The 5 Steps to Creating Lasting Change in Your Life

Believe it or not, change doesn’t come overnight.

There is actually a workable process you can take up upon to cultivate a change in you.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go through some big, or perhaps even traumatic event in your life in order to create change.

It’s entirely up to you. You can take charge.

Let me list down the steps you need to take.

1) Get inspired, this is your initial WHY

First of all, get inspired.

Be it intentionally or by chance, do what it takes to FEEL that inspiration and bask in it.

That feeling is something you should remember for the rest of your life; it should be your WHY.

So do what it takes to get inspired. Watch videos. Go to a concert. Talk to people. Listen to speeches. Whatever.

Get that feeling and hold on to it tightly.

2) Start on your change by doing a TINY piece of work

The whole idea is to start. Don’t delay. Stop procrastinating.

Without a start, all your inspiration is for nothing.

The best way to start is to simply do so with a tiny piece of work. Take up one small task and just do it.

This is to kickstart your change, to show that you’re serious and ready to try something out.

For example, I believe that an obese person can start to snowball his change in life to lose weight by continuing to eat junk food, but skipping the soda drinks, and replacing it with water. Or he can go for a walk first before taking up running.

Don’t judge yourself or base your start on others’ standards. Do what it takes to create this change for yourself. You know best.

From there…

3) Continue with small, incremental steps everyday

Next, continue with the tiny steps.

The whole idea is to not get overwhelmed from the get go and take things day by day.

It’s always easy to think that in order to create change and attain big results, you need to do something huge.

Nah. Just start small and always create small things. Pretty soon, you’d have done something huge.

From your initial small change, you’d be inspired to continue. The obese person would then feel it’s alright to create more tiny changes, like maybe eating less fries this time.

That’s how it works. The daily, little pieces of work IS the goal!

4) Bask in that habit, and don’t let it go

With the small changes, you’d have created a habit by now.

The idea of a habit is that you’d feel uncomfortable and disgusted with yourself if you DON’T continue with the small changes.

Don’t resist this discomfort. Don’t go back to square one.

Go with it.

How you do anything is how you do everything, so continue with the small steps so that it can all compile into something bigger.

5) Continue with the inspiration and don’t give up

Now, here’s a little twist: Inspiration dies all the time.

It doesn’t last.

If you want that feeling to accommodate your WHY all the time, then keep getting RE-inspired.

This part can be fun, because inspiration is free.

Then repeat the entire process, and don’t give up.

Remember, the work is the goal.

As long as you put in the daily work, you’ve won and achieved something.

Don’t attach yourself to results just yet.

Keep doing small things, continue with the changes and you’d have created something big by then.

By then, when you look into the mirror, you’d notice something different.

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