5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Motivation

Visualize yourself in two different scenarios. The first scenario is not having motivation for a task at all. The second one is being totally motivated for the same task. Is there a difference in how you feel while taking action? In which scenario are you doing the task faster? What’s about the quality of your performance? Is it better in scenario one or two? Are you having fun in one of those scenarios? In which scenario are you procrastinating? Are you more satisfied in scenario one or two? Thinking long term, in which of these scenarios do you achieve your ultimate outcome?

By answering these questions it becomes obvious that being highly motivated has many benefits.

Wouldn’t it be great to have lots of motivation for everything and get all the benefits for it?

Then, let’s discover 5 ways to get easily motivated.

Draw a colorful picture in your mind

Think of a task or an action you can’t motivate yourself to do. Create a mental picture how you will take action. Now colorize the picture with bright and vivid colors. Bring the image closer to you and make it shiny. Take the static image and make it alive. The picture is now more like a small movie. You are moving and taking action. Imagine yourself smiling and having fun while doing the task. Finally, bring it even closer and make it brighter.

Brightly colorful, and vivid pictures have a positive impact on human psychology. They motivate you automatically.

Don’t let your brain create the pictures for you. Be the director and create your own movies. You are in charge!

Create a compelling purpose

If you can’t motivate yourself, then obviously that action does not drive you.

Why do you want or need to do the task in the first place? What is the reason?

Often times we see just the actions we should take, but we don’t remind ourselves why we want to do them. What is the purpose behind our effort?

The purpose is the emotional juice you can create to motivate yourself. The why affects your feelings tremendously in a positive direction.

In general, tasks do not motivate us, reasons do.

E.g.: Would it be more compelling if you focus on the energy and fitness you will gain or the weight you will lose when going out for a run instead of focusing on the task of “running”?

Now, get your positive emotions going! WHY do you WANT to do what you don’t like to do?

Turn the music on

Can you imagine yourself lying on your bed, being extremely sad, but listening to happy music? Or the opposite, being totally happy and turning on a quite sad song?

We have very powerful triggers in our environment that can subconsciously change how we feel. Music is one of those triggers. It influences our emotions massively.

Now, if motivation is hard to find, then crank up your favourite tunes and change your feelings about the task.

Envision your success in advance

If you knew that you would succeed with your business idea, would you take the effort to build your own business? Would you be motivated to do whatever it took to achieve your outcome? I bet you would.

Now, we can’t know for sure if our endeavors will work out. What remains is uncertainty. Our brain is afraid of uncertainty and our motivation drifts away.

What can we do about it?

We can create success in advance. Visualize yourself succeeding by making a picture in your head. See yourself, and act, as if you have already achieved your goal. This builds faith within yourself and has an empowering effect on you motivation.

Add fun to the action

Can you make a task that you usually don’t enjoy more interesting? Sure! Just brainstorm some things that motivate you. Would it be possible to add these things to your actions?

E.g.: You might love reading books. How would your motivation to do the household chores increase, if you listen to one of your favorite books, in form of an audiobook? Can you imagine that you could have much more fun? Or you could score points by throwing laundry into the washer, like you’re playing basketball.

Make your tasks fun!

Skyrocket your motivation

Which of these techniques will get your motivation running? Try the technique that sounds most promising to you. Combine different approaches and experience being highly motivated!

Aileen Schuering is a passionate blogger, who loves to share her self-improvement journeys. She is the founder of Potential Lane, a blog that focuses on mindset, performance, and personal growth.

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