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Reframe Your Thoughts – Change Your Life

Studies show that people who can change their situation, gain less from changing their mindset, then those who have no control over their situation. r

Three Easy Steps To Start Your Creative Process

The creative process is in our genes – handed down to us by our ancestors who created out of necessity. r

Four Steps To Resolving Conflict

How can you avoid these types of interactions? There are four simple and effective ways to successfully deal with a situation before it can turn into a major conflict. r

Five Steps To Living A Fearless Life

There is no quick fix or magic pill to move yourself forward from a fearful life to a fearless life. Fear is a powerful glue and you have been stuck for a long time. Getting free will be no easy task. r

Steps To Obtain Closure And Move Forward

“Closure or need for closure are psychological terms that describe the desire or need individuals have for information that will allow them to conclude an issue that had previously been clouded in ambiguity and uncertainty. r

The Art Of Self-Love

We spend many years learning and practicing the art of self-hate. Hating our bodies, our thoughts and our feelings, we walk through life under a cloud of “never good enough.” When instead we should be practicing the art of self-love. r