Feeling De-Motivated? Changes That Will Make a Difference If You Lack Energy

There are certain days when we absolutely lack the motivation to go about our everyday lives; it almost feels like our lives lack energy and purpose. We feel tired even after sleeping for hours. Things feel even worse when you have to go about your everyday work which you cannot afford to skip. We end up feeling like we are trapped in some hole, without a way to escape.  However, this feeling does not last forever; there are ways through which you can get back to feeling like your energetic self. If you have been feeling low and lethargic for the last couple of days, then you need to make certain changes in your lifestyle. These changes can create a positive impact on your overall physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual health. So, if you want to get your mind and life back on the right track, here are some changes you should adapt.

Physical Changes

Morning Walks Everyday

Regardless of your schedule, make sure that you take out time every day for a walk in the morning. Start your day fresh & amidst nature and you will not be disappointed. A lot of people consider walking as the most underrated type of exercise. However, that’s far from the truth. Most professionals have a 9-10 hour work schedule which requires them to sit in a single place. Our body isn’t designed to sit for hours on an uncomfortable chair. Walking gives you the boost to stay active throughout the rest of your day. If your job requires you to sit for long hours, get a fitness band that will remind you to get up and walk every few hours. It is one of the best uses of owning a fitness band – it keeps you active.

Stretch Your Body

Have you ever had days when you have done nothing but sit on the couch yet feel extremely tired at the end of the day? Well, sitting idle for too long can also make your body tired. Whether you are at work or have just gotten out of bed – stretch your body. Every part of your body needs to relax to allow the proper flow of blood that will keep you active. If your body feels too stiff or tired, just get up and stretch. You will feel the blood flow more freely and you will be able to perform tasks better.

Intellectual Changes

Read a Book

It is a known fact the reading books can take you to a different world altogether. However, one of the most important benefits of reading is that it helps you stay focused. You have to focus to understand the storyline. If you are a non-reader, reading might seem like a task to you. But, slowly improving your reading skills will teach you how to stay focused. This habit will also keep you focused through your everyday tasks and work for a longer period of time.

Listen to some Music

Music can do wonders; it heals our mind and soul. You could delve yourself into any kind of music. It could be pop, jazz, country, or even classical. All that matters is music can rejuvenate the energy that you have been missing. No other thing can boost your energy or improve your mood as quickly as music can. Listening to music involves using the whole brain. While listening to music, dopamine kicks in, this will make you feel good and enhance your productivity.

Spiritual Changes

Power of Yoga & Meditation

It is a well-known fact that yoga and meditation are the best ways to de-stress and focus. Just taking a moment out of your day to breathe in and out calmly can make a world of difference to your energy levels. Yoga and meditation are age-old practices that have been performed for centuries now. There is nothing that can relieve your stress and make you feel at peace like yoga. If you are having a busy day at home or office, then find a minute to just de-stress your mind and relax. Additionally, if you are relatively new to yoga, you can try out some of the yoga apps or some amazing yoga books that will help your body relax.

Focus on the Present

The one thing that stresses most of us out is the constant thought of the future. Even when we are busy in a certain task, our mind has the tendency to think of the future. This is one of the main reasons why our mind is always so restless. Thinking about what is going to happen affects our present and our mind. If you find yourself stressing too much about the future, calm yourself, and focus on the now. It is about living in the moment and appreciating everything that life has to offer. Worrying about what will happen next keeps us from appreciating what we have in front of us. Worry less about the future and focus more on living in the present.


Overall, these small changes can help you overcome your feeling of de-motivation and lack of energy. Sometimes we feel like our lives are going nowhere, we lack the motivation to absolutely do anything. Every small problem feels difficult to get through. Just remember that these feelings don’t last. And making these small changes can help improve your mood, motivation and energy levels.

Laveena Sawlani is a content writer with more than 2 years of experience. She currently works for pricekart.com and covers topics from the world of tech. When not writing, she enjoys travelling, meeting interesting people, and binge-watching series on Netflix.


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