The Golden Essay: How Olympic Moments Can Be Associated with Essay Writing

Rio’s hype is all over the place (and the Internet). From Michael Phelps’ death stare that launched a thousand memes to Usain Bolt’s smiling shot, the 2016 Olympics never runs out of animation, excitement, and surprises. Nevertheless, every Olympics past lived up to its promise of showcasing the best athletes displaying exceptional athleticism in the global stage.

Meanwhile, there’s your dreaded college essay due tomorrow which you still haven’t started yet. Instead of summoning the guts to commence on working Mr. Evan’s paper, you opted to fantasize being in the Copacabana beach and mingling with the Cariocas. However, your keyboard just won’t type on its own. Here are some of the awe-inspiring moments in #Rio2016 and the past Olympics which ideals can be associated to improve your skills and attitude towards college essay writing.

 The Indomitable Will of Derek Redmond

Entering the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, Redmond was highly touted to win it all at the Men’s 4 x 400m relay. However, while leading the charge at the 250m mark in the semi-final round, he tore his hamstring. Derek could have just waited for the medics to attend to him, but he refused. Together with Jim, his father who he leaned for support, Derek finished the race hobbling even though there was no medal left to win.

Linking it with essays

First off, your limbs have little relevance in essay writing. Kidding aside, you’re faced with different distractions that may hamper your ability to write insightful statements. Alt-tabbing from Facebook to Word, upcoming UFC fight nights, or anticipated beer pong sessions with friends are some of the innumerable interferences every college student faces. It may feel difficult to jumpstart an expected submission with these, but like Redmond, you should set your eyes on the prize. Things like essay and reviewing for midterm exams may be a bludgeoning idea, but once you start to heat up, you’ll be in the zone.

Singapore’s Schooling Takes Phelps to School

Singapore’s first Olympic gold medal couldn’t come any sweeter, as Joseph Schooling claims it at the combined expense of most decorated Olympian Michael Phelps, Chad le Clos, and László Cseh. He topped the trio silver medalists in the Men’s 100m butterfly event close to a full second (0.75 sec). It appeared that the awkward little kid Joseph was blossomed well to be a thorn on his sport idol’s conquest for the 23rd Olympic gold medal, Michael Phelps.

Linking it with essays

There’s always a first time for everything. If you’re burned out with receiving subpar essay scores, then maybe it’s time to change that by stepping up your game. What’s that writing style that elates your professors? Have you tried beefing up your essay with verifiable data or infographic? In one way or the other, you’ll need to improve the essentials of your writing (e.g., persuasiveness, credibility, neutrality, proficiency, etc.).

Wouldn’t it be nice to finally see the sun smile at your paper? You can really never tell if that decision to unpretentiously write an essay can awaken your sleeping desire for writing and literature. If that happens, work hard until iconic authors, who’re landing lucrative deals, become your rivals.

Shaunae Miller Diving for the Gold

The Bahaman athlete seemingly stole the gold from the U.S. track star Allyson Felix by utilizing a last-ditch move in the Women’s 400m event. Miller theoretically did not violate any Olympic rule since she was able to inch her torso first by 0.07 seconds. Many have expressed their dismay and dissatisfaction in what turned out to be a nail-biting finish, but Miller wouldn’t really care about that, especially after hoisting the gold medal in the podium.

Linking it with essays

One thing that may deter your ability to furnish quality essays is the technicality of the subject or niche. Jargons make it hard for us to fully comprehend a thought or idea, further crippling us in making connections or sense with our essay’s thesis statement. However, don’t fall victim into resorting to dumb acts of plagiarism or hiring a ghost writer to get by.

Like Miller, you can utilize allowed practices in essay writing. These include paraphrasing and copy-and-improve techniques. However, these only work at best if you pair it with your personal insights and unique vantage point of the topic.

Be mindful of the fact that your professors employ plagiarism checkers; these often trace any similarity or pattern with your work and ones that sit on someone’s website or blog. If you fail to properly paraphrase or opt to rely solely on someone else’s way of thinking, you’re bound to receive heart-wrenching remarks. Go the extra mile.

Jamaica’s Bolt Smiling for the Camera

Usain scored another lopsided win in what could be the first of many gold medals he’ll bag in Rio. It seems that the thought of a three-peat wasn’t enough for him since he even flashed an enormous grin much to the delight of the Carioca Arena crowd and Internet trolls. The lightning-quick speed he demonstrated in that particular race, Men’s 100m, proves how unscathed and immaculate he is in sprinting (except at times he was rallying from deficits that he eventually conquered).

Linking it with essays

That’s how we like it in doing essays – fun and fast. But for us to increase our words typed – and thought – per hour, we need to be focused and dedicated. Close those tabs and apps that slow you down. Like Bolt’s mother said, “you can always go fast when you keep it light.”

There are times though that you would prefer taking it slow. These are essay topics that demand intensive research or know-how of the topic, since your professor just won’t let half-assed submissions cut it. This is where scouting comes to play – the information coming from close observation of your professor’s demands, guidelines, and expectations.

I am in nowhere trying to convince you to be complacent. Work and study smartly, but remember that the ones who truly emerge victorious are the ones who go beyond what people think is enough.

Nevertheless, essay writing should be fun right? It’s one of the proven yardsticks in learning. Nothing tops the feeling of finally submitting that crafted essay you toiled for hours – it’s as comparable to Olympic weightlifters who screeched their roars following a successful lift. Reward yourself with a thriller finale of the men’s basketball Monday event, after you have beautifully – and enthusiastically –completed that psychology paper.


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