The Power of Mind in Spiritual Meditation

The power of mind determines the mental strength of a person. Controlling one’s own mind is inevitable for achieving success in life. When the mind gets controlled then it is easy to concentrate on a different task that is confronted in daily life.

There are different meditation practices that are endowed with the effective techniques of controlling the mind. These meditation practices make your mind calm and steady. Therefore the greatness of the mental stability can be seen, so that made meditation as a significant activity in the day to day life. It is not recent that the meditation became the part of life.

What is spiritual meditation?

The spiritual meditation is a practice of arousing the serpent power, a biological energy in man. This energy is utilized for the perfection of his very nature that is having a profound meaning in his life. The awakened man meditates in the energy centers along the spinal cord termed as chakras. These chakras are related to various psycho – physical qualities and meditating in these chakras are responsible for balancing the energy and enhancing the power of the mind. This meditation is also known as the kundalini meditation, siddha meditation, chakra meditation, etc.

Kundalini – the spiritual power

Apart from other usual meditation practices, the spiritual meditation which involves the latent power known as ‘kundalini’ to manifest, which resides in the base of the spine in the sacral bone. The common meditation practices are limited in controlling the mind to a certain extent and do not go beyond that state of consciousness. There the higher power of the mind cannot be experienced through this.
The power of mind in the spiritual meditation is limitless. This will take the aspirant beyond the frontiers of imagination. The concentration of the mind can be increased immensely. It says that the highest level of concentration is attained when the mind itself withholds a single thought that would arise successively as a chain of a single thought. This is the state where the mental waves get reduced and your actions become clearer and effective.
The spiritual meditation makes one mystic, as that it forges him as a superhuman. But it is not an easy procedure.

Getting what you want in life

Most people look for the greater mental capabilities so that they could use maximum potentials in their actions (works). Controlling one’s own mind is very much needed in every life situations, whereas the concentration of the mind gets increased so that it cannot be distracted very easily. This makes one perform his duty perfectly in short period of time and therefore to yield the maximum benefit from them.
When the mind lacks in reaching the state of concentration, then the mind fails to utilize its available potential. This makes one stumble in his actions and indeed makes him less confident thus reducing his self-esteem. This will led him to accumulate the undesirable stresses and when fails to achieve his goals perhaps leads to depression eventually. So the potential is within oneself, it is his effort that makes to avail it.

Know your strengths

In spite of salvation as the ultimate goal of this spiritual meditation, one would acquire the enhanced mental ability; the power to achieve his goals; leading a life that is consistent with nature. He will have the total control of himself so that the emotions do not take over him. Then he is a perfect yogi.

As Swami Vivekananda said,

“Meditation is the greatest means of controlling the rising of thought waves. Meditation helps you to subdue these waves and if you go on practicing it for days and months, and years, until it has become a habit, until it comes in spite of your self, anger and hatred will be controlled and checked.”

It is that the thoughts that matter. These thoughts make what you are. These thoughts are the boosters of your actions. They are intended for doing the actions. The positive thoughts are responsible for positive actions and negative thoughts are responsible for negative actions, hence it has to be controlled. These thoughts can be controlled only by controlling one’s own mind, thus attaining enhanced mental stability. This is the type of mental strength one has to acquire that makes his mind powerful in confronting the life situations that would make him as a superhero.

Praveen Kumar is a Physicist and a kundalini meditation practitioner. He is a passionate writer and upholds the words of noble persons who had changed the world.
Praveen Kumar is the Editor in Chief at, which offers inspiring, motivational and informative advises for developing mental strength.


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