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7 Things To Ask Yourself To Truly Wake Up In Life

Far too often our minds get clogged up by the stress of life. Add in the words and thoughts from other people and you’ve a recipe for disaster in your life.

And I get it you know? We all got to work, pay our bills and take care of those dependant on us.

Wanting to follow your hearts, much less lead the life we can wake up happy to everyday, has become an elusive luxury.

But this post isn’t about passion, following your heart and the whole deal.

It’s about waking up by asking yourself the right questions.

As they say, sometimes you’ve just got to “snap out of it”.

Let these questions be the snap you need. They may sound simple, but that’s how they’re meant to be, simple. Stop doing what you’re doing for a second, and let them cut through.

Think for yourself now.

7 things to ask yourself to truly wake up in life:

1) “Should fear really matter when it’s just a figment of my imagination?”

You know it is. The popular explanation of FEAR, as an acronym is False Evidence Appearing Real.

To take it a little further, fear is merely a natural emotion that keeps you alert. It’s the common sense which makes sure you don’t jump off a building.

Now, when you start thinking of carrying out the action itself, that’s when you feel all the anxiety and nervousness.

That’s all your thinking and imagination. It’s time to stop thinking, and just do it anyway. You’ll be surprised with the results you can achieve.

2) “Am I letting my job define me?”

Your job is simply something you do to contribute back to society (that is, if your job is even that meaningful in the first place).

Your job allows you to do what you do every day while you create some stability in life.

But should it define you? Well, it shouldn’t.

You have your passion, ideas, perspective and power to express yourself. Just because it all can’t be placed on paper or recognized by others as “normal” doesn’t mean they have no meaning.

You got to decide what really defines you. A job is important, but it doesn’t last.

3) “Why do I care so much about what others think or say about me when they’re just mere words that are too judgemental to know a single thing about my life?”

Indeed. They’re mere words and thoughts that are far from accurate from defining who you are.

So, are you caring too much about what others think?

If you are, it’s time to stop. You shouldn’t live a life base on others’ opinions of you; opinions which don’t even last in the first place.

4) “When I’m like 90 years old, will anyone remember me for something? Am I leaving a legacy?”

Face it. We’re all going to grow old, and die.

When we’re old, we only have our memories to look back on. We don’t have much to look forward to, especially if your body is already shutting down.

You know what that means? We’re all equal. We will meet at the same destination.

So before you grow old, are you doing things that inspire and impact others? Are you doing what you love? Start now, before it’s too late.

5) “Am I doing what I love everyday? With extension to that, can I really say I wake up every day and having fun in this thing called life?”

Let’s forget about the first part, which is basically about passion.

Are you waking up every day and actually looking forward to your day? Are you having fun and actually able to find some happiness in your entire day?

That’s just one day. You have thousands and thousands ahead of you before you die.

I hope you’re making each and every one count.

6) “Can I just stop for a moment, relax and realize that I don’t have to be so pissed and frustrated all the time?”

Because there’re a range of other emotions you get to choose from, like happiness, excitement, calm, easiness, to name a few.

All you got to do is relax. Yes, sometimes life just gets to you and it feels like you’re losing control, but at the end of the day, you can to choose.

Your happiness is always your choice. Don’t let external things take that power away from you.

7) “Have I told my Mom I love her recently?”

I believe this line perfectly captures the essence of being grateful.

Have you told your mom, or anybody else you love them recently? Do you do it often?

Too often we get so caught up in life that we forget to be grateful of the little things we have in lief. Instead, we let the bad little things mess up our day.

Don’t take what you have in life for granted. Be happy, be grateful and accept the love.

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