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Instead of Watching TV After Work, Do These 10 Fruitful Things

After dealing with hectic meetings, listening to irritating bosses and making your way through the long traffic, you just want to sit comfortably on your couch and switch on the TV. You either switch to your favorite TV show or keep browsing through the endless number of channels till you find something entertaining to watch, but do you think that this is the right way to use your precious time?

In this fast-paced life, finding time for yourself has now become quite difficult. Long working hours, traffic on every corner and having always a lot your plate has minimized the free time for everyone and therefore, instead of wasting this precious time in watching TV just for the purpose of entertainment, you can do some fruitful things.

So, in this blog post, we are going to discuss the 10 most fruitful things which you can do instead of watching TV after work.

  1. Start teaching

A teacher is not the one who knows everything but a teacher is the one who can teach everything which he knows. So it doesn’t matter how noob you are at something, you can always teach someone something. Like if you are good at cooking then you can start giving cookery classes after returning from home. This will also help you in boosting your confidence.

  1. Read a book

Leaders are readers and therefore instead of wasting your time in watching TV, you can make a habit of reading books on a daily basis. Gathering someone’s lifetime experience just by some hours of reading is nothing less than a magic. Choose motivation or life lesson books, which will always inspire you to move forward in life.

  1. Learn an art

After returning from work, you can start learning any form of art like painting, singing, dancing or you can also learn a musical instrument. These pure forms of art are natural stress busters and they will enhance your personality as well.

  1. Meditate

There is nothing more relaxing than meditation and with just 5-10 minutes of meditation every day, you will be able to find the hidden power of peace within yourself. Mediation is the best mental exercise as it calms your body while relaxing your mind.

  1. Join a group

Nowadays, there are lots of active groups in the cities where people meet and share their expertise. These groups are a great way to meet like-minded people and it is certainly more fruitful than your daily TV show. You can join a poet’s group or a standup comedy group as it all depends on your interest.

  1. Start writing

You don’t need to be Paulo Coelho to start writing because doesn’t matter how weak you are at imagination, or how noob you are at writing, one thing is for sure that by bringing this art into your daily routine, you will surely be able to find the corner of peace from this busy lifestyle.

  1. Housework

Deep in your heart, you also know that your house needs everyday cleaning so instead of sitting for hours in front of your TV while throwing wrappers in the corner. Take your broom, and start cleaning your house. You might find it amazing but cleaning your house also gives mental relief and living in a cleaner place is what most of the people like.

  1. Meet your friends

How long it has been since you met your friend who lives just some miles away from you in the same city? Well, now is the right time to move out of your comfort zone (watching TV) and have a social life by meeting your old friends and reliving the good memories.

  1. Spend time with family

This digital world has minimized our interaction with the real world and therefore it’s high time to set your priorities right. You can spend quality time with your family instead of watching TV after work. It’s a great way to share both joy and sorrow.

  1. Just sit and admire the nature

And if you are not ready for any of the things mentioned in the list, then you can just go somewhere, sit silently and just admire the nature. You can either watch the beautiful sunset or explore the gigantic night sky with your naked eyes.

Saving time from your daily routine and then using it for some fruitful purpose is the real art of living. This way, you will never regret the way you have lived your life because you would have live every second of your life in the best possible way. If you will look away from your 32 inch TV then you will find a better and real-life running on a better and bigger screen.

About the Author

Saurabh Gupta is a technical content writer at Cloudwalks, a QuickBooks cloud hosting company. His area of expertise includes software, cloud computing, cybersecurity and life lessons.



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