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What is our Community Blog?

Over the past 6 years we’ve been fortunate enough to have hundreds, literally,
hundreds of self development bloggers from around the world contribute their
unique voices to PTB.

We’ve received so many submissions, in fact, that we had run out of slots to fill
and left many creative voices unheard. With this in mind – wanting to provide the
greatest, most eclectic self improvement resource on the web – we’ve created a
special section to try and accommodate all of these great writers that have honored
us with their submissions.

Enter, the Community Blog!

What’s the general criteria of a post that will be accepted?

1. Generally speaking, posts are between 600-800 words in length.
2. They must be 100% original to PTB (i.e. find nowhere else on the web or in print)
3. Posts must be on a relevant Self Improvement topic – and cannot be used as
advertising for any brand, product or company
4. Posts may include a 2-3 line bio which includes a hyperlink back to your blog,
website, etc
5. Accepted authors must acknowledge that any material that is published on
the blog becomes the sole property of PickTheBrain and may not be recreated or
republished by the author without the strict permission of PTB.

So get blogging!

4 Responses to Community Blog

  1. Can I advertise my posted articles on Twitter and Medium?

  2. Can I get a relevant link from the article?

  3. Hi Erin,
    I’d really love to write for the blog, but I’m a little confused with the application process.

  4. salome says:

    Hello Dear,

    i need on your blog post site Do you have more site please send me site list with price.

    waiting your reply.


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