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5 Ways to Stay Motivated to Finish What You Started

Image courtesy of andrew_mo There must be a reason why many people quite often start projects or tasks, big or small, and at some point while working on the tasks they feel overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed, so much so that … Continue reading

Ten Things That Won’t Matter In Ten Years’ Time – And Ten Things That Will

Image courtesy of Pawel Maciejewski You’re stressed, overworked, and tired. You feel like you’re dropping the ball on so many things. You find yourself lying awake in the early hours, thinking about those items still on your to-do list, those … Continue reading

Energy: The Key to Success

Image courtesy of re-ality Nothing can be done without energy. A car without fuel wouldn’t get you to where you want to go because there isn’t any energy to power the engine that moves the car. If there are two … Continue reading