how to seems like it would help my life alot. i have had a alot of stress lately and i’d love to learn how to do it.

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  226. Meditation has immense power,the power that lies untapped withing us.We must start to tap this unused power,and energize ourselves to a new strength.

  227. Chocolovit says:

    I just read an article about how good meditation is to our brain. This post just makes the point even clearer. Thanks for sharing.

  228. Meditation is a tool these days……its all about how you understand this term

  229. amon holmes says:

    There are a lot of documented health benefits of meditation now. In a busy world, just finding a daily space to center yourself makes sense. More than that, it brings you in touch with the divine.

  230. Anne73 says:

    I just recently started self meditation. A friend of mind had shown me how. She also showed me how to teach others as well as help them fix pain they experience in many different areas. The only thing is, is that in most cases, if I touch the other person I find myself taking their pain. Can anyone explain this to me? I had a bad experience tonight with a young girl who apparently is troubled. I was clear minded and speaking to her in a calm manner, to keep her mind clear and inhale through the nose a color that is peaceful to her and exhale the color that she depicts as pain. Then focus a place that is soothing and remembering to breath. As I reached to stroke her gently sliding my thumb downward in the middle of her forehead, something I’ve never experienced before happened. Instead of taking in the pain from a migraine or any other sort of pain, I began to feel dark and sad. This made me shake, sweat and feel nauseous. Not to mention I could feel her resentment towards someone in particular as well as pain. I began to cry so I had to stop. Can anyone explain to me what happened? I have been told I was a taker but this I could not help with.

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  232. Anne73 says:

    I actually started meditating after a month long stay in the hospital and a shoulder brush with death. That kind of gets you thinking about all the small stuff. I taught my 18 and 16 year old the basics of meditation. Which I have to say was not easy with all the giggling at first. But now I meditate on a regular basis with my daughter, age 18, and she really enjoys it. My son on the other hand prefers to meditate late at night outside when all is quiet and his surroundings are right for him. So all in all I would have to say yes it is good to teach your children. This way they feel more in tune with their thoughts and feelings.

  233. Anne73 says:

    My meditation also is visualization. Picturing a serene place where I feel relaxed and most at peace. If this helps you by all means keep doing it.

  234. C says:

    I would try using ear plugs. You can buy them at a sporting goods store. Probably wal mart too.

  235. Ahmet says:

    Thanks very good

  236. patrick bridygham says:

    I sugest somthing orthodox buhdist probly would not sugest for meditation, right after you masterbate for about 50 seconds your brain will shift to a zen like conciosness I sugest to use the releases state that you masterbate while meditating and that when peak accors you keep the zen state and continue to meditate. it’s somthing I have began to experiment with also drumming brings your brain into theta or sleep state which can be used with meditation.

  237. Judy says:

    I can’t understand your words.Meditation is hard…

  238. Judy says:

    In my country the time is 02.08.2010 at 13:50. haha~ I like this article,this website and this free response!

  239. MFJ says:

    i hvn’t started meditation yet but iv hrd that there are alots of disadvantages if we do it wrong n the person may get killed or something?? plz if nebdy knws thn email me
    im just affraid..

  240. James says:

    Meditation is a process not a technique, it is with you to discover in yourself. Buddha never found a single teacher or guru that shows him how to meditate in his conquest for enlightenement. This is not something to give to anyone it is something inside us all and it is our own search and conquest is needed to discover it.

  241. John says:

    Meditation can make our inner world in peace, harmony and in perfect order.

  242. Angela says:

    I find that meditating makes it easire for me to handle the stress of every day living. Thanks for this clear information.

  243. Dominic says:

    Thank you for this it’s a useful read

  244. I think it this would be quite similar to self hypnosis..Do you agree?

  245. Maria says:

    It’s really good to meditate at least 15 minutes per day. That time is yours and your only.

  246. Meditation is a tool these days……its all about how you understand this term

  247. it’s somthing I have began to experiment with also drumming brings your brain

  248. Bob says:

    I totally agree with your post.

    I have recieved many benefits from meditation, such as you have mentioned, I truly dont care what others think of me and accept myself.

    However I dont agree with things you mention such as taking a shower before you meditate you should be able to enter the state during the hardest situation.

  249. Andre says:

    Meditation is definitely the key!

  250. sumit says:

    dear friends
    meditation is basically the technique to reach Divine. As one has to be perfect for attaining Him, meditation also accounts of health of the sadhak.
    Sorry, no time to write more now but you can continue reading at my blog
    bye for now
    take care…
    God loves all

  251. thanks for sharing this. it’s really helpful. i just hope i could release all the negative elements caused by stress very soon. 😀

  252. Shyam says:

    Hi friends. Please beware when you are doing meditation don’t think about space because in the space there is much bad energy and you may be kidnapped there. If you will kidnapped you realize that you are losting your energy. So remember this.

  253. Shyam says:

    Hi….. Please beware when you are doing meditation don’t think about space because in the space there is much bad energy and you may be kidnapped there. If you will kidnapped you realize that you are losting your energy. So remember this.

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  255. fragrance says:

    Why are you posting such negative thoughts and making others feel fear.Don’t do like these things.

  256. K Naga Babu says:

    Inspired article, i am taking oath to practice the meditation after reading this article. Very motivated articel

  257. Tricia says:

    Meditation is amazing. I started meditating about 2 years ago. Within days of my first meditation, I began to feel more relaxed all day long. I also noticed that I remembered my dreams more. And, to my delight, I even became aware of some truths about my existence. The only scary moment I had happened on about the 10th time I’d meditated. I was wondering whether I was actually meditating properly, but continued to clear my mind and focusing on my breathing when suddenly I began to hear a high pitched sound in my ears. Next I felt vibrations throughout my whole being. It scared me enough that I stopped focusing so hard and it went away. I then tried to relax back into my meditation and just as before the high pitched sound and vibrations started again. I knew then that it was just that I had reached a very deep meditative state where one starts to separate from the material world in some way. I’ve since gotten used to the feeling and know what comes next. I’ll just say some very interesting and amazing things happen when you meditate that deeply! Best of luck to you all, and a very Happy New Year! Peace ~ Tricia :)

  258. Adam says:

    Thanks for this list. I tried to sign up for the email list but it failed citing I needed to enter a value for email (which I did). Would be great to sign up.


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  262. Eli says:

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  266. Peter says:

    You wake up at 6:30 mann i wish my sleep patter was that awesome :/
    Oh well off to meditate 😀

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  268. RI...ROCK says:

    ya..i feel good after reads points.

  269. vicky says:

    how to concentrate on one point. isit easy?

  270. bright says:

    is it ok to hv food immediately after meditation?

  271. CCole says:

    How long should I meditate?

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  273. Gee says:

    Please people don’t medidtate. Please don’t do it. I did it and had a badd like really bad experience, possibly demonic. Research the effects if you don’t believe me. This is very spiritual and not to be messed around with. Trust me.

  274. SamIam says:

    So I’m definitely studying up on this bc I’m a perfectionist, something else I’m working on. How long are you supposed to meditate?? Does it have a time frame even??

  275. Anoop Chandel says:

    Thanks a lot for meditation Thought

  276. Thanks for a very informative article. This can really help out a lot of beginners with their meditation practice. After reading this article, I am sure that people would get interested to learn the art of meditation. Thanks!

  277. Kunjumon Errumathra says:

    Practice of meditation as advised is very simple but the result is tremendous & unbelievable. Obtaining daily practice will be great achievement in our whole life. Most of the people do not know the advantage of art of meditation. The informative article provided is a great help and unforgetable.

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  285. brittany ochuko says:

    i think depending on the inner soul of the purpose depends on what the see or feel in meditation if your meditating and you come in contact with some demonic forces or whatever maybe that a energy source of yourself you need to get rid of from within either way one aspect of meditation is cleansing detoxing getting rid of things of the world demons for sure are part of the world there more so @ us because weve chosen so but every thing is a learning experience i know from experience meditation is so healthy for your brain your overall being you have to face your fears the only way is through meditation with your eyes shut seeing through your true inner eye because for the ones who know this world is an illusion that we created a trap we set for ourselves so besides death which is a disease we should concentrate out of the world and concentrate with living our lives through our transformation through us evolving if everyone does that the world period will be peaceful people like us wouldnt feel a need to escape through ourselves to find our selves because we would be our true selves its so many distractions in the world we have to let go its hard thats why we have to go back to our selves in backwards sense through keys cause weve messed

  286. brittany ochuko says:

    i remember before i started meditate i was in true conflict with myself my thought and mind process was all over the place i met many practioners and just strangers out of no where willing to help almost as if it wanted me i feel blessed and lucky to even learn of meditation because it saved my life not only through meditation i learned to find a center of peace i learned so much about my body in general i lost 28 pounds learning and proceessing through my mind how to take care of myself through meditation my mind starting showing me the answers i learned about paying attention to the signs in the world because even awake you can meditate and block things out with your mind one way i meditate i dont look at the people or the things in the world because you notice the more you meditate and become comfortable with yourself people want to judge you and hate you even more no matter how you look its all a trick of the mind so you must block it out its energy sources using people as tools that have lower spiritual energy to distract you we are at the bottom so through meditation when you master it you work your way up to the for all seeing eye which is the true you the cocreator god which is you you must master all elements of yourself to get there so the battle starts cause its always been a battle for our souls from the beginning people dont know what our souls contain if people knew they would think twice of there actions and thoughts i dont feel safe sayin it on here but i know in my path i want to help people i realized how can when i dont know how so i stripped myself of the world and starting taking of my self realizing were all the same thats why together were one but just were all these different beautiful colors even our tongue’s and different languages we speak are distractions its another way to divide humanity cause lets face anything made up is not good for us but what we cant see the unknown is healthy for us all im saying through meditation when you find that peace share it with the world blossom your garden through others and slowly by each step start changing the world before the machines to do it for us completely wake up people
    love brittany ochuko

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    I’m just glad you spelt loser right.

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  289. Mederi says:

    Thank you Tevjan for writing this wonderful article on meditation. I hear a lot of people saying that they don’t have time to meditate but (as you say) cut out 30 minutes of watching TV or playing games and that is all the time you need.

  290. . says:

    the world in’t an illusion. not feeling part of it and it not being real are two different things…

  291. MeditationWorks says:

    I disagree. They simply said taking a shower can help meditate, not that you SHOULD do it. I find when I do it after I shower I do feel much more relaxed than when I just do it. It shouldn’t matter how one does it, as long as they do it. I really think everyone should meditate daily, religious or not. People often forget what patience and inner peace will do for the body’s health. There is no wrong or right way to meditate because even if you have a wandering mind during meditation, as long as you stay with it and don’t give up your session, you are successful. Meditation is one of life’s miracle because it can do nothing but good for us. :)

  292. suffering from depression is a worst part………life will be cnsidered as hell……….so any precations……….to be free from mentally depressed(depression)wt type of meditation is gonna help………..

  293. kralien2011 says:

    I’m a very open minded person and believe what people tell me (most of the time). its funny how energy is triggered from just a few words. The comment about demons taking over while meditation; how true is that?

    at this point I’m researching meditation for a reason and I would like to know what it is I’m searching for (it’s just calling me I guess).

    I post this comment not to make a point, but to reach for something I’m lacking. I guess I’ll know when I find it.

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    one of the things of meditation is that i was able to control what i do in my dreams, which was very startling at first for me as we are used to being just a viewer in our own dreams.

    this happens once i practiced the empty mind for more than 5 times and each time for more than 1 hour.

    however i have since retrogate and no longer have this ability on top of no longer dreaming due to tiredness from heavy work. However after reading this article, i will try to start again.

    i encourage all to try for yourself. The results are almost magical.

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  300. leaa says:

    gee im doing this reserch on meditation wud u share ur expirience on wat exactly happened to u

  301. leaa says:

    im doing a research on this wud u sharewat acyually happnd to u

  302. Annie ~ says:

    Thank You for this Awesome article. I’m new to meditation and i m finding it really hard to meditate!..

  303. calypso says:

    after reading that comment about thinking about space i’m scared to try.

  304. MCo says:

    Learn meditation only from a Guru(Guide/Teacher) for the real benefits and to avoid doubts about meditation. I think Guru is the key if you can find one.

  305. Ask says:

    A friend is a kind of help. Rain the life on the road, friends can block wind chill for you, for you share sorrow, remove the pain and difficulties, friends will always friendship.
    He is you climb up the escalator when you were injured, is a medicine, is you when a bowl of water of hunger, is when you across the river is the boat; He is money can’t buy orders not to come of, only the truly can track, and the most valuable for the real thing.
    A friend is a kind of acacia, a friend is each other, each other about miss, mutual concerns, each other on. Missing is like a flow of endless river, like a gentle frivolous, like a cloud of a fragrant flowers, like a piece of lingering sound made by the wind.
    Sometimes he also is a kind of light memories, light tea, light resonance……
    Have the friendship, little a lot of worry, gloomy leaves, won’t fall on the earth, and float on the surface, to distant drift, friendship is the river is, is a kind of pure and fresh air, behind out in front……

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  307. Katie says:

    I have did all of these steps and even stayed up till 3 am and I just cant stop hinking like ill talk to myslef while im trying to clear my mind

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    A trivial point perhaps, but if such a seemingly unusual claim can be made with such blatant certainty and without any source to back it up, this tends

  310. BScott32 says:

    I meditated today for the 1st time. I did it in 2 30min sessions. What I noticed was that my mind had a lot of clutter. I plan to keep meditating until I’m able to focus on one thing and find myself. This article was very helpful.

  311. Rachel Rofe says:

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    i have also a lot much information about this topic and had build up my site i am sure if you visit this site you will seek much information about meditation methods,learnings and different techniques.

  312. coray says:

    i did it my first time a few days ago i saw a colorful illusion….and i totally realized how cluttered the mind is like you said….though i got much more practice but i got the hang of it i really wanna try to have an outer body experience is that possible with this? if so any tips?

  313. Deepti says:

    I agree…..

  314. Sreenivas says:

    Hello everybody
    my name is sreenivas from india
    i am very inspired by the article and other books about meditation. All those tells me what meditation is & what are the benefits

    i even went for learning meditation training centre ie RAMAKRISHNA MISSION.there the teachers said and taught me same thing

    but i wanted to know what should i be thinking by closing my eyes. Sometimes after 5min my sitting posture goes drooping if i am concentrating on “OOM” word and iam not able hold any single object in meditation. I am not able to repeat any words in my mind


  315. I want to start the meditation process and after reading this article

  316. Mike says:

    I meditate late at night. down on one knee most of the time. And i have learned how to stop all thought at will, even when doing a task. able to walk around absent thought. Ive only been at it for a few months but hours at a time.

  317. Lynn McKenzie says:

    As a child, I believe that I was meditating spontaneously. I didn’t know what it was at the time…I just used to go into a trance and feel very peaceful and happy. I tried in vain to explain this strange feeling to my mum and sister but didn’t really understand it myself. I somehow lost the ability when I was teenager, I don’t know why. I’m now 37 and would like to be able regain that skill. When I was about 9 that’s when I was best at it…I could hold conversations with people while not really thinking of anything. It made me feel special!!

  318. Anna says:

    WOW, meditating looks so easy but when you think about it sounds difficult. I can’t imagine throwing away my thoughts because my mind is WILD it is filled with nonsense and drama.I have to admit it but i can’t push myself I just end up on the computer or with the remote screaming my name saying ANNA! ANNA! YOUR FAVORITE SHOW IS ON COME QUICK IT HAS JUST STARTED! And i will say in my mind well… i could watch 1 hour of TV and read for 30 mins. It is like i have 2 brains fighting against my thoughts I…I… feel like its war and i have to take over my “second” brain which i can’t do. All of my thoughts are getting bigger and bigger and bigger. I am going MAD and i need help so anyone that reads this talk to me on facebook,spread the word or just tell me some meditating websites.

  319. Deirdre says:

    I understand exactly what you are going through as I experience that myself. But I’ve gotten to the point that I know think my constant thoughts are leading me in the wrong direction and making me very unahppy. That’s why I’ve been doing meditation. It is not easy…yet. But I do find that the more I do it and the more I practice the more benefit I am seeing. People have been telling me that I seem calmer and more focused. I went thru a horrific divorce and I’m still consumed with the negativity of all of that. The meditation is helping me redirect my thoughts to a more positive direction. I do not want to be a bitter woman becuase that means my ex-husband wins. I want to have a hppy life and I really feel meditation is helping me find that. Look for me on FB (Deirdre Brown Burns)…I’d love to talk.

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  322. Elina says:

    I really have had problems with concentrating. I am so forgetful and seem to be very disorganized. i am never taken serious and I no longer feel good about myself. Someone advised me to meditate but I don’t know how to. Help me please.

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  329. karuna says:


  330. KARUNA says:

    Hi Arvind,
    Meditation does not lie on a paticular time.You can do meditation at any time but it requires concentration.So do it at any time with concentration.

  331. KARUNA says:

    Hi Elina,
    Don’t think that u are disorganised.Every person will experience some problems but do not loose your confidence.God has created u in a wonderful way that u have to keep bringing up your mind by doing meditation.So i breifly explain how to do meditation.At first,sit straight and do not lean against a wall or anything.Slowly close your eyes and try to keep concentration on your breath.Avoid all nonsense attacking your brain.Focus on the air that is entering your nose and then lungs and going out.Feel the process of inhalation and exhalation.Do this for some time and then slowly open your eyes by seeing your palms.Then the process is completed.So easy no!so why late do it now.

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  333. Eduardas Kubilinskas says:

    its a very superficial explanation of what meditation is. good but only for beginners.

  334. Svcj says:

    the pdf link is broken….

  335. This is a great introduction to why we should meditate,, i feel so much better in my life when i keep this practice up!!

  336. Mantras are really helpful especially when you are first apprehension to meditate or want to go beyond that initial resistance. If you are a newbie, repeating a very simple mantra can get you into a higher state of concentration pretty quick which will then give you the motivation to continue with a meditation practice.

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  342. Cuongg Vuu says: this is a very good video especially for beginners, due to the fact that it lets you experience the effect of meditating correctly even if you do it for the first time. Usually what happens after is that your body will be familiar with the feeling and you will get a better sense of meditation. This video is amazing you should check it out if you are interested but do not know how meditation works or how it feels like :)

  343. Meditation is diet of our mind and soul it
    boosts our spiritual wisdom and
    refreshes our body

  344. Meditation is diet of our mind and soul it
    boosts our spiritual wisdom and
    refreshes our body

  345. naus kots says:

    it is very good way how to meditate .people should try this specially in morning 
    between 4 am to 5 am this my personal experience

  346. naus kots says:

    the best way to get away from stress.if you dont take it religously then atleast take it as a medically.just try this for 40 days and you will find the change in your lifestyle.
    take any name of god and understand the meaning of name that you will meditate on ten with your breath concentrate on this world and meaning.the very first thing you will realised that while meditating on this two thing your brain will forget other thoughts that is worring you .JUST TRY IT AND YOU WILL FOUND PEACE AROUND YOU.

  347. Anonymous says:

    it says how to get started.

  348. Will drinking hot green tea before, help with meditation? 

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  350. Douche says:

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  351. Varun goyal says:

    it is quit revealing but it does not displays the appropriate and correct method of   meditation. It is all about the divine experience of meditation.

  352. Swampacow says:

    I have been meditating for about two months now and still have not reached a completely blank mind. I can get to focusing on a single thought but I can never seem to get passed it. Any tips?

  353. Swampacow says:

    I have been meditating for about two months now and still have not reached a completely blank mind. I can get to focusing on a single thought but I can never seem to get passed it. Any tips?

  354. your sister says:

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  355. Naveenchugh14 says:

    meditation calms mind. io realised this after doing yes+

  356. Fcj111 says:

    I am a boxer and am interested to know if meditation will help me focuse and how I go about practicing this? What do I do please?

    Sit with my back up right in the morning but what do I think about?

    Is it thinking about performing great and being sharp and totally focused … If any negative thought, doubts come in to expel these?

    Is that how it would benefit me

    Look forwards to answers


  357. Darrenlimms says:

    what about music?
    Should there be music or would it be a distraction

  358. Drawingdowntherain says:

    Meditation is a Hindu based ritual designed to contact demonic spirits to guide them through their joutney of death and recarnation. Stay away from these demonic religions.

  359. Geist says:

    I would like to know an ideal thing to concentrate on, otherwise when I try, my mind goes blank and I can’t get the realization of self

  360. Reddevil47960 says:

    wat if i have trouble keeping my eyes closed? does that mean i cant meditate?

  361. Awaremeditator1 says:

    This will be how it benefits you, if you believe that this is how it will benefit you.  It is definitely a good idea for you to first think about how much better you will be performing because of your meditation practice.

    See yourself more agile, more quick, with more energy, kicking ass to the person who is in front of you.  Believe that you will be more focused, more concentrated when you box, and eventually you will be.

    It wont happen immediately, but if you persevere in you meditation practice, constantly thinking about and believing that you are going to box better, that very well may manifest itself in a big way in your matches.

    A solid. habitual, dedicated meditation practice will definitely increase your powers of focus and concentration to a high degree.  But you need to enter into a state of “effortless concentration” for the powers to manifest in your life. 

    I meditate for about two hours every day, sitting for between 3 to 5 sessions a day.  My ability to focus and concentrate have enabled me to create a website, that is going to convey deep understanding of meditation and how meditation engaged in properly can completely transform you life. 

    It should be fully functional in a couple of weeks, if you interested, the address is

    I truly hope you have a trans-formative experience with meditation. 

  362. Mjsfshow says:

    your a dick don,t bother reading something if your just going to be a prick about it your the douche . sad asshole

  363. Awaremeditator1 says:

    I believe that it is best to meditate with music.  Music distracts your mind and when you enter into a state of effortless concentration with music playing through headphones, some amazing things happen. 

    This may sound far fetched, but it is absolutely true.  When i enter into a state of effortless concentration with music, the energy in my brain synchronizes to the beat of the music.

    Depending on the song im listening to, my whole body feels like the chills are pulsating through my head, spine and even my arms and legs.

    It really is an amazing and extremely relaxing experience.  Some recommendations for music to meditate to would be OTT Skylon, The queen of all everything and OTTSkylon Shower of Sparks.

    These are two songs that I meditate to all of the time.  Im creating a website/blog on meditation.  It should be fully functional in a couple of weeks.

    The address is

  364. Awaremeditator1 says:

    The ideal thing to concentrate on is your breath and your breath count.  So as you breathe in, you count in your mind, 1.  As you breathe out, you count 1 in your mind.

    On the next in breath you count 2, outbreath count 2.  The next inbreath 3 and outbreath 3, all the way to 10. 

    if you lose count, which you probably will at first, just go back to 1 and start over.  This method forces your mind to concentrate on your breath, and over time your concentration will improve to a very high degree.

    But you have to make meditation a habit in your life.  It needs to be a sustained effort, or the ability to focus and concentrate to a high degree may not manifest in your life. 

  365. No.  There is not absolute right or wrong way to meditate.  Just do what feels comfortable to you.  Try keeping your eyes half open, your vision a little blurred.

    It is ok to meditate with your eyes open as well.  Just try not to look at different objects in the room.  Keep your eyes steady in one direction and try not to think about what you are perceiving..

  366. Awaremeditator1 says:

    Is that what you really believe or are you just being sarcastic?

  367. Awaremeditator1 says:

    Youll never be able to reach a completely blank mind.  Our minds are always thinking.  You can reduce your thoughts. or choose the direction of your thoughts when your meditating, but not completely stop your minds activity. 

    The holy grail of meditation is to reach a state of consciousness referred to as
    “effortless concentration”.   Just continue to relax your mind and your body to a very high degree, concentrate on counting your breath and one day soon you hopefully will feel the incredible sensations associated with effortless concentration.

    Meditate with headphones and music.  It will accelerate your entrance into this state of consciousness. 

  368. Awaremeditator1 says:

    Youll never be able to reach a completely blank mind.  Our minds are always thinking.  You can reduce your thoughts. or choose the direction of your thoughts when your meditating, but not completely stop your minds activity. 

    The holy grail of meditation is to reach a state of consciousness referred to as
    “effortless concentration”.   Just continue to relax your mind and your body to a very high degree, concentrate on counting your breath and one day soon you hopefully will feel the incredible sensations associated with effortless concentration.

    Meditate with headphones and music.  It will accelerate your entrance into this state of consciousness. 

  369. Coleb99 says:

    Just be with the divine (GOD) or whatever your choose to call that which is larger than ourselves.  That is meditation in itself.  Sit and be quiet.  Quiet your mind.  If thoughts come up, realize them as passing and move on.  Bring yourself back to a central focus and try not to concentrate on them.  If you realize you are concentrating on them then bring yourself back to your original focus.  Be it a mantra or focus on the breath.  Just be quiet and see what happens. 

  370. david says:

    jeez, me-ow dude

  371. Nanasoadwa says:

    Please I want ask Can a Meditation will help me to Solved my Problems?

  372. Nanasoadwa says:

    Please I want ask Can a Meditation will help me to Solved my Problems?

  373. Nanasoadwa says:

    Please I want ask Can a Meditation will help me to Solved my Problems?

  374. abod says:

    of course meditation will sure help u to focus on your problem, and get the right solution

    i tried it my self and it’s great inner peace :)

  375. I like this article. I was searching something useful as a beginner, and finding this was really helpful. Impressive. Thanks for this article!

  376. I like this article. I was searching something useful as a beginner, and finding this was really helpful. Impressive. Thanks for this article!

  377. samereasonyouare says:

    Actually you’re NOT supposed to concentrate on your breathing. You’re supposed to do the opposite. Let your body do all the breathing. Your breathing might FEEL shorter and lighter. If its uncomfotable you can snap out of it at anytime

  378. Lizzy Mois says:

    A great explanation for beginners. I am just starting out,
    so this information is very helpful.

  379. Hk_5 says:

    Chant this Maha mantra daily 108 times & Be Happy. 

    while chanting you close your eyes , utter this maha matra audible to your ears and focus your mind on krishna’s form. 

    thank you.

  380. JimmyLikesShoes says:

    Eduardas Superficialas. Shut up, jerkbone.

  381. Nico~L says:

    Obviously you angry ones are not meditating rite, or at all as you would not show such hostile talk towards each other and i advise you to start meditating more deeply. It will make your anger slowly disappear and soon you will realize it’s a silly emotion just shielding you from hurt~

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  383. Life/Depth says:

    Great explanation, thanks! :)

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  386. Meenauttam63 says:

    Meditations help to develop loving kindness and compassionate to oneself. It gives a wonderful feeling to me and improved my relationship with all. In working, everytime problem arises, i manage to stay call and in control of the situatin. Anxiety will not make me stress and panic
    Because I can see the picture clearly.

  387. lol…I find that rather amusing how you can say that seriously. But you’re absolutely right. Absolutely. 

  388. Ias_yad says:

    problem..meditation is not for problem solving..meditation can give you enough power, that you ll’ face problem with courage..

  389. Lennyzenatti says:

    Good explanation Tejvan, your right once you master this skill it is a great way to relax the mind and body. A great way to push your stress away. Lenny Zenatti

  390. guest says:

    right on man. your positivity is healing this world. peace brother

  391. Meditation is really great thing. I’ve gone in for yaga for 2 years and it makes my fit and calm all the time.

  392. Vincent says:

    Meditation is the process of reuniting with your soul isn’t it?

  393. gift2018 says:

    Can anybody add on a note that meditation is not just a practice to bring inner peace.

  394. Japh says:

    i have a big problem focusing and sleeping because of too much worrying. i will try to follow what you said… thanks

  395. Denisedilmore says:

    In this fast paced society, it’s so important to take some time to sit and relax in silence. It really is VERY beneficial for your mood and attitude to yourself and others.

  396. Maxi says:

    What is the funda of chakra of our body???

  397. Susansuzukischool says:

    I  have no idea, but green tea relaxes me a lot and I drink it before bed and first thing in the morning.

  398. Abdoo53400 says:

    what about gingers they dont have souls o_O

  399. DeWayne Dawknis says:

    Perfect, works for me!

  400. aslam siddiqui says:

    the best tips are given here. i am really great thank ful

  401. Vivekanand123 says:

    meditation is very very good for mind

  402. Jenny says:

    This my first time,I’ll try it and updated you.Thanks

  403. Piyush Bafna says:

    Meditation is explained very nicely and now I am going to start meditation.

  404. HowToDoMeditation says:

    Thanks, Tejvan. The more people practice meditation the better they get. Our Connect with Spirit How to Do Meditation Method, tested on thousands, is very effective. I would love to know what you or any others think. It is also available on iTunes.

  405. Nelson chacko says:

    thanks …. it is really helpfull

  406. Gemde001 says:

    I’ve traditionally found it helpful to meditate outside as the sun is setting, preferably surrounded by as much greenery as possible. Can someone explain to me why it is suggested that one meditates early in the morning? Is it because at this time the world is naturally still?

  407. Gemde001 says:

    I’ve traditionally found it helpful to meditate outside as the sun is setting, preferably surrounded by as much greenery as possible. Can someone explain to me why it is suggested that one meditates early in the morning? Is it because at this time the world is naturally still?

  408. Gemde001 says:

    I’ve been a competing wrestler for a little over ten years now and I dabble in mixed martial arts. I’ve been meditating for almost as long as I’ve been competing and I find it helps a lot. There’s two ways I do it: one for when I have a competition coming up and one for when I’m just training or during the off-season.

    Leading up to a competition:

    -Sit in a position that is comfortable but make sure you have good posture; no slouching. If you have flexible legs you can sit in the lotus position but this can get uncomfortable after a while if you’re not used to it.
    -Make sure you’re in an area where you have as little distractions as possible: no noise, no extreme temperatures (this can be pretty distracting for people who are particularly sensitive to that kind of thing), and I find that dim or no lighting helps.

    -Close your eyes and clear your mind. Don’t think what about what you’re going to do later that day or what you did yesterday. Focus on the present as much as possible. It helps to breathe deeply and slowly, focusing intently on your breathing. After a while, you’ll feel relaxed and you’ll find you’re mind is slowing down (this is the only way I can describe it). I can’t give you a particular time frame because it’s depends on the individual and their experience with meditation.

    -Once your mind is clear, imagine a boxing match step for step. Start in the locker room and go scene for scene, imaging every aspect of your match from the time you walk into the ring until you leave it. I cannot stress how detail specific this needs to be. Imagine every movement you will make and every movement your opponent will make. There’s scientific research to support that this is an effective form of mental training for athletes. I’ve found that I can practice 100 different moves on my opponent weeks before the match even starts using this technique. Do this for as long as you can manage. Don’t get discouraged if it seems difficult at first. It gets easier with practice.

    During the off-season:

    -The procedure is the same minus the last step (where you envision the match). Focus on the present as much as possible. Focus on the information that each of your senses is relaying to your brain (except for taste and vision; you’re eyes are closed). Focus on everything you hear, feel, and smell. If a thought enters your mind, don’t fight it. Let it enter your mind. Personally, I believe the most important part of meditation isn’t having a clear mind; it’s the practice of actually clearing your mind. Again, it’ll be a little tricky at first but with practice you can do it instantaneously. It’s a pretty nifty ability to utilize right before you enter the ring.

    Meditating will improve your confidence and help you clear your mind of doubts. As a fighter, I’m sure you appreciate how important that is. When I first started, I couldn’t meditate longer than a few minutes at a time. Chances are that you won’t be able to do it for too long at first either and that’s ok. Just stick to it and you’ll get better.Now, I can do it for as long as I want and I can clear my mind at will. It’s important to note that,in this sense,meditation can be a form of neuromuscular training (google it).

    I hope this helped!

  409. Sagar Mehta says:

    Could anyone explain me what is thoughtless mind?

  410. nihal sharma says:

    can we see the future by meditating…….?

  411. Nihal sharma says:

    i think that we can see the future by meditating

  412. Nihal sharma says:

    i think that we can see the future by meditating

  413. Valdada says:

    very useful and suitable information for me, i even printed it out! thank u!

  414. Ruben says:

    Thank you very much, i really appriciate this

  415. Snnagul says:

    very very good

  416. Crisg316 says:

    i am a very angry person, often snapping at the most minuscule of issues. it has gotten to a point where my default emotion is rage. not anger, but full on rage.

    can meditation help reduce this, or even better, eliminate my angry disposition entirely?

    i have tried other things; medication, drugs, exercise, counting to ten, deep breaths….these are all temporary fixes and my anger always resurfaces. i need help, i cant live a slave to my anger anymore.

  417. charles darwin says:

    its great ..  thank you for the knowledge ..

  418. Srishti says:

    Through meditation we can increase our energy and aura and and make impossible things possible with the help of subconscious mind. With the help of meditation we can train our minds.

  419. supercool says:

    but it needs a lot of concentration and energy.

  420. Xyz says:

    Thanks for the knowledge buddy! :) :)

  421. RJ says:

    I  like the way this is explained.

  422. Viki023_chat says:

    you people don’t know about hindu logic , meditation is a one scientific idea

  423. Viki023_chat says:

    you people don’t know about hindu logic , meditation is a one scientific idea

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  425. ZOD says:

    well done chump more nerd rage sstm shok

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  427. Briasonrocks says:

    m really njoyn meditatn n me really hapy in ma day 2 dy lyf workkk

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  429. lostgirlfound says:

    I would definley like to start meditating, i would like som einner peace.

  430. Tillicks says:

    Hi my name is jack I’ve always wanted to meditate I found your steps really easy wich is good and i found that the steps were realy understandable even tho I’m nine

  431. Harry Ah402 says:

    nice way to explain thanks a lot

  432. santosh says:

    It gave me some confidence that I can meditate myself. I am a beginner of meditation and your suggestions are worth practicing.

  433. santosh says:

    It gave me some confidence that I can meditate myself. I am a beginner of meditation and your suggestions are worth practicing.

  434. Deepan M says:

    Awesome blog..

    Hope this’ll help me to grow more in life with good

    Deepan M

  435. Nielson Ryan says:

    leave negative comments and thoughts for other pages, no one here wants to read those things. sorry but thats what i think

  436. Ronald Heron says:

    The idea of controlling the mind is potentially where we can be undone. May I suggest it is simply necessary to watch the thoughts as they pass through the mind. More on site 

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  438. RISH says:

    hey,guys I’m RISH.

    I wanna start meditation ,what to do ?
    Secondly,What are the effects really & why one must do it ?

    Please,reply………….& if possible explain what the cosmic energy is……?

  439. RISH says:

    hey,guys I’m RISH.

    I wanna start meditation ,what to do ?
    Secondly,What are the effects really & why one must do it ?

    Please,reply………….& if possible explain what the cosmic energy is……?

  440. Jason Xiao says:

    Whether you are reading a suspence novel or a classic, reading is great mental exercise. I happen to find many classics to be crap. On the other hand I love reading books like The Count of Monte Crisco although it is another suspense novel not much different than reading a suspense novel. For that matter Dumas never wrote those as novels initially. The chapters were weakly episodes printed in a magazine. Alexander Dumas was the original soap opera writer along with the likes of Charles Dickens. My personal favorite writer is Pat Conroy. He to is a suspense writer but I think you will find many other genres in his novels as well. Ironically he would argue that the best way to go is with the classics, but I still believe whether you are reading a suspense novel, classic or a comic book, reading is reading.

  441. Vickybaval1 says:

    u should rely experience ART OF LIVING sudarshan can give u experience which not even 20 yr of regular meditation can …….it takes only 30 min to do the kriya ………

  442. Pradeep Pevi says:

    I am a beginner in meditation and i think its a very useful explanation of how/what meditation is.

  443. Isabella says:

    It can help with relaxation,  which may make you more calm the rest of the day.  Give it a try.

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  446. meditate sheditate im a fan of negatate it energizes the mind instead of calms

  447. Loverofme says:

    Dear Eduardas K,

    Perhaps you ca supply us with less superficial explanation of what meditation is??

    I am not a total beginner but I am totally lost!!  Please help.

  448. it is for beginners but when beginners will clear their first level of meditating they will ultimately know what they had to do next. and ofcourse meditation is just the art of silencing the mind. 

  449. it is for beginners but when beginners will clear their first level of meditation they will ultimately know what to do next ,as meditation is just art of silencing the mind.

  450. Mahit says:

    Super… A nice and useful 1… Thanks alot

  451. Photocat808 says:

    After reading a bunch of these comments, I just don’t get how people make such a huge deal about meditation.

    Just sit and relax.

    Relax your body.

    Relax your mind.

    It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that.

  452. Emmahoward29 says:

    Why do people meditate an how do they meditate

  453. Cheese says:


  454. Lavanya Prasad111 says:

    its an wonderful message

  455. Bindita says:

    thanks …

  456. Stefan Pinto says:

    Is Meditation Religious?The great thing about meditation is that our philosophy/religious belief is not [importanct](Important). Meditation is about consciousness. The beliefs of the mind become trivial. We dive deep into the heart of the matter to gain access to our soul – our inner reality. Therefore, mediation can (and is ) practiced by people of different religions or no religion.

  457. Kirthu (^-^) says:

    Thx for the knowledge above!
    It’s going to be something very useful and beneficial! =)

  458. Alexisdms2 says:

    I do not think so.
    Maybe ask on Yahoo answers.

  459. UMESHNATH7 says:


  460. Gag2011 says:

    I am tring to meditate from now on, twice a day, for 5 minutes each time.  I am having an insomnia problem. I really do hope, it will help.   

  461. Yashovardhan Raju says:

    i enjoy very much.. while doing meditation

  462. Mikie101112 says:

    I never read this and meditated once the day before I even found this page and I did it around 3:30AM and I feel like it’s more effective being sleepy helped a bit. I have no idea. Just saying 3:00AM thing is correct compared to almost about any other time of the day. Just tried it this morning too at 9:00AM and it wasn’t as good and 20min before I posted this. Thanks for the extra information though. :p

  463. emma says:

    I love meditating, doing it for just 15 minutes twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening has helped me no end. I recommend it to everyone. 

  464. Another says:

    I have reached effortless concentration and it isn’t the holy grail, imo. but it was memorable.  If you have any buddhist monks in your area, try to meditate with them.  the vibrations are intense and helpful, especially as your own mind gets more joy and peace

  465. Maybe not, but we can prepare ourselves to the future through peaceful means as meditation.

  466. Guest1 says:

    what heck it is all a lie guys do not fall on it

  467. Alainaragon30 says:

    thank you!

  468. PeacePewdiepie says:

    sounds great! perfect!

  469. PewDiePie BiggestFan says:

    you are as correct as a elephant can never forget, as correct as a sacred beast can be tamed and let go of. You think like me, anger is just an emotion causing depression and fury to the brain, it harms us, i have not started to meditate yet but when i do, i will have inner peace as outter peace too.

  470. ram vijaydev g says:

    it is beautiful discription about meditation.
    i like it

  471. Jefhd041 says:

    When I was a kid I was a very angry person that had trouble with tourettes syndrome.  It seemed like there was little I could do to control things in my life, and I didn’t really know where to turn.  I started meditating a bunch using videos by rodney yee, and my whole life changed.  After changing my breathing and concentration I was more relaxed, i rewired my thought patterns(n-transmitters), and came to see everything in a whole new light.  This gave me huge confidence and I have been successful at almost everything I  have tried since then.  Tourettes literally vanished and people began seeing me as a very different person.  Meditation is one of the best things  a person can do for themselves, and actually when there’s meditation, there’s really no need for medicine

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  473. Buddycat64 says:

    Im one of the people who think that all this spiritual meditation crap is fake. So i tried meditation for a half hour and it really works. I was surprised!

  474. PewDiePie BiggestFan says:

    haha…. i thought the same thing last year and yet i was SO wrong! i just thought about trying it to calm myself and to use spiritual spells. EG:
    luck spells. pyro and hydrokinesis 

  475. Keshavshrestha818 says:

    i,ts all are bullset,  mindmake for god . not a like you- people ok.  i know every think but time is time no body changed ok just like this wave make money big money . all people like setting for life ok . not  this bullset  playing for people ok……… .thats why life is very hard metal ok. 

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  477. Itsilya says:

    when you meditate should your eyes be closed or open? Also does tea have anything to do with meditation? Will it be helpfull drinking tea?

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  479. Guest says:

    thank you

  480. pubbi says:

    thank you

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  482. Rynyellow says:

    keep in mind that many different mantras are used to help energy flow through and awaken different chakras. you can search them up to see which is which :)

  483. Har_bhudha says:

    It is true that any one who sleep less that 6 hours daily the meditation can help to reduced the strace and disadvantages of lack of sleep.

  484. lisa says:

    I would like to start, need to clean my mind from all the bad that has happened but I can’t read big words and can’t spell some of what is being instructed to do, can you give me any advise, I write to you because I can tell you know what your talking about.

  485. Karma says:

    I have meditated twice and let me tell you it has scared me to the point I can’t meditate anymore. what should I do about this?

  486. guy says:

    why does my penis get so big when doing this?

  487. Santosh Nair says:

    Use very simple words. Infact, using no words is also meditation!

  488. Deep Breath - vitta pochu :-) says:

    To all Sweet/Boody Rascals… ……Best yoga in Life follows here:

    Eat well, sleep well, Do your duty, enjoy your life………..No one can change anything what is going to happen………..No yoga master is going to live more than 120 years………………No one can stop sudden sorrows of our life……….Why do you wnat to know the future………(Mediating give pleasure?? may be for few, but some say they are distracted and depressed more becos of its side effects)……..Dont involve in bad things…………..You know what is good/bad………Just for your pleasure and ego dont hurt others by any chance, even by words……….Stupids will talk about karmas……. If really there is something called karma (which hits you back in this birth, then i will call god’s design itself is wrong). …..So ultimate aim is to live happily. Staying cool, thinking wisely, eat healthy, doing exercise, keeping environment clean, be disciplined, help others……….this itself will give you Peaceful life. …… My question is What have meditated people achieved their best so far ???……..People who do meditation are they away from diseases and pain ??? …………I will leave it to you’ll to “think” (I know there is someone who wants to sledge my comment :-) go ahead buddy now its your turn)

  489. RayNeirson says:


  490. madster942 says:

    should you meditate regularly cause i heard if you meditate regularly it’ll get easier faster is that true

  491. Siglen says:

    I know this is a old post, but am hoping to get some answers anyway.

    1: can I use “money” as a mantra? I know it’s a superficial word, but it seems to be one of the things that calms me the most.

    2: Can I meditate in the same room as I play guitar, play play station, study and basicly all of my hobbies? I’ts the room I feel most relaxed in.
    Hope someone will answer me. :)

  492. Siglen says:

    Ohh and for how long is it “normal” to meditate?

  493. Jesse愛☯☾ says:

    I think I’ve been meditating without even realizing it, I’ve consciously threw my thoughts away before but I didn’t know exactly what I was doing or if it even had a name until I’ve seen this

  494. charles dominic frost says:

    i truly believe that anybody can meditate with these steps…… really helped me

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  496. Lyndi says:

    Hi Lisa!

    Here are some audio that could help you.

    I have been practising meditation for five years now. It is very good for relaxing and clearing the mind. Now I feel like I can help others. I just qualified as a meditation teacher and recorded some audio for beginners. Listen to them, they might help you : )

    You can get them on iTunes:
    and Soundcloud:

    I’d love to hear your feedback on them too : ) I hope you and others benefit can benefit from learning meditation!

    Love Lyndi x

  497. Lyndi says:

    Yes meditation can help you. However, it is not a quick fix and you will need patience and discipline to keep practising. After five years of practice I am about 70% more able to accept and transform my anger and other negative emotions. I find that loving kindness practice is also extremely useful for helping me be kind to a) myself when anger arises and b) to the others I am angry with. You can google loving kindness mp3 and find many available. I am a meditation teacher with audio for free online, which you can find here:

    and Soundcloud:

    If you feel that having a meditation coach is appropriate, then feel free to email me here:

    I’d love to help you with your anger, and in the meantime I will practice for you. Very best of luck in finding a method that helps you to be less angry and more happy. It is fantastic that you can see that in yourself and very brave to face it.

    Love Lyndi x

  498. Cojonas says:

    It has something to do with the different “stages” of your mind.. It is said that when you wake up in the morning you are still in “beta” stage in your mind. The same stage you have when dreaming and so on.

  499. qzqew says:

    I can be in a silent state of mind in like 10 min after starting the meditation. Deep meditation is kinda easy to reach for me (for a newbie who doesn’t do it much). My problem is. Is it possible to have an OBE while in deep meditation? Cause, I think, that’s what I’m mostly afraid of. Thx

  500. Gita123 says:

    Brahmakumaris teach meditation…that relaxes the mind…nurtures a healthy balance between inner and outer worlds…

  501. john write says:

    for your post which is truly informative for us and we will surely keep visiting
    this website. We are also in same industry and welcome you to visit our website

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  503. says:

    I was meditation awhile back and I learned two things about myself, more like areas of improvement. It happened when I cleared my mind and these ideals kept creeping in. I learned that I need to persevere and not give up on something I am learning and the ideal of self-discipline, not allowing my passions to take control of me. Is this something that normally happens to you when you mediate?

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  510. deltafour1212 says:

    Am I doing this right?
    Am I doing Meditation, Shamnic Journeying, Creative visualization!?
    Here’s what I do.
    I clear my mind so I have no thoughts
    Then I visualize a place to go into the underworld.
    Without thinking, I get vivid pictures in my head of these wonderful sureal places.
    Example: I see huge vast forest and I am traveling super fast on the back of a either large dragon, hawk or owl. riding over a vast ocean in the moonlight seeing the light of the moon on the waves feeling the warm breeze blow on my face and in the distance I see lights from a far away island in the middle of the ocean that i am flying to.
    Landing in a small town buildings that look like somethig out of Italy an see people etc
    Then when I am coming out of it i see everything in reverse going backwards to where I started from.
    Almost like rewinding a VHS tape while watching the picture.
    Then I snap out of it.
    While I am in this state I try not to let my imagination take over so my own thoughts won’t interfere with what I am experiencing. I am just letting it happen
    I mean there are times when I have a thought I should be going left
    I dont ,I keep going straight or to the right even though I thought of going left
    See I dont know if this is meditation or something else or just day dreaming?
    Any thoughts?

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  519. Mat says:

    I feel the same… and believe it or not… I think I have a cure, albeit a short or long term fix (depending on your mind set). I would organise a boxing match with an opponent that out matches you. Control the conditions but let it all out and have them beat the crap out of you. It sounds odd perhaps but it will let you readdress your place in the world, how righteous you are to feel the way you do and instil humility.
    I know people will laugh at this but perhaps give it a try. You seem to have tried most other things.
    All the very best,

  520. Mat says:

    Erm No.

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    well we all have different opinions but i believe he will make your path strait bur you have to have faith in him first

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