50 Quick Motivational Tips To Get You Fired Up

50 Quick Motivational Tips To Get You Fired Up

Motivational quotes have an amazing ability to change the way we feel about ourselves. Motivation is important because it is what causes us to actively look for resources to guarantee our success. Motivation becomes strong when you have a vision, a clear mental image of what you want to achieve, and also a strong desire to manifest it. In such a situation, motivation awakens inner strength and power, and pushes you forward, toward making your vision a reality. Here I have written 50 motivational tips that help you to become strong in difficult circumstances.

Motivational Tips on Listening

1. “Listening is one great way of showing respect” – Instead of being unruly, listening perfectly portrays the sincerest of respect.

2. “Making listening to a habit will you good than with speaking words” – It’s when people listen that they truly become wiser.

3. “The people who are likely to have many friends and companions are those who excel at listening” – If you often hear out what people have in their minds, you are likely to win them as your lifelong friends.

4. “Success can be gained by talking but listening offers far better, excellence” – Great individuals are shaped and honed with the ability to listen to others.

5. “Listening can let us be shaped into far better individuals” – No leader in the history of mankind have had not listened to someone in his lifetime.

6. “The finest literature in the world was given birth by language and language by listening” – Even Shakespeare had to spend some time soaking in ideas from individuals that surrounded him.

7. “Relationships stand firm through the storm not by talking but by listening” – Successful and fruitful relationships are brought about by the power of listening to one another.

8. “The key element of good communication if the ability to listen to the things unsaid” – There are times when listening requires more than our sense of hearing.

9. “When people utter words, bear in mind each word. Not everyone was given the gift of listening” – Be the one to stand out in a deaf crowd. Listen to words that no one else would care to hear.

10. “When you listen, do it for the sake of understanding and not just to build a reply” – Conflicts get fueled when people only listen to burst out their emotions than to seek wisdom.

11. “True friends listen while fake ones care less to lend an ear” – If your friends are real, they will not hesitate to hear you out.

12. “Good conversations often come from listening well” – no matter how intimate a conversation is, it will never end up good without lending an ear with one another.

13. “Doing anything else while listening isn’t fully listening at all” – people can only do so much but not listen eagerly while at the same time doing something.

14. “The reason why we were given a pair of ears and just one tongue is so we could listen more than we could talk” – it may sound like an irrational way to defend talking too much over listening but it definitely gives us the big picture.

Motivational Tips for Living a Life of Truthfulness and Transparency

15. “There is no real enlightenment in life if there is no transparency and truthfulness” – then and only then can we
achieve peace and harmony throughout our lives should we choose to become truthful.

16. “There is nothing more priceless than a truth said and done” – telling the truth and living with it is a lifelong reward.

17. “Success comes to play when accountability, transparency, self-definition, and truthfulness merge as one”
there’s more to success than meets the eye. It’s not for the faint of heart and especially not those who are unwilling to change their ways.

18. “Great leaders achieve greatness by passion and truthfulness” – it’s not about what race you are but how truthful you can become. Leaders are lifted high and exalted for their selfless passion and truthfulness.

19. “Be yourself because it is beautiful. Why would you stop showing yourself and create a facade to conceal your true self?” – Life is beautiful and so are you. There’s no reason not to let the world know who you are.

20. “Your true being isn’t portrayed by how others see you but by how you show others” – the truth is, people, will continue to believe whatever they see and whatever you do, be sure it truthfully signifies your true self.

21. “The truth can never be kept hidden. It is like smoke that rises in the air that does not go unseen” – never tell a lie or live with a lie. The truth will always come to pass anyway.

22. “Authenticity comes at a price of integrity, transparency, and vulnerability” – these are the factors that make something or someone genuine.

23. “Being ourselves is more of a gamble. There is the risk of persecution and there is the risk of winning big” – the truth always comes with a price.

24. “Concealing the truth in exchange for safety is not the best path to dwell” – in desperate times, the truth demands to be sealed but doing so comes with a hefty lifelong price.

25. “With the truth within you, it is easy to become a better person than anyone else” – there’s no shame in admitting the truth. No matter how hard it may be, the truth is always the best choice.

26. “A transparent heart and a sincere life come with no persuasive equal” – the driving force of influence is easily achieved through living your life with no restricting walls.

27. “The absence of transparency creates the wall of distrust and confinement of insecurity” – the actions we do and the decisions we make creates a ripple effect.

28. “When things and people are transparent, they are likely to be void of judgment and constraints” – people are less likely to think negatively of something that is purely positive.

Motivational Tips On Versatility

29. In life, winning is not the years of earning but rather how you adapted to the circumstances that made you a winner.

30. The strongest and the smartest does not necessarily imply that they are the ones to last. Sometimes it takes more than that and something called adaptability.

31. Should you encounter various challenges, the only thing that can bog you down is the inability to accept change.

32. Life in its own way comes with changes that we need to embrace. It’s those who fail to accept change that gets left behind in the race of life.

33. Any successful organization is made up of people who are capable of adapting to change.

34. Most individuals see opportunity as a rare occasion. Versatile individuals, on the other hand, see the change as the spark of new opportunities.

35. Circumstances that you have to endure in life can be redirected as favorable events if you have the ability to adapt.

36. Like water in a vessel, a wise person adapts to the circumstances that surround him.

37. When you let go of what you are, you will open the doors to what more you could be.

Motivational Tips for life

38. Life has many mountains to climb. Do not falter if you fall because the journey in life is the reward for your hardships.

Motivational Tips for Strive To Succeed

39. If you wish to be successful, you need to develop habits that will help you get there.

40. Think positive even if you are faced with a lot of difficulties.

41. Hope will help you get through and it can give you strength to pursue your dreams.

42. Apart from thinking positively, your actions must also be positive.

43. Anybody can become successful. You just have to be focused on achieving your goals.

44. Successful individuals spend their time wisely and if you want to be like them, then you should do too.

45. Be open minded and calm especially when faced with difficulties. This will help you make the right decisions.

46. Don’t make excuses. This is only for people who are either lazy or too scared. If you wish to be successful, you need to act on it.

47. Achieving success does not only rely on doing things for your own benefit.

48. Without hard work, you can never expect to become a successful person.

49. Make sure that you are always in good physical shape. This will help as it is going to be the source of your energy. Without it, you cannot do all the things that you want to do and if ever you try, you might not do it properly.

50. Live a life with a principle and do things to achieve success by conforming to a set of constructive principles.

Do you find these words helpful? Would you like to add more motivational tips? Please add your comments and tips below.

About the Author: Ayushi Singh is a passionate blogger who enjoys writing articles on Self-Improvement, Technology, Social Media and Blogging Niche. She is a founder of TheLifeTech. You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


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