Intuition Training For Better Decision Making

Intuition can simply be described as that voice at the back of your head saying : “Do it” or “stop, you’re probably going to regret it.” It’s your body’s personal “how to guide” – formed by your personal experiences and surroundings. Think back to when you did something without thinking. Yep! that’s intuitive action at play. The problem however is that intuition can be your pal or enemy when it comes to decision making. If you haven’t spent the time practicing intuition training then you have probably suffered the unfortunate consequences.

It’s never too late to change – here are some great intuition training tips to assist you with better decision making prowess:

Expand your circle of friends

People typically tend to feel comfortable with those that are of the same beliefs, opinions and personality type as them. We are wired to join those that affirm what we believe in. However, a fundamental step in intuition training is to get out of your comfort zone. Consider socializing with people of contradicting viewpoints to your own. The result will be astounding. It will make your own beliefs reliable and give you added perspective. You may find that your intuition could have been skewed by incorrect assumptions. For example: one entrepreneur telling you that starting your own business isn’t risky will not be enough to shape an opinion about entrepreneurship. An intuition based purely on this insight is bound to get you in trouble.

Be a polymathic thinker

Polymathic thinking is popular among successful people. It is essentially the process of being learned in multiple subject areas and then finding ways to develop mental models that link them together. The advantage of this is that it challenges out of the box thinking, broadens your mindset and enhances your intuition holistically. Add this unique skill-set to your intuition training and you will make colossal strides towards successful decisions.

Track your intuition training with a journal

Journals are excellent ways to track your intuition training regime. Simply write down how many times in the day you listened to your intuition and what the result was. Every failed result means that you probably need to work on skills to improve that facet of your life. For example, your car may have stopped after you got a strange burning smell while driving. You intuition told you to keep going even though a garage was close by. This probably signals that you need to spend more time learning how your car works.

Find great mentors

Mentors should be people that have razor sharp intuition. These are typically the wise people that have years of experience backed by mistakes they made. These are the mistakes that you can avoid making without reliving them. Find these type of people and remember to listen. You will find that just being in the presence of the right mentors will have you thinking like they do in no time.

Build up your Knowledge base

The less you know the less reliable your intuition is likely to be. The result is often poor decisions based on a silly hunch. Experience new things and watch your brain be shaped into a thinking machine through the process of neuroplasticity. Read books to expand your explicit knowledge and through practical experiences develop your tacit knowledge. Even through failure you will find that your intuition will learn from your mistakes allowing you to make better decisions in the future.

Develop good habits

Treat intuition training as a continuous improvement. The best way to do this is through good habits. According to research it takes 21 days to form a habit which may be more depending on complexity. Therefore improving your willpower is essential to your success. Remember to carry out activities at the same time and place to help solidify the habit.

Great intuition can be a wonderful asset to have. It’s what also dictates the level of success you are likely to experience in your life. Take the time to nurture it and you will find that the little voice and the back of your head will take you to great heights.

Ash Govender is a practicing engineer and aspiring polymath. He has a deep interest in how the mind works. Through his blog, he gives great insight on how to make better and more productive use of the mind to achieve goals. His hopes are to make a hub-spot for intellectual thinkers and to promote better ways of thinking and making decisions. Contact Ash at admin AT mind spurt DOT com.


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