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Curiously You is a safe space that encourages natural inquisitiveness of the inner self to bring about personal transformation. It exists to help you to move past who you feel you “should” be, and start to live your life in alignment with your true personal values and desires. Here you will gently rediscover courage in your heart, and learn how to create a peace in your mind and intention in your life, especially when you may feel overwhelmed, confused, or pulled in many different directions. There’s a FREE and SPECIAL gift for Pick The Brain readers at which is designed to help start you on the road to transformation (if you feel ready, go and have a look). Follow Jen on Instagram: @curiouslyjen

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The Girl with the Red Shoes – How One Fairy Tale Restored My Wild Heart

Fairy tales aren’t concerned with my comfort, carefully crafted story arcs, and rounded conclusions. They are designed to find the best entry point into my psyche in order to deliver urgent truths that will set me on a transformative journey. r