5 Podcasts You Should Start Listening to Right Now

5 Ways to be the most impressive person in a conversation and why these Podcasts guarantee you’ll be a rock star at your next social gathering!

Are you the person at the party with nothing to say? Do you appreciate quality conversations but never seem like you have something pertinent to add? Maybe you think your “two cents” isn’t worth it. Don’t fret, by listening to these educational podcasts you are guaranteed to have fascinating bits of information to tie into conversation.  Whether you are heading to dinner with work colleagues or meeting neighbors at a barbeque, having interesting and insightful conversations will make the experience drastically more enjoyable. One way to leave an impactful impression on the room is to have interesting topics for discussion.

Below is a list of some great Podcasts that you should listen to before heading to any social gathering. The tidbits you pick up can help grow conversation and make the event a comfortable and entertaining experience.  Everyone wants to be remembered; whether you had just the right thing to say in terms of current events, sounded like an expert on something obscure or just had some interesting trivia to add to the conversation these podcasts are not only fun to listen to but will help you be remembered and you’ll surely have something to add to the next conversation and learn some fun facts along the way.

1) Stuff You Should Know

Often abbreviated as SYSK, this is a free, award-winning podcast published by the HowStuffWorks Website and is hosted by two gentlemen Josh Clark & Charles W. “Chuck” Bryant.  Released every Tuesday and Thursday, this podcast educates listeners on a wide variety of subjects from makeup to jackhammers to Iditarod races and more. The co-hosts are very likable and their witty banter will hold your attention every minute. The knowledge learned through these podcasts is phenomenal to have in the back of your mind while in conversation. An obscure topic might be more difficult to bring up in conversation, but if it is brought up you will look like a rock star and you’ll definitely be the expert on one of the most interesting conversations of the evening.

2) Good Job Brain

This weekly quiz show and offbeat trivia podcast show is hosted by a cast of trivia aficionados who play pub trivia together as a team. Beginning as a Kickstarter project in 2011, this podcast was named as one of The Guardian’s Top 10 US podcasts for road trip listening. The highly intelligent group is very clever and this podcast can be used as an informative podcast on a variety of subjects but also as a game against the hosts. This is a perfect podcast if you need some quick interesting tidbits of knowledge while you are on your way to an event. You don’t need to listen to the entire podcast at once to learn some amazing facts.

3) Surprisingly Awesome

This is a new podcast from masterminds Adam Davidson (Planet Money & NPR) & Adam McKay (SNL, Anchorman & The Big Short). In each episode, one of the hosts takes a seemingly boring subject, and tries to make the other believe that the subject is Surprisingly Awesome. These topics have varied from mold to interest rates and once again you’re armed with some fascinating conversation starters.  Who would have thought mold could be that interesting? This well researched and organized podcast can help you to gain a repertoire of interesting information.

4) Freakonomics Radio

This award winning podcast is hosted by Stephen Dubner featuring Steven D. Levitt and explores the “riddles of everyday life and the weird wrinkles in human nature.” With upwards of 6 million downloads per month, this twice weekly podcast has kept listeners rapt attention since 2010. The concept of the show is simple, Dubner explains through a well edited series of interviews why we humans choose to behave in any certain way. The topics range from belts to boycotts and everything in between. These podcasts cover one topic in each show.

5) Radiolab

This nationally syndicated podcast is hailed as one of the most innovative shows on American radio and has over 1.8 million regular listeners. Their use of interviews and varying production styles has created one of the most compelling ways in which to share interesting information intertwined with real life stories. These captivating episodes provide entertainment and education creatively produced to captivate the audience. Similar to the previous podcasts mentioned the topics cover an enormous range of subjects and each episode covers one specific topic. The podcast do not follow a narrative, simply choose an episode that looks interesting and prepare to be amazed.

Having tons of interesting facts stored in your memory is great but you shouldn’t try to be the new Encyclopedia Brown by regurgitating facts and telling off-the-wall stories. The real key to using these podcasts in conversation however, is how you can use this knowledge to seamlessly tie these facts into normal conversation. The first way you can use the podcasts to improve conversations is obvious, by listening to interesting topics of the world you’ll genuinely have thought-provoking topics of conversation in your conversation arsenal. Secondly, by listening to multiple podcasts and learning information regarding everyday items like SYSK through the most cutting edge science topics from Radiolab you will sound educated and knowledgeable to those you are engaging in conversation. Last, and most important to becoming a polished conversationalist, is the ability to tie simple aspects from a podcast and be able to adeptly drive a conversation toward a topic in which you are presumably more expert (bet you didn’t know pistol shrimp, bubbles, and brain tumors are all related) all while maintaining the natural flow of a conversation.  Leaving an impression and being interesting isn’t raising your hand to show that you’re the most studied, it’s the suave undertones of subtly leading a conversation that let people truly remember your influence on a conversation.  Your goal should be that when you exit the conversation either your topics or your personality continue to be an aspect of the conversation.

No matter what the occasion being interesting and knowing how to include these topics in conversation will make dinner parties and group gatherings not only less intimidating but you’ll also surely leave one heck of an impression on those that had never heard of the Great Molasses Flood of 1919 (thanks SYSK!) So get out there and get listening!

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