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Are you serious about improving your life? Perhaps it’s an important aspect such as being more productive, being happier, making better decisions or being better around people. If you do, follow me as I cover all these topics and more at

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How to Succeed if You are “Not that Smart”

Here are 5 people who were thought to be failures.  Do they fit the mold of a “successful person”? You decide Never formally finishing high school after being arrested for selling drugs, he was thought to be a complete failure. … r

The Key To Living a Limitless Life

If you think about it, we make hundreds of decisions each day. Some are large and complex, like whether we should buy a new house, or take a new job. Some are smaller and less important decisions, like should we eat breakfast or not. r

How To Accomplish Your True #1 Goal in Life

What is your #1 goal or dream you wish to accomplish?

We all have ONE that we are too embarrassed to tell people about and NEVER actually pursue or maybe have tried and given up. r