Stress Relief Tips To Wake Up Fresh in the Morning

Tips to Wake Up Fresh in the Morning Without Stress

Here you will find some stress relief tips that help you wake up fresh in the morning – every morning. Most of us wake up tired, or even very tired in the morning, and this is not good. Managing one’s life and getting appropriate rest will allow us to develop a pattern of waking up every morning fresh and without stress. Stress is a common problem in today’s American culture.

Everyone is in a hurry trying to get everything done every day. Collectively, we are fighting difficult economic times and an uncertain future. It is not easy to face each morning without stress and worry. But, stress is damaging to our mental, physical, and spiritual health. Finding a way to decrease stress, especially when one is just starting the day, will contribute to one’s health and overall well-being.

Organize Daily Responsibilities

One of the most important points of waking up fresh in the morning is organizing our daily responsibilities. By organizing them, managing worries and personal concerns, and practicing good sleep hygiene, we can develop a daily pattern of waking up fresh in the morning without stress.

Most people have a lot of responsibilities they must tend to on a daily basis. There is a common feeling of not having enough hours in the day. If we do not take care of ourselves, however, we will not be present and able to do the things we need to do each day. By organizing our responsibilities, we can gain a sense of mastery and feel competent. One way to accomplish this is by trying a weekly schedule, with daily checklists of tasks that need to be done.

Checking them off as one completes a task, which along with keeping track of their schedule, gives them a sense of accomplishment. This will also greatly decrease any feelings of being overwhelmed. Following this every day will make one feel confident as he or she lays down to go to sleep, knowing they have some control in their life. This feeling will allow a good night’s sleep and contribute to a fresher, stress-free morning.

Manage Worries and Personal Concerns

Unfortunately, everyone must deal with negative emotions from time to time. It is important to not let worries and personal concerns keep one awake at night which will lead to waking up tired in the morning. There are two things to consider regarding this issue.

First, a person should determine whether or not a particular issue is within their control. If he or she can fix the situation, make a plan to do so. If the problem is out of one’s control, and there is nothing he or she can do to fix it, then one needs to understand this.

Secondly, when it is time to go to sleep, it is not the time of day or the place to process the emotions one may be experiencing. One should schedule a time to address these feelings and put them aside at bedtime. By removing worries and personal concerns from one’s mind at bedtime, one may have a more restful sleep and a much better chance at waking up fresh, without stress.

By practicing walking meditation in the evening before going to sleep, you are effectively clearing your head from all those worries and problems that tend to keep you awake. However, it is important that you practice it every day so that meditation becomes a regular part of your life.

Take a Relaxing Bath with Essential Oils

One of the ideal routines to wake up fresh in the morning is to take a nice hot relaxing bath the night before with a well-chosen essential oil blend that help fight stress and fatigue.

A good essential oil bath recipe for stress relief will include a few oils that are particularly selected for their de-stressing properties, such as geranium, which has uplifting properties for the mind, clary-sage, with its mind clearing properties, lemon which also helps with stress relief and of course, lavender, which is perfect for relaxation in the bath, not to mention it is one of the oils that people actually enjoy smelling its fragrance.

There are many recipes for a relaxing bath that you can find online or in various books, and it is a fun exercise to try several of them and then choose the one that really speaks to you.

One of the best books with essential oil blends and recipes for various ailments, including stress relief is the Complete Book Of Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood, a well-known aromatherapist with years of practical experience using essential oils.

Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

Good sleep hygiene involves several behaviors that contribute to quality sleep, which leads to getting to wake up fresh in the morning. First, you should establish a bedtime that you keep every night, even weekends. Keeping the same sleep and wake times will help you feel healthier and more energetic. Also, the bed should only be used for sleeping.

This means don’t use the bed for lounging, completing projects, watching T.V., eating, or even reading. Having the bed designated only for sleep trains the mind to become sleepy when it is time to lie down at night for sleep.

What you can use is a good alarm clock (can use alarm clocks for adults or kids) that is sure to wake one up in the morning.

Following these guidelines will allow you to develop good sleep hygiene, greatly contributing to how fresh and free of stress you feel in the morning.

You Can Fight The Stress

In today’s world, most people are fighting stress every day, and many are not winning. People know that stress is bad for one’s mental, physical, and spiritual health, but it is difficult to manage so much all of the time.

Waking up fresh, without stress is something everyone desires. But most people assume it is too difficult to achieve or even impossible.

However, if you make a commitment to organize your daily responsibilities, manage your worries and personal concerns, learn to relax using meditation and essential oils, eat healthily, drink lots of water and practice good sleep hygiene, you can wake up every day fresh in the morning, with no stress. And, in turn, you can live a healthier and more fulfilled life.

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