5 Great Online Resources For First Time Entrepreneurs

“To any entrepreneur: if you want to do it, do it now. If you don’t, you’re going to regret it.” – Catherine Cook

I starved my entrepreneurial hunger for years before I ever decided to feed it. That starting point for me was not just being made redundant, but dropping out of college for good.

And it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, I have no regrets.

Though I’m no veteran in the world of entrepreneurship yet, there are resources you absolutely must check out if you’re dying to make the jump.

They’ve been helpful to me, and will most definitely be helpful to you.

1. Whatever It Takes Network.

Whatever it takes network is a digital business network owned by Grant Cardone. Grant Cardone is an international sales expert.

It features interviews, business, sales, branding and marketing advice from entrepreneurs across different industries.

And you can sign up for more exclusive content, which is also free.

This resource wasn’t around when I first started out in business, but as of recent I wish something like this would have been around.

You’ll learn more about sales and marketing on the whatever it takes network than anywhere else. The content is packed with ridiculous amounts of value.

2. Steve Pavlina.

I discovered Steve Pavlina back in 2012, and have been reading his blog ever since.

Though the theme behind Steve Pavlina’s site is personal development, there are tons of articles on business and entrepreneurship that are helpful.

Not to mention other topics he writes about like – Self Discipline for example. An important trait to have If you’re in business or wanting to start your own business.

I’d recommend bookmarking StevePavlina.com If you’re serious about improving your mindset as an entrepreneur.

3. Startup Bros.

Startup Bros was founded by Will Mitchell and Kyle Eschenroeder. Two best friends who focus mainly on internet businesses.

The first business I started was an internet business, selling video games and accessories online. And Startup Bros helped me a lot in that arena.

Every article and every blog post is in depth, detailed, and packed with wisdom help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

If your goal is to start an online business or sell on eBay, I wouldn’t dare to miss this valuable resource.

4. Econsultancy.

Econsultancy is based in London and New York. The blog focuses on eCommerce, conversion, digital trends, retail, online branding, and everything in between.

If you’re hungry to know more about online business and the digital space, this will be helpful to you. I don’t know of any better resource comparable to it for what it provides advice on.

I’d recommend you check out one of the many eCommerce platforms If you’re starting an online retail business.

And If you’re not ready for an online store, consider selling products through a Facebook business page with Shopify.

5. Addicted 2 Success.

Addicted 2 Success is run by Joel Brown, an Australian entrepreneur. But I’m sure you know that If you’re a loyal reader.

Addicted 2 success is full of fresh, unique, instructional, empowering content for first time entrepreneurs and startups.

Articles and videos are shared not only by Joel Brown, but entrepreneurs, writers and business people all across the world.

So there’s a diverse amount of content along with fresh perspectives, advice and solutions to help you succeed.

I check up this site on a regular basis.

What resources have helped you with business advice? Let me know in the comments!

Theo Ellis is a blogger who’s committed to entrepreneurship and building his brand. He gives straightforward advice based on his own experiences to help you grow. Check out his blog at – justbereal.co.uk


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