5 Things to Do When You Aren’t Hopeful About Anything

You dream. You make goals. You work hard. You expect results. But, a lot of times those expectations are not met. You don’t achieve your goals.

You lose hope.

Life seems so unfair when you do everything you can and still don’t get the desired results.

You think nothing is going your way anyway, so what’s the point of even trying? You don’t feel like doing anything, you don’t feel like trying again and you are tempted to give up easily.

What’s next?

Should you just drop everything and give up?

Or should you hold on to hope?

Just because you failed in your endeavors or things didn’t go your way it doesn’t mean that you should stop trying. You can’t just say that you WILL fail every time. You really can’t predict your future like that. You really can’t decide in a blink that everything will always go downhill from here. It will only happen if you choose to make it that way.

When you have hope and keep working towards your dreams, you keep the chance of achieving them higher than not doing anything at all. Believing in yourself and hoping for the best makes a huge difference in your attitude and your attitude will reflect on your work and attract positivity.

Sure there will be a lot of times when you are sad, angry, upset and you are allowed to, it’s completely natural and healthy. But when it gets to the point when you aren’t excited about anything and hopeless about everything in your life, that’s when you need to take charge and bring yourself back on track with the help of hope.

Here are 5 things to do when you aren’t hopeful about anything in your life:

  1. Work on yourself. Practice self-care. Improve your pre-existing skill sets or learn new ones. Feel good about yourself and your abilities. Invest your time in inculcating productive habits that keep you engaged and motivated. Habits make you stick to a routine and teach you persistence and perseverance. And this sort of determination helps you to move ahead in your life despite any obstacles that you might face in your way.
  2. Don’t focus too much on controlling everything, let it be. One of the reasons we become hopeless is when we see things not going our way. A lot of external factors affect your life and you can’t control everything. The desire to control every situation is only going to exhaust you completely. Worrying about things you can’t control isn’t going to help. Focus on what you can control or improve and forget about the rest.
  1. Avoid coming to conclusion too soon, things aren’t as bad most of the times. We are sometimes too quick to judge situations before it even unfolds completely. Wait before forming an opinion about a particular situation. Because a lot of times, we tend to overthink things and worry unnecessarily. And things aren’t as bad our mind makes it be. In those hopeless moments, you just need to take a step back and reflect on your thoughts.
  1. Thoroughly think through your situation. When you’re upset about a particular situation not going your way, take out a pen and paper and list the positives, the negatives, the things you can and can’t control. Writing your thoughts down will give you a clear perspective and will give you the time to rethink and make a correct decision to proceed further.
  2. Allow yourself to open up to endless possibilities. Hope is an amazing feeling that lifts your life and sets the path to more positivity. It all begins with hope. When you believe that good things are coming your way, you prepare yourself for it and work accordingly. It pushes you in the direction of more hard work and commitment.

But when you become hopeless, you close the doors to any sort of development that might be coming your way.

Never stop trying to find an opportunity to improve your life. There is always an option. You just need to open yourself to it. And for that, you need to have hope.

Hope motivates you, fuels you to keep working on your goals no matter what. It makes you believe in yourself and ensures that your hard work will actually reap rewards.

Jigeesha is a freelance writer and a blogger at HopesUp. She writes from her experiences and through her articles, she aims to offer some encouragement to people who feel lost and dejected. When she is not writing, you can find her reading, practicing French and dabbling on the piano.


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