5 Key Ways Your Smartphone Can Help Enhance Your Productivity

The rate of dependency on the Smartphone is increasing. In fact, a recent study has shown that approximately 64{54c12dad2cc2b53ae830e39915b1a3e70288dbcbbeb8bbf8395437c5dc3c512c} of American adults have smartphones. The question, however, is do you know that this same smartphone can help you enhance your productivity?

This doesn’t mean that smartphones don’t have a few downsides though. In fact, researchers say that way a brain looks with a smartphone addiction is similar to that of brain that is drug addicted.

However, though it has helped increase the number of tech savvy people, the smartphone is still one of the most underutilized gadget of our age. Much like a the human brain, a smartphone carries with it a greater amount of capacity than it’ owner may ever known!

Social media networks abound, and it almost seems that all these gadgets help you do is waste your time and ruin your relationships. If half the capacity of our smartphones were explored and used properly we will be way more productive as business men, mothers, employees and individuals.

If you have a smartphone, I can almost bet that you are under-utilizing it. Your smartphone can do more than help you play music and take selfies. Please find below, a few key ways your smartphone can help enhance your productivity:

  1. Your Smartphone Is a Great Personal Development Tool

There are a lot of functionalities in a smartphone, but I still think the greatest advantage of having a cell phone is its ability to connect us to the internet.

I appreciated the use of a Smartphone when I got contacted for business by someone in my business network who didn’t speak English. I explored the usefulness of Google and was amazed at how easily I could communicate in another language. There are even a number of other language apps I have since discovered.

Equally, I have been able to read a good number of self help books using my smartphone that has helped me in no small way using my smartphone.

When you need to understand a new word, need to check facts about the world, need to read up on something without having to carry a big device, need to watch a tutorial or a recipe, you only need to search as far as your phone. In fact the existence of smartphones has erased the major excuse for ignorance.

  1. Your Smartphone Can Help You Manage Tasks More Effectively

Your Smartphone can wake you up in the morning with your choice of a very distasteful song or sound. But more than that, it can help enhance your productivity throughout the day.

Several mobile-friendly services can keep you attuned to what needs doing. The most useful ones can be accessed as a Smartphone app. One example is Toodledo.

I have found that from daily reminders to drafts, to Alarms and notifications, my Smartphones can very easily become a daily guide through my engagements and chores. There is no reason why you shouldn’t explore this especially if you are as forgetful as I tend to be sometimes, or as busy as I am.

  1. Your Smartphone Is Your Best Travel Companion

If tourism is your thing or perhaps your job expects you to travel a lot to different locations, then you are probably among the great number of people who are under using their phones.

I am personally amazed at the number of Travel apps that help us whenever we have to make that trip. From apps that remind you what to take along to apps that help you track your flight in real time and apps that help you get around in your new surroundings. There is really no need to still be entwined in the normal travel frustrations.

  1. Your Smartphone Makes E-commerce Easy and Trendy

Whether you are operating as a business owner or as a customer, your smartphone is a massive asset that can help with transactions. Trends have shifted dangerously in the past few years, from shopping in brick and mortar shops to online shopping. There are numerous advantages online shopping has over regular shopping.

Making purchases from your phone will enhance your productivity by freeing up more time for you to do other things and have a more productive with your twenty four hours. There are a variety of online resources that enable you to do heavy transactions via your mobile with nothing but a click, especially you are like me and your work is majorly online.

  1. You Can Have a Pretty Productive Meeting with your phone

It is difficult to keep up with the number of Social media chat networks, more keep springing up every day. There are way too many people on multiple chat platforms and sadly most people are just there to…well, chat.

If you have to have a meeting especially with a small group of people, whether it is family related or work related, you don’t have to leave the house or even travel. Smartphones and the plethora of social networks have created various means of planning and meeting online.

Skype, face book, whatsapp, tubidy, weChat and the many more are great resources. If used properly, these resources will enhance your productivity and get your better results

Some people actually consider smartphones evil, because of the repeated notifications from IM’s, Chat messages, and e-mails. The good thing however, is that they can be curtailed with a little discipline and innovation. I mean, smart phones have provisions for muting or even turning off notifications.

To enhance your productivity, limit yourself to a few necessary chat platforms and utilize them properly. This way you don’t become less productive because you lose too much time chatting

Life can be so much easier and better with a Smartphone if we cared to find out how. Now, let’s turn that gadget into a life saver!


Toby Nwazor is an entrepreneur. He is equally a free lance writer who is passionate about helping other people live their best lives now. He is the co-founder of the personal development blog  http://www.tobyandkc.com


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