The 3 Most Emotional Ways to Getting Yourself Motivated

Doesn’t it suck to know that you lack motivation to actually do what you want to do?

You know you SHOULD do it, but yet, you can’t seem to ever get off your ass to start work.

Procrastination has become the ugliest word in your vocabulary.

The worst part is, nothing seems to work.

You read all the blogs on productivity and motivating yourself. You’ve gone through books. You’ve asked around for advice from friends or successful people.

You even FORCED yourself to work hard on something, but it only lasted for a while, and you’re back to square one, your stagnant state.

As such, you feel totally unproductive and even a sense of hopelessness as you’ve accomplished nothing.

Sounds like you?

Motivation can be hard.

It is. It really is.

“Just do it!” isn’t as simple as it sounds, as some people would like to put it (even as the only solution).

As much as you want to do what you’re set out to do, procrastination just seems to get in the way, even though you know what action it is you need to take.

In turn, the solution to motivation, or lack thereof is even more complicated as they can never empathize with you fully.

We think too much about the WORK!

Yup. We do.

The number one reason which pulls us down from setting off to start work is because we keep thinking about the work involved.

And when we think about the work, it subsequently affects our feelings towards the work and about ourselves.

So, with uninspired feelings and a sense of just feeling down and out, it’s no wonder we don’t ever feel like getting work done.

I call this the most emotional ways to getting yourself motivated because it’s about the feelings!

Check it out!

The most emotional ways to get yourself motivated:

1) Only focus on the feeling of the outcome.

Have you heard of the saying, “Do you want to be sore, or sorry later”?

It’s a quote to motivate people who into working out and pushing themselves in fitness.

It’s all about how you would feel later, regardless of how big the task at hand is.

When there’s something you need to do, only think about the feeling of success once it’s all done.

It’s totally up to you to feel happy, satisfied, accomplished or even excited.

And when you achieve any of those, you know it’s going to be worth it.

This is what I personally do when I got a task at hand. I only aim for the feeling I want, which is the only result I want.

2) Then, think of how these great feelings would make everything else better.

It will.

Look at it this way: If you don’t feel motivated enough to carry out your task, you’d feel lazy and lethargic. Sure, you may get to do what you want instead, like watching TV or playing video games, but the feelings accompanied with that would be bittersweet at best.

Get the task done, then go for a break and reward yourself with something you like. That would instantly make it all even better. Hell, even mundane activities like mindless surfing Facebook would seem rewarding then.

As you can see, it’s all about feeling again.

3) Get inspired.

When I feel unmotivated to do something, I simply tell myself not to do it at all.

Instead of moving forward, I stand still.

I actively then go around getting myself inspired.

Inspiration is totally free and is your best source of getting yourself pumped up, hyped, excited and basically just motivated.

So stand still. Don’t even think of the task then.

Go get yourself inspired. It’s pretty easy today with the internet. You can go to YouTube, literally type in, “Inspiration” and you’ve a wealth of videos that can motivate you.

With inspiration, comes better feelings, and with that, you’ll be more in tuned to actually get stuff done!

It’s all about the feelings.

At the end of the day, work is always work. It’s not meant to be fun all the time, even though it can be.

It’s your own responsibility to decide how you want to feel and also to get things done.

So again, I say just focus on the feelings around the work i.e. before and after and how it in turns makes you feel.

Hope this helps.


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