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10 Things People With Passion Do Differently

I’m sure you’ve seen them.

You can spot them right away by the spring in their step, the enthusiasm they exude, and the joy that’s written all over their faces.

These are people who have a passion. They’ve uncovered that something (or several somethings) that has made them come alive. It engages them a sense of purpose and profound fulfillment. Maybe it’s their career, or it could be something outside of work that has drawn them in — a side gig, hobby, or volunteer effort.

However they choose to live it, life passion has transformed these people. They are living life to the fullest and doing what they love.

You don’t see these people every day. In fact, they are few and far between. Most people aren’t living passionately. Most of us are living lives of quiet desperation, trying to make do with the status quo. We’ve have accepted life “as is” — too fearful to make change lest the new life turns out to be worse than the old one.

The good news is that a passionate life is available to everyone. Every one of us has a calling, even if we aren’t aware of it. Maybe you’ve been seeking your passion, trying to find something that excites you in your work or life, but so far it’s eluded you. Maybe you’ve even stopped believing it’s possible.

Truthfully, there’s no difference between you and those passionate people you may have witnessed before. You are as smart, talented, and capable as the next person. However, passionate people have figured something out — they’ve discovered a process for finding their true calling and actualizing it on a daily basis.

Here are ten things people with life passion do differently:

1. Passionate people take passion seriously

These people know life passion doesn’t just land at your doorstep or fall from the sky. It must be sought and uncovered over time. The process of finding your passion should be approached like any other endeavor. You must commit to it, make the time for it, and work at it daily. This requires that you make time in your schedule, mark it on your calendar, and make a habit of working on your passion search. This search is one of the most life-changing endeavors you will ever undertake, so you should regard it seriously.

2. Passionate people know themselves

Finding your passion involves finding yourself. Passionate people understand it requires learning as much as possible about yourself to uncover your deepest desires and natural aptitudes. This “self-sleuthing” involves understanding your personality and intelligence types, your creative abilities, your natural skills, and your past joys and dreams.

3. Passionate people define their values

You can’t determine your life passion without first defining your core values. Passionate people have guiding life principles that impact all decisions and choices. These principles are central to each person’s integrity and self-esteem. If we live out of alignment with our core values, we will never be centered or happy. A passion will never fully blossom if it’s in opposition to one’s values.

4. Passionate people have a vision

Even before they know exactly what their passion might be, passionate people have a vision for living a passionate life. They have a general idea of how they want to live and work and the kinds of relationships they want to have. Their vision may be rough at first, but they know something better awaits them, and they use this vision for a better life to motivate and inspire them on the journey.

5. Passionate people face their fears

Every single person who seeks their passion must come to terms with their fears and self-doubt. Fear and doubt are a natural part of change. But passionate people examine their fears to ferret out any basis in reality. Most of the time, fears are illusions based on some projected future that never comes to pass. With this knowledge, you can take action in spite of fear. Eventually change will not be as frightening.

6. Passionate people do their research

Before you know if something is your life passion, you have to know enough about that something to understand what you’re getting yourself into. You’ll have many interests and ideas that could potentially be your passion, but you’ll need to investigate these possibilities so you are educated and informed. Passionate people spend a lot of time reading, researching, asking questions, and learning about their interests.

7. Passionate people experiment

In addition to research, passionate people have spent hands-on time with their passion before they knew it was actually their passion. Maybe they volunteered in an area of interest, shadowed someone, or delved into it as a hobby. They learned what it felt like day to day, what was required to become proficient, and how other experts in this area of interest became skilled and engaged. They were willing to invest a certain amount of time to test out their interest, knowing it was possible they might not like it after all. Trial and error is necessary in uncovering your passion.

8. Passionate people overcome obstacles

Passionate people recognize that making change can be difficult, but they are willing to take on the challenge. It might require saving money, going back to school, downsizing your home, upsetting your parents, living with less for a while, taking on two jobs. But people who have found their passion recognize the long-term benefits of these short term difficulties. They are able to keep their eyes on the prize and do what needs to be done.

9. Passionate people accept some risk

There’s no doubt about it, risk feels uncomfortable. Any change requires some amount of risk. The possibility of failure is ever present. But so is the possibility of success. Passionate people will take calculated risk, weighing the pros and cons and performing due diligence before taking action. After that, they can make a decision and move forward on their passion in spite of the possibility of failure. It is this tension of possible failure that often motivates us toward success.

10. Passionate people are patient

They know that having a passionate job or lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight. But they are willing to make an investment in themselves to follow the path until they make their dreams a reality. In fact, they view the process of finding their passion and making it real as a passionate endeavor on its own. They enjoy the process and don’t view it a s simply a difficult means to an end. They acknowledge each accomplishment on the journey and learn from missteps and detours. They remain open to many possibilities along the way.

You have everything it takes to become a passionate person yourself. Follow the lead from those who are living their dreams and enjoying the fulfillment and satisfaction of doing what they love. Learn about yourself, manage your fears and doubts, and be willing to experiment and test your interests. Don’t shy away from potential obstacles. Rather find a way around them. Your passionate future awaits you!

Barrie Davenport is a certified life passion coach and creator of The Passion To Passion Course. She is founder of the sites Live Bold and Bloom and

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