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10 Tips To Make Your Life Easier And More Enjoyable

There are numerous benefits in simplifying your life. You will have more time to spend with friends and family, there will be less stress in your life, you will be able to spend additional time on your favorite hobby… and overall, there will be more joy and happiness in your life.

Contrary to what most people think, simplifying your life isn’t really that complicated, it is actually quite easy, you only have to take a few simple steps.

Here are 10 simple things you can do immediately to simplify your life and to render it more enjoyable:

#1: Turn off your cell phone

Once work is finished and you want to spend some quality time with your family, simply turn off your cell phone.

#2: Stop multi-tasking

Although, it may seem like you move on quicker if you work on several tasks in parallel, research has shown that it is actually more beneficial to focus only on one single task at a time. On top of that, it will allow you to greatly simplify your life.

#3: Throw away old stuff you no longer need

Clean out your garage, wardrobe, toolbox… and throw away or give away stuff you no longer need. If you didn’t use an object for at least 5 years, there is a good chance that you will never use it again.

#4: Ask for help

You can’t do everything in life on your own, so don’t be shy and don’t feel embarrassed to ask for help. Why would you want to complicate your life unnecessarily trying to figure out everything on your own if there are other people who already solved those problems and are willing to help you?

#5: Slow down and relax

Life isn’t a race and you will be happier and more successful if you slow down and relax every now and then. Life isn’t only simpler and more enjoyable if you take some time to relax, but  typically you will also have your best ideas when you find yourself in a relaxed state.

#6: Enjoy the simple things in your life

You don’t need a sports car and a big villa to be happy and to enjoy your life. True happiness is found in simple things, like holding someone’s hand you love, taking a walk in the park, enjoying the beautiful sunset…

#7: Stop doing what you are not passionate about

Life is too short and precious to waste it with activities you don’t like and you are not passionate about. If you are not passionate about your job, I recommend you start looking for something you are more interested in. I’m not saying you should resign tomorrow, but at least get a clear idea what you really want to do and start looking for something else.

#8: Stop trying to be perfect

Trying to be perfect in everything you do adds a lot of stress to your life. Simplify your life by doing most of your tasks just good enough. If you have to do the same things over and over again, try to improve each time and ultimately you will reach perfection in a more natural and playful way.

#9: Laugh about your mistakes

Learn from your mistakes and avoid repeating them in the future, but don’t take them too serious. We all make mistakes and that’s absolutely normal, actually that’s the way we learn and grow.

#10: Spend less time on social media websites

Initially it may be fun, but the more time you spend on those social media sites, the more complicated your life will become. You still need to take care of your children, you still need to work, you still need to cook and probably lots of other things. However, if you spend 3 hours a day on Facebook, it is going to be quite complicated to fulfill all your other responsibilities.


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11 Responses to 10 Tips To Make Your Life Easier And More Enjoyable

  1. SJ Scott says:

    Robert, Some great universal truths here. So much of happiness in life are not the things you HAVE, but how you reacte to things. Love the tips and think they certainly can and will lead to a easier, happier and more enjoyable life.

  2. Kpom Kwem says:

    Good reading. It’s crazy how much simpler life was in the old days (before technology changed everything). Before cell phones, TVs in every room, etc, there was more face time between people, and kids played outside rather than being buried in their phones & tablets.
    Good times!

  3. Robert says:

    You are absolutely right SJ – it’s not so much about what you have, but much more about how you respond to life in general. The proof is, there are many people who seem to have it all, yet they are frustrated and unhappy. On the other hand, there are also lots of people who possess almost nothing, yet they are cheerful and happy most of the time.

    Happiness is part of our true nature and it is “designed” to flow freely if we only allow it to. However, happiness can only flow freely if we let go of our resistance, by not constantly judging ourselves and the events in our life.

    Not realizing and enjoying all the good and great things in your life is also a typical reason for unhappiness. When I talk to unhappy people, after digging a bit deeper, it almost always turns out that 80+% of their life is just great and the rest are just some common challenges actually most people are facing.

    Unfortunately, because they almost exclusively focus on those things that are not going so great, they are no longer able to see and enjoy the good things they already have and they fall for the illusion that their life is a disaster and become unhappier with every day.

  4. Robert says:

    Yes Kpom – isn’t this strange? Especially, because all the technological advancements were meant to make our life easier and to allow us to work less and to spend more time on things we really love to do. Unfortunately, the opposite seemed to happen, people nowadays are more stressed than ever, they try to juggle multiple tasks at once, they lost the ability to slow down, to relax, to enjoy nature…

  5. Kizi 1 says:

    She has brought new life to all of us, I like your picture it gives more meaning

  6. lian says:

    I need this, I really really need this. Thank you so much!

  7. Ankit yadav says:

    Hi Robert.. I feel it is not so strange. No doubt that technology was supposed to make our lives easier and the opposite has happened, but what I really think is that it is not the technological advancement behind all this. It is US overdoing it so much. Using a cell phone to call somebody is hundreds of times simpler and easier than writing a letter. TV brings the whole world into our home. Socializing sites help us connect better than ever before. They have done what they were supposed to. But it is US who just overdo it so much. Literally neglecting the other important aspects of life. As a result, the overall effect is that we are stressed out more even when we have these great technological advancements to make our lives easier.

    That is my view point… :)

  8. YawnCentral says:

    Number is definitely important. Perfectionists like me tend to get halted by the desire to get everything perfect.

    That is why they say “Don’t let perfection get in the way of progress.”

  9. Especially number 3 is really good start. Ease up your home and bring the flashback memories of all things before you throw them or “say goodbye”. Great article!

  10. ann john says:



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