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The Top 9 Things to Remember When Life is NOT Going Your Way

Life is not easy to play on. All of us had gone through the bad times in our lives and we get through them, however some get through them more easily on the other hand some people had to fight for a while to rush through harsh times.

So what’s their secret? Let us find out. Here are the top 9 things to remember when life is not going your way.

1. Stop Complaining. Stop it Right Now!

When life is getting tough, things will never be too easy for you.

But you have to act smartly and the first thing you have to do is stop complaining.

Don’t hustle through it. Never complain for anything you own or the things that surrounds you; it will make the situations even worse for you.

Life will test your patience by creating those situations where you can come up with bunch of complaints.

At that time, watch out your temperament and never complain.

2. Don’t think problem as a problem.

Any problem? Come on let us play with it.

Don’t ever think of your problem as a problem, just hang on there and face that damn snag.

Just think about it, if we don’t have any problem then how we’ll be able to grow? How we’ll learn new things?

If you think it as a learning opportunity then there won’t be a problem any longer.

Don’t forget that your happiness is totally based on your perspective. So, either stay with the problem or find solutions to beat them!

3. Stop comparing yourself with others.

In bad times, people often make comparison with others. If you still want to compare than compare yourself with people who have it worse than you.

Be grateful for the things you have, for food you eat, clothes you wear, a home you live in, be grateful that you’ve eyes to read this.

Never ever compare yourself with others, you have lots of things which are better than the other people, try to focus on the things you’ve right now rather than the things you don’t have.

4. Always have faith that situations do change.

When we are going through the bad times, we often think that there is no way out, we think nothing will ever change.

But guess what? It will! Have faith in yourself, bad times won’t last forever in fact nothing stays forever except death.

So make yourself believe that the things won’t be like this forever. They will change but you need to take some initiative for the things to change. It won’t change magically its own.

5. Learn from the Failures.

If you are failing it means that you’re doing something, you’re learning something.

“If you haven’t failed that means you haven’t tried anything yet.” Learn from failures, learn how to do better next time.

Go and check out the people who had done something great in life, they always had faced failure. And don’t figure out your failures as “the end” rather consider them as the new learning opportunities.

So learn from your failures and make your each and every shot count.

6. Don’t get emotionally attached with your desires.

Most people easily attach themselves with their desires. When they don’t get it, eventually their emotions plunge into negativity.

Don’t attach your emotions with your desires, as it won’t affect the peace of your mind even if you end up losing it.

By doing this way your emotions will remain happy or neutral.

7. If you want to change something then start it with changing yourself.

“Nothing can bring the peace but yourself”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

So you think that you need to change the things? Okay then let’s start with changing yourself because your outer world is the reflection of your inner world.

Keep in mind that “If you keep on doing whatever you were doing, you will keep on getting whatever you were getting.”

So if you want more, go ahead and change yourself firstly only then the wind will start blowing towards your side.

8. Learn to Celebrate Small Wins.

Some people are actually addicted to their problems so much that they don’t celebrate their small wins.

They are in chaos with their life that they even forget how to live a happy life; they don’t even allow themselves to have fun.

Firstly allow yourself to experience happiness, celebrate small wins and more importantly try to focus on joys, not your sufferings.

9. Anything is Possible

Miracles happen here on this earth only, but the condition is you’ve to hang on with your problems. Don’t let your problems suppress you.

Trust me: miracles happen all the time. You just need to believe it does. Once you believe that you can do it, its half battle won.

Your Turn NOW

It’s your turn now to come in action. So go ahead and plan your things according and change your situations.

I know you can do it. You just need to keep in mind these 9 points to make the things going in your way.

Do respond me back if you make these points count. Don’t forget to share the same with your friends.


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