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Jason Gutierrez is an engineer turned entrepreneur and notorious lover of sushi. After dealing with anxiety and chronic procrastination, he now helps young professionals and other entrepreneurs achieve their goals and ideal lifestyle through better habits. Visit the monk life to start kicking ass today.

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There’s something about our world that frowns upon people for being beginners. Job boards are riddled with entry-level positions asking for 4+ years of experience. No one wants the newbie on their sports team because they suck and won’t help … Continue reading

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I just had one of those days.

You know w I’m talking about…you’re at work with big plans for the day, then 8 hours later you hit the couch, and reflect on what just transpired:

“I didn’t do shit today.” Continue reading

How Long It Really Takes To Form a New Habit (and how to get started)

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My Morning Routine for Health, Happiness, and Productivity

As a result, I now have a core morning routine that I go through every day. I still sleep in on most days, but after waking up I get right to it. Continue reading