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Increase Motivation

If you want to make things happen the ability to motivate yourself and others is a crucial skill. At work, home, and everywhere in between, people use motivation to get results. Motivation requires a delicate balance of communication, structure, and incentives. These 21 tactics will help you maximize motivation in yourself and others.


1. Consequences – Never use threats. They’ll turn people against you. But making people aware of the negative consequences of not getting results (for everyone involved) can have a big impact. This one is also big for self motivation. If you don’t get your act together, will you ever get what you want?

2. Pleasure – This is the old carrot on a stick technique. Providing pleasurable rewards creates eager and productive people.

3. Performance incentives – Appeal to people’s selfish nature. Give them the opportunity to earn more for themselves by earning more for you.

4. Detailed instructions – If you want a specific result, give specific instructions. People work better when they know exactly what’s expected.

5. Short and long term goals
– Use both short and long term goals to guide the action process and create an overall philosophy.

6. Kindness – Get people on your side and they’ll want to help you. Piss them off and they’ll do everything they can to screw you over.

7. Deadlines – Many people are most productive right before a big deadline. They also have a hard time focusing until that deadline is looming overhead. Use this to your advantage by setting up a series of mini-deadlines building up to an end result.

8. Team Spirit
– Create an environment of camaraderie. People work more effectively when they feel like part of team — they don’t want to let others down.

10. Recognize achievement – Make a point to recognize achievements one-on-one and also in group settings. People like to see that their work isn’t being ignored.

11. Personal stake – Think about the personal stake of others. What do they need? By understanding this you’ll be able to keep people happy and productive.

12. Concentrate on outcomes – No one likes to work with someone standing over their shoulder. Focus on outcomes — make it clear what you want and cut people loose to get it done on their own.

13. Trust and Respect – Give people the trust and respect they deserve and they’ll respond to requests much more favorably.

14. Create challenges – People are happy when they’re progressing towards a goal. Give them the opportunity to face new and difficult problems and they’ll be more enthusiastic.

15. Let people be creative – Don’t expect everyone to do things your way. Allowing people to be creative creates a more optimistic environment and can lead to awesome new ideas.

16. Constructive criticism
– Often people don’t realize what they’re doing wrong. Let them know. Most people want to improve and will make an effort once they know how to do it.

17. Demand improvement – Don’t let people stagnate. Each time someone advances raise the bar a little higher (especially for yourself).

18. Make it fun – Work is most enjoyable when it doesn’t feel like work at all. Let people have fun and the positive environment will lead to better results.

19. Create opportunities – Give people the opportunity to advance. Let them know that hard work will pay off.

20. Communication
– Keep the communication channels open. By being aware of potential problems you can fix them before a serious dispute arises.

21. Make it stimulating – Mix it up. Don’t ask people to do the same boring tasks all the time. A stimulating environment creates enthusiasm and the opportunity for “big picture” thinking.

Master these key points and you’ll increase motivation with a bit of hard work.


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419 Responses to Increase Motivation

  1. Lindsay says:

    This is great! I’ll be taking a print-out to my Project Management meeting this afternoon. Thanks.

  2. You have been tagged for The Personal Development List. (See my site for details), I would love to have you participate.

  3. Bonnie says:

    Great list, John!

    I think your #10 is particuarly valuable. I was just reading (literally, like 20 minutes ago) something that said more people leave their jobs because they feel unappreciated than because they want more money/benefits.

    Unfortunately, where I work, management constantly shoots down our attempts to get an employee recognition program going. They’re standard response: “We value EVERY member of our organization. To single out one employee’s (or team’s) efforts will make everyone else feel slighted!” So every other year they do a company-wide recognition event where EVERYONE is “recognized” (which means, in reality, that NO ONE is recognized). Morale here is quite low, by the way.

    I’d like to add one more tactic to your excellent list:

    22. LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Don’t just tell people how to fulfill the company’s mission, vision & goals … SHOW them.

    I believe most other tactics are doomed to failure if managers don’t act as they demand their employees to act (i.e., expect employees to meet deadlines yet be constantly late with their own work). (Failure to “walk the walk” is another reason morale here is low.)

    Sorry to vent a bit, John… but this list really hit home for me. Thanks so much for the stimulation! :-)

  4. Success From the Nest has a great post (( about reconnecting with our enthusiasm by using some NLP (neurolinguistic programming) techniques to relive past successes. I’m a certified practitioner of NLP, and Tony’s post is the most down-to-earth and powerful description of some of those techniques I have ever read.

    I tend to be inner-directed, so when I need motivation I reconnect with the love of doing the job and the joy of being on the path to success. I’m a firm believer in Earnie Larson’s statement: “There are few things more wonderful than knowing where you want to go and being on the path to getting there.”

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  7. ascian says:

    Why is there no number 9? :)

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  9. John Wesley says:

    9 is bad luck? Just kidding. I must have pulled one out by accident. Too late to change it now, I’d mess up the title.

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  11. lou says:

    better one for team spirit: Team work makes the dream work.

  12. Dag says:

    Funny. I read item 7 as ‘Deadliness’. How’s that for motivation?!

  13. Christoffer says:

    A very nice list, being sure to save this when I (more correct: if I) get a executive position somewhere. =D

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  15. Bunk says:

    Was number nine a good one?

  16. John Wesley says:

    Doubtful, or else I wouldn’t have cut it.

  17. Ryan says:

    I read this from the perspective of helping someone lose weight.
    Turns out, I am using quite a few already. I’ll have to add some of the others too.

    Thanks for the tips.

  18. 9 is my favorite number! You can add 1 more in, that way you don’t need to change the title =)

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  21. Jon says:

    I somewhat disagree with #17. Though common sense tells us that the only way we’re going to improve is by constantly challenging ourselves (which is great for personal goal setting), you sometimes run the risk of setting unrealistic expectations that can result in a decrease in morale due to failure or long hours. Additionally, it may not be wise to set one person’s performance as the bar for another as they may have very different skill-sets. You have to thoroughly evaluate the feasibility of those goals and be prepared to accept the possibility that you made an error when those goals are not achieved.

    All of the other tips are great, thanks for your clear and concise thoughts!

  22. I agree with Jon. People are happiest and most productive when they’re challenged just the right amount (see ), but if someone else is constantly raising the bar for them it will be oppressive. Don’t forget items 6 and 11.

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  24. Harveen says:

    Great post, Im sending this one to some people iIknow who can use it in their next meeting. I esp. liked #3 appealing to people’s selfish nature-it works!!LOL…

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  27. belg4mit says:

    It’s carrot and stick, not carrot on a stick. Carrot and stick refers to reward & ounishment. A carrot dangled on pole, as fishing, is never actually received.

  28. Motivation is great, but don’t forget one of Dave Barry’s most important rules: “Never confuse your career with your life.” In the long run you’ll get more meaningful stuff done if you know what your life is about.

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  30. Richard says:

    Wheres number 9?

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  36. #18 is great. As a wee lad, I used to ask”If it isn’t fun, why am I doing it?” I somehow forgot that question down the road, but have since resurrected it. Life is too short. Also, variety is the spice of life, as #21 attests.

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  38. Journey says:

    Great advice, but what’s #9???

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  43. Sue says:

    Wonderful blog John. I like that it is easy to read and clarifies each heading in a simple and direct manner. Where’s number 9? I particularly like the ones about team work as there is not enough in the world today.

    I would love to share more thoughts on motivation in my personal blog here. Big Hugs.

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  48. What is a Call Center’s secret to motivation?

    If the agents value success, integrity, customer service, a personal work ethic, excellence and innovation, then we help the associate align those values with the organization’s objectives. We help in creating personal long-term goals such as becoming a top producer or a more short-term goal like mastering the calling script. We reinforce their emotional state of confidence, keeping them focused on the basics, guidelines and adherence to hit for a higher standard. Rewards are common for agents with positive customer feedback so that they consider the call center a career opportunity, not a dead end job.

    Money will always motivate employees. In Costa Rica, call center jobs are high-paying, highly sought-after jobs in comparison to other vocations. Most of the telemarketing jobs leaving the United States are for positions and salaries many North Americans snub. A call center agent will make a consistent, effective contribution to the campaign’s success in order to insure that their paycheck continues.

  49. Pavel says:

    Very good and solid list, thank you, I resonate with each item. The only issue is the page titled as “Increase Self Motivation” and the content is for motivating others :) it’s a bit misleading..

  50. Nancy Hoe says:

    Very Good post and the pointers are invaluable. I like #16 most cos’ I believe that with constructive criticism, one can grow by leaps & bounds.

    All the best.

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  52. shuron says:

    This is indeed very interesting. But i have one consideration of other level. Which person has to be the boss? I mean boss as personality has enormous admission on employee motivation.

  53. James says:

    This is a very intresting article. I will definately apply some of these tips to my own life. For some other tips for self motivation check out

  54. farouk says:

    Good one :), you should consider writing part II of this article

  55. Gus says:

    I subscribe to this daily motivational video blog. Its actually called

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  57. sabir says:

    great nice reading thanks for some treasurable knowlege.

  58. garry says:

    Some good advice that if adhered to will increase motivation of your staff, maybe you should do a list for self-motivation. Or maybe I will do one……….

  59. I like the points about kindness. As a therapist I see people who say that they are touched if there boss notices they are having a hard day. This creates loyalty.
    Communication is also important:

  60. muhammad naveed says:

    this is indeed rare material..that help and guide us to our desired goal.
    realy thanx for such valuable material..

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  63. Motivation says:

    Great to read good stuff every now and then!

    Regards Marcel

  64. Ayo says:

    This a very comprehensive article, there are quite a few gems that I will take from it.
    Great effort.

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  70. Valery says:

    Very well done list! You have picked really right things! Thank you! I’ve added a link on your post to my Motivation lens. I think my readers will find it really useful!

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  82. abdulfatai says:

    Motivation increase productivity
    extrintive motivation is a payback reward
    intrintive motivation is targeted on aresult which make you a figure among the competators.
    Motivate youself and people around you to get the best in life.

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  84. Piriya Thavarasa says:


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  89. lokesh says:

    Great post. and also waiting for next……….. really this is v v helpful thanks

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  97. john says:

    wow.. what a nice blog.. :)

  98. Motivation is great, but don’t forget one of Dave Barry’s most important rules: “Never confuse your career with your life.” In the long run you’ll get more meaningful stuff done if you know what your life is about.

  99. Shawn says:

    I love your last item most of all: Make it stimulating. People love to be challenged, although they won’t always admit it.


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  101. Josh Hinds says:

    Thanks for the quick and to the point list of reminders on how to inspire others.

    Best, Josh

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  110. Great post! Thanks for the list!

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  128. Supermance says:

    nice articles, im gonna print it out, thx !

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  130. Thank you, nice article. i think morale is so important for increase motivation.

  131. John Hymers says:

    I can relate to your thoughts on “the bar” possibly being raised unrealistically high. I think that #17 follows along from #16 in the positive/constructive criticism approach. I think that raising the bar a “little”, as the author states, speaks to the fact that we should strive to look at the good sides of out accomplishments. By looking at our attempts from a positive perspective, this allows a person to have a realistic sense of achievement and be able to direct their attitudes, feelings, thoughts and behaviors toward ever increasing levels of personal achievement.

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    So in summary, if you make it your mission to put your all into all that you do, you will have all that you ever need to live a successful life.

    Do your best and you’ll be blessed.

    Treat others with respect and never forget to say thankyou.

    Write notes of appreciation to others and send a happy e-card or joyful email to your friends, your family and your clients.

    It generally only takes a few seconds of your time to do these things. However, they will add hours of enjoyment to your life.

    Share a smile. Walk the extra mile. Remove guile and live with style. These are the simple ingredients for your personal recipe of stunning and outstanding success and happiness.

  139. David says:

    Little things do go a long way. They can be one part of an overall plan to motivate people. Here’s an interesting article on Sparxoo that goes deeper into the art of motivation.

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  145. To improve productivity, you may also use employee montioring software to check what your employees are doing on their computers, so that you can know what your employees need.

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  148. Vince says:

    Wow! Great post! I’m sure these will be very effective in motivating myself and others! I’ll remember these tips whenever i need motivation! Will share this with friends.

  149. andy garcia says:

    very moving

  150. Noha Salah Salem says:

    it helps me alot of time

  151. Mary says:

    WoW, this is superb!

  152. Noha Salah Salem says:

    really it’s amazing and very imprtant for me today coz iam still stduing this module

    thanx alot and waiting for new

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    I wanna know some thing new about the relation of job analysis and its outcome as an important tool to enhance efficiency in business organizations and the role of a qualified HR specialist in the process

    thanks & waiting for your reply as soon as poosible

  154. Hope says:


    Its good to know that people like you are promoting motivation and inspiration around the

    internet. I work for a NGO and we look for posts that have some value attached to it. I am

    bookmarking this post and will ask my co-workers also to go through it.



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  156. Jack Zufelt says:

    Great list of motivational tips. No matter what the business they are sure to find some ways to motivate their staff on this list.

  157. Nick Smith says:

    What if you taught your employees to be intrapreneurs; business owners within a business? Read the following article and let me know your thoughts.

  158. herniawan says:

    Motivation is very great soul to get succes. I wanna know some information abaout relation of motivation and business success. This site give me any inspiration for myself to get success. Thanks


  159. Motivation is the fuel of achievement and its essence determines the level one can easily reach to. The toughest thing for most people is to have a high level of motivation in all phases of their life. If you want to achieve your dreams then the ability to motivate yourself is a crucial skill. Whether you are on the workshop floor or in the “ivory tower” your motivation will lead you towards your goal.

  160. Strive says:

    good points will try and use these for myself they will surely help.

  161. s varier says:

    MOTIVATION… i believe is a continuous process , if u motivate ur employee once dont think dat the work is done an efficient hr person is one who derieves new and novel techniques to motivate people….as it is very rightly said dat motivation does not last longer nor does “BATHING” thats why we recommend it daily…human beings are most unpredictable they might be motivated today but may be they are demotivated the next day.

  162. s varier says:


  163. Nyomi says:

    I think these are excellent ideas to motivate others – thank you.

    A more motivated and happy workforce is a more productive workforce that gets along better with each other.

    I particularly like “Get people on your side and they’ll want to help you. Piss them off and they’ll do everything they can to screw you over.” So true! Love it!

  164. ProAdmin2 says:

    This is a great site! I am an aspiring professional development speaker and would love for the PicktheBrain community to join my professional development blog site called Proadmin2.

  165. Just had to say Good Job with the blog! Thank you for the Positive Thoughts!

    Be Good and
    Stay Boosted!

    Cj Hallock

  166. Artgosh says:

    Thanx! It is great and usefull!


  167. Tom says:

    Wow this really great, thanks to whoever created this post.

  168. Whitney says:

    This is great. Imagine what the world would be like if we all had attitudes based on these principles.

  169. Rolando says:

    I totally agree with number 18, we always have to make it fun but I also believe that in order to accomplish that all the people working on a team must really love what they are doing do. Like Confucius once said “find a job that you love to do and you would never have to work a day in your life”
    So build your team with that in mind, make it fun and enjoy!

  170. bob says:


  171. Thanks for breaking it down so easily! Usually blogs about motivation get wayyyyy too in depth. This helped a lot!

    Thought you might like my blog too, for some more ideas (

  172. Ayube Ali says:

    I have to say this is great stuff. My team love this site.Great job

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  175. Steve Turner says:

    This is a really useful and informative set of tips. I am really interested in the whole subject of what motivates people.

  176. charlie says:

    thank you. great work

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    Interesting points. How do they all connect to a coherent whole?

  179. bob says:

    up your arse

  180. Ben Jackson says:

    This video really motivated me, it’s awesome!

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  182. Ben says:

    This is a really good list. I really connect with your advice about kindness, and being good to people so that they’ll want to give you a helping hand. I think that is particularly important for people who are just starting off in business.

  183. Pablo says:

    I would add that you should create or develop a personal motto that poetically explains what you are standing for, like “Who dares, wins” or “Nothing is impossible”.

  184. Shaun Lewis says:

    Nice post..i found a an app for my iPhone which really suits the topic..It is Pocket Coach and you can schedule your plans right here…

  185. Kim McGinnis says:

    Great List! I have another one that is kind of off the wall. Do a meditation or contemplation before you go to work. If you are feeling stressed on a particular and you know you are not going to be at your best, sit down for 20 and ask for help on how to be present in a healthier way for you and your staff. I recently read a wonderful book by Andy Feld called, “Wake Up! Your Life is Calling.” The author promotes this inward practice and has overcome incredible challenges in his own life (work and personal) by tapping into a higher intelligence. I hear he is even in the process of making a movie about these experiences.
    thanks for listening,

  186. Andy Feld says:

    Thanks Kim for referring me here. I am often asked the difference between motivation and inspiration. To me, motivation comes from the the outside and inspiration from the inside. Our personal happiness, joy, and abundance is an inside job and learning to reach within through meditation, contemplation, and affirmation is the best way to get on track. Wrap this all up with an understanding of Universal Oneness and the love which holds it together and anyone can get on the right track. Yes a little willpower and self-discipline does help. Thanks to all andy

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    Sorry, but You write many things that are not true nor practical (although sound rational) For example, what You call “the old carrot on a stick technique” is just the old thinking about motivation, without acctually knowing human’ motivational and emotional procesess (psychological knowledge, not the intuitive one). Special rewards decrease people’s effectiveness in tasks involving thinking and creativity. Don’t You know that?!

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    Your father wants best for You, but listen to Yourself first.. Even if You’d have to leave.. Motivation = I want… so You won’t find it, not starting there: what would You like to do.. what do You want to do..
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    It’s simple and clear and helped me find the consistant motivation that had eluded me my whole life.

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  273. Motivation is what drives mankind, whether it is negative or posetive motivation it all does the same thing,, but you can chose which you impliment but remember if you impliment negative motivation then you will become disliked very quickly with your work mates!! you have to decide

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    I’m glad you included “Demand Improvement” in your list. A lot of times, motivation and recognition efforts end up simply discouraging underachievers and keeping successful team members from feeling like they need to work any harder. Expecting continual improvement keeps all members of the organization moving toward higher achievements.

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