Day 11: How To Feel Great Every Time You Get Dressed

Did you know you can instantly feel a lot better about your body simply by choosing clothes that fit and flatter you now, rather than putting it off until you reach some ideal weight?

Or that the best way to exude sexuality and confidence is not by squeezing into skin tight clothes but finding outfits that work with your body?

Perhaps you feel like it would be shallow or frivolous to worry too much about the way clothes look on your body. There are no laws insisting you have to care much about clothing to be happy and confident.

However, most of us do feel better if we spend just a little time on our appearance.

Many people find themselves stuck in a perpetually low cycle of self esteem. When we don’t feel good about ourselves, we either:

●            Buy clothes that completely hide our bodies. Modesty is one thing, but you can choose clothes you find tasteful that don’t swallow you.

●            Buy clothes that are too tight or revealing. Again, it’s wonderful to be comfortable in your own skin, but make sure you’re dressing this way because it makes you feel good, not because you believe it’s the only way you’ll get attention.

●            Don’t buy any clothes at all, neglecting to replace items that are torn, stain or threadbare. The classic example is the mom that goes around in faded sweats while her kids are dressed to the nines.

By doing these things, we end up feeling worse because part of us feels as though we don’t measure up and are constantly reinforcing our poor self image and lack of self worth. A new, flattering wardrobe is not a quick fix for self esteem problems, but it can help get you back on the right track as you begin your self improvement journey.

Think of it as sending a message to yourself that you do matter and that it’s okay to invest time into looking your best. If you are unhappy with your body, don’t wait until you have “solved” the problem by losing or gaining weight to buy clothes that will make you look and feel good now.

Even if it seems wasteful to buy clothes when you are planning on changing your body size, doing so will reinforce the idea that you are worthwhile at any size or shape.

Buying clothes that fit is one way to take care of yourself. It might not seem like a big deal, but it can have a profound effect on how you see yourself and how others see you. It’s not that you’ll be more worthy if you look better, rather that taking the time to care for yourself will reinforce the idea that you are a person who deserves it.

This can be one step to get you started on a perpetual cycle of happiness and confidence and end the low self esteem cycle once and for all.


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23 Responses to Day 11: How To Feel Great Every Time You Get Dressed

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