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Eco-Friendly House Is Healthy House

House maintenance is one an expensive process. It is true that apartments need regular updating, but the amount of care and repair that a house requires is a completely different cup of tea (and money). Houses are self-standing objects. An equivalent of a house can be found in a building. While maintenance of buildings is divided by the number of tenants of apartments, house owners need to take care of everything all by themselves. That is why most of the house owners consider housing plans and maintenance models that are more affordable. If you want to apply budget-friendly and eco-sustainable house (re)decoration methods, get on the green train and find out how to keep your house in order and the nature around you unharmed.

Replace old parts

Windows and doors

Replacing parts that are relicts of the past should be done as soon as possible. Every house sooner or later becomes a graveyard of old items. No matter if that is an old rug that you inherited from your grandma or old windows that leak air in cold winter nights, these things have to be evacuated from your house for once. When it comes to old windows and doors, they do not only look bad and give a natural habitat to woodworm and other insects, but they can also affect the energy efficiency of your house. In order to save more gas or energy for heating your apartment, you should replace old windows and doors and get new ones. However, do not throw away the old ones, since they can be taken to one of those old wood recycling or reuse centers. By doing so, you will contribute to the preservation of the world’s forests.


To minimize water losses and to prevent possible water contamination in your home, you should also replace old pipes if there are any in your house. Apart from them, faucets and valves should also be replaced. Water leakages are a huge waste of drinking water and it is a problem on the global level. If you take care of leaking faucets or old pipes, you will save more water, which is one of the most critical issues in the world today.

Green cleaning

When you clean your house, avoid chemicals. We all have got used to very toxic industry-made chemicals, but we can go back to the cleaning methods of our ancestors. Whenever it is possible, try to make a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. This mixture is very useful for sinks, basins, bathtubs and other similar areas. They will clean the piles of clay and remains of soap, shower gel, shaving foam and other stuff we use in the bathroom.

When it comes to floor clearing techniques that do not harm your family or the environment, ceramic tiles are easily cleaned only with hot water and sponge, and wooden flooring can shine again after being treated with warm water and addition of tea bags or other natural wood floor cleaners. Almost all of natural cleaning products, you can make yourself.

Outside the house

While many chores can be done in accordance with the green cleaning style, it is also important to stay eco-friendly in your yard, too. For instance, if you want to build a garage, you do not have to waste thousands of dollars on material and workers. Not to mention the gas that will be wasted for getting all  needed materials and carbon footprint that you leave behind. Instead of that, try using the idea of container shelters. Instead of being made from concrete, iron and other stuff that are not actually the most harmonic things in the world, used containers can be a great solution to build a nice garage. They can also be used for making sheds and other additional buildings in your yard. That way you will not use new sources of energy and waste resources, but simply reuse the existing items.

Behaving in accordance with ecological rules should be practiced in everything we do. Keeping our houses in order it only one small part, but if we turn green, we will make a substantial saving and join the fight for the prosperity of our planet.

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Melissa writes articles with DIY, parenting topics, and practical solutions for simpler and more convenient life. At the moment she is obsessed with eco cleaning, and green ways to maintain her home, and helps other do the same.


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  1. Janette says:

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